Programming :: Handle Non Argument Error While Adding Two Alphabets Using 'expr'

Feb 19, 2011

how to handle non argument error while adding two alphabets using 'expr' (not bc).

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Programming :: Checking For Alphabets ?

Jan 25, 2010


I am trying to do a search to check if the input is using alphabets and nothing else.

I tried using [[:digit:]] and [[:alpha:]] but none seems to work

When i use digit, it read 22.k as alphabet and not as a wrong syntax.

For alpha , it does not allow me to input data which has spaces such as " hello world".

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Programming :: Using Expr Command To Read Values From Two Different Files?

Mar 20, 2011

I have an assignment where I have to use an expr command to read values from File1.txt and File2.txtHeres the assignment:Create two files.File1 has one line with the value of 5.ile2 has one line with the value of 100.Edit your new file using Gedit or VI and change it so it performs the following actions:Read the values from the files above (file1 and file2)Divide the value from file2 by the value in file1.utput the result of this calculation to a new file called file3. My .scr file is week3prog3_george, in file1 I put var1=5, file2 is var1=20.Then, I put in my .scr file this:

expr File2.txt / File1.txt

It returns an error message stating "non-integer argument." do you point the .scr file to read values from two different files, and the book my school has provided does not contain the info I need.

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Programming :: Data Validation - Input Contains Digits And Certain Alphabets

Apr 8, 2010

I am having a huge problem checking the data I input to make sure it is correct. What I am trying to achieve is when I input a value, it will check if the input is all digits and if it is not, check to see if it contains certain alphabets. Thus for example, if I were to input in data such as "11A" , the program will then inform me "There is an important alphabet in the program." This would be my expected output. Here is the program I have wrote...

int test(string r ){ const int arraySize = 10;
char array2[arraySize2] ={'A','B','E','F','G','H','J','K','N','O','P','Q','R','S','T','U','W','Y','Z'};
for(int cntr = 0; cntr <r.length(); cntr++)
if(!isdigit(r[cntr])){ for(int new1 =0; new1<arraySize2;new1++)
for(int cntr1 = 0; cntr1 <r.length(); cntr1++)
if(array2[new1] == r[cntr1]){ return 2; //will return2 when it finds the same
// char in the array and the string r. } else{ return 3;
//will return 3 when there is a char
//in the string which isnt in the array
} } else { return 1; // will return 1 when string is all digit.
} int main() { string r = "11D"; test(r);
if(test(r) == 1) { cout << "ALL ARE DIGITS" << endl;
} if (test(r)== 2) {
cout << "There is an important alphabet in the program." << endl;
} if (test(r)== 3) { // testRoman(r);
cout << "There is an Alphabet in the String which is not in the Array" << endl;
} }

So, the problem I am facing is when I input in data such as 11 or A , the prog will come out the right input. But if I were to put in data such as "11A" , the output coming out will be "ALL ARE DIGITS". The problem which causes this seems to be in the return statement , as once as it finds the first char which is a digit, it will then return 1 and not continue checking the rest of the string. Is there a way I can stop or continue a loop if it has met the condition I stated? What I can do or any other way available for me to check my input?

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Programming :: Need To Handle SIGSEGV Error When Pbuf Size Less

Sep 12, 2009

Need to handle SIGSEGV error when pbuf size is less than size. inside lib.:
for (i = 0; i < size; i++)
pbuf[i] = i;

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Ubuntu :: Write A Base Script Which Will Divide An Argument By 10 And Then Use That Argument In Another Program?

Feb 23, 2010

I'm trying to write a base script which will divide an argument by 10 and then use that argument in another program. Since my argument can be a floating point number, I used bc to accomplish this. Here's an example of a simplified version of what I have so far:

<code>NUM=$(echo "scale=25;$1/10" | bc)
#make sure the first argument was formatted correctly
if [ $? -ne 0 ]


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Programming :: Argument Relations In CGI Script

Feb 15, 2010

I have made fallowing script for CGI scripting learning purpose:

echo "Content-type: text/html"
CMD='echo "$QUERY_STRING" | sed -n 's/^.*cmd=([^&]*).*$/1/p' | sed "s/%20/ /g" '
echo "<html>"
echo "<head><title>Hello CGI</title></head>"
echo "<body>" .....
echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=ifconfig checked> ifconfig <br>"
echo "<input type=radio name=cmd value=uname> uname -a <br>"

This script works fine, but actually I quite don't understand it's inner working about those radio buttons.

