Red Hat / Fedora :: Web Server Back To Defaults - Clean Start

Jun 22, 2010

I have been running a web server from my fedora box for ~ 2 years now, though I have done terrible things to it by way of configuration settings. It seemingly works fine now, but i suspect that I have done some things in an innapropriate way. I would like to remove all of my current settings and web accessable info, and start fresh. What is the cleanest way to set my server's configuration files back to basics (not conserned about system settings related to firewalls).

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04/Nvidia- Continually Defaults Back To Low Graphics Mode

Jul 8, 2010

10.04 and Nvidia video card.

This sequence:

sudo apt-get purge nvidia*
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
sudo update-alternatives --config gl_conf (not sure what to choose, I just pick an option at random)
sudo ldconfig
sudo nvidia-xconfig

and then restart gets everything apparently working correctly, with my desktop spread across two monitors.

However, after two or three computer restarts, it 'forgets' and defaults back to low graphics mode and all the common error messages mentioned in multiple threads here, with my second monitor just duplicating the primary monitor.

Under System-Hardware drivers it says Nvidia_current is activated but not in use, regardless of whether it starts normally or in low graphics mode.

What's up? It's a pain to have to go through that sequence over and over again, and then restart my computer every two or three days, and leaving the computer on 24/7 isn't an option. power saving and all that.

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Server :: MDADM Help - "not Enough To Start The Array While Not Clean - Consider --force."?

Feb 16, 2010

I powered down my file server this morning and started it back up a little while ago. One of the drive in a raid 6 array hung the system if it's inserted so after a little tomfoolery to identify the trouble drive. After removing it I finally have it booting but the raid array come up as inactive and all spares.I've "mdadm --examined" all the remaining drive in the drive in the raid6 array and the "events" are all the same, "2085124".When I assemble the array I get

mdadm --assemble /dev/md1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde1 /dev/sdf1 /dev/sdh1 /dev/sdi1 /dev/sdj1 /dev/sdg1


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Ubuntu :: Way To Restore Gnome Defaults / System Defaults

Apr 21, 2011

I installed the Elegant Gnome theme/package and I uninstalled it after about a week of use. Even after reverting back to the ambiance theme, or other themes, I've noticed that some elements of the Elegant Gnome theme have remained (e.g. the panel color and icons in Chrome or after right clicking and the system font).Is there a way to restore the Gnome defaults or Ubuntu system defaults so that everything is as it should be?

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Ubuntu :: Get Everything Back And Clean?

May 22, 2011

I think i wanted to do something bigger than me...and now i want to clean everything and going back...
here it's what i did on this page:

i think i load a module when ubuntu startup,installed lm-sensors and made an executable script? right? how can i get everything back and cleaning ?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Defaults And Start-up Apps On Maverick Netbook Upgrade?

Oct 11, 2010

I've upgraded my netbook from Lucid to Maverick, and have a couple of questions:

1. My start-up apps don't appear to be running. In particular Tilda and Gnome-Do don't start up - and removal of the "Alt+F2" shortcut to run programs makes it hard to start them manually.

2. I'm still getting the old launcher as the desktop, with no search box in the top bar. (In many respects having the old launcher isn't so bad, as I'm Not Friends with the new Unity side-panel.

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Fedora :: 14 - Printer HP Deskjet D1460 And - Paper As Was Clean So Clean And Remains

Dec 18, 2010

I have problem with my printer HP Deskjet D1460. My printer is configured and works. When I send a file on the print, the printer clings a sheet of paper and starts to print, but a paper as was clean so clean and remains, after printing.

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General :: FC13 Clean Install - How To Get Back Flash Player Intact

Aug 20, 2010

Recently did a clean install of fc13 and need to get flash player back - following the instructions on adobe's website but still doesn't appear to be working. If I try to download & install again I get a message saying it's already installed.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Install 10.04 LTS Server With All The Defaults?

Jun 14, 2010

So when I install 10.04 LTS server with all the defaults. ie root parted with lvm, I get a grub error. Apparently the install script at the end of the installation does not take into account that I might install ubuntu on a different drive.

