Red Hat :: How To Copy Tripwire From Rh9 Install

May 17, 2010

Can someone please tell me how to copy tripwire from my rh9 install and tranfer it to Fedora Core 5??

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Ubuntu :: How To Install The Tripwire

Jul 2, 2010

I'm trying to install Tripwire, but everytime I run the apt-get command, I receive an error.

How do I fix this and get Tripwire installed?

EDIT: I'm getting the same error trying to install updates. I've never seen this error before and am not sure what could be causing this.

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Ubuntu Security :: Install Tripwire On Computer?

May 1, 2011

I am going to try to install Tripwire on my computer. I do not know why or how to configure Tripwire policy and configuration files.

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Security :: Tripwire Initial Configuration - New Policy - P

Jul 29, 2009

I have just installed tripwire. I have created a baseline db using the default policy file. Then I checked the output of the db to see what I did not have on my filesystem that db was searching for (according to the default policy when tripwire was installed), I then changed my default clear text policy file accordingly and used twadmin to generate a new tw.pol file.

Next I come grinding to a halt after this (assuming the next thing is to update the policy in tripwire right? )


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Software :: Excluding Directories And Files In Tripwire?

Jul 12, 2010

I have tripwire 2.4.1 up and running on one of our servers, and I am now in the process of configuring it to exclude some files and/or directories that are known to change periodically between integrity checks.

I did some reading on the subject, and one file that came up was the tw.config file. However, when I did a search for the file, there was no instance of it on the server. My next thought was to modify the tw.pol file, and I did try to list some files to be excluded. However, when I tried to update the policy, I got an error message which indicated the syntax that I entered within the tw.pol file was incorrect.

If the tw.config file does not exist, can I create it, and modify the tw.pol file to indicate where the file is located on the server?

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Security :: Periodic Update Of Tripwire Policy File?

Jul 1, 2010

I have tripwire running on one of our servers on a daily basis, and I was curious to know if it is good practice to periodically update the policy file. The reason for my asking that is while the daily reports that I get indicate there have been changes to files on a daily basis, there are also files that have not been modified for over a month. My thinking is an update of the policy file will establish an updated baseline, and those files that have not been changed for so long will not be reported on until they get changed again.

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Security :: Shell Login Tripwire - Optimal Place?

Jul 11, 2010

I have disabled root login in my remote shell and I have a pretty strong password. I am not happy though. I want to increase security. I've been thinking about installing some basic tripwire rig, like say, send myself an email every time I (or anyone) log in. My questions:

- What kind of data would be useful to be sent in that email? Anything else besides "user so-and-so logged in at {date and time}"?

- How would I achieve that? Is it enough to include it in .tcshrc (because my shell is tcsh)? Should I add it to other shells as well (.bashrc, .csh etc.) even though nobody uses the other shells? Is it better placed in some other file, like .login? What is the optimal place?

- Would that be enough? Can I make that whole idea more secure in any way?

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Fedora Security :: Tripwire Revealed File Size Differences?

May 14, 2009

Recently I decided to utilize an IDS system. So I installed Open Source Tripwire. Not that I am too worried about anyone gaining a successful foothold on my system. But I wanted to learn and experience this IDS system. And no, this is not a new server install but I have never seen anything that resembles illegal activity. My server is an installed CentOS 5.3 with SELinux in targeted mode.

Tripwire has brought to light some interesting things. Installation states to verify rpm packages using rpm -Va. I have found that many of my system binaries are not the same size as if I were to replace them via yum. Most of the binaries are like twice the size compared to a newly installed package, of the same version. I'm not sure what to make of this. These programs are the original installs (CentOS 5.1) and I keep the system up to date regularly via yum.

I wonder if perhaps these system files installed are perhaps different then individual package size installed via yum? I have a hard time believing this as a package is a package. The only other possibility that comes to mind is that nearly my entire system has been hacked with new system files, and in a way that has revealed and suggest nothing. I find that far fetched as I have run this server for some time now and I should think I would know a problem as not a morning goes by that I haven't review my logs, as they are emailed to me. Thoughts about the difference in file sizes? Those installed via CentOS DVD verses those installed via yum?

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Software :: Tripwire Reports Huge In Size / Reduce / Prune Them?

Jan 21, 2009

I have been asked to investigate some of our servers that run tripwire 2.3.0 on Red Hat Linux Advanced Server release 2.1AS (Pensacola)

We have the reports emailed to us using cron and twprint -m r -r report -t 4, it has been growing steadily and today it was 9mb It seems the database records go back to before 2004 and are being compared against today's files.

I really need to be informed what needs to be done to tripwire to keep it serviced through cron. I have tried to google this but could not find any information that seemed to answer my questions.

Looking at the following guide url step 6 talks about "Updating the Database after an Integrity Check" using

# tripwire --update --twrfile /var/lib/tripwire/report/<name>.twr Should I be using this command or should I be re-creating the db every month or so and using the #tripwire -init?

Extract from report -


Section: Unix File System

Rule Name Severity Level Added Removed
--------- -------------- ----- ------- --------
Invariant Directories 66 0 0 0

I need to understand how to change the expected to the observed so the db will be up to date.

