OpenSUSE Network :: Sendmail LDAP Integration (failure)?

Jun 29, 2011

I'm trying to integrate sendmail and openLDAP together. I've followed the guide in O'Reilly's LDAP book and my lookups are good. I think my problem is virtual users. What I'm trying to accomplish is that if an email is sent to joe@host.tld and there is an entry in LDAP for joe then it'll be accepted. Right now, it'll only accept emails only for system users. Below is my (most comments removed)

VERSIONID(`setup for linux')dnl
dnl ## I have a real one
define(`SMART_HOST', `')dnl
dnl #
define(`confDEF_USER_ID', ``8:12'')dnl


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Server :: Integration Between NIS And Sendmail

Jan 20, 2010

i have sendmail & NIS working properly but i donot have centeralized authentication i.e. server user is not able to login from client Desktop and i donot get Global address book of users in mail client when accessing mail.

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Server :: Bugzilla 3.2 Integration With LDAP?

May 6, 2010

I Installed Bugzilla 3.2 on Centos 5.3.I have other window 2003 server (Domain Controller).But it is Windows Small Business Server 2003.i have many OU on that.I want to integrate Bugzilla 3.2 with LDAP.

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Networking :: Training Coarse In LDAP Integration?

Jul 9, 2009

Has any taken and/or recommend a coarse in LDAP integration? I would love if I could make my labs a single sign-on.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Bugzilla Ldap Authentication Integration?

Aug 9, 2010

so I got bugzilla up and running (finally) on an ubuntu server...

but in order to use the ldap integration, you need:

Mozilla::LDAP (aka PerLDAP) Perl module
Mozilla/Netscape LDAP SDK

neither of which exist in the repositories, or anywhere on the internet. the best I could find was a request to build a package from over a year ago...

I did find source that I can build... the Perl module builds and starts to begin the setup process -- but I get stuck at the point where it requires the SDK... which I cannot find anywhere in a plain downloadable form. the one I found seems incomplete:


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General :: LDAP Integration To Test The User Authentication?

Apr 4, 2011

I'm working on a media delivery platform where when a user click on the rstp link of the video,it should sent the request and see if the user is a valid user(using his username and password)

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General :: Troubleshoot Failure Of Ldap Server Start On OpenSUSE 11.2?

Feb 27, 2010

How do I go about to troubleshoot the failure of ldap server start on openSUSE 11.2? I added a custom configuration (through GUI) and now the server does not whant to start with that configuration.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Setup A LDAP Server Using The Yast-LDAP Server Configuration Tool

May 31, 2010

we have a weird problem with our opensuse 11.2 server installation.

We want to set up a LDAP Server using the Yast-LDAP Server configuriation tool.

This indeed already worked weeks ago until....this week.
Maybe some updates??!

I do not know what happend exactly. The server just does not want to start again and throws following error:

Starting ldap-serverstartproc: exit status of parent of /usr/lib/openldap/slapd: 1 failed

This happend after a little check of the configuration, but without a change, with Yast. Google delivered only "reinstall your box"-answers.

So.. i did that. And now the "mystical" part: The SAME ERROR occurs with a fresh vanilla system with a brand new and simple configuration (certificats, database, pw...the first Yast config dialog...). I did not change the way i set it up.

I remember, when i did this the first time with 11.2 on that machine, when no problems occured...everything was running out of the box (except the "use commen server certificate" option...).

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OpenSUSE Network :: Add User From LDAP?

Jan 1, 2011

how to add user to my opensuse 11.3 box from a ldap server ? I used useradd but can't log in with the ldap credentials .

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OpenSUSE Network :: Ldap Authentication With TLS

Jan 24, 2011

I have created a CA on my server then created a server certificate under that then exported it as a common server certificate.I have then gone to my LDAP server and enabled TLS and told it to use the common server certificate.Now on my client I have enabled LDAP TLS/SSL and it's asking me to download a certificate ... from where ? Do I export the certificate to a file and put it on a web server.If so what format as the export offers loads.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Import Users Into Ldap?

Apr 16, 2010

Now I have my ldap server doing authentication and providing autofs maps perfectly the next question ... is there a utility anywhere that will allow me to stuff 1200 users into the ldap server from a csv file

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OpenSUSE Network :: Samba MS LDAP Authentication?

May 7, 2011

On this moment i configure a testenvironment with 1 Microsoft active directory server and 1 Opensuse 11 samba filesharing server. But i have a issue. The samba server is add to the domain and the servers can communicate with eachother. I can login to the domain on the samba server and the LDAP settings tab on yast2 samba configuration tool tell me that samba and the MS LDAP server can communicate with eachother. I can see the shares on the samba server but i can't autenticate myself. When i whant to logon than see i always "domain: domainname.local" and "access denied". My question is now how can i give the MS administrator account rights to view the shares and configure the rights for the other users.Samba config file

PHP Code:


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OpenSUSE Network :: Kerberos + LDAP With YaST?

