Programming :: Launching Interactive Gnome-terminal With A Command (and Not Exiting)

Oct 13, 2010

I want to have a script (tcsh/bash/python) that launches a bunch of gnome-terminals (or 1 with multiple tabs). And I want it to execute a command, but keep the shell interactive. Currently, if you type gnome-terminal then it launches a new interactive shell, but if you give it the execute flag, then it executes the command and quits (or stays open, but non-interactive depending on the users gnome-terminal settings).

I have this command which I want to run automatically before I start working. What the command does is dynamic and different for each shell. It takes arguments. So it's not something I can take care of in a .cshrc type file.

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Ubuntu :: Run Command In Gnome-terminal Without It Exiting?

May 4, 2010

I'd like to make a launcher that starts irssi in gnome-terminal with just one click.

I guess something like:

gnome-terminal -execute "irssi"

but without it closing down as soon as irssi is run

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Programming :: Launching A Terminal Command With A Qt Button?

Feb 9, 2010

I've created a QT interface with some buttons and labels, and i want to launch a terminal command with one of these buttons,but the command maust starts with "sudo",unfortunately it didn't work because it wants root password and i can't enter it even in the Button cammand....

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Programming :: Command Line Invocation Of Gnome-terminal To Run More Than One Command?

Feb 16, 2010

I am trying to learn how to pass more than a one-command startup for gnome-terminal.

I will give an example of what I'm trying to do here:

#! /bin/bash
#TODO write this for gnome and xterm
${0##*/} [-x] [-g]

However, running with the -g option to invoke gnome-terminal, I get a "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal" error.

This same error occurs if the gnome-terminal line is changed to

gnome-terminal -e mcTerm

Is there any way to pass more than one command on to gnome-terminal? I have tried various single and double quoting senarios and in a final attempt, I abstracted to an exported function all to no avail. Perhaps even though gnome-term is better at many things than xterm, xterm trumps it in this instance.

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General :: Launching TMUX Using Gnome Terminal

Oct 18, 2010

I'm a little confuse regarding how one launches tmux. When I launch my terminal (current gnome-terminal), I would like to have tmux up and running. I'm currently doing this by calling "tmux" in my .zshenv (kind of like .bashrc in bash). This does in fact launch tmux, but has some annoying side effects. First, hitting Ctrl-D to exit the shell, only kills tmux, and leaves the tmux-less gnome-terminal still running. An additional Ctrl-D will kill that as well. Second, when ssh into a box with this setup, I get a second, nested instance of tmux. I don't want tmux to launch again when I ssh. Is this the right approach, how should tmux be launched usually?

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Ubuntu :: Command Not Found After Launching Terminal?

Jan 26, 2011

As soon as I launch terminal I get the following:

[...]: command not found
[...]: command not found

And it then goes to a $~ prompt as usual. How do I make it so the two commands it is trying to launch don't run upon launching terminal?

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Programming :: Prevent People From Exiting The Terminal By Clicking The "X" At The Top Right?

Nov 12, 2010

Currently i'm doing a script for my project and I want to prevent people from exiting the terminal by clicking the "X" at the top right. when I run the script, user cannot exit out of the terminal unless the scipt finish running.

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Programming :: Write A Perl Script Which Will Give An Interactive Session To A User To Execute Command On The Server

Feb 25, 2011

I am trying to write a perl script which will give an interactive session to a user to execute command on the server. I have written a small script to do this :

Code: !/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use Net::SSH::Perl;
my $host = '';
my $username = 'user';
my $login_passwd = 'test123';


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Ubuntu :: Is Command Line Invocation Of Gnome-terminal To Run More Than One Command

Feb 17, 2010

how to pass something more than a one-command startup for gnome-terminal. I will give an example of what I'm trying to do here:


#! /bin/bash
#TODO write this for gnome and xterm


This same error occurs if the gnome-terminal line is changed to


gnome-terminal -e mcTerm

Is there any way to pass more than one command on to gnome-terminal? I have tried various single and double quoting senarios and in a final attempt, I abstracted to an exported function all to no avail. Perhaps even though gnome-term is better at many things than xterm, xterm trumps it in this instance.

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Programming :: How To Turn Non-interactive Shell Into Interactive Shell?

Feb 4, 2011

I have a situation where I am in a non-interactive shell. I have tried from within my non-interative shell to spawn an interactive shell but my output still does not goto me. Isn't there a way I can somehow go into /proc or somwhere and make the output my /dev/tty1? Or some way else to remedy this?The situation arises because I drop from my restricted shell environment (a sort of CLI interface), into the actual Linux shell. I cannot change the code of the CLI environment I am just faced with being in the linux shell environment and its non-interactive. Its very annoying to have to put > /dev/tty1 after every command I type.

Not to mention it seems damn near impossible to get pagers like more and less to work properly when your in a non-interactive shell.

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Ubuntu :: Run A Terminal Command (eg Pkill X) With Gnome-do?

