Programming :: Link Directories - Symlink Not Updated / Hard Link Not Supported?

Sep 6, 2010

In the ordering of files I keep I need links to directories. Sometimes I even need to move directories to new locations. I have tried using symlinks, but they become dead when I move the directory they point to. I have tried hard links, but I haven't found any Linux file system that would support hard linked directories. How can I achieve that a complex structure of directories (currently with symlinks for directories and hard links for files) keep symlinks live when directories are moved?

- is there any utility that updates symlinks when a directory is moved?

- is there any Linux filesystem that supports hard linked directories?

- is there any good Linux interface to the new NTFS (the only file system I know to support automatically updating directory links, called directory junctions)?

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Ubuntu :: Lucid Apache2 Directory Symlink Error "Symbolic Link Not Allowed Or Link Target Not Accessible"

Jun 2, 2010

There is a symlink from /var/www to a personal directory. FollowSymlink and chmod 755 are all set. It works perfectly until each morning I will get a "Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible" error. When I do a "sudo service apache2 restart", the problem will go away.

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Server :: Create Soft Link And Hard Link In RHEL5?

Sep 8, 2010

how can we create soft link and hard link in RHEL5 when am using in command it is giving format error

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General :: Difference Between A Hard Link And Symbolic Link?

Jun 20, 2011

I have searched around and am trying to understand the difference between a hard link and symbolic link (soft link). I found this link is quite useful. But I am still not very clear. I understand soft link is not a copy of original file, but is a hard link a copy or not?

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Programming :: Link Objects In Separate Directories Using KDevelop?

Oct 4, 2010

Using: Open SUSE 11.0 64 bit, KDE 3.5.9 (release 49) and KDevelop 3.5.1. Problem: A singleton was created in subproject A, and so an object file is created in subproject A. In subproject B, I want to use that object file. We have not been able to find a way to link that object file created in subproject A with subproject B. Also, the subprojects are in different directories. We created a symbolic link to the ".h" and ".cpp" files in directory A. And the project compiles and links just fine after adding the symbolic link to the header and cpp files in subproject B. My concern is, that two objects of that singleton will be created. The whole idea of making a singleton is so that there is only one instance at a time.

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Create This Link Between The Two Directories Shown Below?

Feb 7, 2011

I need to create this link between the two directories shown below.... So I assume everything that is put into the outgoing directory is copied to

# pwd
ls -l
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Jun 25 2008 outgoing -> /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/

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OpenSUSE :: Symbolic Link Not Allowed Or Link Target Not Accessible: /srv/www/htdocs?

Apr 28, 2010

i only need localhost for testing some phpnow i get[Wed Apr 28 18:44:57 2010] [error] [client ::1] Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible: /srv/www/htdocs

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Ubuntu :: Send A Link For Download And A Link With The Installation Instructions?

Aug 16, 2011

I was looking for live link to download ubuntu mobile but unfortunately I don't find anything... Can someone send me a link for download and a link with the installation instructions ?? All the links that I found are dead.

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General :: View CD Shortcut Link / List Link Name By Using Any Command?

Jun 8, 2010

Whenever we insert CD,it creates a shortcut link in desktop.Can we list this link name by using any command? I am using Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Mount To Vista Needed For Apache - Symbolic Link Not Allowed Or Link Target Not Accessible

Apr 26, 2010

I have a problem where I'm using Ubuntu linux to mount a Windows Vista machine's USB drive and access it on the web using Apache. I did have the USB drive plugged into the Linux machine directly and that was working via the web. FollowSymLinks is on in httpd.conf


The mount works and I can see the files (see above) from my regular linux user account. If I make a test file in /mnt and soft link to that, I can see it on the web. So it's just the mount to the vista machine that seems to be a problem. It's supposed to be a simple read-only mount and the apache login should (I think) be able to see the same generic root access permissions.

log from apache: [Mon Apr 26 20:39:42 2010] [error] [client] Symbolic link not allowed or link target not accessible: /home/user1/pub_html/Music, referer: https://xx.xx.xx/~user1/music.html

The credentials have a login and password that matches a special read-only account on Vista. I can see the files on the system from Linux, but not via the web. As mentioned above, a different link to the same /mnt area works fine via the web. I've tried several different mount options with no success.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Error "SET Failed On Device Wlan0 ; Operation Not Supported' When Configuring D-Link Wlan Card

Nov 15, 2009

I have a desktop that has a d-link DWL-520 wireless card, which was working under Windoze. Today I installed Centos 5.4 on the system , which went cleanly. I then used Network Configuration to set up the wireless card. I specified to use DHCP, set the SSID and authentication password. When I tried to activate the card I get these error messages

Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06): SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported. Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A): SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument. Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8B2A): SET failed on device wlan0 ; Invalid argument. Determining IP information for wlan0.