May 26, 2011

In the OpenSUSE documentation I red this very exciting chapter Chapter 6. Network Authentication with Kerberos That mentions "Using LDAP and Kerberos" which combined with NFSv4 would give my office net functionality of a M$ Win network.

We are still on 11.2 (we have no win clients at all) and I was testing different setups of 11.4 in VM, but I can't get YaST to configure the LDAP with Kerberos setup (our current setup does not use Kerberos only LDAP). Unfortunately I could not find any meaningful HOWTO on how to do it in SuSE. The page in docs involves editing config files, but I would like to avoid this, because from my former experience with Samba, as it would mean I cannot use yast anymore and that is sad.

Is there a way to configure LDAP + Kerberos (in terms of issuing of krb tickets at login) with YaST?

PS: I basically need Kerberos for NFS and Intranet site.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Configured PHP To Use Sendmail - No Email Sent

Feb 2, 2010

I am brand new to sendmail. I have a web application running on APACHE2. I'm told that it uses a PHP mail function to send emails for notifications. I configured my php.ini to use sendmail by adding the following line:
sendmail_path= /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i (I've tried it without the i as well)
As far as the sendmail configuration is concerned, I used the GUI interface provided in the KDE environment (labeled Mail Transfer Agent). I inputted my outgoing mail server's IP address and login information. I also unchecked TLS since my mail server does not use that.

The problem is that no email ever gets sent. The web application states that the email was successfully sent. But I think its because it hands the email to PHP (leaving the responsibility to PHP)...then it believes the email is sent. My mail server uses plain text for authentication. Im not doing anything special with it. I told my mail server to accept connections from my linux box. I also checked my mail server's logs and see that no record of any connection from my linux server is logged.

So it seems my linux server isnt even communicating with my mail server. Both boxes are on the same network. My linux box can ping my mail server just fine. Firewall is disabled. How do I correctly configure sendmail to use an outgoing SMTP server to send emails. And how do I verify that setting works without using the web application I installed? (I want to verify whether or not the issue is with sendmail or the web application). Where do I find sendmail's logs so I can check to see why it's not hitting my mail server?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Create A Backup Ldap Server?

Apr 27, 2010

We have a ldap server which has been running for a couple years now, and I was told to make a fallback / backup ldap server. So should the old one fail we won't be officially screwed.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Password Is Shortened On LDAP Environment?

May 15, 2010

I'm using SLES 10 SP3 with an OpenLDAP directory for user authentication. But every time I try to change the password, SLES tells me that it will be shortened to 8 charactes. I also set the susemaxpasswordlength to 30 within the LDAP. Also changing to MD5 for encryption doesn't fix it.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Mounting NFS Shares According To LDAP Authentication?

Jan 18, 2011

I am posting this as I have tried several times to work this out. I have read article after article, post after post and tutorial after to tutorial to sort this issue. I have an Ubuntu 10.04 machine running as the LDAP and NFS server with two Opensuse 11.3 desktop machines. Both of the Opensuse machines can login using the LDAP server for authentication and this works fine. The server also exports the NFS Shares no problem but I am unable to mount the shares from the Opensuse machines. I have been using Yast, NFS Client to mount them.

Yast NFS Client can see the shares and lists them however when I apply the settings it states:

'Unable to mount entries in etc/fstab' I need to mount the shares according to the LDAP details as I want the users to be able to access their files no matter which machine they login at. Can anyone shed any light on the issue. Any help would be great and I would be enternally grateful as I am now beginning to pull my hear out slightly.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Sendmail - Large Messages Only Queueing?

Jun 24, 2010

I've got a strange sendmail problem I've never come across before...Messages less that 2500 lines (approx 169kb) are sent correctly - anything else goes straight into the queue and is never delivered. The server sits in a intranet, is not connected to the outside world, and forwards its mail to a smart host.All configuration has been done through yast, so there are no unusual settings. I've run sendmail on SuSE from version 6 upwards, and this is the first time I've come across this - it's driving me potty

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General :: Authentication Failure In LDAP After Modification

Jun 3, 2011

I Configured LDAP Server on ubuntu Server 10.04 ,(using url ldap) and Client also it's working fine. After that I changed to ssl encryption and create certificate in server side. Now it's not authenticating from server it's shows Incorrect Password, but I can login though terminal if I am root user ,then it not ask any password it's logon to ldap user. After I changed to ldap server to ssl encryption and made one changes in client side uri ldaps://ip-address/ (/etc/ldap.conf).

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Server :: Verify Configuration For Services (httpd, Sendmail ,ldap ,DHCP, DNS, SQUID)?

