Programming :: Ping IP Addresses Using Bash (Online Or Unavailable)

Jun 14, 2011

I am new to linux and am trying to write a script that will ping IP addresses and say either online or unavailable.

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Programming :: Bash To Monitor IP Addresses In A Txt File?

Oct 13, 2010

This code uses ping to check connectivity to a remote location and logs it to a .html file which is then stylized by css..


#! /bin/bash
path="$HOME/Desktop/IP_Monitor" #Path to write out files
ALT="0" #For styling alternative row


I need to add a feature such that instead of hardcoding the ip address .. it takes them from a list and makes new files for each ip address for logging.. And also when log files are completed , They should be compressed using tar. How should i go about adding both these.. This is my first bash script.

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Programming :: Sort IP Addresses For A Bash Program?

Apr 29, 2010

I have for example the following IP addresses:


How can I sort those IP addresses? I want to sort them using the first 3 numbers I also want to count the number of times that address is repeated This is a batch program.

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Ubuntu :: Can Ping IP Addresses Of Sites But Cannot Browse

Feb 16, 2010

I can ping IP addresses of sites, say (, but I cannot ping, nor browse it. Same thing for every alphabetic address and hence in practice I have no internet on my laptop. In windows, I'd just flush DNS but I don't know what to do in Ubuntu. I am using WICD.

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Networking :: CentOS 5 - Cannot Ping Win7 Addresses

Feb 10, 2010

I have a box at home that I've installed CentOS 5 on to. I'm new to Linux, so before connecting it up to the router I wanted to try and understand the network settings, so I connected it directly to my other PC with an RJ45 cable. From Windows 7 I can ping all known static IP addresses, but from Linux I can only ping the Linux addresses, not the Windows 7 one. Below are the TCP/IP IPv4 settings, all IPv6 settings are set to auto-assign.

Windows box (uses wireless connection for the router):
Local Ethernet Adapter
IP Address:
No gateway, primary/secondary DNS.

Linux box:
Three adapters:
Two onboard LAN, both configured to:
IP Address: /
No primary/secondary DNS.

One LinkSys PCI card:
IP Address:
Gateway: (my router)
Primary/Secondary DNS: my ISPs details.

The idea was to connect the box directly to the router (with RJ45) and to be able to remote login from my main PC to this one. This box is to be my home server, which I was going to put virtual machines on to for things like my development work and such.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: No Ping Response From SOME Addresses

Nov 21, 2010

I have strange issue on Centos 5.5 server.I have static IP address ( on eth1 card and can't get ping response from some sites.PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.


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Ubuntu :: Can't Go Online Or Ping

Mar 10, 2010

It will not get network connectivity at all recently. Can't ping, can't browse, no Samba, nothing.I've checked my IP, mask, gateway, broadcast, network, and DNS settings and they're correct. I've restarted networking, restarted the machine, nothing. I've replaced the network card with a different brand and interface, nothing.As I stated before, this is a NAS, so network connectivity is needed. It's running Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit desktop.

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Networking :: Ping Global Inet6 Addresses Assigned Between Two Systems?

Mar 13, 2010

Do any one knows how to ping global inet6 addresses assigned between two systems. I assigned inet6 address through "ip addr add 2001::4 dev eth0" and similarly 2001::5 in another machine and tried to ping 2001::5 from 2001::4, but it is showing,

sait87@static-host:~$ ping6 2001::5
connect: Network is unreachable

Do any one knows solution for this problem.

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General :: Write A C Code To Ping IP Addresses Which Are Read From A Text File?

Aug 3, 2010

i need to write a c code to ping IP addresses which are read from a text file and need to log the response time in another text file.

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Programming :: Bash Script To Ping A Range Or Own IP-range?

Apr 11, 2011

I want to build a bash script, which can ping a range IP adresses which will be filled in by the admin. If there is no IP-adress filled in, then the script must ping the subnet where the system is logged on. So if my ip is, then the script must ping from till Or else, if there is given a beginning and ending ip it must ping that!

The first part of the bash script is to ping a given range (see below). But there is one problem, how can I tell the script to ping from $begin till $end, [..] is of course wrong! But what must be filled in there???

echo "Enter beginning IP-adres:"
read begin
echo "Enter ending IP-adres:"
read end
ping -c 1 $begin [..] $end

The second part is to find my own ip and ping the whole range.. How to do that? I only can find my own IP, but I cant ping the whole range,, how to do that?

ifconfig | grep 'inet addr:' | grep -v '' |
cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1 }'

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Programming :: C - Resource Temporarily Unavailable?

