Programming :: C Function Not Returning An Integer After Comparing It To A Char?

Jan 23, 2010

I've got a strange bug that I cannot figure out how to solve. Here is the function.

int getnexttab(char input[], int index, int length)


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Programming :: Comparing String With Integer?

Sep 19, 2010

If I have a variable, say xvar, which can take both string and integer value and I want to perform an operation in following 2 conditions:1. Either xvar is null2. xvar equals 2[ -z "$xvar" ] || [ $xvar -eq 2 ] && <some-code>Doesn't seem to work if xvar takes string valuesI know that since I have no restriction on xvar, I can get away with string comparison in second test too, ie[ -z "$xvar" ] || [ "$xvar" = "2" ] && <some-code>
But, 'Sams teach yourself shell script in 24 hrs' says that [ expr1 -eq expr2 ], if either is string, it assumes 0 valueIs it true

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Programming :: Pass A Char* Array As A Function Paramter In C++?

Jan 27, 2011

I have the following char* array

char* chrarray[] = {"Hello","LinuxQuestions"};
and I need to pass it into a function, how should I define my function in the header file?


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Programming :: Make A Template Char Or Wchar_t Default Function Argument?

Oct 30, 2009

I have a template similar to the following.


template <charT>
virtual void do_get_date(charT* = "str")
{ ... }

As you can see we have a problem. If we use a wchar_t instead the string wont be formatted right we need to prefix L in front. If we use char16_t we need to prefix a u in front. Is there a was to make the generic without resorting the the std::string class?

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Programming :: Fixing C++ Invalid Conversion From Const Char* To Char?

Mar 4, 2010

m getting the following error when trying to compile:Quote:

$ make
g++ -march=athlon64 -O2 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -msse3 -c -D_GNU_SOURCE -DPLUGIN_NAME_I18N='"undelete"' -DHAVE_SVDRP -I../../../include undelete.c


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Programming :: Point A Char Pointer To A Part Of Another Char Array?

Nov 4, 2010

Programming in C.I have two char arrays.char buf1[1024];char buf2[1024];Aren't buf1 and buf2 also pointers?I read in 1024 bytes into buf1 which contain about 300 bytes of characters with newlines. The data is basically a few English sentences. I'm trying to scan buf1 for newlines and then stop at the 1st newline and copy the rest of the data from that 1st newline into buf2.So I run a for loop to look for that new line.

for(i=0; i<1024;i++) {
if((strcmp(&buf1[i], "


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Programming :: C++ Invalid Conversion From Const Char* To Char*

Jul 9, 2010

I am having trouble with the following exception class.


/**Standard Exception


Line 43 points at the snprintf() command.I think the error has to do with the function being virtual and the const after the function definition, however although I have been looking really hard I have not being able to find the reason nor the solution to the problem.

One workaround that I know is moving the block of source withing the virtual function, in the constructor, however having read around (boost library exceptions tutorials) it specifically said that formating of errors messages should not take place withing the construction of objects because we are risking throwing an exceptions and messing up the flow order.

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Programming :: Char Variable Is Behaving As Unsigned Char?

Feb 14, 2011

i define variable of type char (range -128 to 127). when i tried to print the value after assigning a -ve value to it it displaying a +ve value of that -ve value(256+value).

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Programming :: SH: Remove Last Char If It Is An Empty Char In A String

Jul 5, 2011

With this I may remove the last emtpy char which is not visible, coming from net, windows, ...

echo "$mystringwindowsorotherwithemptylastchar" |sed s/.$//

However if there are not then it makes a problem and delete effectively an existing char.

echo "klklj" |sed s/.$//

Anyone would have a solution for SH?

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Programming :: Convert A Char * To Unsigned Char?

Mar 4, 2010

is it possible to convert a variable from char * to unsigned char ?

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General :: Bash Catching The Function Returning Value Into A Variable?

Mar 17, 2010

i am dealing with this problemI have a function

function Une {
return $some_variable


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Programming :: Programing - Reading File Line By Line Then Char By Char In Each Line

May 29, 2010

I've never programed shell scripting.

Code goes like so:

I simply want to read a file "data.txt" line by line Then char by char and add them into a result var. The file is supossed to always contain numeric values

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Programming :: Comparison Between Pointer And Integer

Jul 6, 2010

I'm trying to write a simple program that lists a menu and then asks you for your decision, and you can answer with a number or the name. However, I don't know how to add the second options (name).

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Programming :: Concatenating An Integer To A String?

Oct 18, 2010

I have a function that take char* I call this function in an array, and I need to pass the following:-i+" binomial" to be like "2 binomial" or whatever value of i value (i is an integer) it is pretty easy to be done in java, but how to concatenate an integer with a string and get char* or string to pass to a new function.If you missed me i just need to get the following :string =integer + string

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Programming :: Split File When Integer Is Found

Jun 25, 2010

I have a file in which contains one line with a lot floating points.In the very first place and some times in the downstream, there are a few integers, surrounded by blank spaces.1 1.02-4 1.03-5 544 1.04-1 65 2.98-1 5.78-10 3.45-2 etc etc.I aim to split the file in more files each of them containing an integer and the following floatings until the next integer.

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Programming :: In C Program The Value Of An Integer Variable Is Changing Rapidly

May 12, 2010

In a c program the value of an integer variable is changing rapidly. I have to get the value of that variable at a particular instant from another program. How can i do it without using a file?

When i tried with extern variable as

I execute the both .c file from 2 terminals but got only value 0 printed for both var_a and var_b all the time .

