OpenSUSE Install :: Unable To Login To Sled 10.1 After Power Outage - Error In Module

Aug 16, 2010

Our Sled 10.1 server is running as a VM on VSpher 4. After a power outage we can not log into the server we get the Error in Module message. I can however disable the nic card for the server in the vm console and the system logs in with no problem.

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OpenSUSE Install :: EXT4 And Power Outage - No Longer Mount At Boot-up

Sep 24, 2010

Due to a power outage, my EXT4 file systems (which contain /usr and /opt) no longer mount at boot-up. They are, however, seen by disk utility in Knoppix, so I assume the data is still there and that it's just matter of making a connection to it.

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Boot After Power Outage?

Aug 12, 2011

My computer was on when the power went out. I am not able to boot into ubuntu 11.4 install since that happened. I also have debian 6 and ubuntu 11.10 installed on the same machine and both boot just fine.

The machine boots as normal but stops with the line "disconnected from Plymouth". After the machine just sits there with a blinking cursor. I cannot start another terminal. Is my only option to reinstall.

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Slackware :: Power Outage - Get "Login Problem, Please Login Manually" When Try Use KPackage

Aug 15, 2010

While I was installing some packages, the power in my street went out (uncleanly killing my system) ... unfortunately Kpackage was open at the time of the power outage. Now when I try to use KPackage, I get "Login Problem, Please Login Manually" ... which does not allow me to login using either the root or user's password. I have rebooted my computer many times and have even run a 'reiserfsck /dev/*** --fix-fixable' on my system, which did not repair the problem.

I have researched this error, but have only found responses that people suggest changing the KPackage behaviour from 'su' to 'sudo' ... ; while this does work, it feels like a 'putting-a-band-aid-over-a-warning-light-so-I-can't-see-the-warning-light-anymore' kind of 'fix?' which isn't good as it would enable anyone using the system to add or remove packages without thought or consequence. What I would prefer to do is actually fix the problem so that proper root password entering is again required to add or remove packages, so my question is:

1. Does anyone know if KPackage 'locks' out a file(s) on the system which may be preventing me from logging into the program correctly, and if so what and where the file(s) may be?

2. Can I delete any kpackage (profile?) file to gain normal login behaviour again?

3. Is this a permissions error?, has something in users/groups? been broken that I can look into?

4. how I may be able to properly repair this KPackage login problem on my system?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: APC UPS Won't Restart After Power Outage

Dec 22, 2009

Installed new APC Back-UPS CS 350 on single server running openSUSE 11.2 64-bit and configured NUT 2.4.1 (SUSE package) according to instructions. When testing, NUT shuts down the server correctly and instructs the UPS to power down. UPS does so after some 20s delay, everything without errors. But after restoring main power, even after waiting for 1/2h UPS does not by itself turn on again, all LEDs are dark. One has to manually press the UPS's power button, which makes server and monitor run again immediately. What could be wrong that prevents UPS from turning itself on again?

Below output of upsc:


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OpenSUSE :: 11.4 - Time And Date Disappeared With Systray After Power Outage

Jun 23, 2011

We got a power outage yesterday. When my PC went back on, I noticed the Date and Time display disappeared along with the System Tray. How do I get these back? By the way, I only see the icons for printer, networkmanager and pulseaudio applet on the Taskbar at the bottom.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Replacing SLED 10 SP1 With 11?

Sep 9, 2010

I have recently purchased an MSI U100 Netbook with SLED10 & upgraded to SP1. I have had a number of issues trying to upgrade to SP2. So many I had to go back to factory settings & re-upgrade to SP1! I spend several hours daily trying to resolve basic usability issues with internet and multimedia. This is not how I wish to spend the next 12 months traveling with the Netbook. I am at a point where I am about to take the easy option, ditch SLED & install Windows XP OS on the Netbook. I would rather stick with the Linux base if i can.Is it possible for me to download OPENSuse 11 on the SLED 10.1 OS without and dependency conflicts?

Is it advisable? Will many of my multimedia issues disappear [I can't even upload .jpeg, .avi or .mov files from my camera to my blog and my generic MP3 player is not recognised even as a mass storage device ] Would I have to completely uninstall SLED to install OpenSuse or are they compatible? If I have to uninstall how?!