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Programming :: Insert $2 Argument Until The End To Variable?

May 17, 2011

how to insert $2 argument until the end to variable?For example:

>> cucu.csh user "long long message "
$1 = user
$2 = "long long message "

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Programming :: How To Handle Division By Zero In Awk

May 29, 2011

Sometimes the variables will be 0 and sometimes not, and of course the output may also be 0%...What is the best method to handle division by zero errors in awk.

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Programming :: Making A 1 Command Line Argument?

Jun 8, 2010

I need to write a script that will take 1 command line argument. The argument will be a username. The script will determine if the user exists on the system and will print an error if it does not. If the user does exist it will determine if the user is currently logged in, if the user is not logged in it will determine the last time the user logged in and display the file in the users home directory that was most recently modified.

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Programming :: Passing The Char * Vector Argument?

Jun 19, 2010

I am trying to simulate a shell. So what I do is checking of having the parameters from standard input, suc as "/bin/ls -l /home/france/Documents", and then passing them to function execute, which at some point calls execvp(argv[0],argv)The problem is that I don't succeed in using these arguments, while if I call execvp(paramList[0],paramList) it works!!!! Where paramList is exactly what I would put on standard input, but defined statically.




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Programming :: [bash] Option Followed By Argument List?

Feb 6, 2010

I'd like to pass the following arguments to a bash script in any order:

myscript -l <country> -r <file1> <file2> ... -o

I read the argument list in a switch shift loop. I figured out how to read the filelist but only if -f is the last option.

how to position the file list anywhere in the argument list?

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Programming :: C - User To Input The Name Of A File As An Argument

Aug 5, 2010

Write a program that requires the user to input the name of a file as an argument. If the user fails to include one argument it should make use of a thread that handles a signal. The signal handler should tells the user Incorrect number of arguments and then calls the terminate signal on the process.

If the numbers of arguments are correct then the program should allocate memory space to the file (5MB) and create a child process that requests the user for a character that it should send to the parent. The child should keep request for data until the user keys in the character O. During each request it should pause for 10 seconds, send the character to the parent and then requesting again for another character.

The parent should get the character from the child. Do not make the parent wait for the child to finish requesting for data. Make use of pipes to facilitate communication between the parent and the child. A second child should be created to read and display data from the file. Make use of any appropriate Inter Process Communication technique to ensure that the second child and the parent do not access the file simultaneously (Mutual exclusion).

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Programming :: CreateProcess() In C \ Specify The Location Of The File As An Argument?

Aug 31, 2010

am coding a chat program in C (win32), where I need both the client and the server to communicate, without waiting for a reply from the other side, like the way we chat in any messenger. Is there any way of accomplishing it? I tried out CreateProcess() function, but am not clear how to specify the location of the file as an argument.If there are better techniques than CreateProcess(), then

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Programming :: Shell: Give A Range Argument To 'for'

Feb 20, 2010

Feel free to just link to another thread where this is (pre)solved; I can't search the forum for the word "for," because it's too short (or maybe the search engine dislikes prepositions).

Is there a way to give the 'for' command a range? Here's what I mean:

#for i in (1-5); do echo $i; done
Certainly, meat space user; I understand exactly what you're thinking.
True, I realize I could use

COUNT=1 ; while [ $COUNT -lt 6 ]...

...but if I can avoid the extra preparatory step I'd prefer to do so.

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Red Hat :: Error Inserting MD5 - Invalid Argument

Mar 24, 2011

I am running Red Hat with 2.6.18-194.8.1.el5PAE kernel version. I am trying to run encryptfs to encrypt a partition on my hard drive. One of the kernel modules necessary is the md5.ko. I noticed it wasn't loaded in when doing an lsmod. I tried running modprobe md5 and it fails to load:

[root@ ~]# /sbin/modprobe -v md5
insmod /lib/modules/2.6.18-194.8.1.el5PAE/kernel/crypto/md5.ko
FATAL: Error inserting md5 (/lib/modules/2.6.18-194.8.1.el5PAE/kernel/crypto/md5.ko): Invalid argument

I ran dmesg and grepped for md5, but I didn't see anything in there.

