Programming :: Parallel Shell Scripts To Execute Using LAM?

May 29, 2011

i want to know whether we can write a shell script which can utilize 2 CPU's of a cluster...I heard its possible through C Shell [URL] But im familiar with bourne shell only....So is there a possibility to write Parallel Scripts.

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Programming :: Shell Can't Execute Through Ssh But Local Well?

Jan 10, 2010

The two host one is Aix 5.3 and another is Suse 10sp2 the both have the same script which including the following parts:

if [ `date +%a` = "Mon" ];then
if [ "$RESULT" = "" ]; then
echo "The `hostname` $DATE ok"


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Programming :: Unable To Execute FOR Loop In Shell?

Apr 19, 2011

hint me why and how to execute the below for loop, the way i am trying to?

[bkcreddy17@local:~]$ cat -n test
1 date
2 ls -l


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Programming :: Unable To Execute A 4GE File In Ksh Shell ?

Apr 7, 2010

I am trying to execute a 4GE file using command something like this "/usr/bin/ksh path of the file with some arguments " ex: /usr/bin/ksh /home/abc.4ge S "./xyz" . I am able to execute the 4GE without this "/usr/bin/ksh" specifying in the command which basically runs in ksh shell itself. But when i try to run it exclusively using the path of the shell it gives me an error something like this "/usr/bin/ksh: /home/abc.4ge: cannot execute". I did check the permissions and all the file has execute permission.

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Programming :: Getting Shell Script To Execute IF New Row In Postgres SQL Is Added?

Mar 17, 2009

I do not want to use cron.I want it to be instantaneous. I am working on a web server where the hosts turned-on safe mode and turned off a-lot of the functions for PHP (including exec) in order to secure their servers. Outside of that, I do have access to chroot and can pretty much do anything on the server. I want to use ImageMagick to create dynamic images based on form data.

I was trying to find a work-around with PHP where I can still use ImageMagick (a shell-based imagining program) by causing SQL to execute a shell script after the form data is saved to a table. Is there anyway it could cause a flag to automatically run a shell script when someone adds a new row to a certain table. It has to be instantaneous, more or less, so that the user isn't sitting there waiting for a minute for cron to catch any changes to the database.

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Programming :: Execute A Shell Script (with Source Command)?

Nov 19, 2010

This is weird. I have a shell script with no execute rights.$ chmod -x test.shThen I try$ test.shwhich does not work. (I have "." in PATH)When I do$ . test.shit works! I can run the script even though I have no execute rights. Why is that?Another question: If I have a shell script without a hash bang, I still can execute the shell script. Why? What does hash bang do? If there is no hash bang, why is the shell script run? What does the hash bang do

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Programming :: Shell Script To Execute Oracle Procedure

Jul 19, 2010

I am writing shell script for executing oracle procedure. Shell script need to take 3 parameters from one data file rest of the parameters need to pass in command line it self. Total 7 parameters are need to pass for shell script.1st,3rd,5th parameters need to take from dat file and rest of 4 parameters from command line.

Below is one oracle procedure:
EXEC CIM_MGMT_INSTALL.addFlow('$1','1.0','$1','Settings','$2','ECCD2',NULL,1);
$1is 1st and 3rd both places need to pass same parameter.$1,$2 need to take from data file as earlier says.

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Programming :: Sudo In Shell Script \ Ask For The Password Then Execute The Script At Background And Get Back To Menu?

May 27, 2011

Whats wrong with this line?Code:sudo -u user /usr/bin/nohup sh /home/user/ &This should ask for the password then execute the script at background and get back to menu

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Ubuntu :: Parallel To USB Printer Cable - Shell Command To "mount" It At Startup

May 5, 2011

what shell command I should look into that will "mount" a printer that is present in lsusb output, but not present in /dev/usb/? I have a working printer connected with a Parallel to USB printer cable, but after I reboot the machine the printer is not "mounted" (for lack of the correct term?) at /dev/usb/lp0 until I unplug the USB cable and plug it back in lsusb sees it always though.

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General :: Execute This On The Shell?

Mar 12, 2011

ill have this question on the test maybe : In dir00 directory create files year01.txt, year02, ...year05.txt with January calendar for 2001-2005 years in it.-i'm lost. i execute this : cat | cal 01 2001 > year01.txt

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Programming :: Running Mysqldumps In Parallel?

