OpenSUSE :: When Run Tvtime With The Desktop Effects Enabled Xorg - Compiz And Tvtime Use A Lot Of Cpu

Jul 16, 2010

When I run tvtime with the desktop effects enabled Xorg, compiz and tvtime use a lot of cpu. It's even worse with tvtime in full screen. This doesn't happen with the desktop effects off or when I use vlc for example. The system is a 3GHz P4 Prescott, 1.7GB Ram, Nvidia FX5500. I'm running 11.3 with the nvidia video driver (173.14.27).

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Ubuntu :: Couldn't Get Tvtime To Work Because /dev/mixer Is No Longer Created In 10.10 So No Volume Control From Within Tvtime

Oct 5, 2010

I migrated back from Maverick because I couldn't get Tvtime to work because /dev/mixer is no longer created in 10.10 so no volume control from within tvtime. I'm now back to 10.04. The issue that I'm having is that I have 4 devices that show up as /dev/mixer, /dev/mixer1,/dev/mixer2 and /dev/mixer3. I need to have tvtime use the mixer associated with my soundblaster audigy card.

whenever I reboot, the order of these devices changes. Sometimes the soundblaster is assoaciated with /dev/mixer , sometimes it's /dev/mixer2 etc. Is there a way to ensure that the devices are always in the same place/order? On a related note, sometimes my usb webcam is video1 other times it's video0 , this also causes problems with tvtime. How can I ensure that my system is the same after each boot? I tried dev rules but couldn't get them to work properly.

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Ubuntu :: Getting 'Desktop Effects Could Not Be Enabled' Error While Trying To Enable 'compiz'

Apr 30, 2010

I am getting following error while trying to enable 'compiz' in 10.4.

"Desktop effects could not be enabled"

Output of [URL]

Gathering information about your system...

Distribution: Ubuntu 10.04
Desktop environment: GNOME
Graphics chip: Intel Corporation 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)


So, it looks like my hardware support all what it needs for Compiz. What else is going wrong here?

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Ubuntu :: Compiz=Enabled,Desktop Effects Not Working Properly?

Jan 19, 2011

Im a new member here.So please don't get mad at me.If i posted on a wrong section(Am I in the right section?) By the way,Here is my problem. My graphic card is Intel 82852/82855.And it passes the Ubuntu Desktop Effects requirement. I am aware of enabling the graphic card in Ubuntu 10.10, Since enabling the drivers was successful. I enabled the desktop effects.After i switched to Normal(Graphic Mode)the screen went blank. Then after i clicked ALT+TAB. there is an option to keep this option or not.I clicked Keep this settings. Then i proceeded in Web browsing(because i'm a web addict). Then i click CTRL+ALT+LEFT/RIGHT For the workspaces to switch. Then i found this 4 square transparent with black margin boxes.Which has a weird distorting effect.That effect is going crazy. Then i rebooted(Hoping to fix the problem).Then it is still there.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Lenovo T400 - Intel Video Card And Compiz - Desktop Effects Cannot Be Enabled

Apr 4, 2010

I'm running Karmic Koala 64 bit on my Lenovo T400 laptop with switchable graphics having both Intel and ATI video cards. I've set my bios to use the intel card only and turned the automatic switching off. So far so good, but I'd like to turn on compiz for basic window animations. When I try to start compiz by selecting


"Appearance Preferences" -> "Visual Effects" -> "Normal"

I get an error message saying "Desktop effects cannot be enabled"


"System" -> "Administration" -> "Hardware Drivers"

doesn't show any new drivers that could be installed. This was working out of the box when I first installed Karmic Koala a few month ago, but things got messed up when I installed the restricted drivers for my ATI card. Now I can enable compiz if I switch to ATI from my bios settings and install the drivers but I don't want to use it due to high power consumption and I've removed the ATI drivers.

Here is my xorg.conf file:


Section "Device"
Identifier "Configured Video Device"


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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: TVTIME Bad (scratchy) Sound - Isn't Clear

Apr 20, 2010

I have an issue with TVTIME's sound, its scratchy , the sound isn't clear. i can hear the sound & even understand, but there is a scratchy noise along with it,I didn't used to get it in ubuntu9.10 & 9.04,i don't have any issues with windows xp even,the tv tuner card is pinnacle PCTV version 5.