Without LVM, I can get it to work. If I drop down to shell and mount the root drive, then run:

grub-install --root-directory=/ /dev/sdc And all is good. But I want LVM on my boot drive. Does anybody out there know of an easy way of doing this? This really should be a bug. But I'm too much a noob to know where to issue this.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Clean Of 11.4 Goes Well But After Rebooting - X Does Not Start?

Apr 15, 2011

I have recently done clean installs of 11.4 on two computers and then done clean re-installs but still have the same problem. Each time, the install was without flaw and I could download the updates, when offered, in the install process. At the end of the install I can log into KDE and everything works. However, after shutting down, on reboot, I only get a command line login. I can either login and run startx or use su and do init 3 followed by init 5. This tells me I am getting to runlevel 5 but X isn't starting. Either of those approaches gives me the KDE login. However, after that I have to manually start the network in YAST. I also think I had had to restart CUPS but I have only got as far as installing a printer once so I can't be absolutely sure that happened. As I indicate, this is fully reproducible. Anyone give me a clue as to what is going on?

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Does Not Start Properly After Clean Install

May 13, 2011

Just did a clean 11.04 install, however, Ubuntu doesn't start properly, it usually stops when it gets to the purple screen, the screen with the word Ubuntu and a few red dots underneath it to show it is loading. The system usually stops there or stops before getting to that screen. I was able to start in the 'safe mode' though.

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General :: Build Fedora Server - Wipe Clean At Initial Time - Root Directory?

Jan 25, 2010

I messed up the first installation of Fedora on my server. My setup is as follows: Fedora and Gnome - NFS system, No dual boot (Windows or anything) Fedora ISO DVD downloaded No kickstart or other tools. how to set this up, from the time I insert the disk and have it boot up (configged already to boot from it). I know how to wipe it clean at intall time. Is that the root directory? And, is /boot the actual boot directory? I'm just having a hard time uderstanding that. As I said, I just want a quick itemized list, step 1, step 2, etc, from partitioning, creating file system, mounting, etc. in the right order.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Clean Start With Wireless Config ?

Apr 30, 2010

I had put in a broadcom 4318 (airforce) card and it showed up in network tools as wlan6 with multicast disabled, inactive, and etc. the bf cutter tool also showed up in hardware drivers.

However, after trying to get the card functional - it no longer shows up in network tools nor is bf cutter in the hardware section.

I tried installing broadcom's proprietary driver among some other solutions. I'm running karmic 9.10.

How to start with a clean slate and get my wlan6 to appear again, so I can install this proprietary driver or use driverloader?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Wipe The Slate Clean And Start Over?

May 28, 2010

I need to wipe the slate clean on my computer and start from scratch. I have too many issues and school is just around the corner for me, I've got a huge workload and don't have time to find solutions to my problems right now. I recently upgraded to Lucid but that only escalated my woes. The simple fact is my machine is getting too old and it's time to upgrade everything, which won't happen until fall. So for now I simply want to downgrade to hardy because it will be supported until April next year and it is very stable, plus I think it is the release that my graphics card got a decent resolution on (ATI, need I say more?). I'm somewhat of a noob, but I've got my wits about me and have researched the forums for many hours to find solutions, but to no avail. I don't want to go into details about what issues I'm having, I just need to know how to remove ALL kernels off of Grub and start from scratch. Any links to comprehensive tutorials would be ideal, or if someone knows of anything else that will work,

P.S. I love Ubuntu and am a lifer. The philosophy behind it as well as the community are supreme and will someday rule the universe,

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Hulu Not Working On AMD64 / Start Clean And Install Necessary Packages?

May 3, 2010

videos videos work great, but unfortunately, when i try to access videos on, i receive this error message: "we're sorry but we're unable stream this video to your system. this may be due to an adobe software limitation on 64-bit linux systems."

this is strange because hulu videos were working after i installed lynx but mysteriously stopped working. i don't have the swfdec-mozilla package installed nor the mozilla-plugin-gnash nor the flashplugin-installer.

what do i need to do to start clean and install the necessary packages?

