OpenSUSE :: Winecfg Doesn't Play Any Sounds Under Wine

Jan 13, 2010

openSUSE 11.2 32 & 64bit
default repos + packman, nvidia
wine v 1.1.28 (default)

I was completely shocked to find that the new Wolfenstein demo works perfectly under this version of wine, but sadly I get no sound. winecfg doesn't play any sounds, just a faint humming sound when testing, and I get the same thing when playing the demo. I've had the problem of sound sharing on this system with each install I do, and I've installed/re-installed many many times so far.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Unable To Get Sound-test To Play Sounds As Well As Connect To The Sound Device In Vmware And Play Sounds?

Nov 5, 2009

I'm trying to figure out what in the world is going on with my sound in OpenSuSE. I put in a brand new Audigy chipset soundcard and finally got some sound to come out of the speakers. I used the guide here: SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE. to fix the permissions on my sound and am able to get sound-test to play sounds as well as connect to the sound device in my vmware and play sounds. That being said, I have terrible sound quality coming out. There is a lot of static sound like white noise and the volume of the actual sound played is very low compared to the noise. The sounds also distort somewhat.

I have tried the pulse audio change in the tutorial above also and have been searching around google. The only problem that I saw similar was a person who fixed the problem by updating KDE. I don't have KDE, I'm using Afterstep.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: None Of Notification Sounds Work / Skype, Firefox, And Wine Still Give Sounds?

Feb 24, 2010

I've been using opensuse for about a week.(although I'm not completely a linux noob) I've been slowly moving more of the stuff I do on windows over to suse. I thought my sound was working fine until I decided to get mp3s running on amarok. I followed a bunch of guides which didn't work. While I was messing around with stuff I noticed a startup noise. I just assumed it didn't have a startup noise. At some point I broke all of my sound except running wine, so I reinstalled.

Now that I've noticed, none of my notification sounds work. Stuff like skype, firefox, and wine still give me sounds.

(If anyone could point me in the direction of a good place to get mp3s working on amarok would be nice as well.)

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Ubuntu :: Wine Kills All Sound - Winecfg

Oct 15, 2010

Has anyone got wine to funtion normally in Lucid 32bit... If I launch anything

Full Tilt
StarCraft II
Call of Duty 4

All my sound for Ubuntu is killed... if I close all wine programs sound resumes..Sometimes and other times requires a complete reboot. I read that this is due to PulseAudio I'm not sure of the difference between


I'm not a termial whiz or nothing but I get around... great at following directions I installed wine from repositories an winecfg sound to ALSA Even know just to make sure I had ALSA right ( while listening to rythembox ) Even going to winecfg > sound Killed my sound from rythembox.

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OpenSUSE :: Play High-end Games Through WINE?

Feb 9, 2011

im planning to migrate from windows to OpenSUSE. One thing i cant leave from windows is, its support for high end games. I did some research, we can use Wine application in Linux. Im wondering, if i install a game (for example) FIFA 11, will it run smoothly like i run it on Windows 7? Does it depend on our hardware (graphic card, processor, memory)?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: FFmpeg And ALSA Records The System Sounds Just Fine, It Doesn't Record The Microphone?

Oct 28, 2010

I'm trying to record a video with sound through FFmpeg, and while it records the system sounds just fine, it doesn't record the microphone (in fact, it crashes on doing so!). The strange thing is that if I use arecord, it works just perfectly, but through ffmpeg it crashes.This is the command that I use to launch FFmpeg:

-f x11grab


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OpenSUSE :: Can't Play Games (native Or Wine) Without Disabling Composite

Sep 26, 2010

Since I have upgraded to KDE 4.5 I can't play games (native or wine) without disabling composite before start playing.When I start a game its window begins to shiver (to tremble or to shake... not sure) and so I have to disable composite first and then relaunch the game.I never had to do this in KDE 4.4.

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Fedora :: Cannot Play Sounds In F14 With KDE 4.5.5

Feb 6, 2011

For some reason I cannot play sounds anymore. It worked fine, but it just stopped working and I have no idea why. Might have been an update, but I'm not sure. I really have no idea what to do, restarting certainly didn't do anything. I use Fedora 14 with KDE 4.5.5. In the system settings I can chose "Internal Audio" as Hardware with a couple of different Profiles, of which none work.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Can't Play Sounds In Firefox

Aug 6, 2010

When I attempt to use a Firefox Addon like Simple Timer, the audio alarm will not work. Instead, I get an error message Could not play the audio file! NS_ERROR_FAILURE I can get the same sounds to play in Google Chrome, but I prefer Firefox.

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Fedora :: Unable To Play Media Sounds On HP Laptop - F14 KDE

Jan 24, 2011

I just installed Fedora 14 (running KDE) on my HP DV6Z-SE. It came pre-packaged with Windows 7 and I am running a dual-boot (I kept Windows for gaming purposes). Anyway, problem is I am unable to play media sounds. I've tried playing my music (all OGG Vorbis) on both DragonPlayer and VLC, to no avail. When I go to Phonon, I have two options for prefered devices, "Redwood HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 5600 Series] Digital Stereo (HDMI)" and "Internal Audio Analog Stereo".