Mar 7, 2010

I'm working a program to implement a simple multi-process browser. The browser works by having a ROUTER process as the parent of everything else in the program. There's another process called the CONTROLLER which is part of where the user can input information. To tell the ROUTER to make a new tab in the browser the user activates a function from the CONTROLLER to send the create new tab information to the ROUTER:

void new_tab_created_cb(GtkButton *button, gpointer data)


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Programming :: Synchronization Between Threads Fails - Resource Unavailable

May 6, 2009

I am working with a C++ program consisting of two threads. The first threads receives packets through an UDP unicast connection and stores them in a buffer. The second thread reads the packets from the buffer and sends them through an UDP multicast connection. Both use blocking sockets and share a common buffer and a linked list L1, which are protected by mutexes. The program seemed to work just fine, receiving a packet and sending it almost immediately, but started giving some trouble recently. The synchronization between both thread started failing, and I decided to use a non-blocking socket in the sending thread. As a consequence, sendto() doesn't work in some cases, causing an errno 11 (Resource unavailable).

[Code] ...

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General :: Writing A Bash Script In BackTrack3 For IP Addresses?

Dec 7, 2009

I was assigned to write a bash script in backtrack which will reveal the active IP Addresses on a /30 network. Normally I would not have a problem with this, but I just dont understand because would you not need the entire prefix (ex: 192.168.1) in order to ping sweep for a certain IP range?basically what I'm asking is...How do I nmap a list of IP's for a "/30 network" as that's all that we're given.

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Networking :: Cannot Ping With Command - Ping IP - Address But Can Ping With - Ping IP -I Eth0

Jul 15, 2011

I am using an virtual machine. where I need to ping from one machine to another. earlier I was able to ping. But after going to once, I cannot ping back to this machine.

But if I gave ping -I eth1 <IP> then I can ping.

I cannot install any package, so tell me solution which includes not installing any package.

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General :: Online Shell / Bash Login Using SSH Port

Sep 18, 2010

Any one tell me online bash login using putty [ssh port] for practicing a linux.

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General :: Bash Script That Read From File And Ping Remote Host

Feb 13, 2011

Q=What will this do?
A=This will read from /root/Desktop/iplist (or anywhere you want to put the list) after it reads the ip it will ping the ip two times. If the remote host is up then it will write the ip to a log. If the ping fails it will display it on the screen, write the ip to syslog so that you can do remote logging, and last it will send the ip by email to a user or a group of users.

#wrote by Zach Underwood feb-12-2011
#test and wrote on centos 5.5 with sendmail
rm -f /root/Desktop/iplog #This will remove the good iplog
exec 9</root/Desktop/iplist #put full path the file where ip list is. Make sure that the ips are listed one per line.
while read -u9 ip
ping -c 2 $ip > /dev/null 2> /dev/null # ping and discard output
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then # check the exit code
echo "$ip is up" >> /root/Desktop/iplog #write the ip of the hosts that are up
echo "$ip is down" # will show on the screen the ips that are not up
logger -p auth.notice "$ip is down" # will write the down host to syslog
echo "$ip is down" | mail -v -s alert > /dev/null 2> /dev/null #will send mail users about host down

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General :: Bash Script To Continuously Ping Server And Send Email

May 7, 2010

I'm trying to write a script that will continuously ping a server and then send out an email when the server is down, and then when it is back up. Then, continuing with monitoring. I would like to not run this in cron, because I don't want to script to run with multiple instances.

For example,
Ping a server every minute.
-If successful, do nothing.
-If failed to ping, then send out email stating that server is down.
-Once ping is successful, then send out email stating that server is up.

I only want it to send an email once after a failure, so the end user isn't get an email every minute that it fails. Once it is successful, then send the email (one time), stating that the server is up. Then, continue to ping and if fails again, repeat the process.

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Programming :: Get Only Ip Addresses & Send It To 3 Files?

May 7, 2010

have a file (called it A) contains;


how can i write a script to get only ip addresses & send it to 3 files with the following info. only:


by creating the 3 files then i will be able to set up subnetmask, gw,....etc.

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Programming :: Comparing Two IP Addresses - Specific / Restricted

Mar 25, 2011

I want to compare 2 IP addresses, so that I may compare which is more/less "specific" or "restricted" than the other. So is there any function/library that may help in doing this comparison in C (on Ubuntu 10.10)?

