OpenSUSE Network :: Centralized Address Book

Oct 14, 2010

I would like to build a centralized address book for my SOHO server. Is that possible without the use of openLDAP (I would like to avoid that)?My clients will be:Thunderbird, KMail (for KDE 3.5) and webmail.If so, do you have any suggestions/Howtos?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network Login Starter - Set Up A Server - Centralized Username And Password

Jan 21, 2010

I'm new to networks and servers, been using Linux on the desktop for a while now but always relied on the company's IT guy for setting up everyting LAN-based.

Now I want to build up my home LAN, and want to do it with Linux. I've managed to set up LAMP and file share servers.

What I am looking for is information on what I need, and how to set up a server for the following tasks:Centralized Username and Password, that when the user logs into any one of the desktops in the LAN, it uses this for authentication

Something that allows this authentication to be utilized in other servers (file access, web access, router logging, etc.). Something to make it easier for continuing permissions from one service to another. e.g. I have IPCop filtering content, and it has provisions for tracking who is making which request if there is authentication going on. (optionally) to run a script for mounting Samba shares or mapped network drives so from one system to the next. For example, in whatever box somebody logs in, it mounts a server share ("smb://Myserver/users/<username>") to a local folder ("my_user_share").

So;user "fred" ="smb://Myserver/users/fred" and user "wilma" = "smb://Myserver/users/wilma" but both would find their respective one mounted under "~/my_user_share". This would be irrespective of which box they are loggin in with. If the server share location changes (new server/servername), I change it on the server so the next time they log in it points to the right place.

I guess it is similar to Window's Active Directory, though I'm not sure what it's called, how to configure it and what it is and is not capable of doing.

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OpenSUSE :: Where Kmail Address Book Stored

May 27, 2011

I am transferring the contents of my home directory from one computer (KDE 3.5 - openSUSE 11.2) to a new one (KDE 4.6 release 6 - openSUSE 11.4). Since I do not want to transfer all the residual components, I have been doing it in separate chunks. I have successfully transferred all my e-mails from Kmail but cannot find the Address Book file to transfer. Please can someone point to where it is stored.

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OpenSUSE :: Simple Address Book With Images

Sep 2, 2011

OpenSuse 11.4 KDE 4.6.0 Can someone please recommend a simple address database that imports text data and allows storage of, or links to, small jpeg images? Objective - Search names and see associated identity photos.

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OpenSUSE :: Kmail Filters In KDE 4.4 Do Not See Entries In Address Book

Feb 28, 2010

I just installed kde 4.4 and I noted that a filter I had built before does not work as before. The filter classified incoming mail into a "unknown" folder if the "From" and "To" fields matched "is not in address book". Some messages go to the unknown folder that did not before. Has anybody seen anything related to this? I has a look a kde bugs but could not find this described. The addresses are present in kaddressbook, it seems that kmail does not see them?

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OpenSUSE :: Kmail And Address Book Search Function

Jul 28, 2010

When I try to write email, and enter the first few letters of the recipient in the "to:" box, it sometimes but not always autocompletes. i.e., let's say my contact's name is Frederick, his address is e.g. I enter Fred or fred or fre, a couple of addresses come in to the autocomplete drop-down, but not his. After searching all over over to find his address by other means, I start to write it in manually only to find that he IS in my address book (and also in recent addresses), listed under Freddie. I know that the word Freddie is not in his actual address, but what is the point of having a search function if you have to remember the address yourself? In other words surely the drop down search should show display names (as well as any other fields)?

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OpenSUSE :: Unable To Access Address Book When Clicking On Select In K-mail

Aug 22, 2011

I have recently zypper dupped to opensuse 11.4 from 11.3. My only problem is I am unable to access my address book when I click <select> when sending a new message; only recent addresses show in the window that pops up. Even if I select <all> in the list of choices, only <recent addresses> show up. In the useful tips that appear upon opening K-mail it states that if I click on < folders> then < Mailing list management> I will be able to select and manage all of my address books. But when I click on <folders> the <mailing list management> is faded telling me that it is not enabled. My question is what must I do to enable the mailing list management to be enabled? I have enabled mailman with no help.