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Fedora :: Gnome Shell - Change Defaults?

Jun 3, 2010

I feel like this is a RTFM question, so if anyone wants to just direct me to the right manual, that's fine.

I just installed gnome-shell and i cant seem to find anyway to customize anything, esp. the task bar, the clock, et cetera

is there a preferences gui or something that I cant find? I feel like i'm trying to use a mac....

It seems pretty sweet, but, i dont know how to get used to not having a window list... i dont wanna pull up the "activities window" or alt tab every time i want switch windows (esp when my hand is used to just moving to the top of the screen and clicking on the right window...

There's this autohide taskbar at the bottom of the screen, but i cant for the life of me figure out what it's for, or how to put things on it....

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Fedora Hardware :: Webcam Not Allow Changes To Save As Defaults?

Oct 24, 2010

I have a webcam that seems to work well in fedora, but it doesn't seem to allow me to save defaults after making changes to the brightness. If I reboot the machine everything reverts to the original settings. Using v4l2ucp, I am able to increase the exposure, but this setting is lost every time I reboot. For various reasons, it is important that I am able to load a default exposure value after rebooting. My camera is using the STV06xx driver. The lsusb displays the following about this device:
Bus 004 Device 002: ID 046d:08f0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Messenger

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Fedora Hardware :: KDE 12 Printing Page Size Defaults To A4

Jan 27, 2010

I have set everything in my printer settings to "US Letter" both via system-config-printer, and in the localization settings for KDE "System Settings". However everytime I attempt to print the printer will say that it's A4 and asks to load paper. I have searched everywhere for this default and I cannot find it in KDE. While in Gnome, all works as expected with printing (even when printing from KDE applications). Does anyone know how to change the default from A4 to US Letter?

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Fedora Installation :: Nouveau Driver Reset To Defaults?

Jan 18, 2011

I installed the nvidia driver from the vendors homepage. But since it does not support regulation of brightness (and the display is that bright that I want to downlevel it), I wanted to go back to the default display driver which is the nouveau driver.So I uninstalled the nvidia driver and then I realized that I didn't make any backup of the xorg.conf file prior installing the nvidia driver. Shame on me, yeah.Now when the x-server started, it couldn't find the nvidia driver. Okay, fair as it was removed. Next to that my keyboard becomes unresponsive. That's really aching as I can not switch to a text-based console any longer.I'm able to boot into initmode 3 by editing the kernel parameters in the boatloader. I'm also able to edit the xorg.conf with vi in the shell then and start the xserver to test things by calling xinit.

I already tried to recover a bit from this situation by removing the references to the nvidia driver and replaced it with some information I could find on the nouveau homepage - but no luck so far, keyboard still freezes and login window does not appear. I could take a look into the xorg.0.log which warns me about the keyboard getting disabled but I do not really understand why. Next to that I find some other additional information. My computer experience is quite okay, but I'm somehow new to Fedora, I started half a year ago with Fedora 13 on my other laptop which worked like a breeze.

I wondered where I can find information about how to configure the xserver in the default configuration, if there is some reset functionality or so, that brings me back to installation defaults. Those worked ok for the nouveau driver. Unfourtionatly I was not able to gather the correct package name that would probably had helpded me by removing and installing it again.Next to fixing my setup, I had another idea as this is a quite new install to just re-run the install again on to that machine. Is this possible with keeping the files in my homedir?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Configured Cron To Clean /tmp Directory - Add Other Locations To Clean And Especially /var/tmp?

Oct 11, 2010

I configured cron to clean my /tmp directory, should I also add other locations to clean and especially /var/tmp.

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Fedora :: Gnome-power-manager Configuration Defaults Not Installed Properly?

Nov 19, 2009

My monitor kept powering down after 20 minutes so I installed Gnome-power-manager by yum so that I could change the settings. After the installation and every time I try to use it I get a message saying:


Install problem!

