OpenSUSE :: Setup A Conky Setting At Work?

Jul 18, 2011

i would like to set up a conky setting at my work so when employees call me for questions they can just give me the info that is visually on the screen from conky that i want instead of having them look for it, i have done some conky in ubuntu , it is very easy , just install it then enter codes in the text editor, and BAM done, now on opensuse looking at this thread Conky - Hardware Monitor it looks ALOT harder, is there a easier way around this big mess of codes and what not.

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Ubuntu :: Setting Up Conky With Multiple Wallpapers?

May 19, 2010

I have recently installed Lucid Lynx and am enjoying it immensely.I was just wondering if anyone can help me with setting up Conky to work with the Compiz wallpaper plugin.I've disabled Nautilus from drawing my desktop to enable multiple wallpapers in Compiz, but now I can't get Conky to show up on the desktop. Can anyone who's done this in Lynx post their .conkyrc files please?I've tried googling around for a solution, but most of the threads I came across were from 2007-2009, and some of the configuration options for Compiz have been updated since then. It'd be cool if I can still use conky in my multi-paper environment.

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Ubuntu :: Setting Up Swap Partition With Conky?

Mar 9, 2011

I used testdisk to undelete some files and in the process accidentally moved my partitions around (swap file was sda5 now it's sda3). Now I am getting the "no swap%" error from Conky. This is in Conky, I've already checked the UUID's with my partitions and fstab file.

# Conky settings #
background no
update_interval 1
cpu_avg_samples 2


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Ubuntu :: Setting Up Conky In Compiz's Widget Layer?

May 9, 2010

How do I set up conky in compiz's widget layer?

I know I have to set up the rule under Widget Layer > Behaviour > Widget Windows but i have not been able to identify the correct rule.

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Ubuntu :: Conky At Startup - Has Wrong Window Setting

May 17, 2011

I have conky running a simple script on my Ubuntu 11.04 install. Running conky from using ALT-F2 is fine, but I have have conky added to the startup list, and when it runs from this, the conky window is different (ie not integrated with desktop layer). It has some shadowing around the edge and it seems to be on a layer other than the desktop. In addition to this, it stops running after a short while. I then run conky from ALT-F2 again and it's appears as I want, and stays there all day. I have included what I think is the relevant code below from my conkyrc. Has anyone had similar issues with a suitable way to resolve the problem?

own_window yes
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_type override
#own_window_type desktop
#own_window_type normal
own_window_type conky
own_window_class Conky

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OpenSUSE :: Failed: Conky Hardcore "Conky Transparency With KDE (3 And 4)"

Jun 19, 2010

I have a problem with conky. It draws a black background instead of using pseudo-transparency. I ofc tried to achieve this with feh but to no avail. All the instructions here failed: Conky Hardcore! Conky transparency with KDE (3 and 4)


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Ubuntu :: Conky Forecast Setup - Partner ID And License Key?

May 25, 2010

I'm trying to setup the and I need the Partner ID and the License Key for Xoap. has yet to send them to me. How long does it usually take for them to send this information? It has been almost 24 hours since I registered.

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Ubuntu :: Dual Head Setup - Multiple Conky

Jun 14, 2010

I am trying out conky for the first time and rather enjoying it. I have a small frustration though. I have a dual head setup and would like to have identical conky's showing on both monitors. I have tried creating two .conkyrc's (.conkyrc1 & .conkyrc2) and then using:-

$ conky -c config1
$ conky -c config2
to launch them, this results in only one of the two conky's displaying. I did at first think that maybe they were on top of eachother, but one conkyrc is set bottom_left, the other bottom_right so they should not be right??

When I try to run them as above terminal shows:-
gregg@burt:~$ conky -c config1
Conky: invalid configuration file 'config1'
Conky: invalid num arg for top. Must be between 1 and 10.
Conky: invalid num arg for top. Must be between 1 and 10.
Conky: invalid num arg for top. Must be between 1 and 10.
Conky: invalid num arg for top. Must be between 1 and 10.
Conky: invalid num arg for top. Must be between 1 and 10.
Conky: invalid num arg for top. Must be between 1 and 10.
Conky: forked to background, pid is 7017 .....

${font Sans:size=9:weight=bold}${color grey}NETWORK ${hr 2}$color${font Sans:size=8:weight=bold}
${color grey} DOWNLOAD UPLOAD
${downspeedgraph eth0 30,115 000000 00ff00} ${alignr}${upspeedgraph eth0 30,115 000000 ff0000}$color
Processes 8 & 9 do not appear in my conky, just blank space between 7 & 10?? Also, the swap %age displays 'No swap%'?