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OpenSUSE Network :: 11.3 : Iscsi Interferes With The Book Process?

Mar 10, 2011

I am running SuSE 11.3 ( on a Dell Laptop I am using an external NAS (QNAP-809pro) that connects to the laptop via iSCSI When my laptop boots I get an error that stops the boot process and gives me the filesystem repair terminal: ther I have to comment out the iSCSI lines from /etc/fstab and reboot normally. This is my fstab with commented-out iscsi mount lines


/dev/disk/by-id/md-uuid-16c447dd:e92ee13a:7e2f04b9:2688e99d-part5 swap swap defaults 0 0
/dev/disk/by-id/md-uuid-16c447dd:e92ee13a:7e2f04b9:2688e99d-part6 / ext4


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Ubuntu :: Remote Address Book

Feb 15, 2010

I was just wondering if there is a remote address book program or if there is a way to sync abook and gmail (without any manual intervention like Contacts->Export->csv in Gmail).

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Fedora :: Sharing Email And Address Book?

Dec 29, 2009

I want to share 3 email addresses and an address book among 2 users on a small network with 3 computers. Emails come from 3 different POP email accounts. There are 2 users.Each user may use any of 3 computers on the network (2 computers are linux, one is Windows XP). The 2 users have separate userids on the linux machines, but share an account on the Windows machine.

Each user should be able to view, reply to, delete, and otherwise deal with emails from any of the 3 POP sources, regardless of which computer the user is logged on to. Also, each user should be able to view and update entries in the address book, regardless of which computer the user is logged on to. What about using a system like courier or egroupware to retrieve and store the email from the 3 POP sources? Then courier or egroupware could make its mail store (maildir?) available via IMAP to the 2 users via email clients on each of the 3 computers.

The mail would be stored in the single, unique, courier or egroupware maildir store, not in the email clients. So if any user deletes a message or replies to a message, the action is visible to the other user from any computer. Also, emails only need be deleted once, not multiple times from each email client. I have looked at the courier and egroupware documentation, but I can't figure out whether either of them can be set up to retrieve email from 3 POP sources? If they can, how do you do it?

They appear to be email servers that collect emails sent to the domain they are configured to serve? could email clients be setup to share a single mailbox and address book (at least on the linux machines. forget about Windows). I guess the mailbox would lock when any client opened it, so only one client at a time could be active.

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Ubuntu :: Viewing LDAP Address Book?

Jun 29, 2010

Is it possible to view all of the entries in an LDAP Address book at one time (ie in the address book pane) of an email client? I've tried in both Thunderbird and Outlook 2003, and I get the same behavior - the mail client can auto-complete entries, but it can't seem to list the whole address book at once.

Is there a certain structure of the LDAP tree that will grant this support? Can it be done at all? It seems to me an 'address book' that can't be browsed as a whole isn't very effective...

I should add that I'm the one who set up the LDAP server - I'm just testing various capabilities of LDAP.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Address Book In Evolution

Jul 11, 2010

I seem to have lost my Address book in Evolution somehow !! All my addresses have disappeared. Is there some way that I can recover these ?Also how can copy/move/import all my Evolution data over to Thunderbird.

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Ubuntu :: How To Import Address Book Into OpenOffice

Nov 16, 2010

I'm on OpenOffice 3.2 and have read the OpenOffice help doc concerned with this but it refers to the Windoze version.This should make no difference but it seems to, in my case anyway.In the Win version I can see the option to import the Thunderbird address book although I can't actually get it to do it! No such option appears in the Linux version.In fact I seem to be missing a stack of drivers such as SDBC/ODBC etc. Mine is a stock Ubuntu 10.04 install. I added the Openoffice database element but other than that it's all standard.

I'm struggling to believe there isn't a relatively simple way to import an e-mail client address book and print some sticky labels in Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Evolution Missing Address Book

Nov 23, 2010

Recently when I open contacts in evolution the address books won't open, with following error :This address book cannot be opened. Please check that the path /home/david/.evolution/addressbook/local/system exists and that permissions are set to access it.I have checked folders and permissions seem ok. Doing a restore from backup makes no difference.

