OpenSUSE :: Install Conky With Both Cairo And Imlib2 In Lua Bingdings?

Aug 7, 2010

I try any way to install conky and my conky -v here. I can't run more conky settings because i don't know add imlib2 in lua bingdings????. How do it??? (I'm a newbie and my english is bad >"<)Conky 1.8.0 compiled Sat Aug 7 19:09:49 ICT 2010 for Linux 2.6.34-12-default (i686)Compiled in features:System config file: /usr/local/etc/conky/conky.conf
Package library path: /usr/local/lib/conky

* Xdamage extension
* XDBE (double buffer extension)


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OpenSUSE :: Installing Conky With Lua And Cairo?

Jun 1, 2010

I have some problems installing conky. I need cairo working with conky and itt's not, if I install conky via rpm. So I tried to compile conky from source with:

./configure --enable-lua-cairo

ant that fails, because it requires tolua++. So I tried to compile tolua++ (uses scons), but that doesn't work:

scons: Reading SConscript files ...
scons: warning: The Options class is deprecated; use the Variables class instead.
File "/home/jaa/Documents/obrzky/Plasmoidy/conky stuf/tolua++-1.0.93/SConstruct", line 19, in <module>


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OpenSUSE :: Conky With Cairo Engine

Mar 2, 2011

im having problems running this conky script, i've done what the author said which is copy the files to the home directory, now when i run the files i get the error below, i have checked to see if i have the cairo engine installed and it's installed fine, i am not sure where the problem stands.


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Slackware :: Can't Install Imlib2 On Slack-13

Jan 30, 2010

I compiled it from source, i installed it via slackbuild but it didn't work. When i go imlib-config --version it shows me the old one, and when i try to install giblib it tells me that imlib2 is not installed. I watched the output from the installing of imlib2 and i realized something's wrong: there are several suspicious warnings :


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Software :: Install The Package Imlib2-devel In A CentOS 5 X64?

Feb 8, 2011

I'm trying to install the package imlib2-devel in a CentOS 5 x64 but I'm getting the following message

GPG key retrieval failed: [Errno 5] OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-rpmforge-dag'

I already installed the rpmforge package. I'd like to know what that message is about and how I could solve it.

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Software :: Error While Installing Cairo - Make[1]: Entering Directory `/tmp/rrdbuild/cairo-1.6.4/src'

Nov 11, 2010

Currently I am installing Cairo 1.6.4. I have followed the instructions mentioned in [URL]. When I try to install using "make install" I am getting the following error,

Making install in src
make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/rrdbuild/cairo-1.6.4/src'
make[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/rrdbuild/cairo-1.6.4/src'
test -z "/usr/local/lib" || /bin/mkdir -p "/usr/local/lib"


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OpenSUSE :: Failed: Conky Hardcore "Conky Transparency With KDE (3 And 4)"

Jun 19, 2010

I have a problem with conky. It draws a black background instead of using pseudo-transparency. I ofc tried to achieve this with feh but to no avail. All the instructions here failed: Conky Hardcore! Conky transparency with KDE (3 and 4)


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Slackware :: Add Jpeg Support To Imlib2 At Build Time?

Oct 10, 2010

I'm building my slackware system from a minimal set of packages. I've got X and fluxbox up and running, and I'm trying to "slack-build" feh which depends on imlib2 to set background wallpapers. The problem is trying to "feh" any image gives the error message:

feh WARNING: wall2.jpg - No Imlib2 loader for that file format
feh - No loadable images specified.


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Fedora :: Error: Package Requirements (cairo >= 1.6.0) Were Not Met: No Package 'cairo' Found

May 24, 2010

Today I was using Gchempaint (part of Gnome Chemistry Tools) and found that the F12 version fails miserably to correctly export H to xyz. So I decided to install the latest version I found (0.11). There are, however, some problems I must sort out during compilation.

Apparently it does not see my 'cairo' installation and so I get the following error message:


checking for cairo... configure: error: Package requirements (cairo >= 1.6.0) were not met: No package 'cairo' found

Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you installed software in a non-standard prefix.Alternatively, you may set the environment variables cairo_CFLAGS and cairo_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config. See the pkg-config man page for more details.

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Ubuntu :: Conky Quirk - How To Get Conky To Start Normally Without Having To Do Manual Restart Everytime Login

Jun 26, 2011

I have conky installed and set up as a startup application, however everytime I log out and back in conky creates itself as a new window:

How can I get conky to start normally without having to do a manual restart everytime I login?