I would also like some of the rules explained:What does removed and added mean? Is it removed as it has not changed and added if it finds a new one that has?


Rule Name: System boot changes (/lib/modules)
Severity Level: 100
Added Objects: 3075

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Red Hat :: Rhel 4.8 - Nc: Connecting - Cannot Get The Tripwire Server To Talk To The Agent On The Red Hat Machine

Dec 7, 2010

I have tripwire enterprise (not open source) agent running on one of my rhel4.8 web servers (I have actually tried with two servers with same results). The agent is a simple install rpm bin file and appears to be running as it should and the server for tripwire enterprise is set up accordingly. A windows tripwire enterprise agent is also on a windows machine that works perfectly well. But I cannot seem to get the tripwire server to talk to the agent on the red hat machine.

I can connect to port 9898 on the server, but the agent who also talks over the same port doesn't appear to be responding to the server on this port. There are no iptables set up to block the requests, there is no firewall set up (disabled) . Network team can see the packet requests being sent over the routers fine... So can't see why there would be a problem. So i reverted to the use of net cat.

Nc -l 9898 (on the agent machine)
Telnet <agent> 9898

But I get connection refused. Is there anything I could be missing here? Redhat is not my Linux of preference and it may be something obvious!

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Debian Installation :: New Takeover Installation With Tripwire?

Feb 26, 2011

planning a takeover installation of Debian stable (Squeeze) on an old desktop machine. I have the installation CD #1. I want to install Tripwire early in the process as recommended by Tripwire documentation.

The Debian reference is excellent, as is the latest installation guide I have seen, but neither appear to cover the issue of how to ensure that Tripwire is installed, configured, and first snapshot taken early in the installation to up-to-date document discussing this in the context of Debian Squeeze?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Install New Fonts - Copy Over The Contents Of The Cd Into The Folder?

Dec 2, 2010

I have a cd of new fonts that I would like to install into the fonts folder.

How do I copy over the contents of the cd into the fonts folder?

I am using 11.3 Gnome 32bit

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General :: Copy A Read-Only File And Make The Copy Writable With A Single Cp Command?

Mar 1, 2011

How to copy a Read-Only file in Linux and make the copy writable with a single cp command in Linux (Ubuntu 10.04)? The --no-preserve and --preserve seemed to be good candidates, except that they should "and" the mode flags, while what I am looking for is something that will "or" them (add +w mode).

More details: I have to import a repository from GIT to Perforce. I want that all Perforce depot files are Read-Only (that is how Perforce was designed), while all other files that were derived/copied from depot files are writable. Currently if a Makefile tries to copy a Read-Only file then the derived file will also be Read-only. This leads to build-errors when cp tries to overwrite Read-Only file second time. Of course the --force is a workaround here but then the derived file is also Read-Only. Also I do not want to mess with "chmod" after each "cp" command - I will do that only as the last resort.

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Fedora :: Disk Copy Utility - Should Be Able To Not Only Copy Files But Boot Sector And Everything

Sep 1, 2010

I have a 160GB harddrive which I installed a F12, would like to upgrade to a bigger drive, but I hate to have to re-install everything.

Recommend a good disk copy utility? The utility should be able to not only copy files, but boot sector and everything. So I just need to make a copy, change my BIOS to boot from the new drive and run everything as before.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Copy Files From XP Infact Folders Using TERMINAL In Netbook, Not Copy And Paste Using Mouse?

Jul 9, 2010

just installed ubuntu couple of days back on my netbook. I am still a beginner, enjoying my adventure exploring ubuntu. I have another desktop which runs on XP. I am able to access XP shared folders through my netbook(linux). However, i wanted to copy files from XP infact folders using TERMINAL in my netbook, not copy and paste using my mouse. Are there any commands for it?

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Ubuntu :: Install A Fresh Copy Over The Top Of The Old One?

Jun 24, 2010

I messed up an install of Ubuntu (tis all part of the learning process) and I was wondering if I could install a fresh copy over the top of the old one?Would it remove everything like themes, programs and drivers and stuff?

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Ubuntu :: Copy Files From A Non Working Install?

Aug 19, 2010

My father in law had a problem with his Ubuntu system. After quite some playing around, we discovered that an update had damaged or removed the graphics driver and the system was stuck in non graphics mode. This thread refers: [URL] Rather than spend much more time trying to figure out how to re-install a graphics driver without a graphical user interface, I decided to cut my losses and re-install Ubuntu. Before I did this though, I had some files to recover. So I burned a Live CD and booted from that.

But my problem is that I can't copy all the files from the home directory of the hard drive. I get a permissions error when I try to copy or view the files. I'm assuming that, as the system does not see I'm the original user, that it won't let me access the files. This must be a fairly common problem, does anyone know how I can recover all the files? I just want to use the live CD to provide a working OS to allow me to copy and paste the files onto an external HD. The Live CD is actually the Lubuntu variant, I wanted a real lightweight OS to use on a live CD. I assumed that wouldn't make a difference. Oh, and of course, if there is a real simple solution to my original problem of a broken graphics card driver, I'd be interested in that too.