When I test them, the Radeon one never plays sound, while the Internal Audio plays the test sound sometimes (rarely). I tried moving the latter up the preference order, but it changed nothing.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Play Videos By Mouseover Like The Sounds?

Feb 28, 2010

is there any way to play videos by mouseover like the sounds?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Cannot Get Sounds Of Any Kind To Play On Machine

Aug 27, 2010

I cannot get sounds of any kind to play on my machine. I tried the Comprehensive Sound Guide, but did not get very far. (I'm not very proficient with these things.) I did lspci -v and got:

Code: Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP79 High Definition Audio (rev b1)
Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. Device 4570
Flags: bus master, 66MHz, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 23
Memory at fae78000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K]
Capabilities: <access denied>
Kernel driver in use: HDA Intel
Kernel modules: snd-hda-intel

but I cannot find my sound card on the ASLA site. I tried to follow the Sound Guide instructions after that, but I got lost.

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Software :: Assign Pc Keyboard Keys To Play Sounds?

May 9, 2011

is there a nice clean simple lightweight way to assign pc keyboard keys sounds?anyone know a simple lightweight way to assign sounds to keys in linux?like so your keyboard can be played like an instrument...i'd rather not do it through thewindow manager'sconfigurations, assigning single key shortcuts to audio samples, since i dont want it on all the time, and having two wm configs to toggle between could just get messy, and limits it to that wm, until you build it all from scratch again for another wm.or even if there isnt a simple lightweight way... what audio/midi software lets you assign samples/notes/etc to keys.(i tried searching for quite a while, but it was obvious i was struggling to find the terms that werent so genereic and with multiple meanings, that just get all the wrong kinds of things)

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OpenSUSE :: Wine Doesn't Run A Program (unlike Other Distro!)?

Mar 26, 2010

i had Mandriva few days ago (and other distros befor that!) and just moved to openSUSE
i use a program called "UltraSurf" (to bypass Internet filtering in Iran) and this program doesn't work with wine in openSUSE!i reinstalled wine and tried different versions but when i click on my program nothing happens! (other windows programs work fine!)

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Ubuntu :: Open Office 3.2 Wont Play Sounds Of The PowerPoint Presentations?

Jul 1, 2010

i wonder if there is an incompatibility or just a config to do, to get the soudn enabled when playing ppt within Open Office

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Amarok2 Doesn't Play Any Music?

Jan 4, 2010

Amarok just skips all songs one by one. It starts playing and ends song immediately and goes to next song.I ran Amarok in konsole..[URL].. I tried different audio files (mp3, wav...) but the same every time.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Banshee Doesn't Play Video

Jan 22, 2010

I see that whenever I try and run a video, the system defaults to try and run it in Banshee.Banshee, though, sits there with a black screen and the information on what it is supposed to be playing. Clicking the Play button does nothing. This includes OGG (OGV?) video files.Does anybody use this feature in Banshee and got it to work?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Gmplayer Doesn't Play Smoothly On 11.3

Sep 5, 2010

I just upgraded (full reinstall inc. format) from 11.1 (32bit) to 11.3 (64bit).

Everything is working correctly except gmplayer (installed from packman).

If I play movies using gmplayer they do not play smoothly, but the strange thing is if I play the same file with mplayer from a terminal it does play smoothly.

If I play the file from a terminal with gmplayer no errors are reported...

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Audio Play Back Device Doesn't Work

Apr 3, 2010

I am using open -suse 11.1 .During start up I am getting notification such that,The audio playback device HDA intel (ALC888 Analog) does not work falling back to default.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Dvd Drive Doesn't Play Store Bought But Does Play My Copies Of Them

Mar 10, 2010

After many days of trying to tweak Ubuntu 9.10 desktop i386. This subject will focus on my dvd drive. ...Here is what I have done, but I'm not sure what I did or still need to do, or to do different. ...

Basically the problem is, I can't play store bought DVDs, but I can play my copies of them.

When using MDPlayer that I added to Ubuntu, I can play the copies of my store bought DVDs, but not the originals. However, when using Ubuntu 9.10's movie player, it wont do anything and I'll have to do a force quit to close it.

I learned that this may because there is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution, as I'm sure you already knew.
...Yet, Most people have worked around these issues.

I came across the Medibuntu site: [url]

Running the Terminal, I added the bash command that adds Medibuntu's repositiry to Ubuntu. It also adds Medibuntu's GPG key to the keyring.
(The sudo wget - etc etc etc --quiet update)

Then I jumped down to the... "This command should be run in the Terminal, after adding the repository:" ...And did that. (sudo sed -e 's/ etc etc etc /medibuntu.list)

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Software :: Cant Get Winecfg To Start?