Oct 1, 2010

I have a bash script with a line like this in it:

Code: mysqldump -uusername -ppassword --master-data=2 --single-transaction --quick --add-drop-table --add-drop-database somedatabase | gzip > ./somedatabase.sql.gz The problem is, I have about 16 databases I'm dumping like this, but it's dumping


So, does putting in a & after a command work in a bash script at all? The thought was, if I want to run them in parallel, should I do this?

Code: #!/bin/bash
./scripts/dumpthis &
./scripts/dumpthat &
./scripts/dumpsomemore & Where "dumpthis" is just the first snippet of code above.

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Programming :: Run Parallel Jobs With Make -j4?

Nov 27, 2010

I use an application called redbutton-browser to access some of the things available on the redbutton digital tv channels. It compiles fine if I use a simple make but fails if I try to run parallel jobs with make -j4. I'd like some help altering the Makefile so that it does a few commands sequentially before it does the rest of the Makefile in parallel.

The relevant bit of the Makefile looks like this:

ISO13522-MHEG-5.c:xsd2c.c ISO13522-MHEG-5.xsd add_instance_vars.conf add_rtti.conf
make xsd2c
./xsd2c ISO13522-MHEG-5.xsd
./add_instance_vars ISO13522-MHEG-5.c ISO13522-MHEG-5.h
./add_rtti ISO13522-MHEG-5.c > rtti.h


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Ubuntu :: How To Execute A Shell File

Jan 11, 2011

Ubuntu version 10.10File location inside a folder on DesktopFile extn : .shI need to run this file in terminal console, but what path to be given is the question.

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Ubuntu :: How To Execute Shell Script Using GUI

May 19, 2011

Before I re-installed ubuntu I could just double click a shell script and I got prompted to chose if I wanted to edit it or run it. Now it just opens it in gedit.How do I execute it using the GUI not the command?

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Programming :: Parallel Data Transfer Using Sockets

Feb 25, 2011

I am doing a project where 2 clients connect to server and communicate (chat) and transfer data one after other using sockets. I have working code for this in C language. Now our main aim is to create a communication link where two clients transfer multiple streams data parallely. To be more precise i want to transfer images files and audio files parallel at same time, so is it possible to send data parallel using one socket connection?

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Programming :: Correct Way Of Spawning Parallel Jobs?

Mar 18, 2010

I need to spawn 2 processes in parallel and each takes an hour or so to finish. Is the following one of the correct ways of using `at` in a script run by crontab?

# define the env var, cd, etc... assume everything ok up to this point
date +"The start time is %H:%M:%S"
rm -f a.fin
at now <<END_OF_AT
do_a &> a.log


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Programming :: Conduct Parallel Computing On CUDA?

Jul 29, 2011

I came across some problems. I need to conduct parallel computing on CUDA. I input "uname -a"and read these: "Linux BXSJC #1 SMP Wed Jul 6 14:46:26 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux". I use CUDAtoolkit 4.0. when I input: cd /home/bxsjc NVIDIA_GPU_Computing_SDK/C and "make -i ",the computer returns


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Programming :: Using Parallel Port Mode And I/O Pins?

Aug 8, 2010

I have a little hardware project and I would like to use the parallel port. I basically want to display status code on top of other custom peripheral on an headless server. I only use output as the display (7 segment) is not part of the device itself. The problem is, the parallel port only have 8 standard I/O pins. I have read somewhere that there is a way to change the mode of the port to enable more data pins using a specification not backward compatible with the "classic" mode (so not enabled by default). I didn't find any other information about this. As I would like to have all 17 non-ground pin to avoid using more circuitry than necessary, how to turn this mode on?

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General :: Execute A Shell Script On Startup?

Mar 31, 2010

I have create a script to start a server(my first question). Now I want it to run on the system boot and start the defined server. What should I do to get this done? My findings tell me put this file in /etc/init.d location and it will execute when the system will boot. But I am not able to understand how the first argument on the startup will be start? Is this predefined somewhere to use start as $1? If I want to have a case startall that will start all the servers in the script, then what are the options I can manage.

My Script is like this:

case "$1" in


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Networking :: Execute Shell Scripts On Events?

Feb 20, 2009

Users will write data on a samba shared folder at any give time. I need to execute a script as soon as some thing is written to that shared folder. What I need to know how to execute a script as soon as something some data is written to that shared folder.

