Programming :: Sed To Search And Insert Column?

Feb 24, 2011

I have the following file.

B0 49.2230869 -102.5743868
C 1LPRK 654.90
C 1PREU 3693.90
C 1JRSU 3693.90


I need to insert text ABCDEF starting at position 26 if a line starts with C. I need it to look like:

C 1VKNG ABCDEF 3097.00
C 1JLFU ABCDEF 3157.20
C 1MNVL ABCDEF 3346.10

I would prefer to use sed to do this and not perl.

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Ubuntu :: Text Editor Column Editor And Regex Search/replace, Incrementing Number Insert?

Jul 25, 2011

On windows I really only used Notepad++ as my text editor, it had two features that I loved.What I need to accomplish is what I would do with Notepad++ column editor.I could have like 100 lines, and place the cursor at a column, and goto edit>column editor, and I could insert an incrementing number. (I could also pad the incrementing number with 0s, this was GREAT for making batch files among other things.)So each line at that column had a number higher than the previous line.The other feature that I used sometimes was a search/replace with regex patterns.Does anyone know of an editor that has those features for linux? I am mostly after the column editor insert feature but if you know of one with both features that would rock.

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Programming :: Search A String And Print Column?

Mar 13, 2010

I need to search a string which is in the first line and print that column.

For e.g

$ top -bn1 | head -20 | awk '/PID/,/*/'
PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND 13737 admin 15 0 2476 936 680 R 2 0.0 0:00.01


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Programming :: Sed One-liner: Search Text In File And Replace It - If Not Present Insert It?

Oct 16, 2010

As indicated in the subject, I want to search a text. If the text is present I want to replace it. But if the text is not present, I want to insert it after first line and before last line.

Searched text is:CleanCache "*";

Where * can be anything.

Example: CleanCache "false"; -> CleanCache "true";

If CleanCache "false"; is not present, only insert CleanCache "true"; after first line and before last line.

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General :: Insert Column With Awk / Sed Between Two?

Jan 18, 2011

I have a two column file and I need to create a new column in between the first and second but the new column adds a value to the first. E.g.code...

I thought I had figured out how to do it with the following but it just hangs:

awk -F '{print $0,$0+25,$1}' file_in > file_out

Also tried the following to no avail:

awk -F,-v OFS,'{print $0,$0+25,$1}' file_in > file_out

I can add the new column with the added value to the last column easy ( awk '{print $0,$0+25}' file_in > file_out).

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General :: Insert (Same Template Strings) Column With VI

Jun 24, 2011

I have this piece of code with some template strings.

Big_L: $Big_L

How can I insert exactly the same template strings in front of each string, but just without the '$' sign (see the first line for an example)?

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Programming :: Awk Multiple Column Into Single Column?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a multicolumn datas, like

a1 b1 ... f1
a2 b2 ... f2
. . ... .


I would like to make a file with all these data in one column, like



Can it be done with awk or some other command? Also, is it possible then do add another column in front of this one with numbers of the lines (for every previous column), like

1 a1
2 a2
. .
. .


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Programming :: Get Min From A Column?

Dec 8, 2010

i am new to scriptingi have a file : file.dat with following data

/storage_01 64% 0
/storage_02 17% 1


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Programming :: Column Statistic By Awk ?

Jan 13, 2010

Here is the txt file


I want to use a script to statistic the results like that

I want to know the the same string in the first column and how many different in the second column ?
how awk to write ?

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Programming :: Postgresql Put '' In Column?

Apr 9, 2010

Problem is simple but I can't figure out how to solve it, I tried any possible way that I know but with no result.I'm using simple perl script with DBI and do select from one table and do update in other table with results from select, but I can't preserve my '' returned from select when doing update. I simply want my '' from first table to be '' in second but postgres makes them real new lines. I tried to escape '' with , '',"",E(I mean E'value here') in front of value that updating but they are always real new lines not '' in new table.

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Programming :: Bash Awk Column To End Of File?

Sep 4, 2010


ls -lhGg | while read line; do echo "$line"; done | awk ' { print $3" "$6 } '

what i want to do is be able to print column 3 and every column greater then 5. Has to be to the end of the line, since different filenames can have different amounts of words in them and the blank space is the separator. my current code works just fine if the file has no blank space.

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Programming :: Cut Column An Edit Data?

Mar 26, 2011

Mar 26 12:32:53 name sshd[3261]: 27 12:42:53 name sshd[3262]:
how to make this data in output as:

"Mar 26 12:32:53","name","sshd",""
"Mar 27 12:42:53","name","sshd",""

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Programming :: Add A Column To A Text File?

Apr 28, 2011

I have a text field that is just list of servers and I need to add the word hostname in front of them... It must be brain fart but I can't think of how to do this. Basically I need this:


To this:

hostname server1
hostname server2
hostname server3

(And I just mean simply the word "hostname")

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Programming :: Transposing Only Part Of Row Into Column?

Jul 8, 2011

I am trying to transpose the following row:

x1 x2 x3 x4


x1 X2
x3 x4

With tr '''' < file I can select all columns to become separate rows,but as you see x3 and x4 have to be grouped when transposing.Or should I use awk for this one?

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General :: Calculate 3rd Column Which Should Be Addition Of Value In 1 And 2nd Column?

