Red Hat / Fedora :: KDE Crashes With Second Monitor?

Jun 29, 2010

I upgraded to FC13 via yum and use KDE. As soon as I attached a second monitor KDE crashes. I can still boot into Gnome but would like to keep my KDE.

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Fedora :: F15 Still Crashes On Multi Monitor Setup

Jun 5, 2011

I have asked about this issue before to no avail but since then I have been able to narrow down the main cause of the crashes. My setup:

HD5770 - Running 2 19" LCD's
HD3300 onboard Running 1 47" lcd

Whenever I am in firefox and have pictures open in the browser and move the mouse to the other 19" monitor it crashes, not everytime but often enough to be annoying. Sometimes when it crashes the screen goes blank and I wind up at the login screen, other times it just goes blank and stays blank.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Triple Monitor Setup: X Crashes When Moving To The Second Graphics Card (third Monitor)

Oct 22, 2010

This is a triple-monitor setup with two video cards, where the mouse pointer gets "stuck" if it tries to cross from one video card to the next one. It worked correctly in openSUSE 11.2 and doesn't work in openSUSE 11.3 with the same xorg.conf. This is a 64-bit openSUSE 11.3 with xorg 7.5-11.3 (the openSUSE prepackaged version). I've already tried NVidia drivers 256.53-16.1 (the openSUSE NVidia repository version) and 260.19.12 (the latest off of the NVidia website).

This is the same xorg.conf that I used successfully in openSUSE 11.2. I tried a new automatically generated xorg.conf using nvidia-settings and it had the same problem. This forum won't let me upload the relevant files, but here: [URL] is a tar-ball with my xorg.conf, Xorg.*.log, /var/log/messages, and the NVidia debugging output.

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Ubuntu :: Eee901 Crashes When External Monitor Plugged In?

Jan 4, 2010

I have an Asus eee901 netbook and it's got an Intel 945 graphics card. If I boot it up, log in, attach an external monitor and then open the Display Settings dialog the screen goes black and the laptop appears to crash. Leaving it for a minute or two does nothing.

However, if I boot up with the external monitor attached then I can open the Display Settings dialog and configure both screens.

This is quite annoying as I've got to reboot if I want to connect an external monitor.

Additionally, if booted with the monitor attached and I choose a configuration where the width of the combined screens is greater than 2048, the screens go black and the same lock up appears to occur. Could it be that the Display Settings dialog isn't checking for the maximum display width the driver supports and is then crashing in both scenarios?

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SUSE :: OpenSUSE Crashes - Freezes When Turn Off My Monitor

Jul 6, 2009

Last friday I went home from work and just turned off my monitor, as a program I had written needed to run a durability test over the weekend. Unfortunately it seems that the moment I turned off my monitor, Linux just froze, quite evidently as it said this morning that the time was still Friday 17:13.

From the syslog I got the following on that time:

What this means and what I can do? It's not the first time it crashes as soon as I turn my monitor off.

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Fedora :: 11 With Monitor - System - Preferences - Display Shows Unknown Monitor

Oct 16, 2009

I am facing problem with the fresh installation of Fedora 11. (I have moved from Fedora 9). When I try to view videos on ..... or use the Cheese Webcam Booth, I get blurred lines on the screen and I am unable to see any video or pic.

Also I noticed that the when i go to System > Preferences>Display, it shows me UNKOWN MONIOR.

However, if I got to System>Administration>Display and enter the su password, it shows me correct monitor and the graphics driver.

I am not sure if my original is related to the Unknown Monitor.

I also tried to install Nvidia driver but it crashed the xserver and I had remove the driver.

My Monitor is LG 700E and Graphics card is from intel. as I am not able watch any video.

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Fedora :: External Monitor Won't Work - Both Monitor And Laptop Screen Black

Aug 7, 2011

I am having problems getting my external monitor to work. When I plug in the monitor, both the laptop screen and the external monitor go black. When I unplug the monitor, the laptop screen works again.
When I startup with the external monitor plugged in, neither screen works or teh computer hangs or something.

I have had the external monitor going on a couple of occasions. I did manage to configure my monitors through System Settings > Display. I turned off the laptop monitor as I just want to use the external. But after rebooting, things didn't work.

I have a Thinkpad E420, Fedora 15

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Fedora :: Set Totem Player To Open In External Monitor And Not In Built-in Monitor

Aug 11, 2011

I have an external monitor connected to my laptop (extended display). I always drag the Totem player from the laptop screen to external monitor to watch video files. I wonder, if the Totem player can be set to open in the external monitor automatically, everytime I open it?

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Fedora Hardware :: External Monitor Not Detected - Dell Laptop - Monitor

Aug 17, 2011

My software and hardware information are as follows. I have Fedora 12 and KDE 4.4.5 installed on a Dell Vostro 1500 laptop. I believe it's a 64 bit processor; it's an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. The external monitor is a Dell as well.