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Ubuntu :: Transferring Outlook Address Book

Dec 25, 2010

I suffered a permanent crash of WinXP. It won't boot and there's an incomprehensible error message.Anyway, I was able to recover almost all my data and move it over to Ubuntu 10.4 on the same computer. What I could not recover was my Outlook Address Book. I know it is funky to transfer it from one Windows email client to another, but transferring it across OS's seemed almost impossible, especially since I don't have Outlook's Export feature available. Even Google and other webmails needed to have those Outlook address files converted before they could use them.

What would be the plan of least resistance here for a Total Noob? Can I, should I, and how do I transfer the address book to a different computer with Outlook for export before transferring it back on the Linux side?

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Server :: Clean My Address Book Of SquirrelMail

Sep 19, 2010

I would like to clean my address book of SquirrelMail, due to display issue, but I have no idea how to clean it or someone can tell me the file location of addressbook.

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Software :: Kmail Address Book Not Working

May 13, 2011

Using Debian Squeeze
Desktop KDE
I have recently installed Squeeze, and am having problems with the address book in Kmail. When I compose an email and choose select for the recipient it only gives me a list of recent addresses to choose from; the rest aren't shown. In the address book the list of addresses are shown. I'm trying to organize them, but don't see a way to do that. Is this a bug or am I missing something? ON Lenny I would right click and it would give me categories to choose from such as: work, friends, etc. When I imported my contacts from Kmail in Lenny I used: addressbook.ldif

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Networking :: Centralized Authentication For Existing Network ?

Apr 29, 2010

This is what I have... An existing network with about 2 dozen Linux servers, varied distros, and about 3 dozen workstations, the vast majority of which are Windows XP pro, but there is one Windows Vista business, two Ubuntu, one Mac, and soon to be a Windows 7 pro. User accounts vary across all servers. There are 4 samba servers hosting different file shares.

This is what I need to do... I must centralize the user password database for all workstations if possible, if not, at least for all the windows workstations. I also need the user passwords for the samba file shares to be synchronized with those of the workstations. I need to have the workstation/file-share passwords expire every 90 days. I also must centralize the user passwords for all Linux Servers, but this can be done separately and I know there are tools like Kerberos available for this.

Is this possible to do with so many user accounts already existing in so many different places on the network, or would this "centralized authentication" require new user accounts to be created across the network?

If this is possible, what tools/services are the easiest and fastest to set this up with? As usual, I have an urgent deadline looming over me for this project and am trying as hard as I can to avoid the company slipping back into the realm of M$ or other proprietary software to accomplish this. Keep in mind, I don't need any additional services, such as roaming profiles, or anything like that. I really just need a centralized password database that can be referenced by Windows, and the Samba file shares.

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Fedora :: Evolution Address Book Permissions Denied

Apr 17, 2009

Just started using Fedora 10 and having a problem with evolution address book.I have checked the permissions on 'system' but they seem ok - owner was set to rwx, I changed the other permissions just to check but still get the error.Not sure what to check now as it claims its a permission error but the permissions seem ok.

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Fedora :: Evolution Has Doubles In Address Book Selection

Dec 12, 2009

After upgrading two different machines from F11 to F12, one x64, one 32, I found that when I create an email and hit "To:" I see two entries for every entry in my contacts; anyone else see this problem?On the 32 bit, on a new account, I did an import contacts from a csv file, I see doubles and I do not see all my contacts.

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Fedora :: KMail - Default Address Book Not Showing Up

May 14, 2010

Here's a good one. Using KMail when I open a new message and click on 'Select' it doesn't seem to be giving me all of my contacts from KAddresbook. Just ones I have sent mail to. That's under the all contacts tab. If I try to select default address book it shows nothing.

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Fedora :: Calendar / Address Book App Which Synchronizes With Phones?

Jun 10, 2010

I was wondering what smartphones do people have and what applications are they using with them.
Is there a calendar/address book application which synchronizes with the phones?
I've used a Palm Pilot with J-Pilot before. Would it work with an iPhone or Blackberry or Nokia N900?

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Fedora :: Can't Seem To Get Open Office To See The Evolution Address Book?