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OpenSUSE :: Desktop Fire Setting Doesn't Work?

May 2, 2010

I selected 'Fire' from the Desktop effects list and got an error message saying that it "could not be activated".Why? Does it conflict with another effect? Is there a way to fix this?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Won't Hold The Setting After Have Clicked "apply" And Left The Audio Setup?

Aug 16, 2011

Everything else seems to work, but there is a problem with sound. I have a Xonar DS card that is recognised by the system and which works when I test it under the sound section of Yast.I have the Packman repository and Libdvdcss repository listed in Yast.However, no sound from any application/cd/dvd/internet or on boot.I've noticed that, in KMix,f I go into the mixer there is settings option -> audio setup. Under this there is a speaker option which offers the choice of the source of sound to the speakers - from my sound card or from the internal Intel sound - which does not work, hence my sound card. WhenI choose my sound card the test L & R speaker sounds work fine - but it won't hold the setting after I have clicked "apply" and left the audio setup. It then reverts to the internal sound chip and, lo and behold, no sound is now produced

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OpenSUSE Network :: Setup Samba To Work Over IPv6?

Jun 8, 2010

Is it possible to setup samba to work over IPv6?

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Ubuntu :: Conky User_names Doesn't Work?

Sep 22, 2010

I don't understand why in Conky when I use the user_names variable to show the users logged in, it shows nothing.

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Ubuntu :: Conky: Getting Execigraph To Work With Aticonfig

Nov 15, 2010

Trying to get execigraph to work with aticonfig in conky. The following line works after a fashion, displaying the number & % symbol: Code: ${execi 10 aticonfig --adapter=0 --odgc | grep "GPU load" | cut -c32-34} but the following displays either a static vertical line on the right edge of my conky or nothing at all:

Code: ${execigraph 10 aticonfig --adapter=0 ---odgc | grep "GPU load" | cut -c32-33} I've tried tinkering with default_graph_size, with ""s around the aticonfig etc part, with the -c values in cut, have googled to the point of despair & tried various lines using tail or gawk (I don't have a clue about these, even after trying to read up, so tinkering with the values has been fruitless guesswork) that I found in forums. Nothing works. I think the main problem is that sometimes the result of aticonfig etc is a number between 0 & 99 which execigraph requires but if the gpu load is <10 then the result is a number and the % symbol. But this might be completely wrong because even when the load is >10, there's no graph.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Get Sensors Detect To Work With Conky

Jun 10, 2011

i downgraded from 11.04 to 10.10 but now i can't get sensors detect to work with conky.

misc info:

64 bit Ubuntu 10.10
acer aspire 5742, i5 processor
lm-sensors version: 1:3.1.2-6


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Ubuntu :: Conky Quirk - How To Get Conky To Start Normally Without Having To Do Manual Restart Everytime Login

Jun 26, 2011

I have conky installed and set up as a startup application, however everytime I log out and back in conky creates itself as a new window:

How can I get conky to start normally without having to do a manual restart everytime I login?

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Debian :: Conky - Full Screen Config / 2 Conky Configs?

Jun 13, 2011

Said that all the config i find put all the info in one place of the screen, in this example on the right side:


or like conky colors where you can put in either side, or other complex examples that use folders with images..that at least i need one day to study all the variables it has...

What i want is something simple, in my black background i dont want images and effects, only white simple text.

My problem is: i want for instance my specs above, my log info in the middle, my music info bellow (above my clock) and in conky config i'm hitting my head in the wall....

For instance if i use my facebook script to appear in the midle how the hell can i put my music info bellow without ruined the facebook in the i need 2 conky configs?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Make Conky Work - Uninstall That Program With All Files And Try To Download Again?

Apr 4, 2010

i installed conky but it never worked :S Im using ubuntu 9.10 , after i installed conky i typed sudo conky but it stucked at conky : single buffer frame , but there were program barely working on the background so i typed gedit ~/,conky and i tried to edit it after that now not even working on background ! and gives me that error : Code:

energy@energy-console:~$ conky
Conky: missing text block in configuration; exiting
***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** :

This program is calling the Imlib call:
With the parameter:

being NULL. how can i fix or/and how can i uninstall that program with all files and try to download again?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downloaded Conky But Cant Make It Work - Create The Rc File ?

Apr 8, 2011

I have downloaded conky but cant make it work. I have so far installed from terminal. But I do not see it in my desktop. Where do I create the rc file?

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Ubuntu :: Conky Weather Doesnt Work - Error - E - Couldn't Find Package Conkyforecast

Sep 23, 2010

My conky weather doesnt show any thing and I already got my Partner ID , License Key and Location ID and I tried to run the command below to install ConkyForecast: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install conkyforecast

But I have got this error : E: Couldn't find package conkyforecast and I dont know what to do , Can you guys tell me what should I do ?