INTEL PENTIUM DUAL CORE 2.5GHz,(1GB)EACH 2 RAMS,ASUS INTEL G31 CHIPSET MOTHERBOARD, I have dual boot with WIN XP on another hard drive, xp doesn't give me problems regarding the TV tuner card, i have used UBUNTU 9.04 & 9.10 , they never gave me problems. I switched to openSUSE 11.2 because the internet used to be slow on UBUNTU 9.10. INTERNET on openSUSE 11.2 is working like wonders for me as i use 3G internet from a NOKIA N73 MOBILE.ubuntu was was a touch slower on the internet side. i don't want to shift back to ubuntu ,UBUNTU 10.04 release is just 9 days away. FYI - xine,amarok,vlc,mplayer,smplayer all work fine without any issues,

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Fusion Effects Enabled But Not Working?

Jan 31, 2011

Not quite sure what could be wrong here. The settings are enabled, but none of the compiz functions are working. The were working on Friday. I did some searching but I'm not even sure what the problem is, or how to diagnose it. I'm running 10.10, now.. any help is appreciated. Even if you just tell me what I need to be searching for to find a solution.

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General :: Using Tvtime And Get 'No Signal

Mar 25, 2011

I am using a Hauppauge HVR-950Q and have the device installed and setup in Linux. I cannot however watch over-the-air broadcasts. If I reboot to Windows, I can watch tv (about 15 - 20 stations).I am using tvtime and get 'No Signal'.The device node /dev/video0 is created, what else am I missing?

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Ubuntu :: Get IR Remote Working With TVTime?

Apr 11, 2011

how to get the IR Remote working with TvTime application. I have installed lirc package from synaptic,but dont know how to configure it. IR sensor is connected to TV Card(in PCI slot).Does this needs to be detected first by Ubuntu.if yes,waht command to use to verify its detection?? The remote came with the TV Card(Philips saa7130 chipset)

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Debian :: Add Parameters To Module And TVtime?

Jan 25, 2011

Just installed squeeze from previous Lenny and am having problems. With Lenny, for the tv card, needed: the modudule saa7134 card=54 tuner=78, i.e. had to give it the card= tuner= stuff - it could not autodetect that bit. Squeeze appears the same:

[ 5.055340] saa7133[0]: subsystem: 17de:7253, board: UNKNOWN/GENERIC [card=0,autodetected]
So, question, how do I give it the module options? - the problem is 'modconf' will not unload the saa7134 module because it says it is in use, even though the TV is not being used. And # modprobe saa7134 card=54 tuner=78 does not appear to do anything - it does not say anything but nothing shows on dmesg. Here is how tvtime, a fairly fool proof tv player, behaves:

root@fido:/home/lugo# tvtime
Running tvtime 1.0.2.
Reading configuration from /etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml
Reading configuration from /root/.tvtime/tvtime.xml
mixer: Can't open device /dev/mixer, mixer volume and mute unavailable.


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Software :: TVtime Opens But It Is Frozen?

Feb 15, 2011

I have been using Tvtime for several years and never had trouble with the video until now. Now it opens, but it's frozen. There is no picture and no sound, just a black screen that I can't control in any way. Even to close it, I have to go through the terminal. There are no error messages, however.

I can still get channels using Mplayer, so the tuner should not be the problem. However, it is an Hauppauge 950.

I was using Ubuntu Lucid on both partitions. Initially, one quit, but not the other. About a month later the other quit while I was watching which makes me think it may be something I have simply hit on the keyboard. I have since upgraded to Maverick on one and reinstalled Tvtime to no avail.

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Fedora :: Tvtime: Remembering Volume Across Restarts?

Jul 17, 2010

I'm on Fedora 13 (64 bit) and using tvtime (latest version 1.0.2-13.fc13 installed via yum) which I've managed to get to work with my old WinTV card (bt878 chipset I think) by having it start with its mixer-device set to "hw:0/Line" (the WinTV card outputs the sound via a cable to the Line In socket of the soundcard).

This all works (I can control the volume in tvtime using the left and right keys) except that the volume resets to zero every time I restart. tvtime remembers all my other settings (and the previous volume is even saved in its config file) so I think the issue is related to ALSA/PulseAudio resetting the appropriate mixer (Line In on the internal sound card).

However, I can't find which mixer tvtime is accessing. In 'Sound Preferences', changing the Master Volume affects the sound from tvtime, but none of the other mixers seem to be related to it (and tvtime doesn't appear on the 'Applications' list). I've also tried finding it in alsamixer, which gives me a choice of 'default' (PulseAudio), 'HDA Intel' (the internal sound card) and 'Brooktree Bt878' (the TV capture card) and again the 'Master' and 'Front' mixers do affect the sound, but are not the mixer that tvtime is accessing.