Dec 3, 2010

Running Fedora 14 (64bit) - can't seem to get open office to see the evolution address book. Any ideas what extra component I need to install to get the connection working?

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Ubuntu :: Restore A Corrupt Thunderbird Address Book Using PHP?

Feb 2, 2010

My address book recently got corrupted and I was unable to restore the e-mails, however looking at my abook.mab file I could see that all of the e-mail addresses were in there. I wrote a php script to create a new tab delimited text file, which you can import into Thunderbird. I used it to recover about 7300 contacts and it seems to work well for the most part. Just change 'abook.mab' to point to your actual corrupt abook.mab file or put it in the same directory as the script.


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Ubuntu :: Adding New Contact To LDAP Address Book?

Feb 23, 2010

I have my own LDAP server with my address book on it. Everything work fine, also with Evolution. I can read and edit my contacts. One thing doesn't work: I can not add a new contact to the server through Evolution.Getting an Permission denied error.

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Ubuntu One :: Evolution - Cannot Sync - Address Book Does Not Exist

May 1, 2010

I installed Lucid and went to Ubuntu One from Me menu, clicked manage account, did not get a message to add the computer. After reading a few threads I deleted two Ubuntu One password tokens from the password and encryption keys in applications-accessories. I have not yet been able to get the Ubuntu One contacts in Evolution to work. It always says the address book does not exist. Additionally when I try to sync a file it says 'syncing' but just sits there on 0% doing nothing.

I have tried a fresh install and still have the same problems (I deleted the passwords again to allow me to add the computer). I have tried purging ubuntuone* and reinstalling after deleting the config directories, still no luck. I have tried adding another email address to the single sign on and tried logging in but again this did not work.

I do have another PC I am using now that can connect to Ubuntu One on a different user name and account (in other words nothing to do with the other computer), and I have noticed there is a password entry marked 'desktop couch user authentication' which I do not have on the other computer.

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Ubuntu One :: Cannot Remove Contacts From Evolution Address Book

Oct 21, 2010

Looks like many people had issues in deleting multiple contacts from evolution-couchdb-ubuntuone address book. I had an issue (on more than one pc, and different ubuntu one accounts) and can't recognize if there are related posts. Something is messed up, but why? The reason why I'm opening a new thread is to ask: is gnome-keyring manager expected to have two entries for couchdb in the default behavior?

I want to erase my address book. After Ctrl+A > Ctrl+D > Yes and no effect, I can't delete single nor multiple contacts. Evolution states:
"Eliminazione del contatto non riuscita. Altro errore"
In Italian that means: Cannot delete the contact. Other error. (Maybe: undefined eror, unexpected error in en localization).

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Ubuntu :: Kontact - How To Get Contacts Into Kmail Address Book

Nov 18, 2010

Using Ubuntu 10.10
Added a LOT of names and addresses into Kontact Contacts. Now, how do I get these names and addresses into Kmail address book?

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Ubuntu One :: Error: Unable To Open Address Book

Jun 13, 2011

When trying to copy my personal address to CouchDB I get this error: Unable to open address book. This address book cannot be opened. This either means that an incorrect URI was entered, or this server is unreachable. Detailed error message: Invalid source

I have been trying (since 10.04!) to sync my Evolution contacts. UbuntuOne seems to be the most promising way of doing that automatically, however, I completely fail at accomplishing this seemingly simple task. I have NEVER been able to successfully back up my address book to UbuntuOne. Note: all other sync works fine. It's just Evolution that is seemingly smarter than I am. Thing I have done to solve the issue:

- Upgraded from 10.04 to 11.04
- All three steps from this article:
- Cuss and swear and roll my eyes, mutter a few unrepeatable curse words about Canonical and their mothers.

None of this has solved my issue.

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Server :: Regarding Squirrel Mail Global Address Book?

Apr 5, 2011

I have configured qmaill with mysql database and i am using squirrel mail as a webbase client. I have used qmailadmin to create users email id. user which are create using qmailadmin or vpopadmin are able to login into squirrel mail webbase client. But I am not see those user in squirrel mail global address book. please help and provide me prodedure to create global addres book where i can see all user created using qmailadmin or vpopmail.

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