Jan 30, 2010

im running arch and am trying to get wine running properly on my normal useracount. When i try to run winecfg i keep getting this error saying "wine: '/home/me' is not owned by you, refusing to create a configuration directory there". I have serched the forms for the past hour or so and for the most part peopel have been able to resolve it with chown and or chmod. Iv done bolth and have come up empty so I thought it might have been a fstab problem so I double checked my settings and it checks out.

/dev/sda6 swap swap defaults 0 0
/dev/sda7 /boot ext3 defaults 0 0
/dev/sda8 / ext4 defaults 0 0


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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: How Do I Make VLC Work - Whenever Load Disc Doesn't Give Option To Play

Jun 5, 2011

I am using Suse 11.4, with the Gnome desktop. I have downloaded the VLC player, but cannot work out how to make it play CDs in the CD drive. Right clicking on the Audio Disc icon that appears on the desktop whenever I load a disc doesn't give me an option to Play using VLC. Is there a way to make VLC the default player for CDs?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Boot Menu Bug – Hard Disk Arrangement – Doesn’t Play Nicely With Windows

Nov 16, 2010

i come from ubuntu installation and i have had opensuse before and i remember installing any of thede two without any problem on any of many harddisk arrangement. but thge ltest opensuse 11.3 doesnt pllay nice with my windows and ubuntu installation booting. i reember using boot loader in yast and it used to load the coorect setting from scratch. but now when i chose "propose new configuration" and it founds opensuse and three other windows!


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: No Sound After Update To 11.04 - New Music Player Won't Play Sounds From Music CDs Either

May 13, 2011

I have no sound after upgrading to 11.04. Sound control panel and test speakers emits no sound. The new music player won't play sounds from music CDs either.

ALSA info is at: [url]

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Cannot Get The Sound To Work - No Web Sounds - No CD Sounds

Sep 1, 2011

I have a HP laptop model HP G72 Notebook PC, Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 350 @2.27GHz & the Sound devices are Intel(R) Display Audio & Realtek High Definition Audio.

This machine came loaded with Windows7 & I have successfully dual booted it with Ubuntu Lucid 10.04.3.

The problem I am having is that I cannot get the sound to work at all in Ubuntu. No opening sounds or anything else that I have tried. No Web sounds, no CD sounds... All sounds work fine on the Windows side, but nothing I have tried so far seem to work with Ubuntu & I have tried many options from many threads.

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Fedora :: 11 Multimedia - Video Players Doesn't Play Video - Show Only Black Window And Play Audio

Aug 23, 2009

To get multimedia working, or explain what I'm doing wrong.

The problem is that none of the video players doesn't play video, they show only black window and play audio.

I have Fedora 11 Leonidas, fully up-to-date.

I have installed rpmfusion and livna repository.

I have installed following packages:

When I try to play video with totem, it doesn't output any error, but just doesn't play video.
with mplayer:

xine and kaffeine just say:


I tried several different files, which works perfectly in windows and ubuntu.

I installed windows binary codecs for mplayer to /usr/lib/codec/

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox - When Doubleclick On A Song To Play, It Doesn't Play And Rhythmbox Quits?

Jan 31, 2011

Whenever I plug my Zune in, Rhythmbox recognizes all the songs on it but when I doubleclick on a song to play it, the song doesn't play and Rhythmbox quits. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I'm running a Dell XPS 410 with 4GB RAM and a 1.75 GHz processor.Also, I imported a CD and it plays fine.

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Ubuntu :: Find A Way To Play A Game Under Wine Without Using The CD?

Jul 26, 2010

I have been struggling to find a way to play a game under Wine without using the CD, so looked if it was possible in Wine. I came across this commmand: Code: sudo mount /home/joseph/BIONICLE.iso -o loop /media/cdrom0/ which I tried. It didn't work, and gave me an error about how there was no "cdrom0". I assumed that it was created whenever something is mounted. Out of desperation, I removed cdrom0 from the command, and then things got funky. Doing so replaced all the contents of /media (there were no files, only useless floppy folders, since I have no floppy drive) with the contents of the ISO file. I tried using sudo to delete the files, but it said that it was a read-only filesystem. I tried changing the permissions using sudo chmod +w /media, but it didn't work, and complained about being read-only. I am unable to mount anything now! Can someone help, both with deleting /media, and possibly with running Wine games without the CD?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 Lucid Can't Play Rift Using Wine 1.2?

May 1, 2011

I'm getting bad video displays while rift is active. rift did say that my video driver is out of date.

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Software :: Tweak Wine To Play Swat 4?

Sep 25, 2010

I downloaded Swat 4 (legally) as well as wine, using all defaults I hoped it would work. (yeah right) After installing using wine, which worked great, I get an error when I try to play the game. Wine is trying to load the game from the Cd drive yet it's installed.

EDIT: forgot to mention that wine does recognize that I have installed the program to its virtual c drive.

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