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Slackware :: No Network After Power Outage

Jun 21, 2010

I have a slackware 12.2 server. We had some really rough storms this weekend that took the power out for many hours. The UPS that it was connect to gave up the ghost and the server went down hard. I powered up the unit and it some up fine but with no network. Ifconfig -a shows that it only knows about the lo interface. Both integrated gig ethernet ports are missing. I am not a slackware expert. Need to figure out what is needed to get it back on the network. dmesg | grep eth0 shows nothing. Nor eth1. ifconfig eth0 returns no such device.

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Fedora :: Slow Performance After A Power Outage

Aug 7, 2010

My computer is running really slow after a power outage. It was fine, then the power went out. Now it's *unabably* slow. The OS takes a long time to load, the simple calculator takes a few minutes to show up, Firefox doesn't even load at all before I give up. And it won't shut down normally. I have to use the power button.

So did the power outage fry somthing on my PC. Do I have ot replace RAM or the processor? Or is it a software issue? Do I have to do something as drastic as a reimage?

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Ubuntu :: Power Outage Causes Synaptic Freeze

Aug 3, 2010

A 2sec service interruption was enough to cold-crash my PC and its given me a few issues, most I have solved but Synaptic is freezing up. I can get into Synaptic if I go to the terminal and become root with sudo -i If I do it through Gnome it show a frozen-screen version of synaptic like the image I posted with this. Right after the outage (it cold-crashed my PC) I used to get a message box that would pop up when I tried to shut off the PC (I have enclosed images to illustrate) but I have since overcame that problem.

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Ubuntu :: Low Graphics Mode After Power Outage?

Mar 16, 2011

So the power went out at my house recently, and my home theater PC seems to have taken a blow. We had it on a surge protector, which didn't blow so that's fine, but it keeps telling me its in low graphics mode, and I can't seem to fix it for the life of me. I could reinstall ubuntu, but I have a bunch of movies and music on that drive that I want to keep.

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Ubuntu :: After A Power Outage Fails To Boot?

Jun 7, 2010

After a power outage Ubuntu fails to boot. How can I resolve this ? Is there a safe mode method to resolve the booting problem?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04: File System Failure After Power Outage

Jun 8, 2010

I recently installed Lynx 10.04 amd64. Twice now, my entire file system has become unusable -- each time after a short power outage (2 seconds).

In the first setup, I had two primary partitions: 1) / that was ext4; 2) /home that was ext4.

In the second setup, I changed the /home to ext3.

Both times, after booting up following the power outage, I received a message saying that "serious errors" were found in /home. But, after several reboots, I was able to login and use the system. Then, some time later, I would started getting "Read Only" messages when trying to write to the file system.

fsck gave the following message: "/home terminated with status 4". I received numerous "I/O error" on sda messages.

My question: Is this vulnerability due to using ext4 or is it related more to something else in Lynx 10.04? Further, what can I do (other than buying a power backup device) to avoid my file system becoming unusable after a power outage?

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Ubuntu :: Power Outage - Uuids Changed - No Gigabit

Jul 14, 2010

I come with questions to try out the wonderful forum support I keep hearing Ubuntu has! I figure this is a convenient time to ask, since I am soon to swap the UPS on my Ubuntu box. This all refers to Ubuntu 9.04. You see, not too long ago, I had a couple of power outages, and suffice to say, despite the efforts of my UPS, I didn't get to shut down my Ubuntu box properly on either occasion. After the first one, when I powered the computer back on it failed to boot. Some googling of the error message led me to find that the UUIDs Ubuntu assigns to things like hard drives, which are not SUPPOSED to change, had in fact changed. From an archived thread here I found out how to find out what the new ones were, and slapped them into my FSTAB hoping that'd be the end of it.

(Partitions/Drives affected: hda2, hdb) It wasn't. Ubuntu came up with new errors to throw at me. This time, it threw the "bad superblock/wrong fs type" error that I'm used to seeing when I fudge a mount command. It appeared to be the same anyway, it went by so fast I couldn't really read it, sure wish the pause button worked. The gui did finally load, but showed no sign of the affected drives.

I found that if I commented out the affected drives in the fstab, they would appear in the gui, ready and mountable and apparently just fine. I've double-checked the UUIDs. The new UUIDs I put in fstab match the new UUIDs that the vol_id command reports. What is wrong with my fstab? Why won't it mount them automatically? (I'll post both versions as an attachment)

Another minor problem is for some reason I can't get privoxy running anymore. I've temporarily taken to running the Windows version in wine. I seem to remember I had a helluva time getting the linux version to work in the first place anyway, so I think I'll just keep running the windows version in wine. Most importantly, what can I do to prevent this happening again? Debian Sarge never gave me such trouble (and my deb box suffered quite a few improper shutdowns too). Ubuntu's based on Debian. What gives?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Reconnecting Wifi After Power Outage?