My problem is that my system does not seem to be detecting an external monitor that I have connected. Everything else is working just fine; however, I would like to have the option of attaching an external monitor. When I plug the external monitor into the laptop, the external monitor remains black and appears to be in power save mode. The results of xrandr -q (with or without the external monitor attached: it doesn't appear to change) are as follows.


How can I get my laptop to recognize that the external monitor is even connected? Let me know if I can be more specific or provide additional details.

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Fedora :: F14 Dual Monitor - Firefox Starts On Wrong Monitor

Jan 27, 2011

I just upgrade to F14 from F10 on a dual montor setup. Firefox behaives differently on F14 than on F10.
On F10 it followed the mouse pointer's location and show up on the correct monitor

When maximized at close, it is always displayed on the left monitor. When not maximized at close it will open on the monitor where the mouse pointer is located.

About minimize/maximize Firefoxe before closing and it seems to work in some case, but not for me.

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Fedora Installation :: Openoffice 3 Crashes In Fedora 6 Whenever Keyboard Is Used?

May 30, 2009

I installed openoffice 3.0 from openoffice site ( in my Fedora Core 6 OS computer. However, while doing that I might have made some mistakes. I removed openoffice 2.4 and 2.0 by using openoffice uninstall. In fact, couple of occasions, I have uninstalled and again fresh installed openoffice 3.0 when I noticed that moment I pressed any key, the program crashes. I have by mistaken the script ooffice, thinking that it would automatically install a new one. But there is no ooffice. I have to call soffice for that.

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Fedora :: Fedora 13 Ksmserver Crashes / When Disconnecting Ppp

Jun 22, 2010

I'm using BSNL(India) EVDO service. I got ZTE dialer for Fedora and it works fine. But it has started causing error which was not seen when I installed system freshly. It's just been a week and whenever I disconnect ppp interface, xmessage window open and I see error message.

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Fedora :: Frequent X Crashes With KDE 4.3.x

Sep 12, 2009

Every since updating to kde 4.3, I have been experiencing frequent X crashes (1-2 times a day) whenever compositing is turned on (nvidia card). I was hoping that kde 4.3.1 would fix the issue for me, but no luck. So, I'd like to figure out what the nature of the problem is so that I can report it to the appropriate (ahem) authorities, but am not exactly sure how to dig up any useful information. The Xorg log didn't *seem* to have anything particularly informative to say about it (just a few lines about

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Fedora :: F11 Ant Crashes With Sun Java

Nov 18, 2009

This probably isn't new, but it snuck up on me somehow. I usually use Eclipse for development and it's not having a problem, but on my laptop, I recently had to run ant manually and got a surprise:

319 roland> ant
Buildfile: build.xml


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Fedora :: 12 Crashes On Restart?

Dec 11, 2009

I have installed Fedora 12 as a clean installl, everything worked perfect. But lately either after installing an update or making some parameter changes, while restarting my system it just comes up with lots of error messages and crashes. I have to press the switch off button to shutdown. I don't know from where to get that error message to post here

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Fedora :: X Crashes Exactly 10 Minutes After Log On ?

Mar 3, 2010

X crashes exactly 10 minutes after log on, and I am returned to log in screen. I am running: Kernel Linux Gnome 2.26.3. on a Dell Laptop.

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Fedora :: Evolution Crashes On KDE

Feb 21, 2011

Last week I performed an update on my laptop running Fedora 14 with "yum update".

The first problem was that while updating, my machine was frozen and after a had reboot I got a kernel panic (#$%*) After adding the new kernel manually that was fixed but after rebooting, I couldn't start my mailer (Evolution) any more.

When I start evolution while running KDE I get this message (tail var/log/messages):
Feb 21 18:03:10 BEL001 NetworkManager[1418]: <info> (wlan0): supplicant connection state: completed -> group handshake
Feb 21 18:03:10 BEL001 NetworkManager[1418]: <info> (wlan0): supplicant connection state: group handshake -> completed


How can I get evolution back to work again on my machine?

PS.After rebooting the login screen has changed and now I can't change anymore to using gnome. It only gives the options to login to KDE or 'custom'. How can I change custom to Gnome?

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Fedora :: 15 Crashes After A Few Hours

Jun 6, 2011

I've recently moved from Ubuntu (after moving from Gentoo and Arch) to Fedora 15 and am experiencing some crashing.

What happens is after a few hours or not particularly hard usage (web browser, a couple of terminals, maybe having run a few Ant scripts etc) all the fans seem to go into serious overdrive. I can't move the mouse and the system doesn't respond to any keyboard input. After about five minutes of this, the fans slow down but the system remains unresponsive. I've left it for a further 30 minutes, still nothing so I have to do a hard reset.