The hardware manager seems to have correctly identified the card and chipset, (Intersil Prism 2.5) and installed driver hostap_pci which came with the distro. This web site seems to suggest that this is the correct driver: [URL] searching forums I've found a few references to these errors, but they were from several years ago, and for different distros and cards. I did find a reference to using Network Manager to configure the card instead of Network Configuration. I started the NM service and configured a connection using it instead, but still no luck.


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Ubuntu :: Link To File On The Host System - Error "Invalid Cross-device Link"

Oct 25, 2010

I installed 10.10 using wubi (Host system is Win XP). I want to create a symbolic link of a file on the host system (Windows c:abc.doc file) in my Ubuntu home ~/ directory.
When I type command ln /host/abc.doc abc.doc It gives me following error ln: creating hard link `abc.doc' => `/host/abc.doc': Invalid cross-device link

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General :: When Would Creating A Hard Link Be Useful

May 25, 2011

There are basically two main limitations with hard links:

Hard links normally require that the link and the file reside in the same file system. Only the superuser can create a hard link to a directory.

Thus, symbolic links were introduced to get around the limitations of hard links. So, the question is, are hard links still needed? Might there be situation where they are more useful?

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General :: How Does Du Determine Which Hard Link To Disregard

Nov 16, 2010

We have two directories:

$ ls -l
total 8
drwxr-x--- 2 nimmy nimmy 4096 Nov 15 19:42 jeter
drwxr-x--- 2 nimmy nimmy 4096 Nov 15 19:42 mariano

I create one file in the first folder:

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=jeter/zero_file.1 bs=512000 count=1
1+0 records in
1+0 records out
512000 bytes (512 kB) copied, 0.268523 s, 1.9 MB/s

This is the output of du:

$ du -sh *
504K jeter
4.0K mariano

As expected, if I place a hard link of the zero_file. in the other folder du output does not change:

$ ln jeter/zero_file.1 mariano/zero_file.2
$ du -sh *
504K jeter
4.0K mariano

there is nothing in the filesystem that points to zero_file.1 as the original file. So how does du know to count zero_file.1 but not zero_file.2?It cannot be a timestamp comparison because all hard links share one inode; they'll have the same timestamp data correct?

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General :: Creating Hard Link To Directory?

Jul 3, 2009

I have heard that creating hard link to a directory is not possible however when reading the man page of "ln" the "-d/-f" option says hard link directories ( super-user only). Thus this mean the super user i.e root can create hard link to directory and not a normal user , If yes then you . Even on specifying the above options I get a operation not permitted for a super user.

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Hardware :: New WD Hard Drive ATA Link Errors

Jul 10, 2011

I just bought a new hard drive for my lenovo ThinkPad R60e. It is the following model:

# hdparm -I
ATA device, with non-removable media
Model Number: WDC WD5000BUDT-63G8FY0
Firmware Revision: 01.01A01


After scanning selected spans, do NOT read-scan remainder of disk. If Selective self-test is pending on power-up, resume after 0 minute delay.

It is regardless which kernel version I use (latest ARCH Linux 2.6.39 or 2.6.23 from a grml live system), the error is persistent everywhere.

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Ubuntu :: Hard Links In Tar.gz When Both Link And Target Are In The Archive?

Jun 28, 2010

I am copying my home folder from my old computer (Ubuntu 9.10) to my new one (Ubuntu 10.04)

I thought that I would make a tar archive of my home directory (~60GB), then copy it across the network and untar it in my new home folder.

The problem is that I have several hard links (30 at most). When I try and untar the tar in my new computer it runs into errors with the hard links.

I think the problem is that it has unzipped the hard link before it's target and detected an error.

One solution is to add --hard-dereference to the tar command , this will create a separate copy of each hard link. but I would really like an exact copy of my home folder on my new computer.

Does anyone have any ideas? Either copying my home directory, or how to make tar handle hard links sensibly?

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General :: Creating A Hard Link Using Ln Creates A Copy Of File?

Mar 11, 2010

I am trying to use ln to create a hard link to file a and whenever I do it, it creates a copy of the file instead. After having edited file a, when opening the link, it shows the old information and opening file a shows the new information. The command I am using is


ln /home/user/file

within the new directory i am trying to link from. I am using centos 5.4.

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General :: Difference Between A "link" And A "symlink"?

Apr 2, 2010

What is the difference between a "link" and a "symlink"? Is it related to hard or soft links?

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General :: Rsync --link-dest Not Creating Hard Links On External Usb Drive?

