OpenSUSE Install :: Settings Reset After Shutdown / Reboot Of 11.3 Lxde

Sep 8, 2010

I installed Open Suse 11.3 LXDE from the live CD I downloaded. My monitor settings reset to the highest resolution on every shutdown/reboot. Other settings like my wallpaper and removing the lock screen on screensaver also reset.

Is this there anything I can do to get settings/changes I make to stay?

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General :: Ubuntu Gnome Settings Reset After Every Reboot?

Mar 26, 2010

I dont understand why but my theme changes everytime i reboot. The original theme Human changes to i think dust. when i open the appearance applet to change back the theme, the original human theme is already selected. So i have to select some other theme and then i select human theme, then the theme changes.Also the order of my taskbar icons changes and also the icons themselves.

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Server :: RHEL ES 4.7: Chmod Settings Reset On Reboot?

Oct 30, 2009

This is probably a newbie problem, so forgive me, but when I do this:chmod o+rw /dev/nst0It resets back to what it was upon reboot. How do I get this change to stick?I tried searching the forums and Google, but I haven't found an answer.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Reset To Live CD Settings

May 20, 2011

I had a machine with 11.3, and tested 11.4 live CD. It looked good, network worked and so did compiz. But then I installed, and I can't see any wireless networks, the screen flickers and compis doesn't work. Is there any way to simple reset all settings so that they become the live-cd settings?

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OpenSUSE Install :: No Umount On Shutdown Or Reboot?

Apr 2, 2011

On one of my computers that I upgraded from 11.3 to 11.4 with a SSD HDD, it no longer umounts any disks on reboot or shutdown, there are no errors shown, it goes from sending TERM and KILL to is my fstab:

/dev/disk/by-id/ata-OCZ_SOLID_SSD_MK0109030A6100011-part1 /boot ext4 acl,user_xattr,noatime 1 2


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OpenSUSE Install :: Weird Noise At Shutdown Or Reboot?

Apr 4, 2010

Whenever I reboot or shut down my computer (running OpenSuse 11.2 on a Dell Studio 15), it makes a weird noise that sounds like very loud static, even if my sound was muted when I selected shut down.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Can't Shutdown / Reboot - Get Screen With Green / Bold Status Messages On The Side

Dec 5, 2009

everytime I try to shutdown/reboot, it gets to the screen where it has the green/bold status messages on the side, but then it simply stops. The cursor doesn't blink, nothing could wait 10 minutes, and it would still be at that same screen. I don't know if I've described this well enough for anyone to understand, but I hope so! I don't have a camera, but if I did...I'd post a picture of where I mean...

But like I said, after getting to a certain, without actually shutting down, it simply stops and does absolutely nothing. This is rather inconvenient, and I'd like to find a solution to this if possible. EDIT: I'm sorry I didn't provide any hardware info, but I'm using Gnome...This didn't happen 100% of the time KDE like it does now though. (But it DID happen in KDE as well) I'm using OpenSUSE 11.2... I'll be back in a moment with hardware info, assuming it may aid in a solution.


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OpenSUSE :: Lxde Doesn't Save Settings - 11.3

Jan 2, 2011

I switched to lxde, love the speed, but it has one major glitch: it doesn't save the settings. the most annoying: the setting " enable tapping" of the touchpad isn't saved afer a reboot. I tried the following:

delete ~/config/lxde ~config/lxpanel ~/config/pcmanfmand the other solution i found in the forum:Opensuse 11.3 LXDE Keeps Changing My Wallpaper Back To Default

I'm using opensuse 11.3, added repo lxde, updated everythng. So far, nothing.

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Ubuntu :: Minimal Install W/LXDE Lost Shutdown / Restart Options

Sep 4, 2010

I'm working on getting a stripped down Ubuntu Lucid installed on an old POS HP PC for a friend. Because it only has 256 MB RAM, I used a minimal CD and the installed lxde as the GUI.Today I was working on it and installed the latest updates and Openoffice-Writer. After rebooting, the shutdown button only gives me Hibernate, Log Out and Cancel. I lost Shut Down and Restart. Searching w/Google shows solutions for other distros such as Arch and Mint, but none that worked for Ubuntu w/LXDE. Either the files to edit don't exist, the groups don't exist (one site said to add the user to the "power" group, no such thing in 'buntu) or the options don't exist (such as System->Administration, which isn't in the menu at all).