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Programming :: C++ Search And Handle Information

Sep 26, 2010

I would like to make program that reads a *.TXT file and searches for last line and constatly refreshing the search. So last line would look something like this:Mike Had A 100.0 Pound Shark.So there are multplie category of "fish"(Shark, Dolphin, etc.) and each of them have allowed weight (ie. minimum 70.0 Pound Shark, 50.0 Pound Dolphin). If in the found sentence Shark or Dolphin doesn't meet requierments than program named False.exe should be started. I dont know how to make it my self so any help is much appreciated. My knowledge on programming is very low but I'm opend for learning.

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Programming :: Pass Complicated Commands As Argument To Another Script?

Apr 21, 2010

I am attempting to script some tasks I have to do, but I have no control over one of the scripts I have to use... and they output all kinds of useless things on the screen. My goal is simple: Capture all output from their scripts, and create a progress line that only shows the most recent output from their stuff. So, here was my first solution; a file I called "spin":

STRT='date "+%s"'
while [ -d /proc/$PROC ];do
last3=" 'getLine $2' "

To use it, you pass it a process ID and a file that contains the output from that process. As the process continues, a kurby dances on the screen (To let you know that the process has not hanged), and the tail of the output is shown (To let you know what it is doing). When the process ends, the kurby stops dancing and the time it took is displayed.

And here is the file I call "noise":
while [ i -lt 100 ];do
echo "Look at me count!$"
sleep 1
let "i=$i+1"

This does nothing but create random output, for testing. It counts from 1 to 99 on the screen. To run my test, I do the following:
(noise) &>tmp.txt & spin $! tmp.txt

It works relatively well, but it is messy. I don't like creating a temp file, and I don't like the messy syntax for calling my program. I decided that I would rather move everything into the spin program, to make using it less messy:
#Spin Psuedo code
#$1 = command I am about to run
(exec $1) &>tmp.txt & spinX $! tmp.txt

By executing the process inside of the spin code, I can get rid of the tmp file later on without changing a lot of scripts (Or move it, or whatever). I can also call it by passing the command to the script, which I find more elegant.

So here is what I would like to know:
1) If possible, I would love to get rid of the tmp file all together, and store the most recent line of output from script 1 into a variable that script 2 can print out instead... is it possible?
2) How can I run a random command that is passed as an argument? Basic ones work fine, but anything with a pipe fails me.

Example of a script:
echo;echo "Recieved command: ";echo $1;echo;
echo "Attempting to run command: ";echo
exec $1

Example code for passing commands to script:
> "ls -al" #works
> 'ls -al' #works
> "ls -al|grep *.sh" #fail
# Output:
#ls: invalid option -- |
#Try 'ls --help' for more information.
> "ls -al|grep "*.sh"" #fail
# Output:
#ls: invalid option -- |
#Try ls --help' for more information.
> 'ls -al|grep *.sh' #fail
# Output:
#ls: invalid option -- |
#Try 'ls --help' for more information.

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Programming :: Ssh Remote Command Preserve Quoted Argument?

Sep 17, 2009

I have a python script on one server (serv_one) and I am trying to execute it remotely from another (serv_two). The python script takes an argument with spaces. If I execute it locally:


foo@serv_one> --o "arg one"
"arg one" is preserved, of course. ( argv = [ '--o', 'arg one' ] )

However, when I execute it remotely:


foo@serv_two> ssh ... foo@serv_one --o "arg one"

the double quotes around "arg one" are dismissed ( argv = [ '--o', 'arg', 'one' ]. I've tried many combinations of single quotes/double quotes/backslashes, etc, to no avail. One hack solution I came up with, since I have the flexibility, was to replace all spaces in the quoted argument with a character that would be invalid in the argument (before the ssh call), and replace those with spaces in I would probably like to avoid this solution if at all possible.

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Ubuntu :: Error Failed: Invalid Argument

Mar 5, 2011

i downloaded baldurs gate II shadows of amn iso's, because i lost one of the CD's to the box, but anyways, I went to mount the third .ISO for installation, and BAM! my computer froze, so i waited five minutes, came back, and still frozen. shut it down for 20 minutes, pulled it back up, and it's got this error as follows; "Mount: mounting /dev/disk/by-uuid/65b0a6a-a366-435a-a086-58428cfe2bd1 on /root Failed: invalid argument


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Debian :: Expr Index - Treat Space As String Not Array Separator

Mar 13, 2016

Code: Select allmyusername@mycompname:~$ varCurl="abc def curl: ( xyz asdf"
myusername@mycompname:~$ expr index '$varCurl' "curl: ("
myusername@mycompname:~$ expr index "$varCurl" "curl: ("
myusername@mycompname:~$ echo $varCurl
abc def curl: ( xyz asdf

How to make sure that space is treated as space and string is not treated as array? (I expect value of 9 or 10, not 3 or 4).