I know this is a very specific and minor thing, but it's a bit annoying seeing as I've got everything else set up near-perfectly.

Or alternately, as a workaround, is there an easy way of creating a script to lanuch tvtime and send some volume up commands (right arrow key) the first time it is run after a restart (but not the times after that)?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Tvtime Configuration For CX8800?

May 4, 2010

setting up tvtime for Conexant Cx8800 based TV tuner cards in Ubuntu 10.04?

I tried all the combinations by modifying the tvtime.xml configuration file but I still get only a Blue screen and no audio.

I also tried with xawtv and the result was same. I have given below the output of xawtv -hwscan.

abhilash@ubuntu:~$ xawtv -hwscan
This is xawtv-3.95.dfsg.1, running on Linux/i686 (2.6.32-21-generic)
looking for available devices
port 88-88


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Tvtime Crash After Upgrading To 10.04?

May 7, 2010

I installed 10.04 from scratch over 9.04 ,keeping /Home. Tvtime no longer works.I unistalled it completly and installed again ,with no results.

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Ubuntu :: TVTime Did Not Show Any Video / Sound

Oct 2, 2010

I have a TV Card from K-World. So i searched many applications for TV featuring MythTV , Zapping but they did not show any video/sound. I Found TVTime and it was okay , but it didn't show sound.

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Ubuntu :: Maverick - Get Sound Out Of Tvtime Time In 10.10?

Oct 18, 2010

How to get sound out of tvtime time in ubuntu 10.10? If so have you also been able to get the internal volume control to work. I just amazed that ubuntu devs would just shut off this functionality that affects much more the just tvtime and not offer a viable alternative. Is there an alternative? I haven't been able to find after a week or so of googling.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Tvtime On PC Using Comcast Cable?

May 3, 2011

I would like to try tvtime on my Dell PC, bu I do not understand how to use the encrypted signal from comcast cable. I realize I will need to purchase a tv capture card. What is the best one for a Intel Core I3? Is there a USB version that will work?My TV is hooked to a TIVO HD box that has a comcast cable card. Is the signal decrypted by the cable card and then is it just necessary to obtain the decrypted signal from the TIVO output?

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Software :: TVtime Television Viewer Not Opening?

May 28, 2010

I installed TVtime in ubuntu 9.10 but it is not openingterminal is giving this message as follows:

kumar@kumar:~$ tvtime
Running tvtime 1.0.2.
Reading configuration from /etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml


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Slackware :: Tvtime With PcHDTV Card Broken 13.1?

Aug 15, 2010

Ever since I upgraded to Slackware 13.1, my previously functional pcHDTV card worked fine. Since the upgrade, however, I get nothing from tvtime except a blue screen and "No Signal."

I saw this thread, which led me to try rmmod'ing related modules for video4linux and my card, but modprobe'ing everything back in didn't solve the issue.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: TVtime - Cannot Open Capture Device

Feb 11, 2010

I have been trying to get tvtime or any tv package to work with my Pinnacle PCTV HD usb but I have not had success. I have correctly installed every driver imaginable. So, here is what it what it comes down to: When I open tvtime it says "cannot open capture device /dev/video0" and the screen is blue. But my usb PCTV HD stick is NOT /dev/video0 so the question is how can I get tvtime to look for the usb tv tuner rather than video0?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: TV Card Works In Tvtime But Not In Other Programs

May 20, 2010

I get perfect picture with Tvtime, but can't watch /dev/video0 with any other programs, I've checked if some proccess use it, and it's not it.

I wan't to watch this with vlc, tv-viewer or other programs to record, but when it doesn't recognize anything!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Low Graphics Mode And TVTime Will Not Launch

Jun 7, 2010

After installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS over the weekend I had some problems, which I subsequently solved and thought I'd mention here.
- First, the dreaded Low Graphics (EE)NOUVEAU(0):Error allocating scanout buffer:-12 which wouldn't allow me to change my monitor resolution.
- Second, TVTime television viewer would not launch at all.

Solution to BOTH of these problems:
From Synaptic uninstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (experimental) and reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nv.
Now everything works!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Sound Continues To Come Even After Quit Tvtime

Nov 2, 2010

I have winfast tv200 expert tv-tuner. I am using TvTime to watch tv through it. verything is working fine except that sound continues to come even after i quit tvtime. is there any solution for it?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Control Tvtime Volume In 11.04 Natty?

Jul 30, 2011

Tvtime built in volume control stopped working in maverick because it depends on kernel support of Open Sound System (oss) and ubuntu kernels are no longer compiled with this turned on.