My hardware is a stock laptop Compal IFL90. Besides the standard installed software, the only other things I've installed are;

- Sun JDK (and Eclipse, but not running during crash)
- Pogo Plug software (pogoplugfs which is started on login)
- Cryptkeeper for my encfs stuff
- Opera

Can anyone point me to a possible fix, or let me know what other information is needed to try and get more complete support? It's not to much of a problem at the moment, but when I start using my laptop more frequently, having to power cycle every few hours is going to make is to difficult to use.


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Fedora :: Sealert Crashes On F14

Jul 19, 2011

Every time selaert is triggered, I get this problem. I have looked everywhere for the required report module. Where can I get it from?

Opps, sealert hit an error!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/sealert", line 692, in <module>


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Fedora :: F14 System Crashes / What To Do?

Sep 22, 2010

Well, turns out that when I rebooted into the installed system a user setup utility launched, but now whenever I try to log in as me, X crashes and GDM starts up again, telling me to relog in.

Now it's the case of "A setup utility launches and I set up my user, only to try to log in and get kicked in the face by GDM, having done all that work for nothing".

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Fedora :: Banshee Crashes On Startup?

Jan 11, 2009

Just did a fresh install of Fedora 10 and install Banshee. The problem is it wont start. I get 'Banshee has encountered a fatal errorError details:

An unhandled exception was thrown: Could not load type 'Banshee.ServiceStack.ServiceManager' from assembly 'Banshee.Services, Version=,


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Fedora :: Firefox Crashes / Why Is So - Sort It?

Oct 6, 2009

I was lucky enough yesterday to get some help finally getting flashplayer installed
but now almost any page I try to load is crashing and I don't know why?

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Fedora :: Cisco VPN Crashes 11 Completely?

Oct 19, 2009

I'm running fedora 11 and cisco version 4.8.01 (0640). When I connect to my work, and get authenticated, the system freezes completely. In searching it looks like at one point updating the kernel to a new version resolved this, at least for the 64bit implementation. I'm running 32bit and I'm on kernel kernel-PAE- which is a newer version then what was listed in the other thread.

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Fedora :: Dragon Crashes On Startup

Jan 22, 2010

i'm not sure myself running fed 12 kde dragon video player crashes when i try to open it.

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Fedora :: F13 Crashes And Reboots Because Of Java?

Jun 16, 2010

I've had this problem bugging me for quite a while now, even in F12. What happens is that while using Firefox to browse certain sites that use java Fedora suddenly crashes and the computer reboots. I previously used openjdk, now recently i've installed Sun java (as shown here [URL] - both on F13 i386 & x86_64. I even did a clean reinstall of F13 but nothing changed. For example when I go to this site - [URL] after a while (not more than 30 seconds) Fedora crashes and pc reboots. Hell, it has even crashed a few times while browsing this forum. When I disable Firefox java plugin (from add-ons ->plugins) it still crashes after a while. For the particular site I've looked up that several ad-related javascripts are being loaded (also on fedoraforum). I really want to use Fedora but I just can't do it like this. Is there a way to make it usable?

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Fedora :: Firefox 3.6.4's Flash Crashes Too Much?

Jun 30, 2010

Can I install 3.6.6 on Fedora 13? I want it because Firefox 3.6.4's Flash crashes too much, and I would just love to run the latest version. How do I get it ?

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Fedora :: 12 Version Crashes On Netlink_kernel_create

Oct 13, 2010

We have netlink kernel module to send data to user space application . But Fedora 12 is crashing as soon as netlink kernel module is inserted. The netlink kernel module is working on Fedora 6 / Red Hat / Ubuntu linux. It is found that Fedora 12 is getting crash when "netlink_kernel_create" function is called.

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Fedora :: F14 Thunderbird-3.1.6 Crashes On Start?

Nov 3, 2010

Just like this:

/usr/lib/thunderbird-3.1/ line 131: 10857 Segmentation fault (core dumped) "$prog" ${1+"$@"}
$prog is obviously 'thunderbird-bin'. I guess I should wait for an update?

EDIT: This happens due to a bug in gtk-oxygen-engine.

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Fedora :: VLC Crashes For No Reason When Opened

Nov 19, 2010

Having VLC crash upon opening? I would think that they would have it fixed by now & just trying to follow up. I tried to do a bug report but couldn't get it to go for whatever reason (at least I don't THINK it took).

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Fedora :: Nautilus Crashes When Unmounting?

Dec 19, 2010

- Nautilus open in browser mode (the default)?- I click the eject symbol to unmount a usb stick in the side pane.- The annoying red exclamation police light looking thing pops up telling me that nautilus crashed.- Not only is the usb stick unmounted, but the device file also disapears (e.g. no longer listed by fdisk).- This problem does NOT occur when I use other methods to unmount (e.g. umount on command line, or right-click on desktop icon and select eject action), only when I click the eject symbol in the nautilus side pane

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