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Debian Programming :: Running Programs In Parallel In Bash

Jul 22, 2014

I am trying to replicate what is happening on this page under the tcsh shell, but using the bash shell found in Wheezy. Here is the page I am referring to:[URL] The command I am trying to replicate is on page 6 under figure 2.4. The command is "prompt> ./mem &; ./mem &".

I would like to run the same program twice, concurrently, but do not know how. Note that I am not trying to use a bash script, but rather by simply using syntax on the command line.

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Programming :: Perl - Multiple Child Processes In Parallel?

Sep 3, 2010

I'm looking for a way in Perl to be able to take a list of servers, ssh multiple commands to it and store the results. If I do this process serially, sometimes one server will hang the whole script and if it doesn't, it still takes hours to complete.

I'm thinking what I need to do is make a parent loop that calls out a separate process that passes the server name to the child sub process and then executes all the commands I have defined in its own process. If one server 'hangs', at least that won't stop the script from doing all the other servers in the list.

I'm guessing using the fork() command would serve me best, however, all the online descriptions I have found have been vague at best.

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Programming :: Build Hardware Operated Through Parallel Ports?

Oct 15, 2010

Never done it before, don't know how but its due next week. I am a computer systems student and have been required to built a hardware that will be operated by a program in G++ through the parallel ports. The hardware, thats a piece of cake, the software, now that's were the real problem is. I don't even know were to start.

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Programming :: Running Many Tasks In Parallel / But More Clever Than 'make -j'?

Apr 29, 2011

I have a script which basically does many tasks and most of them can run in parallel. The server it runs on has 4 cores, so I changed parts of it to a makefile, and then run them with "make -j 4" which helps a lot. But looking at "top" while it runs, I see it could be improved. Sometimes tasks wait for other servers, so a higher -j value would help. And sometimes multiple tasks are waiting on the same disk, then I think a lower -j value would be better.

The kernel is fairly good at sharing CPU time among the cores, but resources like memory and disks are not shared very well. As an experiment, I tried compiling the kernel with "make -j" with no number. It didn't go very well.

So I wondered if anybody know of a better tool for things like this. I think it should be possible to write something that could change the -j value while it runs.For example:

- Start as many tasks in the background as there are cores. When tasks finish, start another one until done.
- After a little while, check CPU and memory usage to decide if more tasks could run in parallel. Or maybe less?
- If different tasks iowait a lot, check if they wait on the same disk. If so, renice/ionice/suspend some of them. In these situations I think it's better to have them run one after another.
- Other ideas?

I thought of making a script like that, but I doubt I'm the first one with that problem. Also, there are probably lots of things I haven't thought of.

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General :: Read A Line Of C Comamnd And Execute In Shell Script?

Nov 9, 2010

I am using following code to read a lien from a file and store the value to a variable $line and execute it.

while read line
./$line &


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Software :: Execute A Shell Script From A Simple Html Web Page?

Mar 11, 2010

I wish to execute a shell script once a button on my html page is clicked.

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Software :: Execute Shell Commands That Require Root Password From PHP?

Jun 26, 2010

php. I am developing a web-interface for an application that sometimes needs root privs. Editting /etc/sudoers is not an option since the web interface needs to be portable to other users when they install my application. Is there any workaround ?PHP Code:

php code:$command = "./ /dev/$DISKNAME &";$shellOutput = shell_exec($command); 


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Programming :: C Program - To Make Scripts That Can Talk To Server's Parallel Port

Jun 27, 2010

I need to make some C program under linux to make some scripts that can talk to my Server's Parallel port by sending some quare signal as high or low, so what i can do ?

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Programming :: Pthread_cond_wait - When Thread1 Invokes The Mutex Lock - No Other Threads Can Access It In Parallel

Mar 2, 2011

If multiple threads operate on a single shared resource, we can lock it using pthread_mutex_lock. Uptill that it is fine, but why again pthread_cond_wait?

int shared=0; // global
// Thread 1

When thread1 invokes the mutex lock, no other threads can access it in parallel. So why again and what for we use, pthread_cond_wait( ).

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Programming :: Shell Scripting / Create A Shell Script Similar To Ls?

Jun 5, 2011

I am trying to create a shell script similar to ls, but which only lists directories. I have the first half working (no argument version), but trying to make it accept an argument, I am failing. My logic is sound I think, but I'm missing something on the syntax.

if [ $# -eq 0 ] ; then
for i in * ; do
if test -d $d/$i ; then
echo "$i:"

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