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Slackware :: Breezed Through Setup And Missed Setting UTF-8 In 13.1?

Aug 3, 2010

I just updated to Slackware 13.1 last night (clean installation). However, when it came to setting up LILO, I chose "no" to the UTF setup when I usually choose "yes." I think choosing no put the line below in LILO.conf:


append = "vt.default_utf8=0"

What's the LILO setting if one chooses "yes" instead of "no"?

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Ubuntu :: When Type "conky" In Terminal It Returns With Conky: Invalid Configuration File

Feb 1, 2011

when I type "conky" in terminal it returns with Conky: invalid configuration file '/home/user/.conkyrc' Conky: missing text block in configuration; exiting ***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** : This program is calling the Imlib call: imlib_context_free(); With the parameter: context being NULL. Please fix your program. I've tried completely uninstalling, rebooting, then reinstalling, still same error?

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Ubuntu :: Possible To Setup Evolution Calendar Without Setting Up Mail?

Apr 22, 2011

I am wondering if it is possible to set up the Evolution Calendar without setting up the email. Since I don't want to use a desktop mail.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Setup Bridging While Setting Up OpenVPN

Sep 1, 2011

I'm currently trying to set up OpenVPN on my Ubuntu Server, however I'm having trouble setting up bridging. I am following the tutorial for bridging that is located on the Wiki here: [URL] At the current time my /etc/network/interfaces looks like this (default from Ubuntu install):


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OpenSUSE :: Installing Conky With Lua And Cairo?

Jun 1, 2010

I have some problems installing conky. I need cairo working with conky and itt's not, if I install conky via rpm. So I tried to compile conky from source with:

./configure --enable-lua-cairo

ant that fails, because it requires tolua++. So I tried to compile tolua++ (uses scons), but that doesn't work:

scons: Reading SConscript files ...
scons: warning: The Options class is deprecated; use the Variables class instead.
File "/home/jaa/Documents/obrzky/Plasmoidy/conky stuf/tolua++-1.0.93/SConstruct", line 19, in <module>


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OpenSUSE :: Using The Xorg Module For Conky?

Aug 6, 2010

conky require the Double Buffer Extension (DBE) to refresh correctly the screen, in older versions I can add the Load "dbe" in the Module section, but how can I do it with no xorg.conf file? VampirD Microsoft Windows is like air conditioning Stops working when you open a window.

Version: GnuPG v2.0.15 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: Using GnuPG with SUSE -


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OpenSUSE :: Conky With Cairo Engine

Mar 2, 2011

im having problems running this conky script, i've done what the author said which is copy the files to the home directory, now when i run the files i get the error below, i have checked to see if i have the cairo engine installed and it's installed fine, i am not sure where the problem stands.


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OpenSUSE :: Can't Make Conky To Display Any Image

Jun 6, 2010

Recently I succesfully installed conky. I managed to get a lot of things work with more or less effort but I can't make conky to display any image.Images path and permissions had been checked. Imlib2 support too but conky won't display a thing.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Monitor The Temps Of /dev/sdb And /dev/sdc In Conky (/dev/sda Is An SSD So Not Necessary?

Jun 16, 2011

I'm trying to monitor the temps of /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc in Conky (/dev/sda is an SSD so not necessary, or even possible). I have HDDtemp running as a daemon, and returning correct temps for both drives when run from konsole. Output:

linux-b98i:/home/hgm # hddtemp /dev/sdb /dev/sdc
/dev/sdb: SAMSUNG HD501LJ: 35C


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Server :: Squid Access / Setup Automatically Get The Proxy Setting As Dhcp?

Jun 15, 2011

I my office I have configure dhcp in my centos sever
eth0 for adsl-setup
eth1 for lan
I am using squid proxy server for internet access,

in my office all are using laptop through wifi , so i need to configure the browser proxy setting for accessing internet.

is there any way to setup automatically get the proxy setting as dhcp. I have tried transparent proxy but no success.

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OpenSUSE :: Install Conky With Both Cairo And Imlib2 In Lua Bingdings?

Aug 7, 2010

I try any way to install conky and my conky -v here. I can't run more conky settings because i don't know add imlib2 in lua bingdings????. How do it??? (I'm a newbie and my english is bad >"<)Conky 1.8.0 compiled Sat Aug 7 19:09:49 ICT 2010 for Linux 2.6.34-12-default (i686)Compiled in features:System config file: /usr/local/etc/conky/conky.conf
Package library path: /usr/local/lib/conky

* Xdamage extension
* XDBE (double buffer extension)


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