HAL and dbus are running, which was the other thing some sites mentioned.So, how do I get the shutdown and restart buttons back? The people that will be getting this machine aren't going to know how to go to a terminal and type "sudo shutdown -h now" everytime they want to shut down.I know the buttons existed before installing the latest updates.

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General :: [FYI] "last -f <old Wtmp> -x Reboot Shutdown" Incorrect For Last Reboot And Shutdown?

Mar 25, 2010

Further to this LQ thread which Tinkster solved by suggesting the last command (thanks Tinkster) I have been exploring last -x reboot and have found that the reported duration is incorrect for the last reboot and shutdown when a old wtmp file is used. Not having a record for the following shutdown, last assumes that the system has been up until the current time and similarly for the shutdown.

The output comes in time order, latest first, each line showing the time of the reboot and the uptime from then to shutdown. Using last -x reboot shutdown to show the shutdown time, here's an illustration


shutdown system down Sun Mar 7 15:35 - 03:02 (11:27)
reboot system boot Sun Mar 7 09:35 (05:59)
09:35 until 15:35 is 05:59.

When the uptime exceeds 24 hours it is shown as (<days>+<hours:minutes) like this
shutdown system down Sun Feb 21 12:39 - 13:20 (00:40)
reboot system boot Sat Feb 20 09:39 (1+02:59)
09:39 until 12:39 the next day is 1 day 02:59.

The time in parentheses at the end of the shutdown lines is normally the time until the next shutdown.

So far so good. The incorrect output is for the last reboot and shutdown of an old wtmp file. Here's the output of last /var/log/wtmp -x reboot shutdown; last -f /var/log/wtmp.1 -x reboot shutdown


reboot system boot Fri Mar 12 07:42 (01:54)
shutdown system down Fri Mar 12 01:31 - 09:37 (08:05)
wtmp begins Thu Mar 11 08:25:26 2010
reboot system boot Wed Mar 10 14:12 (15+01:42)
shutdown system down Wed Mar 10 12:41 - 15:54 (15+03:13)

The boot started at "Wed Mar 10 14:12" which had an actual uptime of 1 day 11:20 is reported as 15 days 03:13 which is the time from then until the last -f /var/log/wtmp.1 -x reboot shutdown command was issued. The time from shutdown to shutdown is similarly affected.

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Ubuntu :: Reset Compiz Settings From Command-line To Default System Settings?

Jan 31, 2010

Did you play too much with compiz and after-a-while you realize that certain functions are not working anymore?

Well, just follow the steps below:


gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz



Restart your PC / lappy


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OpenSUSE :: KDE4.6 Minor - Reboot And Shutdown Do Nothing

Feb 4, 2011

A couple of little niggles seen with KDE4.6. On 32bit install, (openSUSE11.3 was clean install)

-- reboot and shut down do nothing but hibernate and sleep are ok, can only powerdown with su privileges,
-- order of applications in plasma bar change after reboot.

On 64bit install, (openSUSE11.3 was update of openSUSE11.2)

-- slow poweroff overcome with new user profile, (no longer a problem with latest update)
-- inconsistent mouse curser theme, over desktop theme is Oxygen White, over application windows its DMZ
(resolved mouse cursor theme issue on 64bit install.
-- /etc/sysconfig, parameter X_MOUSE_CURSOR="DMZ"
-- and
-- /usr/share/icons/default was a link to DMZ
-- /usr/share/icons/default.kde4 was a link to oxygen
-- changed so that both were linked to DMZ
-- mouse cursor now consistent within windows and across desktop.

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OpenSUSE Install :: OpenSUSE 11.4 Delayed Shutdown While Pressing The Shutdown Button?

Mar 12, 2011

I did a live upgrade from 11.3 KDE and observe a following issue.When I press the shutdown button on the laptop it initiates the shutdown and shuts down fine but after a significant delay of time (something like 30 seconds). When I click the shutdown button in KDE it initiates the shutdown instantly. This was not the case in 11.3 where the shutdown worked the same regardless of the method that triggered it

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OpenSUSE :: Plasma Settings Get Lost After Reboot?