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Programming :: Java Program To Display All IP Addresses In LAN?

Feb 25, 2011

I Want to Develop Network Scanner Software. For that i need "Java Program to Display All IP Addresses in LAN".

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Programming :: Bash: Printing The Line Number In Bash Script?

Feb 4, 2011

I would like to know how do I print the line # in a script. My requirement is, I have a script which is about ~5000 lines long. If there are any errors happen I just exit. And I would like to add the line # of the script where the error happened.

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Programming :: Bash Ctrl+c Tarp And Bash Read With Timeout?

Jan 24, 2010

simple bash code:

trap "echo 'you got me'" SIGINT SIGTERM # to trap ctrl+c
echo "Press ctrl+c during 5 sec loop"
for ((i=0;i<5;i++)); do


How come code behaves normally and stops when ctrl+c signal is caught and resumes, but after I use at least one timeout read in the code it looks like, if signal is caught again it doesn't pause the execution but skips the loop. If you remove -t (timeout) option from the read, both loops look the same!

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Programming :: Faking IP Addresses To Test Servers On Internal Network

Jun 9, 2009

I'm in the process of setting up a script in perl to make 1,000's of curl calls to my companies application on our test server. Our software does all sorts of tracking of data based on IP addresses using geoIP, so i was wondering if anyone knew of a way to fake these addresses to the server?I know a big issue with the IP faking is the return path but i dont really need this. I also cant do it on the hardware level since the script is going to be picking lots of different IP's at random.Anyone have any idea if this is possible and if so, are there any known libraries i can use for this? I prefer perl but any Linux compatiblie scripting language is fine.

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Programming :: Reading A Bash Variable In Bash Scripting ?

Nov 26, 2008

I have a config file that contains:



Now in my bash script, I want to get the output /home/user instead of $HOME once read. So far, I have managed to get the $HOME variable but I can't get it to echo the variable. All I get is the output $HOME.

Here is my parse_cmd script:


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Programming :: Run Multiple Bash And Php Scripts From A Bash Script?

Jul 25, 2011

I have written quite a few separate bash & scripts and php scripts that up to now I have run from cron jobs. However I have to estimate how long each takes to run, before running the next and so it probably takes much longer than necessary to run them all. They have to run in order.

Now there are so many I am thinking it would be better to have a master bash script that would run one after the other, but I am not sure how to get the master script to wait before starting to run the next script. Is this possible and is there a command that will make the script wait between bash and php scripts , for them to finish, before running the next?

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Programming :: Add Linux Users Online?

Jul 6, 2010

Im looking for a script that could help me create linux users on my server online using a website.Anybody know where i could find one?or how to make it? not the best with coding doh

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Programming :: Use PHP To Read An RSS Page That Is Online?

Apr 30, 2011

Just a quick question. If I were to use PHP to read an RSS page that is online, what "browser" (user-agent) would the webserver detect my PHPs request as? If that doesn't make any sense I'm referring to information such as Code:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20110420 Firefox/3.6.17 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729)

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Programming :: Bash: Get Filename And Extension Using Bash?

Jan 9, 2010

I would like to get the filename (without extension) and the extension separately. The best solution I found so far is:

Let FILE="thefilenameofsomefilesfor_instance.txt"


NAME=`echo "$FILE" | cut -d'.' -f1`
EXTENSION=`echo "$FILE" | cut -d'.' -f2`

I think it would be better to count the len and remove 3 chars to right to get the extension, but it can be macintosh filenames with have 4 chars for extensions.

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Programming :: Free PHP Code For An Online NOTEPAD For A Website?

Jun 9, 2010

I would like to have on a website a notepad ONLINE, so that my friend and me can work on a document TXT together or well we can refresh it every 5min...

well such online notepad is not free... anyone has an idea where it is possible to find the code for this. I am not good in PHP, and not informatician.

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Programming :: Mysql - Online Store Inventory Control?

Oct 26, 2010

I am adding inventory control to our online store here at work and I'm not sure of the best approach.Let's say Customer A and Customer B are both looking at the product page for Product X at the same time, and there is only 1 left in stock. What should happen if both click "add to cart" at (more or less) the same time?hould the last Product X get put "on hold" for one of the customers, and then decremented once the sale is complete? Or should the database decrement the product count, and then increment it if the sale doesn't go through successfully?Is it still possible for both to add it to their cart? Are there any mysql features I can use to ensure both cannot purchase the last product?

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