Aug 24, 2009

CentOS 5.2 64bit 2.6.18-92.el5xen. Use rsync with --link-dest for nightly backups, works well. Was recently asked to start weekly backups to an external drive for off-site storage. The regular syncing works but hard linking seems to be ignored. So the backup is long with no space saving advantage. Here is an example of the command being run:

rsync --stats -axzvl --numeric-ids --delete --link-dest=/mnt/DISASTERBACKUPS/austinBackups/backups/2009-08-21 /AUSTINBACKUPS/backups/2009-08-24 /mnt/DISASTERBACKUPS/austinBackups/backups/

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Programming :: How To Link To Different APIs

Apr 21, 2010

I decided, as a project of mine, to create a small computer that could link up to a small display. Because the computer is very low-powered, guess what OS I decided to use? Linux... Ubuntu to be specific.Anyway, I come from using Xcode on OSX (very user-friendly compiler) and some tools for GUI and scripting development. That's where the problem comes in.I know C++, but I do not know how specifically Linux handles programming. I have the GCC compiler installed, and I know the terminal command to compile, but I have a few questions:

1. How do I link to different APIs (like OpenGL)
2. When I compile multiple files, do I compile the main .cpp/.cc file? Or is there a project file I use.
3. Is there a way to make GUIs easily in Linux? I was looking at the 'QT 4' tools.
4. What do the 'QT 4' tools do specifically?
5. Any good IDE? I am using 'Kate' at the moment, but I am not sure how it compares to other programs.
6. Any other tips? Pitfalls to watch out for? Hints to program quicker? Other software I could use?

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Programming :: Static Link SDL?

Jun 13, 2010

I have made a very simple program in SDL that draws one image four times on a window.However I wanted it to be statically linked so the end user wouldn't have to install SDL and SDL-image in order to get the program working.

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Programming :: Link Static Libraries With Gcc

Oct 15, 2010

I am stuck with a problem to link static libraries with gcc. There is no problem with source files since I am able to compile in a machine where the static library is installed. I am compiling with the following: Code: :~/Emotion/pjproject-1.0.3/third_party 157% gcc -Wall -I/portaudio/include -o rec patest_record.c -L./lib -lportaudio-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu


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Programming :: GCC Linker Failed To Link ?

Apr 7, 2011

In linking a library in using GCC.

I am compiling Pro*C code.

When the maKe file start compiling if prints following :


I tried different options but unable to find the reason why it is not linking the libraries correctly.

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Programming :: Link A C Application Using Glib 2.0?

Mar 29, 2009

I never had to use anything more than -l , -lm , -c ,-o.It was only through dev documentation that I came across glib. Now I want to to compile and link a program with glib.

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Programming :: Write C++ Progrms And Link Them To Tcl?

Dec 16, 2010

how to a write c++ progrms and link them to tcl. I.e if I want to implement a protocol of my own. I tried but lot of errors appear. In response to( file not included errors) i added proper paths of header files in (#include)my c++ file only to get many more errors.I tried also with marc greis tutorial 7th chapter ping protocol program also with same result. Even compiling a small c++ program is also difficult. Please anyone tell me the steps to be followed how to a write c++ progrms and link them to tcl. I.e if I want to implement a protocol of my own.

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Programming :: Capture Link Values With Cgi Script

Mar 23, 2010

I'm creating my personal site in HTML/CSS and Perl/CGI. I have a list of links:

<a name="link1" href="/cgi-bin/script.cgi">value1</a>
<a name="link2" href="/cgi-bin/script.cgi">value2</a>
<a name="link3" href="/cgi-bin/script.cgi">value3</a>
<a name="link4" href="/cgi-bin/script.cgi">value4</a>
<a name="link5" href="/cgi-bin/script.cgi">value5</a>

I want capture values of "value*" in <a> tags with script.cgi.

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Programming :: Link A Code In C++ With Tinyxmldll Library

Jul 1, 2010

i am trying to link a code in C++ with tinyxmldll library:


master out # ls -la
total 1388
drwx------ 2 root root 4096 May 10 14:02 .
drwx------ 6 root root 4096 Apr 5 08:35 ..


When i link, i get 'undefined reference' error:


master hneat # make nt
g++ -g -DTIXML_USE_STL -DHCUBE_NOGUI -fPIC -I./hneat -L./hneat -I/home/niko/hyperneat3/HyperNEAT_v3_0/JGTL/include/ -I/home/niko/hyperneat3/HyperNEAT_v3_0/tinyxmldll/include/ -I./Experiments -I../ -I./ -L/home/niko/hyperneat3/HyperNEAT_v3_0/tinyxmldll/out/ -L/usr


The problem is, the symbols contain weird characters. How do I tell g++ that it should ignore these characters and link the functions correctly?

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Programming :: Link Mobility File With Tcl Script?

Apr 26, 2011

i want know how to link mobility file with tcl script? i tried with set val(sc) "test" but getting error message like

[root@localhost example]# ns box.tcl
setting initial variables...
setting other default settings...
removing unecessary packet headers...


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Programming :: HTML: Make A Link That Goes Absolutely Nowhere?

Jul 29, 2010

I need to make a link that goes absolutely nowhere, since it has an onclick event that uses javascript to show/hide content. It needs to look like a standard link and the mouse needs to change to the finger cursor like a standard link.

The following all don't work:


<a href="#" onclick="show_element('jetshop')">Read more...</a>
- moves to the top of the page.
<a href="" onclick="show_element('jetshop')">Read more...</a>


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