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Programming :: Java - Doesn't Hold Integer Values

Apr 27, 2011

I have a java compiler and Im using a double intiger called Experience and when compiled and run the double intiger does not hold intiger values that are mathameticle. Like 1.5 - 1.4 will equal .100000000000000000009 and 5/3 will equal 1.0. and 1.5x 1.4 doesnt equal 2.1. Is there something I am doing wrong with double intigers? Is it the compilers fault? Could it be something thats wrong with my computer and the compilers I am using are not tat fault? Anyways double 1.5 + 1.4 does equal 2.9 so.

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Programming :: How To Convert Negative Integer To Byte Array?

Oct 26, 2010

I need to convert an integer to a byte array of size 2 and vice versa. The code shown below works well for positive values but not for negative values. Also, using an array of size four makes the conversion works. However, I am limited to an array of size 2.

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Programming :: Multithreaded Reading And Writing Of A Shared Integer?

Nov 4, 2010

It it safe to read a shared integer while another thread is writing to it on a multicore system?

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Programming :: Print A Single Digit Integer On To The Screen Using The Int 0x80?

Jul 4, 2010

I want to print a single digit integer on to the screen using the int 0x80. I have loaded the number in the ecx(=5, say), size in edx (=4, lenght) and eax (=4) ebx (=1). I've added 48 to the contents of ecx, and then calling int 0x80, I thought should print 5 on the screen.

However it does not print anything. also gives no errors. I checked the contents of the ecx reg (gdb), it has 53.

A snippet showing the this will be great. I've seen snippets using the c library (printf), but I want to see how it is done using int 0x80.

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Programming :: How Can A Friend Function Access A Public Function From A Base Class

Nov 16, 2010

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;


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Programming :: Passing Data From Interrupt Handler Function To Tasklet Function?

May 18, 2010

I am doing some Linux kernel programming for my research project. I need to record the timestamp (by using cpuid and rdtsc) when an interrupt handler (top half) is first invoked. Due to the time critical nature of the problem itself, I have to do the timestamping inside the interrupt handler itself (the first operation when the handler is called). However, I understand that tasks that are not so time critical should be deferred to a tasklet function (bottom half) for processing because other interrupts are disabled in a (top-half) interrupt handler. I am currently out of idea on how I can pass the timestamp information that I have obtained in the interrupt handler to the corresponding tasklet function.

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Programming :: Comparing Two Files ?

May 7, 2011

I have two files


we have to consider here $5 , $6 , $7 for our search



Here we should take only $2 for comparison. As you can most of the $2 field records has value and some do not have value.

Question:I want to take the fields $5 , $6 , $7 from file 1 and compare it with $2 field from file 2. and the rsult should be like this:


The final output will look like this

Actual file1.txt (before running the code)


FIle1.txt after running the above said condition


So the field $5 , $6 , $7 should get replaced from the matched valued of $1(file1)

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Programming :: Gcc Returning Undefined Reference?

Jun 23, 2010

I am facing the problem of calling cfitsio library from C program in linux. when i am givingthe option "gcc -o CreateLevel1DataFitsFile CreateLevel1DataFitsFile.c -lm -lcfitsio
"i am getting following error

/usr/lib/../lib/gcc/i386-redhat-linux/3.4.4/../../../libcfitsio.a(getcolj.o)(.text+0x7065):/backup/Astrosat/learning/cfits/cfitsio/getcolj.c:3098: more undefined references to `__xtoll' follow


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Programming :: Differances - Comparing Two Files ?

Nov 30, 2010

I have two text files i want to compare the differances between but i dont wnat all of them, there is only about 30lines of relvent text i want to compare.

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Programming :: Comparing Two Files In Perl ?

Oct 9, 2009

I would like to ask opinion from perl experts.

I want to compare 2 files and show the differences in a text file.

For example, if i open File A an B in notepad

File A:

File B:


line3 is missing in File B

So if I did a File compare (line by line), the differences will be in line3, line4, line5, line 6.

But I dont want it to be like that.

I want it to be like this


Can Text:: Diff able to perform the work.

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Debian Programming :: Returning Different Values For Same Code?

Sep 11, 2014

I am developing a script to automate some database setup, but I have an issue I cannot figure out. I prompt for some input with whiptail and select a default if nothing is entered. However, if you do not enter anything, it normally returns 0, but this time it is returning an empty value.

Code: Select all  # This one does work!

  # Set the source path
  TMPPATH=$(whiptail --backtitle "Linux Build Configuration"
    --title "Source-Code Path"
    --inputbox "Default: $SRCPATH" 0 60
    3>&2 2>&1 1>&3)

[Code] ....

So what is wrong with the second code?

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Programming :: Simple Script For Comparing Two Directories?

Apr 1, 2011

have a simple script for comparing two directories. I want to list all differences between this directories.

here is my function for compare:

function comp
for i in $1/*; do
if [ ! -e "$2/${i##*/}" ]; then
echo $i


in my script these two files are equal(my script ignored last time modified)

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Programming :: Comparing Two IP Addresses - Specific / Restricted

Mar 25, 2011

I want to compare 2 IP addresses, so that I may compare which is more/less "specific" or "restricted" than the other. So is there any function/library that may help in doing this comparison in C (on Ubuntu 10.10)?

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Programming :: Comparing And Formatting The Text File

Oct 11, 2010

I need a script which can format the below text file which contains comments



Output should be:



Script should compare the column name and paste the output in above said manner.

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