Sep 5, 2011

I run OpenSuse 11.4 with KDE 4.7. When I change the positions of icons in the main plasma panel, or reshape folder view plasmoids on my desktop, these changes are lost when I start my computer the next time...

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Lmsensors: Settings Gone After Reboot

May 19, 2011

i just setup the sensors to use with conky. I do this by issuing the following:

chkconfig -l lm_sensors
lm_sensors 0:off 1:off 2:on 3:on 4:off 5:on 6:off
reveals that the daemon is setup to start in the particular runlevel.


my investigation has pointed me to the the problem that sensors is useing /etc/sensors3.conf and not /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors as it should be.

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Hardware :: Gpointing-device-settings Settings Will Not Stay After Reboot?

Oct 18, 2009

I am running a debian squeeze machine on a ibm t40 laptop with window maker as my window manager. I am using gpointing-device-settings as a program to get the scroll bar on my touch pad working. unfortunately, I can't get the settings to stick after i shutdown and turn on. I have to go into the program and unclick then reclick the button. i'm using version 1.3.2 (ive tried both deb and source versions). does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? and if there is any configure files that I could configure instead of having to use the gui program.

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Debian Multimedia :: Jessie - LXDE Doesn't Shutdown Properly

May 19, 2015

I know the problem has been partly solved in this old thread [URL] .....

Now we have Jessie as stable, yet LXDE doesn't shutdown properly:

On the same computers, Wheezy LXDE shut down very fast

I installed Jessie from the netinstall image.

On a 2007 computer, it's like the old days with a Pentium II running some version of Puppy Linux or Slitaz. The system shuts down after a while but the computer remains on.

On a 2013 laptop, I added the line init=/bin/systemd in the Grub default file as advised on the old thread above. The laptop shuts down after a while, the system first, then the hard disk goes to sleep, then all the leds are off.

If I run the magic command, the computer shutdowns in a breeze, perhaps even quicker than good old Wheezy:

Code: Select all# systemctl poweroff

Now, is this still a systemd bug? Doesn't look like it since the systemctl command works. Is it an LXDE bug? Looks like it in a way - if the LXDE shutdown button enabled the systemctl poweroff command, I suppose the button would work?

Is there a way to make the LXDE shutdown button run the systemctl poweroff command?

I'm glad Wheezy is still with us because I wouldn't install Jessie for newbies — they'd think shutdown (through clicking on a button) is even worse than in Windows.

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Debian :: Set Font Settings In LXDE?

Aug 6, 2011

i have LXDE installed on top of GNOME under deb squeez, i notice slightly different shape and font hinting/rendering quality in both of them.i'm not sure if what im doing is right or wrong but since i cannot find the way to configure font settings in LXDE i try reconfiguring with sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config still font rendering quality and shape under LXDE is different with one in GNOME, take a look at two screenshots below, both are using same font and size:


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OpenSUSE Install :: Saving System Settings (yast Settings)

Apr 1, 2011

Is there a way I can save system settings and have yast revert to a config file in case I ever need to reinstall the system again? I hate having to configure the firewall, runlevels, samba shares, samba workgroup, apparmor, and all the other junk after every install. It's not like I install often, but should suse 11.5 or 12 roll out, I'd like it to be a snappy upgrade.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Get 11.4 Lxde Iso From?

Mar 25, 2011

Where can i get opensuse 11.4 lxde iso from ? Can anyone post link?

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Debian Multimedia :: Missing LXDE No Panel Or GUI Except Cursor After Reboot

Jan 31, 2016

Installed Debian 8 Lxde desktop yesterday. All worked fine post install. Executed following two commands to make system up to date:-

Code: Select allapt-get update and Code: Select allapt-get upgrade

Switched off my system after using it for close to 3 hours. Today I booted my system and I could not see any GUI in action except mouse pointer. What I can only see is clicked on my camera and posted below for your review.When I get the login screen, I can choose different DE (fluxbox) and I was able to login and do some action. I don't know the reason for this sudden disappearance of desktop.

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Install LXDE/YaST2 Isn't Responding

Jul 3, 2011

Whenever I tried to install LXDE using the 1-click install, YaST2 just freezes and doesn't respond and doesn't install anything. In fact, YaST2 always freezes whenever trying to install a program with the 1-click install.

So my question is, How do you abort YaST2 from installing because obviously the Abort button doesn't even work! And lastly, how can I install LXDE through the terminal as I always never have a problem installing something through the terminal.

