OpenSUSE Install :: Clock Not Showing Correctly The Time

Jan 12, 2010

I have this problem for a while but didn't notice it until lately(i did reboot the machine for few months). Now that i reboot it frequently i notice that the clock is always not what is supposed to be. I'm in Toronto, Canada so it should be GMT -5:00. Sometimes it shows GMT-6, sometimes -10, now is GMT -11. Anyone would know why i have this issue? I'm running Suse11.1 on a 64 bit. My laptop which runs on 32 bit is working fine.(well probably different versions for kernel and kde.(whatever was in th repository to be updated i updated)
Version 4.3.4 (KDE 4.3.4) "release 2"

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Fedora :: 11 Clock Showing Local Time + 2h

Aug 10, 2009

Before my windows clock was at local time + 2h. Now my Win clock is ok but my F11 clock is at local time +2h. What happened?!

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Ubuntu :: New Install But Nvidia Card Not Showing Desktop Correctly

Dec 15, 2010

My desktop is off to the left and there is a space at the right. How do i correct this. I know i have done this before but i forgot. I looked at the 'Nvidia x server settings' but i have never figured the things in that out!

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OpenSUSE :: Time / Clock Resets - Random On 11.3

Sep 3, 2010

I done searches for "clock" and found similar threads, but no real fix that is working for me. My clock resets when I boot into linux. It does not happen in windows or bios even on cold boots. The battery is replaced and good** the old battery was by all measures dead (0.6v), but still seemed to have enough power for the clock, since windows tested fine with it.

I have tryed setting it to local time, UTC.. etc... My timezone is GMT (london). "sudo /sbin/hwclock --systohc" Although I have windows, I do not use it except the few times to test this, so no conflict.

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Ubuntu :: Install Applications Correctly The First Time?

Mar 19, 2011

Background information: So you know how we choose from a list what applications we want associated with a file type? It's a menu full of applications.I've filled mine with different applications I've reinstalled. There are many repeats of application names, with the only difference being most of them don't work. This is due to changing the installation location, via WINEPREFIX. No biggie.I'm also using Ubuntu 10.10. It's very nice!

Problem: How in the world do I get rid of these unwanted list items? It's very hard to find the ones that are good.

Plan B: The easiest solution, so far, is to reinstall ubuntu and install these applications correctly the first time. Then I won't have all of those repeats.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 : Conky Clock Is Not Sidplaying Correctly

May 9, 2011

I just installed conky and followed a set of instructions to get the NightDrive theme setup. Everything looks alright except that some of the text and the clock are off. Been experimenting with different values but I am not really knowledgeable in coding as of yet. Anyone give me an idea of where in the conkyrc I can adjust the x, y for the clock?

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Fedora Hardware :: CPU Clock Speed Not Being Correctly Detected

Dec 24, 2010

I'm a very new Fedora user, and I've stumbled upon an issue which I can't seem to resolve. Having had a good look through similar issues, I'm still stuck.I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo M3438G laptop, upon which I've recently installed Fedora 14. It seems to work great apart from one thing; CPU speed. The processor in the laptop should run at 2GHz. At the moment, it's running at 600MHz, and I simply can't get it any higher.

I've played around with power profiles a bit, not really knowing what I'm doing, but the issue seems to be that the CPU is somehow reporting to the Operating System that it's top speed is 600MHz.The BIOS on this laptop is very limited, and doesn't give me any clocking options whatsoever, so I can't manually set things like multipliers, etc.So, I guess my first question would be - how does the OS find out what the processor speed is, and is there any way of manipulating the top speed? Surely there must be a way for Speedstep compatible processors to exceed their initial clocks?

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Ubuntu :: Get The Gnome Panel Clock To Work Correctly

Oct 30, 2010

I recently installed 10.10, and I have not been able to get the gnome panel clock to work correctly. I will set it to the correct time, but every time I reboot it will be wrong by several hours. I have never had a problem in previous versions and I have always set the clock by right-clicking on the clock -> Preferences ->Time Settings. Am I doing something wrong or is there an easy way to synchronize with a time server?

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Ubuntu :: Clock Widget's Calendar Not Positioned Correctly

Nov 30, 2010

In the attached picture, notice the clock widget's calendar is not positioned correctly. How can I fix this?This happened after upgrading both my laptop and desktop to 10.10.