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Debian :: Conky - Full Screen Config / 2 Conky Configs?

Jun 13, 2011

Said that all the config i find put all the info in one place of the screen, in this example on the right side:


or like conky colors where you can put in either side, or other complex examples that use folders with images..that at least i need one day to study all the variables it has...

What i want is something simple, in my black background i dont want images and effects, only white simple text.

My problem is: i want for instance my specs above, my log info in the middle, my music info bellow (above my clock) and in conky config i'm hitting my head in the wall....

For instance if i use my facebook script to appear in the midle how the hell can i put my music info bellow without ruined the facebook in the i need 2 conky configs?

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OpenSUSE :: Cairo Dock With OpenGL Not Running - 11.3?

Jul 21, 2010

I recently upgraded from 11.2 to 11.3. I had to manually install nVidia drivers to get the desktop working correctly (compiz was enabled), now the system runs fine except for cairo-dock which doesn't start on KDE boot.Running it from console and choosing Yes when asked for using OpenGL, it returns an error

djechelon@MONSTR:~> cairo-dock
Cairo-Dock version: 2.1.3-7
Compiled date: Mar 18 2010 20:45:24
Running with OpenGL: 1

cairo-dock: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: GTK_WIDGET_NO_WINDOW

After upgrade to 11.3 I performed a full distro upgrade via YaST by updating all the packages if a newer version was available, so I'm using the latest version of all the packages on my system. I searched with YaST for the package containing that libgtkglext and forced its upgrade in order to reinstall it. No fix.Here is my repository list



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OpenSUSE :: KDE 4.5 Activities And Cairo Dock Configuration

Aug 26, 2010

I am loving kde 4.5 so far... and I started using activities which I am getting to like it. I use cairo dock too. So, is there any way to configure cairo dock to only show applications from one activity? I know I can configure it to show applications from one desktop but id like that from each activity too. Does it make any sense?

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OpenSUSE :: Avoid Cairo-dock To Be Cached At Shutdown In Kde?

Feb 3, 2010

I've set cairo-dock to start but also kde somehow caches the desktop state while shutting down. Can I avoid cairo-dock to be cached at shutdown in kde?

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OpenSUSE :: Missing Libraries From Cairo-dev And Freetype2-devel?

May 15, 2011

Trying to build git gimp raises an error about missing and /usr/lib/ does not have those files though the build manifest shows they should be included. Both cairo-devel and freetype2-devel have been installed, rpm query produces; cairo-devel-1.10.2-6.11.1.i586 and freetype2-devel-2.4.4-6.1.i586 This is my first attempt at using SUSE, so it maybe I am missing something elementary

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Ubuntu Installation :: Install Plugins For Cairo Dock?

Feb 7, 2010

I installed Cairo Dock for ubuntu 9.10 and I downloaded the plugins and extracted them to a folder. How do you install the plugins? I downloaded cairo-dock-plugins-2.1.3-2.tar.gz. When the download finished, I opened the folder and it requested I extract them, which I did. But I don't know how to use them.

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Applications :: Install Software On 9.10 On Usb - Programs On It Like Cairo Dock

Feb 14, 2010

I boot ubuntu on usb Put can i install any programs on it like Cairo dock?

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Software :: Cannot Install Dependencies For Cairo-dock (Fedora 11)?

Oct 4, 2009

I'm following this this tutorial, and everything goes perfectly fine up until the "Installez dependences (change XXXX)" part. The name of the file is cairo-dock-, and I swear I'm typing it in right, and I'm CDed in the proper directory. However, when I try to do that step, I get this output:Loaded plugins: refresh-packagekitwarning: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 signature: NOKEY, key ID 16ca1a56Error: Could not open cairo-dock- was a problem getting the build deps, exiting: Could not open local rpm file: cairo-dock- RPM Error opening Package

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OpenSUSE :: Finding Icon To Add OpenOffice Writer To Cairo Dock?

Mar 3, 2010

I am using cairo-dock, I want to add openoffice writer to the dock. Where do I find the icon for this? What is the equivalent of windows 'program files' in openSUSE. I'm thinking if I can find its directory, I can find its icon.

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OpenSUSE :: Two Plasmoids Broken - Cairo Dock Using Primitive Graphics?

Aug 29, 2011

so in an effort to install skype and enable my webcam, I installed a lot of packages and libraries, but after restarting my computer, cairo dock uses old graphics, and two of my plasmoids won't function. I think what happened is that I installed 32 bit packages when my computer is 64 bit; regardless, I think the best method is to restore my system to a couple of days ago.. but I've searched everywhere and I haven't gotten anything...