Aug 22, 2009

How can I verify the following service configuration files/setup are ok with?(in RedHat)

For example, I can use "testparm" to verify the my samba configuration . I want a similar kind of testing option for the above mentioned options.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Fiddling Around And Unchecked The Lda Api / Cannot Connect To Ldap Server?

Nov 10, 2010

I was fiddling around and unchecked the lda api thingy when I was experimenting with TLS now I can't connect to the ldap server there any way to get it back.

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Server :: LDAP Temporary Lookup Failure When Querying From Postfix

Jul 23, 2011

I configured POSTFIX with DOVECOT, LDAP & Squirrel mail on RHEL 5.5. Iam able to login using LDAP authentication. Now i want to deliver mails locally using LDAP. I configured to query LDAP using transport lookup table (ie.transport_maps=ldap:ldaptransport). it shows the following errors:

warning:dict_ldap_lookup:ldaptransport : search base not found-no such object..
Temporary lookup failure.
ldaptransport Configuration:
server_host=hostname of server


(But same search_base is configure in Dovecot, it is authenticating) I have searched in net, they are telling that some ASCII encoding problem in postfix to LDAP.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: 11.3: KDE Network Management Failure?

Aug 2, 2010

I just changed my power settings so that my laptop would hibernate when I closed the lid... but now KDE Network Manager has decided that it will not allow itself to be enabled. I can get my ethernet connection working through YAST... but I *really* need the wireless to work as well... so can somebody *please* tell me why KNM is being so stupid, and how I can fix it? EDIT: I just realized that I should have put this in the Network subforum...

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OpenSUSE Network :: E1000e In 11.3 Driver Failure

Aug 6, 2010

I ran into a problem that seems to be related to: [URL] with an HP Desktop. The desktop has a Intel 82567LM-3 on board gigabit ethernet adapter which on a fresh install of 11.3 would not operate properly. The e1000e driver was properly detected however on loading, the ethernet interface was never initialized. My solution was to get the latest e1000e driver from Network Adapter Driver for PCI-E Gigabit Network Connections under Linux*


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OpenSUSE Network :: Can Make Yast / Ldap Accept Usernames That Start With Number

Mar 31, 2010

Can I make Yast/Ldap accept usernames that start with a number. All our current users have the format 09-first.last or 10-first.last etc.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Reconfiguring / Recompiling The Sendmail Conf Files But Would Rather Not If It's Not Required + Milter?

Mar 22, 2011

I have gone through a good number of distros all the way back to Slackware but I'm struggling to get my brain moving in the right direction again. I am working to enable sendmail and, from what I've read, it appears that newer version of sendmail are installed with milter but I can't seem to locate this. I am running v11.4 so I'm wondering if this is just not the case? I don't have a problem reconfiguring/recompiling the sendmail conf files but would rather not if it's not required. For the record my ultimate goal is to have the spamassassin and clamav milter's installed and using the home server as our primary email.

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OpenSUSE :: Ldap Via Yast - Ldap-sasl-interactive_bind_s - Local Error - 2

Jul 2, 2010

I took to yast to install ldap. I creating the CA cert, server key and server cert and specified them during the yast ldap server dialogs.

The firewall is open for ldap.

I also went through yast's ldap client ... though I didn't exactly see to anything (presuably it wrote up a configuration file somewhere).

However when trying use the basic ldap tools, like ldapwhoami. Well it doesn't connect and gives me the above error. Of coure the ldap db is unpopulated as yet, so it probably is not able to say who am at all. But ldapadd doesn't work either.

It seems to point to my SSL usage not being correct .. so I'm trying to double check that now.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Zoom USB External Modem Install Failure?

Jul 26, 2010

OpenSUSE 11.1; kernel

Tried to configure via:
Zoom CD driver: 1.06_k2.6.22.17_01_default-1suse.i586.rpm
linuxant driver: dgcmodem-1.13_k2.6.31.5_0.1_pae-1suse.i586.rpm


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OpenSUSE :: Lost Firefox KDE Integration?

Jan 26, 2010

I install Firefox 3.6 from the mozilla/openSUSE_11.2 repo, but F6 didn't work; so, I tried uninstalling it and installing Firefox proper. Of course, none of the KDE integration worked with that; so, I am back at the normal repo's Firefox but no KDE integration (same with Thunderbird). I do have MozillaFirefox-branding-openSUSE, MozillaFirefox-theme-oxygen, and mozilla-xulrunner191-kde4 installed.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Promote A "normal" Installation Of Suse As A Domain Controller With LDAP?

Feb 12, 2010

I wish to promote a "normal" installation of Suse as a domain controller with LDAP so the other computers in my network need to use a centralised username and password to log onto the machines.The only documentation I can find refers back to suse 9.

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