Jul 19, 2010

How would i calculate following values.Initial file

10 3
20 4
How would i calculate 3rd column which should be addition of value in 1 and 2nd column.File after calculation
10 3 13
20 4 24

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Programming :: Check For Word Frequency In 1 Column

Jul 6, 2010

I have a large tab delimited text file, about 17gb. It only has 6 column. On column number 4, it is all numbers. Ranging from 1-1000. I want to count how many times each number occured. So the output I want is in 2 columns, first one is a number, second column is how many times it occured. I tried

head -n 1000 coverage | cut -f 4 | uniq -c

Didn't work for me, the first column returned is not unique.

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Programming :: Calculate Data And Make It Into New Column Using Awk?

May 24, 2011

i've been using a awk script to calculate my data... i have 3 files:

file a1.txt:



the results were (3.5, 6 and 3) which is pretty easy.. now i want to combine all this into 1 file and each have different columns and called it avg.txt which have something like this in the end:

3.5 6 3

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Programming :: C - Adding Up Array Column Total?

Jan 25, 2010

I'm having problems adding up column totals using arrays. I've got it to add up the row totals and display at the end of the row. Here is my code so far


#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
const int maxrows=10;


What i need it to do is, add up the columns and display it at the bottom of each column similar to how the row totals display

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Programming :: Find The Average Of First 12 Numbers In The Third Column Using 'awk'

Nov 20, 2010

I have a text file with 4 columns and 18 rows. All are integers. I wish to find the average of first 12 numbers in the third column using 'awk'.

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Programming :: Perl Extract Information For A Particular Column?

Oct 24, 2010

I have a file which has the output as shown below:


Teams | matches |Goals | YC | RC
Liverpool: | | | |
Gerrard | 97 | 100 | 41665 | 1342


I need to extract the Info from the RC column for the first 4 players of liverpool. The test code i have does the same,but can anyone show me a better way of doing it.I could do it easily with gawk -F"|" and print the respective column,but i need to do this in perl.


use strict;
use warnings;


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Programming :: Remove Duplicate Entries From First Column?

May 12, 2010

I have a huge (over 10 gb) file with a list of IP's each followed by a corresponding number like this:

Code: 10 11 12 13 14
and so on..

I'm trying to sort this file numerically and weed out any duplicate IP addresses. How do I do this on bash? I have come up with this but obviously it does'nt work.


$sort -n myfile.txt | cut -f1 | uniq -u

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Programming :: Script To Change Column Data?

May 14, 2010

i have a compiled data as follows:



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Programming :: PHP - Sorting Multi Dimensional Arrays By One Column

Mar 17, 2009

I just started programming in PHP so I haven't figured out how to do this yet, but I have a multi-dimensional array that I need to sort by one column. That's fine...but I need the sort to ignore case! Right now I have it sorted by 'name' (the other column is 'uid').

The problem is that by the default the sort is case-sensitive so the array looks like this:
Apple 4015
Banana 4011
Cherry 4045
avocado 4046

I want to be able to sort the the 'name' column in a case-insensitive manner so that the array actually looks like:
Apple 4015
avocado 4046
Banana 4011
Cherry 4045

How to accomplish this? Just FYI I'm not actually sorting the PLUs for fruits...but it was a simple example. I'm actually doing this for a Facebook application.

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Programming :: Script To Read A File And Get Each Column With Varibles?

Jul 2, 2010

i have a script to read a file and get each column with varibles.actually my file: hplog1 sample 3 lines consists of

client1_day- 2010
client2 2009


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Programming :: MySQL And PHP - Table Column With Multiple Values?

Dec 1, 2008

I am writing a script to mine data from my game server logs which are going to mysql. My first question is syslog-ng is sticking $msg into one colum it self, $msg tends to be a long string here are a few examples:

cn name team frag death flags role host.
0 Maik CLA 2 0 0 normal *.70.233.118.
1 lizardncd RVSF -1 3 0 normal
[*.22.247.40] lizardncd fragged Maik.

And they are not always in the same format, How could I parse this data to do something useful, like creating a user stats page with frag counts and flag counts. Should I create a script that runs in a cronjob that parses this data to a new table maybe once a day. Even then the $msg string value is random and I am thinking in terms of awk.

Second. I would like to keep track of what ip's are using what nicknames. Kinda in the sense of and ip associated to a array of names that have been used on that ip address so I can keep track of users. How would this work logically with a mysql db, could a column allow multiple values, then loadable into an array, which then can add, remove, and store to mysql.

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Programming :: Vertical Scroll Code For 3 Column Web Page

Jun 19, 2011

I need a better tutorial than the out of date books I own or I can find using Google. If someone has a place they would recommend, please provide a link. I have a web page that is 3 column. I would like each column to vertical scroll separately. I would also like to keep the jump code in the left column if that is possible. Go here for the my web page and source code. [URL]

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Programming :: Replace Pattern In Specific Lines And Column With AWK?

Apr 24, 2010

Im tryng to replace in specific column and line number within a file where its 3erd column contain the same string in all lines.


My goal is to replace only first and last ocurrences of "Normal player", with the following desired output:


Im not sure how to use the "IF" and "AND" conditions together. I�ve tryed with the code below, but the script replaces the string for every line.


how to replace values for specific column in first and last lines within same AWK script, without taking reference data in other columns?

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Programming :: How To Enter Mode Column From Command Line

Mar 3, 2009

I like running sql queries from the command line.

sqlite3 foo.db "select * from some table"
How can I specify

.mode column
at the command line?

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Programming :: Sed (?) Insert String Between 2 Others?

May 21, 2010

I have a file like this:



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Programming :: Change To Capital First Letter Of Every Word Over Specific Column

May 1, 2010

Trying to change to upper case first letter of every word over a specific column.

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