Feb 10, 2011

I am using ubuntu 9.10. in my area there are frequent power outage. So my wifi get disonnected as the router stops. And it asks for security code. So when power comes the router starts but i have to manually write the security code and connect to wifi again. how i can make the computer to auto connect to wifi after power comes.

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General :: Windows Xp Failed To Restart After A Power Outage?

Sep 29, 2010

I have thought about it many times but just never found enough guts to attempt using it before..but necessity is the mother of invention so here I am.

I have a Dell PC with windows Xp that failed to restart after a power outage it went into auto restart and caught itself in a loop of restarts and wont see the hard drive so therefore will not start up in windows at all I downloaded feather Linux onto a cd and it does start the PC In Linux but I cant seem to figure out how to find the hard drives in the pc to get the info off of it

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Ubuntu Servers :: After A Power Outage, Server Gets Hung In GRUB?

Feb 10, 2010

When power was restored after an outage, my server (running Ubuntu server 9.10) started back up & got stuck in the GRUB menu ("Version 1.97~beta 4" I think) - it didn't do that countdown & auto-select the top item like I'm used to. Just stayed there, and since the server is headless, I had to dig out my monitor & hook it up to see what was wrong.

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Ubuntu :: Screen Resolution Stuck After Power Outage / Solve This?

Feb 11, 2010

So yesterday, I my power went out on my desktop and when I rebooted, the screen resolution was stuck at 640x480. When I go to the display settings, no other higher options are available. Any suggestions?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Failed Initramfs After Upgrade And Power Outage?

Aug 6, 2010

did an update from ubuntu 8 to 10.04, this has failed. At boot there is initramfs error with prior message saying.

alert /dev/disk/by-uuid/-the_uuid does not exist dropping to shell (initramfs) I boot to livecd and check disk uuid and compared it to the fstab and it is correct, is there anywhere else this uuid but have been corrupted or any issue that may cause this issue. note there was power cut during upgrade but this occurred when upgrade should have finished.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Restore Network / Internet Connection After Power Outage

Jan 31, 2010

Sometimes either due to a power outage or due to lightning I turn off my Wimax modem and continue to use my laptop on the battery.Then when I turn the modem back on, there is no internet connection.Here's what I've tried:

1. turn off and on the network connections - right-clicking on the icon on the bar on top of my screen.

2. turn off and on the dsl-provider connection - no effect.

3. When I tried to re-do pppoeconf, it says that there's no response from the concentrator.

This has happened a few times in the past and the only thing I can do to go online again is restart the computer. And it works.Now on Windows, the double-computer icon showing a network indicates connectivity AND data movement. Unfortunately we don't have this on Ubuntu.I'm just after a restart and I'm online now. But I'd like to know if there's a way around this without having to restart.

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Hardware :: Eth0 Dead After Power Outage - Eth1 Works But No Connection

Oct 10, 2010

I setup a mythbuntu pc with an onboard card (eth0) so I could watch and listen to movies and music stored on my other pc in the basement. Everything worked fine until we had a power outage. I turned on the pc after the outage and had no networking.

I looked and saw no link lights. I verified the network port but plugging in a laptop. I got an ip and able to connect to the internet so the port is not the issue. I plugged in a pci 10/100 card (eth1) and booted up, got link lights, but no networking and not able to even ping the gateway. I setup a static ip in /etc/network/interfaces and added a route to the gateway/router. Still nothing.

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CentOS 5 :: Edit Bios - Compaq Evo 5.4 Web Server Fails To Restart From A Power Outage

Jun 7, 2011

I have a small problem on my Compaq Evo Centos 5.4 web server. The web server runs just fine, the problem is it fails to restart from a power outage. Simple edit the BIOS. No! For a reason I can't think of the keyboard stops working after a few key strokes following the F10 to enter BIOS setup. Then its a power cycle. If left to BOOT the PC and keyboard are fine. After hearing about viruses which get to the BIOS I will ask can NIX get that far so I can adjust the Power ON?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Error - Module Is Unknown - How To Fix It

Apr 20, 2010

After installing ncl 2 sp2, I restarted my computer. Now when I try to login I am getting the following error:Module is unknown. I am running openSuse 11.2 64-bit.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Invalid Module Format - FATAL: Error Inserting P4_clockmod