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Programming :: Firefox Extension To Handle URLs?

Jan 11, 2011

I want to write simple firefox extension / script or anything to change URLs from HTTP to HTTPS for selected websites (e.g. facebook). That thing is actually bypassing some security checks in my network.

Can anyone tell me how to proceed? I can deal with language as far its C++ or Python (something else would just take more time that's all )

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Programming :: Form To Submit Csv File To Handle?

Jul 25, 2010

I'm new to php and need some pointers to worth while documentation 'cause I'm getting nowhere I want to make a simple html form that allows me to submit a csv file so that I can work on it.The problem seems to be that if the file is not in the root of the (web) application it won't work.The form doesn't seem to send the path with it so I am unable to (1) know where the file is, I just get the name of the file and (2) I couldn't access the file anyway as it's outside of the apache environment.Is there a way to up the file to memory? How would you do this

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Programming :: Handle Query Strings Using Socket?

Dec 7, 2009

I need to make a daemon which listens to port 81 for messages like [URL] So far I made a daemon which serves as a simple stream server: I set up a socket to listen to a non-reserved port (like 9999), but I don't know how to read the query strings.

Linux distro: Kubuntu 9.04
Language: C

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Programming :: Limit In Number Of Fields That Awk Can Handle

Mar 2, 2011

I have a file with 200 000 lines and I want to append the fields of each line based on matching first field. The resulting file should have 70 000 columns but has "only" 18 000. The command I'm using is working perfectly with a smaller file, wich lead to 14 000 columns. Could there be a limit in number of fields that awk can handle ? Here's my awk command :


awk -F, 'END { for (k in _) print _[k] } { _[$1] = $1 in _ ? _[$1] FS $4 : $1","$4 } ' file > out

Also, this command writes ^M (windows line break) after each columns. Removing them is easy but where do they come from ? Working on Ubuntu 10.10

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Programming :: C++ Program Calling A Fortran Subroutine With A Function In The Argument?

Mar 9, 2011

I have a new problem; i want to call a subroutine's fortran which have a function in the argument and the compilation ran properly, but when i execute the program this shows me an "Segmentation fault". This is my c++ program:

Code: //Main.cpp
#include <stdio.h>
#include <iostream>


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Programming :: Shell Scripting - Value Disappears Depending On Argument Order

Mar 21, 2011

$ ./ -a -c 2
operator is -gt
remcount is
^ value missing!

$ ./ -b -c 2
operator is -lt
remcount is
^ value missing!

Yet when "-c" is the first argument, its value is present:
$ ./ -c 2 -b
operator is -lt
remcount is 2
What could I do to ensure the value of "-c" is picked up regardless of the argument order?

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General :: Samba Error While Copying Invalid Argument

Jan 4, 2010

I'm running ubuntu 9.04 and trying to pull over some files via the GUI from a XP box over locally. I'm getting this error:

"error while copying file into /volcano/tunes invalid argument" (under show more details)

If I just copy over a mp3 file it works fine but the when I copy the entire directory I get this error.

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CentOS 5 :: Unusual Error During Run Time - Invalid Argument

Oct 21, 2010

I've just moved a server across to CentOS 5.5 64-bit and I have been trying to get some custom software running on it. However I'm getting an unusual error during run time:
sched_setaffinity: Invalid argument
I've had this software working on a old versions of Gentoo (2.6.12-gentoo-r6) and Fedora. And the latest version of Ubuntu server 10.04.1. (All 64 bit). It looks remarkable similar to:
Core test failed on s390x RHEL6
If v7 bug fix and enhancement update has been incorporated into CentOS 5.5 64 bit yet? Or how I might find out.

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Programming :: Bash Script Can't Handle Errors When Run By Cron

Jan 8, 2009

I have a script that that is supposed to send me an e-mail when a host is not responding to ping:

The script works fine when I execute it directly but when cron executes it, the ping error is never picked up by the script so the if statement is ignored.

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