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Ubuntu :: Minimized Windows Not Appear At Bottom After Cairo-Dock Install

May 15, 2010

It just hit me that I'd minimized a bunch of windows....and they were nowhere to be found. Alt-Tab allows me to scroll through them, but even though I've uninstalled cairo-dock now, I still can't get them to minimize to the bottom bar. It is as if I've nothing open.

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OpenSUSE :: Huge Black Box Behind Cairo Dock & Desktop Effects Won't Launch?

Apr 18, 2010

Cairo was working fine for me then randomly I see a huge black box behind it. I also cannot access my desktop effects along with it to activate compiz. I googled here and on the net trying different commands such as

:~> xgl-switch --enable-xgl
If 'xgl-switch' is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it, like this:
cnf xgl-switch


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OpenSUSE :: Build Cairo-dock From Src - Undefined References To GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED - GTK_WIDGET_NO_WINDOW

Jul 16, 2010

Since I could not find the cairo dock package on packman for openSUSE 11.3, I decided to build the package from source. I ran the configure script first and then gave a build using make. I get undefined reference errors for the following symbols while linking.


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Ubuntu :: When Type "conky" In Terminal It Returns With Conky: Invalid Configuration File

Feb 1, 2011

when I type "conky" in terminal it returns with Conky: invalid configuration file '/home/user/.conkyrc' Conky: missing text block in configuration; exiting ***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** : This program is calling the Imlib call: imlib_context_free(); With the parameter: context being NULL. Please fix your program. I've tried completely uninstalling, rebooting, then reinstalling, still same error?

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OpenSUSE :: Using The Xorg Module For Conky?

Aug 6, 2010

conky require the Double Buffer Extension (DBE) to refresh correctly the screen, in older versions I can add the Load "dbe" in the Module section, but how can I do it with no xorg.conf file? VampirD Microsoft Windows is like air conditioning Stops working when you open a window.

Version: GnuPG v2.0.15 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: Using GnuPG with SUSE -


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Fedora :: Install Conky Forecast On F14?

Nov 19, 2010

How to install conky forecast on fedora 14?

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Ubuntu :: After Kernel Install Conky Does Not Run

Nov 24, 2010

I installed the 2.6.35-23-generic kernel yesterday and now conky doesn't run because there is a folder that is now missing. Conky runs at startup and when entering this in terminal:
conky -c /home/cavsfan/.conkyrc

I get this error
Conky: can't open '/sys/bus/platform/devices/coretemp.2/temp1_input': No such file or directory
please check your device or remove this var from Conky
***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** :
This program is calling the Imlib call:
With the parameter:
being NULL. Please fix your program.
And sure enough folder coretemp.2 is missing:

cavsfan@cavsfan-MS-7529:~$ cd /sys/bus/platform/devices/
cavsfan@cavsfan-MS-7529:/sys/bus/platform/devices$ ls
coretemp.0 coretemp.3 Fixed MDIO bus.0 pcspkr
coretemp.1 f71882fg.2560 i8042 serial8250

How to get /sys/bus/platform/devices/coretemp.2/temp1_input back? The whole folder is missing and I have tried uninstalling lm-sensors, hddtemp without success. I do not understand why the folder would be missing after an update.

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Ubuntu :: How To Install Conky-colors 7.0

Aug 9, 2011

I'm getting very frustrated and confused with conky-colors. I was reading OMGubuntu, and saw that Conky Colors 7 had been release and it looked pretty [URL]pt to install it from that page, but got hopelessly confused. I would really just like some step by step, noob friendly instructions. I managed to do these first two steps though:"$sudo apt-get install aptitude python-keyring python-statgrab ttf-ubuntu-font-family hddtemp curl lm-sensors conky-all
$sudo chmod u+s /usr/sbin/hddtemp"

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Slackware :: Conky Doesn't Install?

Apr 26, 2011

I'm trying to install conky on my Slackware. I've downloaded the files from (both conky and lua). I've compiled and installed lua writing "make linux" and "sudo make install", but when I'm trying to compile conky, it says:

No package 'lua5.1' found
Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you


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OpenSUSE :: Can't Make Conky To Display Any Image

Jun 6, 2010

Recently I succesfully installed conky. I managed to get a lot of things work with more or less effort but I can't make conky to display any image.Images path and permissions had been checked. Imlib2 support too but conky won't display a thing.

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