Jan 10, 2010

I have a problem with loading the powersaving kernel module p4-clockmod.ko. When I try inserting the module (via modprobe or insmod) I get FATAL: Error inserting p4_clockmod (/lib/modules/ Invalid module format The module has been compiled together with the kernel. Other modules load with no problem at all. I've tried recompiling the kernel (after re-installing the sources, make xconfig from scratch) - no avail. There's only one kernel source package installed. Searching the forum and google didn't yield a helping answer.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Booting With Bootsplash Turned Off / Sending Error FATAL: Module Ata_piix Not Found?

Dec 20, 2009

while booting with bootsplash turned off there's a message "FATAL: Module ata_piix not found FATAL: Error running install command for ata_piix" .Though everything works fine i'd like to know what does this message mean and is there a way to disable loading of ata_piix whatever it means.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Install Error - Config Defaults For GNOME For GNOME Power Manager Have Not Been Installed Correctly

Mar 4, 2010

Things were running fine until GNOME misbehaved;

GNOME failed to load telling me:

Install error, Configuration defaults for GNOME power manager have not been installed correctly.

So I


To the shell and check the logs in gdm and find this:

Could not ask power manager if user can suspend, launch helper exited with unknown return code 0.

So I try


To see if another user will get the desktop; I get the error

Cant create etc/passwd no space left on device.

So I


And get the following

I insert a usb drive to prepare for back up; Run


On the shell to get the usb device name; Then run


To mount the device.

I end up with:

Cant create lock file /etc/mtab~ 4610 No space left on device(use -n flag to override)

So, I


And see 9 partitionitions


Again to check which ones are loaded at boot up time and get

plus some other file systems mounted at boot up, but not mapping to any physical partitionition.

I try


On partition9 and get warnings because its mounted, so I chicken out and try


And run into the error:

cant create lock file /etc/mtab~4832 no space left on device (use -n flag to override)

Good thing is there is a


Since space is a problem, I


On partition6 which is not mounted at boot up time and try to


I still get the error

cant create lock file /etc/mtab~4735 no space left on device (use -n flag to override


For package update tells me

cant open /var/run/ in mode w


For power management tells me its not even recognised as a command.

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Ubuntu :: 'Power Manager Still Running' Error On Login?

May 11, 2010

Since upgrading to 10.04 (from 9.10) 2 days ago, I have been getting an error message whenever I log in. It tells me that 'Power manager is still running' and gives me options of 'logout anyway' or 'cancel' (I'm writing this from memory, so may have got the wording slightly wrong). Clicking 'logout anyway', then continues with the login process, with no further problems (as an aside, I am running a desktop, so I'm not sure that Power Manager has much to do anyway.

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Software :: Software Raid After A Power Outage - Keep Data

Nov 22, 2010

I've had a 4x 400Gb Raid 5 running for exactly 3 years now. There's been plenty of power outages in that time and lots of resyncing afterwards but all has been good afterwards with no issues. Last week after a power outage and reboot I went to check the status of the resync and it only listed 3 hdds.


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OpenSUSE Install :: Unable To Login In 11.2 Using Own Kernel

Dec 10, 2009

Using the defaukt x86_64 kernel openSuSE 11.2 (uograded from 11.1) works fine.

I have compiled my own kernel using the 11.1 config with minor changes. Botting runs fine and looking at the boot.msg compared between the default and my own kernel I only see preloadtrace.ko module missing on my own kernel which I would not expect causing mthe problem.

After the boot I am unable to login on the X login screen, text console or ssh.

The X login hangs after I entered username/password. Th elogin box disaapears and the backgroundscreen remains.

On the text console (after stopping xwindows via CTRL-Backspace) I can enter the username but the password prompt will not appear.

On ssh, where I login via plublic key I will get a message that the key will be used for login and then the session hangs as well.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Unable To Login As Root?

May 9, 2011

Using openSUSE 11.4 (64-bit). Desktop is default KDE. All of a sudden I am no longer able to login. My desktop only has one user and when I key in the password (which I am 100% sure it is correct!) I get the dreaded "Login failed" message. I followed these instructions without success: How to reset/recover the ROOT password in openSUSE | SUSE & openSUSE Following the instructions in the above link, I tried re-typing the old password and created new ones too. But I keep on getting the Login Failed message. A strange situation

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