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Ubuntu :: Clock Isn't Showing Up?

Mar 8, 2011

I've finally returned to Ubuntu after leaving it in 2005 because of compatibility issues, but now I'm back and am hoping to stay. My experience with Ubuntu has been great by far and I can safely say that it has improved since '05. Anyway, I'm just wanting to fix this minor little occurrence I just had. You see, the Ubuntu clock and weather isn't appearing anymore. It was there and I don't even remember seeing it removed until now. I don't recall doing anything other than browse the web at the moment and I do recall the time being there before I did some surfing. Anyway, My name is still listed in the upper-right corner of the screen still. Just not the time. Did anyone else have this problem and know of a fix?

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OpenSUSE :: Clock Time If Off Despite Using "set Automatically"

Feb 23, 2011

I have my clock set to use "Public Time Server (" but it's actually off by 10 minutes (and I think it's getting off by more and more each day).I had previously had it set manually, but it was getting off by more and more every day, so I thought using automatic time set would fix the issue.

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Fedora :: Icons Are Not Showing Up Correctly In Various Places?

Jun 20, 2011

I have a strange problem, icons are not showing up correctly in various places, attaching some screens to better show the problem.

Anything I open that has a notification icon, just appears exactly the same, as you can see in one of the screens even hovering over certain things brings up that same icon...

Edit: After some searching I see it's an nvidia bug...

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Fedora :: Fonts Not Showing Up Correctly In Web Browsers

Jun 20, 2011

fonts not showing up correctly in web browsers and the likes, more specifically bold fonts. On some sites, these show up correctly, but on others, they don't. I have no idea what's causing this, as it seems to have happened without me doing anything (like, literally, I opened a terminal window, then went back to my browser (Chrome, but I suppose that doesn't matter, as it happens on all browsers) and the problem showed up. Note that these fonts used to show up just fine.

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Fedora :: Vim Not Correctly Showing Status Line

Sep 7, 2011

I am running Fedora release 14 (Laughlin) and my Vim version is 'VIM - Vi IMproved 7.3 (2010 Aug 15, compiled Nov 16 2010 17:05:33)'. I've been trying for quite some time to get a more informative status line in my Vim window but to no avail. I am pasting my very last effort which is as simple as possible. Here is my .vimrc file:

set statusline=%B
set laststatus=2
Here is what the status line shows:


The .vimrc file does get processed, I've tried many other 'set statusline' combinations but everything failed.

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Ubuntu :: Buttons Not Showing Correctly In Internet - Bug?

Apr 30, 2010

Well I was currently using Ubuntu 9.10 and up until just before the release of 10.04 it was allowing me to view what is now my problem. I attend an online school so this is a big problem for me. I can not view a course button that accesses my course. I was able to view these buttons a while ago in 9.10 but then I couldn't anymore and still can't in 10.04.

I tried results in Firefox, Opera and Konqueror and nothing is different. Here is a picture for what I am trying to show: [URL] The button should be in the lower left of that frame. It is not a website error because it works perfectly on my Windows box. Is there a quick fix like Javascript that is not showing correctly or something similar? AT first I thought it was a theme problem but I changed my theme and no different.

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Ubuntu :: Prevent Weather From Being Requested While Still Showing Locations And Timezones On Clock Map?

Sep 20, 2010

I like the clock applet in my system tray. It's nice to pull it open and see the time in other locations.

However, because of bandwidth, I'd like for it to stop requesting weather updates.
Is there a way to prevent the weather from being requested while still showing the locations, and timezones on the clock map?

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Fedora :: LVM Not Showing Correctly - Takes Up More Disk Space Than The PV

Jul 28, 2011

I've just managed to compress my LVs, extend my VG to my new SSD, move the LVs to the SSD and remove the old disk from the VG. All is well and good (mind you, I did kill my /home partition but it's sorted now...)

My next step was to shrink the PV (I think that's what I want to shrink?) so that I can add another partition to the SSD (to reduce compile times). See below for my current setup. I have a 35G PV with LVs totalling around 33G but the "partition" of the LVM is still 58G.


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Ubuntu :: Server Gui - Why The Title Bars Are Not Showing Up Correctly

Feb 13, 2011

why the title bars are not showing up correctly like this:

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Software :: Application Icon In Panel Bar Is Not Showing Correctly

Jun 6, 2011

I found that some application icons in the panel bar (at the bottom) is not shown correctly, which makes it hard to tell which application it is when I iconify that application. For example, the emacs application icon in panel bar used to be like a goat head. But now it looks like a generic icon, which I cannot tell it is an emacs application. I attached a screen shot here to show this issue.