Apr 14, 2011

I just started using gnome-do, and it is an awesome little bit of software. Far superior to the standard application menu. Strangely, though, I just can't figure out how to run a terminal command from it without opening the terminal first. In the standard application menu, I can just type, for example "pkill MisbehavingProgramX" to kill a program, but in gnome-do, if I try that it searches all my stuff and typically comes up with nothing except a few webpages that I've visited that my have some of those letters in it. how to just run a bash command directly from gnome-do?

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General :: Gnome-terminal Command To Open Up A New Tab?

Aug 20, 2010

Are there a command to open up a new tab in gnome terminal(Ctrl+T outcome). I need it to use with in bash script.

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Fedora :: Xterm - Gnome Equivalent Command In Terminal

Aug 31, 2009

Using the following command:
xterm -e tail -f stdout.log

I can see the log of an applications and it's update in realtime. I want to uninstall the gnome and I'm looking for the equivalent command for the terminal. I want on startup tty4 for example to show me the log.

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Ubuntu :: Error When Executing 'gnome-terminal' Command

Feb 11, 2010

I wrote a shell script and tried to execute it in separate terminal using command 'gnome-terminal -e <script>'. When executing first time, it went fine.From second time, I am getting error 'There is error creating child process for this terminal' repeatedly.

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Ubuntu :: How To Use GConfTool Command To Edit Gnome-Terminal

Nov 27, 2010

After a fresh boot of a Live CD, how do I use the gconftool command to edit:

I tried:
mint@mint ~ $ sudo su
mint mint # gconftool --load /media/scripts/gconf/gnome-terminal/custom.xml
mint mint # gnome-terminal

No changes were made after I opened a new gnome-terminal. It works fine if I'm not in superuser mode and makes the changes to
just fine. What am I not getting here?

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CentOS 5 :: Can't Find The Start Command For Gnome From Terminal

Jan 11, 2010

I can't find the start command for Gnome from Terminal.

I tried:

start gnome
start gne

Nothin is matching. In the Documenation is no help from console.

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General :: Stopping Ksh From Exiting After Running A Command?

Nov 26, 2010

I want to launch a gnome-terminal with a korn shell, and I want to specify in advance a command to execute, and then hand control back over to ksh. ex.


gnome-terminal --execute ksh -ic ls

I expect that to run ksh, do an 'ls' for example, and then give a prompt. I thought the -i switch (for interactive) meant that the shell would resume control, but this doesn't happen. The window just closes quicker than I can see what was output.

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Debian :: Terminal In GUI Environment Not Launching

Aug 26, 2015

I got a problem with the terminal in GUI Environment after i upgraded it From debian 7 to 8 "it's not launching" ....

Root Terminal is Working....

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Debian Multimedia :: Completion For Command Parameters In Gnome-terminal?

Aug 14, 2011

Out of X I have auto-completion for a command parameter (e.g. 'aptitude upd(ate)') but in gnome-terminal I have auto-completion only for the command, not for its parameters. Is it possible to have that?

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General :: No Log-in Sound And Command Line Terminal Bell In Gnome / Fix It?

Jul 27, 2010

I recently replaced (fresh install) Fedora 12 by 13. Surprisingly I noticed there is no log-in sound for Gnome and also when I use command line terminal there is no terminal bell in spite of the fact that I checked the "Terminal Bell" option in the EDIT --> Preferences menu! I checked the speakers are not mute, I can play music. Any idea how to fix it?

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Fedora :: Run Graphical Apps As Su Without Launching From The Terminal?

Jan 8, 2010

Is there a way to run graphical apps as su without launching from the terminal? For example is there a way to open File Browser as su? And if the only way is via the terminal, then how can I find out the names of apps like the File Browser so I can launch them?

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Ubuntu :: Launching Terminal Apps In URXVT Automatically

May 12, 2011

Problem with use of -hold|+hold on rxvt-unicode (urxvt) v9.09 on ubuntu server. On startup, I'm trying to launch terminal apps in urxvt automatically. E.g:
"urxvt -e /usr/bin/weechat-curses +hold"
"urxvt -hold -e mutt"

However, -|+hold does not seem to hold the terminal open. There is a flicker of a new window opening & then it's gone. I'm trying to invoke this from .xinitrc (startx-->.xinitrc) and also tried commands from inside awesome wm rc.lua (awful.util.spawn_with_shell("urxvt -hold -e mutt") seem to get same flicker result but closes immediately. I see this error in .xsession-errors, which might be relevant (do I perhaps need to specify the display??).

Unrecognized Syncer Event: 7
E: awesome: a_xcb_io_cb:230: X server connection broke
urxvt: X connection to ':0' broken, unable to recover, exiting.

rxvt-unicode (urxvt) v9.09 - released: 2010-11-13
options: perl,xft,styles,combining,blink,encodings=eu+vn+jp+jp-ext+kr+zh+zh-ext,fade,transparent,tint,afterimage,XIM,frills,selectionscrolling,wheel,slipwheel,smart-resize,cursorBlink,pointerBlank,scrollbars=plain+rxvt+NeXT+xterm
Usage: urxvt [-help] [--help]
[-n string] [-sl number] [-embed windowid] [-depth number]
[-/+override-redirect] [-pty-fd fileno] [-/+hold] [-w number] [-b number]
[-/+bl] [-lsp number] [-letsp number] [-/+sbg] [-mod modifier] [-/+ssc]
[-/+ssr] [-pe string] [-blt string] [-e command arg ...]