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Ubuntu :: Copy Firefox Bookmarks To New Install?

Sep 26, 2010

just loaded 10.04 to second hard drive and was wondering if i can copy my bookmarks to the new disk .

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Ubuntu Installation :: Copy Apps From One Install To Another?

Dec 2, 2010

Can't be done but if you have two distros on one computer can you copy install programs from one install to the other to save me downloading the games again they are quite large on my **** weak download limit. One distro is ubuntu 10.04 and the other is mint 9 so there is compatibility between the two

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Ubuntu :: Copy Desktop Install To Laptop?

Apr 18, 2011

I'm building a website using Drupal on my desktop, and would like to have a copy I can put on my laptop as well.Is it possible to copy my desktop installation and put it on my laptop? Even if it is possible, is it likely to be easier than doing a fresh install of Drupal on the laptop and copying the themes, stories etc from desktop to laptop with a USB stick?

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Fedora :: Install Software From Server Without Copy To Computer?

Aug 6, 2010

I want to install a software to my computer, I've mounted that server directory, so I can visit them in the x-windows, but I can not install the file as it requires to be root, the help file of that software gives a command for installing to linux system like this:

# /net/....(server name and directory path)/setup

but when i use this command it says wrong, as this is not a recognized path, just wondering is there a similar command in Fedora that I can access to the net directories in terminal?

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Fedora :: Where To Install / Copy The Microcode.dat File To Update The CPU

Feb 3, 2011

I installed fedora 14 on my Dell studio xps 1645 with CPU intel i7 core inside.

I downloaded the microcode.dat file from the intel website to update the revision of the CPU.

I tried to put it in /etc/ but no update was done. also in /etc/firmware (after creating the latter directory), and no update was done. also in /lib/firmware (after renaming the current microcode.dat file) and no update was done.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Copy Libdvdcss To The Same Location On The New Drive?

Jul 18, 2010

rather after I have had no problems installing 11.3 on a new hard drive, , can I simply mount the old one and copy libdvdcss to the same location on the new drive, or does it need to be "installed"?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Copy Of Initrd- (11.2 I586)?

Dec 23, 2010

A fault in my USB key killed the contents of the /boot partition. I could restore grub, and got back kernel files by extracting kernel-desktop-, but now I miss initrd! (I have currently no means to make it.)Would someone having this one be kind enough to e-mail it to me? (It's around 6 MB so it should be OK.) I'll PM you my e-mail address.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 64bit Install Halts At 61% File Copy?

Oct 23, 2010

I am having some issues installing Kubuntu 10.10 64bit, I have tried two ISO's from different mirrors, multiple writable disks (seriously I had to go buy another 20 pack) and the install halts at the exact same point each time.I have run multiple HDD checking tools using Hirens 9.9 boot CD, I have recreated and formated the partitions twice but still each time the install will stop at 61% stating there was an error copying files and to check the media.

I grabbed the ISO's from and the second one from the NZ mirror in the hopes that maybe the image came down corrupt - the disk check before installing cannot find anything wrong yet it still happens ... its very upside down face


Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8
4GB DDR 2 Ram
SDA: 1TBsda1: ntfs /windows
sda2: Extendedsda5: ext 4 /
sda6: ext 4 /home
sda7: swapSDB: 1TBsdb1: ntfs /steamnvidia 9800GTX

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Software :: Copy /var/cache/apt To Speed Up Package Install ?

Sep 6, 2009

I frequent update and install packages on a lots of machines using apt-get update and install.

I was wondering if I can just update and install on one machine and then copy those cached file

undar /var/cache/apt to other machine, so I can save downloading time while do apt-get install.

I tried, but seems apt-get ignored those files and downloading from source anyway. Any idea?

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Software :: Copy Bootlace Command And Install Grub4dos?

Nov 8, 2010

I can install grub4dos from Windows, but I dont understund how to nstall it on Linux. The only manual for that tell me that information:

Install GRUB for DOS boot code to the MBR of IDE channel 0, primary drive under Linux:

bootlace /dev/hda
I want to do it by a live CD. For example, I have Fedora and Ubuntu live cd. Where can I copy bootlace command and later how to execute it to install grub4dos under Linux?

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Debian :: Copy Anything It Says Enough Space Memory To Copy?

Jul 5, 2010

I am using windows xp and debian linux.In windows xp I am having around 25 gb offree memory but in linux if i copy anything it says enough space memory to copy

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Debian :: Install A Clipboard That Will Copy From The Internet And Paste In Office?

May 12, 2011

I want to install a clipboard that will copy from the internet and paste in office. I looked in the package manager and saw a plethora of clipboards.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Copy Existing Suse 11.1 Setup To New New Hardware?

Jun 16, 2010

I am running Suse 11.1 on a netbook that I would like to free up for work. Since I would like to keep the existing setup on the new machine, I was wondering if there was a process for copying an exisiting installation to new hardware. This will be a desktop system ( Cheapie PIV most likely )

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