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OpenSUSE Install :: How To Boot Directly To LXDE

Nov 29, 2009

I'm running an old P3 with 512 of Ram.I installed Opensuse 11.2 with the KDE desktop, and then I went online and used the one-click install to install the LXDE desktop.Now I'm trying to get my machine to boot directly to LXDE.If I end a KDE session, I can select LXDE as a new session and get into it fine. It seems to run well on this machine. But if I shutdown from LXDE, my next boot sends me straight into KDE. It seems the only way I can get to LXDE is to be in KDE first, which is kind of defeating the whole reason why I wanted a light weight and quick booting desktop for this machine.Am I missing something? I thought Opensuse automatically rebooted back into whatever desktop was used last?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Upgrade To 11.3 From LXDE Live CD?

Aug 14, 2010

I was using 11.2 quite happily, decided to install 11.3 via the LXDE live CD. Everything seems fine for the moment, apart from the fact that I can't seem to delete the LiveCD user, even when logged in as my own account. Even logging in to a terminal from my own log-in seems to result in a whoami output of linux (the liveCD user).

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OpenSUSE Install :: LXDE Live Cd And Can't Boot

Aug 25, 2010

I installed lxde from a live cd and can't boot into anything. At first, when I rebooted, the computer went to grub>, so I used grub commands to find the grub menu lst. It was in (hd0,5). So I made that the root and grub said it was successful. I rebooted, now I get error 25. Was I supposed to enable one of the boot options in the setup? The setup showed two boot options, MBR and root (I think), both disabled. I just clicked continue. Did I mess up the install setup?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Changing From GNOME To LXDE.?

May 26, 2011

Just out of curiosity, what are the dangers(if any) or complications of changing from GNOME to LXDE desktop environment? And what would be the pro's and con's to such a change?

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OpenSUSE Install :: KDE And LXDE Won't Start ; Xterm Okay

Aug 4, 2011

Since this morning, I'm having a problem which symptoms are similar to this one : Cannot Login, KDE won't start - OpenSUSE 11.3, but it affects only one user.Everything was fine yesterday, but now, everytime this one user tries to start his KDE session, the screen goes black for a few seconds before coming back to the login screen.

I tried the following :

- I installed LXDE and tried to log in : same problem

- I tried to log in Xterm : no problem

- I created a new user and tried to log in : no problem, be it KDE or LXDE

- I cleared /tmp : same problem. My /home partition is 98% full but still has 2-3GB available. The / partition is 45% full with 28GB left.


From what I've gathered so far, it seems the problem is user-specific, graphical session-sepcific, but not desktop-specific (since both KDE and freshly installed LXDE fail in the same way)... and now I don't know what else to try.

My setup :

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
Linux #1 SMP PREEMPT 2011-07-21 02:17:24 +0200 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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Ubuntu :: Shutdown Or Restart Requires Hard Reset

Apr 30, 2011


Basically, when I do a reboot or shutdown and then the system tries to start I get a blank screen thus I have to hit the reset button and then I'm showed a grub menu (not sure why I have it set to autoboot) and then I can boot properly.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Shutdown/Logout/Reset Through Graphic Interface?

May 9, 2011

working on KDE, I cannot shutdown, reset, logout or switch users through graphical interface (you know, bit blue button, 'leave' tab and all these buttons).I've googled the problem, and here's what I have found:[URL]Guys on the Arch forum related the problem to the OGG files and phonon-xine - indeed, I cannot play OGG files anymore.I tried to install phonon-vlc, but the package is not in any of my repositories. I tried to remove libqt4-phonon, but it would also remove half of the system, which isn't the best idea. Someone else suggested to install speex, but it's already installed on my Kubuntu.I'm out of ideas, and I'm not really sure how to reinstall xine and phonon without deleting half of the system like this:

The following packages will be REMOVED:
akregator amarok apport-kde apport-qt apturl-kde ark calibre digikam dolphin dragonplayer


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Server :: Unable To Shutdown/reboot Server, No Shutdown Process Running?

Mar 30, 2010

I'm trying to reboot the server (shutdown -r now).But it seems like nothing happened.

When I try "shutdown -c", the system prompts "shutdown: cannot find pid of running shutdown."

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