The configuration defaults for Gnome Power Manager have not installed correctly. Please contact your computer administrator

I'm now unable to effect a change in the power settings and the display keeps turning off.

1) Is someone able to post their config file from a working F12 install? I believe it's /etc/dbus-1/system.d/gnome-power-manager.conf but not certain as I don't have one ;-)

2) ~/.gconf/apps/gnome-power-manager/%gconf.xml is empty - is it empty for someone with a working install?

3) how I can change the power settings without the gui - I'm googling on this point and will post the answer as and when I find it.

[ecvej@desktop ~]$ uname -r
Edit: In case it is relevant, this is the contents of my /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.system/%gconf-tree.xml


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Ubuntu :: Difference Between Apt-get Clean And Aptitude Clean

Feb 4, 2010

Is there any difference between apt-get clean and aptitude clean? Do they both remove the same caches? Should I know any other commands for cleaning up wasted space on my ubuntu laptop?

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Ubuntu :: Start Back From Scratch?

May 4, 2011

Does anyone know how to start back from scratch? Im thinking Im just going to not do what did before and start all over *sigh*

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General :: How To Start A Program In Back Ground

Jul 28, 2011

I've tried searching it and everything I've seen posted on different sites didn't work.i have my program set up in runs the way it is supposed too but i need it to start in the back ground the program runs fine when running it in the fore ground but i need it to start up and run in the background.

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Software :: Clean Way To Shut Down X Server

Apr 14, 2010

I like to end my X session in Arch on a regular basis. I always use'killall xinit'..This gives a lot of WARNING's and ERROR's. Among the messages are some lines about syntax errors in my config files, I think. But mostly it's about a "Fatal IO error" and gnome-settings-daemon not knowing what session it is in.Is there a gentler way to put X down? Or is this how it should be?I tried killing some of the processes that claim to be interrupted, before killing X, to no avail.

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Debian :: Laptop Will Not Start \ When Turned It Back On, It Did Not Load?

Jun 18, 2011

Debian, Squeeze, Gnome. Laptop AJP7521P. I had it on for a few daysThen i decided to close the lid (hibernate). When i turned it back on, it did not load. It has a black screen with GRUB written on the top left. I think that grub does not load.My /(root) partition is sda4.Would update grub fix it? (I am worried whether it will find sda4).

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Fedora :: How To Start New X Server

Feb 12, 2010

How do I start a new X server?I boot in runlevel 5 so my 'main' console (VT1) is the GUI. So I switch to the second virtual console (Ctrl+Alt+F2) and login as same user. I try starting a new xserver (startx), but I get an error. Then I tried to google for an answer on found this on the Ubuntu forums: ok...i'm jumping in on this one and hopefully i can help. bring up another ttyl do this: ctrl + alt + f2 it'll bring you to a login screen. login as any user you have on the box (yes you can log in as yourself more than once unless you tell it not to). then start an X window in that terminal on a new server like this: xinit -- :1 vt12.

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General :: Clean /var Storage On Dedicated Server?

Feb 4, 2010

The /var directory is 97% full on my dedicated server:

I would like to know if it is safe to clear it and how to clear it (assuming it will not disrupt/kill server services to do so).

I have Matrix control panel so i can view the storage etc but it does not have an way of clearing the /Var directory.

I have Putty Access to root but do not know which command to use.

I found a few threads but the information is not clear to me as there seems to be an assumption of basic knowledge I don't yet have.

My linux/ubuntu support that usually does this kind of thing for me is away and not contactable and my server is grinding to a halt and unable to store/send email.

I have only a very basic understanding of command line but really need to get this sorted ASAP.

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Server :: Clean Squid Cache Directory?

Mar 6, 2011

I am using squid on my cent os 5. The cache directory is almost full.

# cache_dir ufs /var/spool/squid 1000 16 256
kindly guide me how can i flush or clean the data inside the cache directory of squid using terminal

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Server :: Clean My Address Book Of SquirrelMail

Sep 19, 2010

I would like to clean my address book of SquirrelMail, due to display issue, but I have no idea how to clean it or someone can tell me the file location of addressbook.

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