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Fedora :: Cannot Set Time Of Clock

Jul 29, 2009

When installing I perhaps mistakingly told Fedora it should use the BIOS clock and now it shows the wrong time, 1 hour ahead of my time-zone GMT+0. If I try and go to the preferences and set the time the 'Advanced Options' one of which I need are grayed out, I need the 'Use local time source' option to be unchecked. Could somebody tell me a workaround or the command-line commands to tell it not to do this anymore?

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CentOS 5 :: Clock Changes Time Regularly

Mar 19, 2010

I have noticed my system time changes very often. Usually it's only by a minute or two.

If i'm watching date I see things like this :

$ date
Fri Mar 19 12:26:59 EDT 2010
$ date
Fri Mar 19 12:25:23 EDT 2010
$ date


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OpenSUSE Install :: Clock Messed Up 2 Hours Early Or Forward - Idk

Jun 14, 2010

i probably messed up the clock somehow... I think during install. Linux keeps messing up windows clock... And vice versa... When the clock in windows is correct (say, 2 PM), the clock in Linux when i reboot says 4 PM... And when i set up the clock in Linux to the correct time (in this case 2 PM) and boot into windows, windows clock says 12 PM...

Of course, when i correct it in windows, linux clock gets messed up again... 2 hours early or forward, idk... I'm not sure what i did to make this happen... Maybe has something to do with hardware clock... I don't wanna constantly correct time whenever i change systems...

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.2 - How To Partition Correctly

Dec 31, 2009

I want to intall openSuse 11.2 and I don't know how to do the partition correctly. My PC run with windows vista.
This is how I made the partition:
dev/sda1: windows
dev/sda2: linux /
dev/sda3: linux swap
After the installation openSuse don't boot!

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Debian :: KDE Desktop Time/clock Settings?

May 18, 2010

Trying to adjust my clock settings!I am running KDE 4.4.3 on Squeeze, on an 64bit laptop.(I used the AMD64 net install version)How can I fix the time settings so it shows 5:00pm instead of 17:00:00So far I have not been able to find a cure

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Debian :: Clock Keeps Losing Correct Time?

Sep 21, 2010

When I boot into Debian (lenny) my clock is always 4 hours slow. Whether I set it manually, or set it to get it's time from the network, the next time I boot into debian, it's back to being 4 hours slow.

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Fedora :: Clock - Can't Get Accurate Time On Systems

Jul 7, 2009

I have dual boot on my comp. Windows XP and Fedora 11 Now in both systems time zone is set to Belgrade ( which is my time zone), but when I setup clock in fedora to be, let's say 16.15h, then when I swich to windows it says time is 14.15h. When I setup in windows on 16.15h, and I swich to fedora, it says time is 18.15h. So I can't get accurate time on both systems in no way.

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Fedora :: Show Clock To Civilian Time?

Nov 12, 2009

By default, Fedora 11 sets my clock to military time. For example it says 16:22. I would like it to show civilian time (or at least know how to do it) I logged into the clock settings and had to put in the root password, but couldn't find where you do this. If you scroll on the time for hours, it just goes from 0 to 23 and back, not to AM and PM like some others.

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Ubuntu :: Clock Time Is Wrong At Start-up?

May 30, 2010

Everytime I reboot Ubuntu,the clock is behind by two hours and needs to be manually set. Is there a way to fix this?

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Ubuntu :: System Clock Will Not Set To Local Time

Aug 15, 2010

Try as I might I cannot seem to get the system clock to display local time. It looks like it's stuck on GMT. In the System>Administration>Time and Date I have my local time zone set correctly and also set to update automatically with an appropriate time server selected. It still displays my local time +5 hours (I'm central time, USA).

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Ubuntu :: Plasma Clock Not Same As System Time

Feb 16, 2011

I restored my .kde directory after changing some stuff unrelated to my clock and now all plasma clocks are exactly 5 hours faster than my system time (the correct time).I've set the time zone for Date&Time in System Settings properly and that's working well and I've ALSO gone into the time zone settings for the plasma widgets and switched between UTC and Local manually but that doesn't do anything.

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