You can get an experimental deb of tvtime for maverick here:[URL]

which will work with ALSA sound system.

Here is a partial solution I found on the Russian Ubuntu board by Alexandris if you cannot get the above deb to work for you:

tvtime configuration file at /etc/tvtime/tvtime.xml will allow you to reassign the left and right arrow keys to control whole system volume level while tvtime is running.

Make the following changes in tvtime.xml:

1. comment out existing left and right keybindings by enclosingg them with '<!--', '-->' tags:

<bind command="left">
<keyboard key="left"/>
<keyboard key="-"/>


3. save changes to tvtime.xml and start tvtime in a terminal window and see if there is any error messages. The Russian Ubuntu board recommended using "amixer -c default" , but I had to change mine to "amixer -c 0" (the number of my sound card) to get things to work. You might have to do the same...

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Ubuntu :: Compiz Fusion In Xubuntu 9.10 - Enabled Video Driver But Effects Still Aren't Working

Mar 23, 2010

I am extremely new to Linux and cannot seem to get Compiz Fusion working. I am running Xubuntu 9.10. I enabled my video driver but the effects still aren't working.

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Ubuntu :: Visual Effects / Windows XP In GRUB - "desktop Effects Couldn't Be Enabled"

Aug 26, 2010

im using the ubuntu distro and when i goto the visual effects tab and click on normal or extra, it says "desktop effects could not be enabled" also, i have Two hdd's, a 100GB that has windows 7 and ubuntu. and a 250GB that has Windows XP. GRUB didnt notice windows xp though, so its not a boot option.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Tvtime Freezes, No Picture, No Mouse Control?

Feb 11, 2011

I have been using Tvtime for several years and never had trouble with the video until now. Now it opens, but it's frozen. There is no picture and no sound, just a black screen that I can't control in any way. Even to close it, I have to go through the terminal.I can still get channels using Mplayer, so the tuner should not be the problem. However, t is an Hauppauge 950.I was using Lucid on both partitions. Initially, one quit,but not the other. About a month later the other quit while I was watching which makes me think it may be something I have simply hit on the keyboard. I have since upgraded to Maverick on one and reinstalled Tvtime to no avail

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Ubuntu :: Blank Screen And Xorg - Compiz Effects Quit Working

Nov 28, 2010

I have a problem with Xorg, I am not sure if the black screen is related, but sometimes when I am just using the computer, with heavy processor and memory, but sometimes not, but the title bars to the programs disappear, my compiz effects quit working, and the cairo dock becomes unusable, so I cannot switch windows, but I can close them using 'File > Close" to access the windows under the ones on top, and to fix it I have to switch over to a terminal "Ctrl + Alt + F2" and log into that to kill Xorg by "sudo top" and killing it with the PID.

And the Blanking Screen, I am just doing usual programming with Bluefish, Eclipse and the terminal, and the screen will just go black, and won't come on if I wiggle the mouse, press a key on the keyboard or turn it off and back on, the status light on the monitor stays green, and doesn't go to orange as if it were unplugged or the computer went idle, so I know that it is still communicating with the monitor, but the way I fix this is I have to manually power down the machine via the power button and turn it back on and it works normally for a while.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Audio Choppy - Can't Play Any Audio With Amarok When Desktop Effects Are Enabled

Jun 7, 2011

to start off, i'll post the specs of the machine:

dell inspiron e1505
3.2 gb ram
1.86 ghz intel core duo
ati x1400 gfx
opensuse 11.4 kde 32 bit.

okay, here are the details: can't play any audio with amarok when desktop effects are enabled because the minute a window is moved, it will distort the audio. even when disabling desktop effects, some applications still cause this. can't play videos videos even with desktop effects disabled because of the same reason.

i just switched from ubuntu and when i ran version 11.04, i had to disable kms to do anything. i tried on opensuse 11.4 and the audio was flawless but the gfx went all to hell.

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Ubuntu :: Desktop Effects Could Not Be Enabled

Apr 30, 2010

I've just completed a successful clean install of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (32 bit).Out of the box, Desktop effects worked flawlessly.However, after installing the Ati driver from the Hardware Drivers utility, when I try to enable Normal desktop effects (Instead of None) I get a message saying "Desktop Effects Could Not Be Enabled". The Hardware Drivers utility says "Driver is installed and currently in use"

Installing and running glxgears from a terminal gives the error: "Segmentation Fault".The hardware in question is an Ati Radeon 4xxx series (I think it's a 4800 but can't remember exactly)

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