~$ awesome -k
✔ Configuration file syntax OK.
link to urxvt man: [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Stop User - From Launching A Browser From Terminal

Jun 30, 2011

How do I stop a user, from gaining access to the internet(port) via a restricted browser? In other words, I want a general user to only to have access to Firefox and no other browsers.

My first approach so far, has been to write a bash shell script. It terminates a program based on keywords from known browsers (opera, asus, ect).

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General :: Xvnc Sessions Do Not Allow Program Or Terminal Launching?

Feb 12, 2010

I just added 8 additional vncserver sessions(Xvnc) (using a well-documented procedure my predecessor used) to my RH Enterprise 2.4.21-4 (OK it went by fast) server. This brings the number of session listed in my /etc/sysconfig/vncservers file to ~32. Applications and terminals now seem to choose if they will open or not in the Xvnc session and not all sessions start at boot. I can start them manually, and they will work, but then they stop working properly. You can open a session, view the active desktop, click on menus and associated drop-down items to try and open apps, but the apps/terminals just won't open. Is there a limit to the number Xvnc Sessions that can be managed? If so, what is it? This happens whether I try to connect from a Winddows box or another Linux box.

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Installation :: Ubuntu Boots To Terminal Type Prompt / Command To Start Gnome From That?

May 26, 2010

Since upgrading ubuntu boots to a prompt rather than logging into gnome. has anyone run into this? what can I do to fix this?
I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 9.10 to Ubuntu 10.4.
does anyone know the command to start gnome from the prompt?

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Fedora :: Launching GUI From Terminal - VNC Closes And Won't Show A GUI Login Page

Aug 20, 2009

Having logged in (to Fedora 11) with a terminal session, what command do I give to spawn the Gnome GUI desktop environment? Background: I'm running two Fedora boxes: one local, and one at the other end of my building (on fast LAN). I have full control/ownership of both boxes.

On the local box, I log-in to my vanilla F11 build, and I get the Gnome GUI automatically. Then I can open a terminal window, 'ssh -X -l myself remotebox; cinelerra' to run Cinelerra nicely in local desktop windows.

But sometimes I want to see my typical user desktop for the remote box. Now, IF the remote box is ALREADY running Gnome, I can VNC to it, etc. But, once having logged-out of the remote box, VNC closes and won't show me a GUI login page. (BTW: The remote box usually has no monitor, as well as being out of reach. So schlepping over to logon to it is a real pain.) So, here's the thing: I can login (to terminal session) and can bring up programs in local windows. But WHAT program do I launch in order to bring up Gnome??

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Ubuntu :: Launching A Program From Terminal To A Specific Viewport (Compiz)?

Mar 18, 2011

Anyone know how to launch a program from CLI (command line) to a specific viewport? I start programs all the time from the CLI and there are times when I'm in "typing demon" mode and don't want to touch the mouse. Being able to launch a program to a certain viewport (Compiz, w. effects) would be really helpful at times.

I'm familiar with wmctrl and i can use the -a and -c options to switch to and close windows fine. I only have 1 desktop (9 viewports, though), and wmctrl's support for viewport seems limited at best. Ideally, I'd like to launch a program to a specific viewport, but just being able to move an existing one to a specific viewport would work, too.

Please note: I'm talking about moving apps to viewports AD HOC or DYNAMICALLY, not in a fixed way like I believe devilspie and such (and Compiz' Place plugin). Depending on my task, I need to quickly launch several apps to different viewports, and this VARIES for me a lot. ubuntu 10.04 lts / gnome / compiz w. full effects

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Ubuntu :: A Bootable CD To Get To An Interactive Command Line?

Jan 19, 2011

As I have posted here [URL], my laptop powered down during an update because I forgot to plug it into the mains power. Anyway, after going through the thread I referred to above, I learned that I must chroot into the existing installation and patch it up. I can do this using a live CD but unfortunately, I gave my most recent live CDs away and the Live CDs I have left don't recognize the file system on the current Ubuntu installation. (If I remember correctly, the current [broken] installation is 10.04). Downloading a new live CD is a bit difficult as internet speeds over here aren't very fast. I was wondering if there is another alternative bootable CD that I could use to get a interactive command line which I can use to "chroot".

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Software :: Way To Execute Bash As Interactive And Run A Command?

Jun 20, 2009

I'm trying to start bash with a command and have it interactive like this:bash -i -c "echo Welcome!"As in, execute the command and allow me to use it as an interactive shell afterwards. (I'm doing something more complicated than echoing, but this doesn't work.)I've tried this from a running gnome-terminal, from one gnome-terminal to a new one withgnome-terminal and from the Alt+F2 program launcher (with "Run in terminal" ticked).

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Programming :: Bash Script To Start Gnome Terminal?

Apr 8, 2010

I want to write a bash script which can open a new gnome-terminal window.
In that gnome-terminal window, it should goto a specific directory and edit a file using Vi Editor.

How is it possible to do that?

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