OpenSUSE Hardware :: Monitor Error - "Signal Out Of Range" / Gcard Failure

Feb 3, 2010

[For those of you who helped me before hand, sax2 wasn't good enough, so I went with the one-click, aaaaand]

Version: 11.2 "Emerald" with KDE
Card: Nvidia FX 5200

Problem: After installing one-click (5xxx legacy drivers), I ran the nvidia-config command and rebooted. Upon reboot, I get a splash screen and then nothing but a monitor error - "Signal out of Range" [Note: After googling this problem, I found a similar thread with an ATI, but since the difference between nvidia and ati is the same as perfect

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Input Signal Out Of Range / Fix It?

Nov 28, 2010

I basically destroyed my laptop a couple of years ago. Windows XP wouldn't even start but it didn't come with an installation disk. I tried recovering it but it just died. So a few months ago I put a box of thing on top of it which broke the screen! I was going to chuck it out until I stumbled upon a page which told you you could use it as a web server.

I decided to use it to host my website. I installed ubuntu without a problem however it wasn't until I was about to start it up I found out it was against BT's terms and conditions!! So since I installed ubuntu I thought I might as well make use of it and use it to render my files. When I went to turn it on for the second time and plugged it into the monitor it said input signal out of range!

I can see the login screen but I can't move the mouse or anything. I can't access the terminal, how can fix this?

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Hardware :: Out Of Range Error On Monitor

Oct 4, 2010

I am a Windows Server guy trying to stay afloat on this Linux installation I am doing so please bear with me. I have installed RHEL 5 and installed the updated NVIDIA 256.53 certified driver. Upon rebooting everything was great. I got to the X server login and entered my user name and password. The very next thing I see is "Out of Range" error on my monitor. I know that I needed to verify that my xorg.conf file had the proper refresh rates specified in it for my monitor, which I have done.

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Ubuntu Servers :: 11.04 - Out Of Range Error On Monitor

May 7, 2011

I just installed Ubuntu server on one of my computers, but when I boot up the screen goes blank and the monitor gives me an 'Out of Range' error. I understand that this means that the resolution settings are too large for the monitor, but I don't understand how to change them, since there is no GUI installed. Details:


Recommended Resolution is 1280x1024

I have also tried it on another monitor with a recommended resolution of 1920x1080, This also gave me an OOR error. Ubuntu Server version 11.04

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Ubuntu :: Error Resolution Out Of Range On Computer Monitor

Oct 14, 2010

I have an hp vs17e monitor and I am running slax linux But I have absolutely no idea how to fix the error resolution out of range on my computer then shuts off and I can turn it back on and it'll do the same thing.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Monitor Not Working - No Signal Message

Feb 19, 2010

I usually log out from my account, let the pc working and close the monitor. When after some hours I try to open again the monitor I get the msg "No Signal" I move the mouse I press some buttons at the keyboard but nothing.. I have to reboot again to see the monitor working.. What can I do?

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Debian :: Input Signal Out Of Range?

Feb 15, 2011

I have been trying unsuccessfully to load Debian on my desktop. I have tried both live and otherwise. Both AMD64 and i386. It seems to be loading fine and then all of a sudden the monitor quits with a sign Input signal out of range. I have tried lots of other live disks and they have worked fine. My monitor is a Hanns G and my video card is NVIDIA GeForce8200. All other stuff very normal. 4 Gigs of RAM. What?

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Fedora :: F12 -- Input Signal Out Of Range?

Mar 29, 2010

I recently installed Fedora 12 -- a brand new install, not an upgrade. The system was previously using Fedora 11 without any problems. Fedora 12 installed without any issues, and I haven't really done any customization to it. I am running KDE. The system is hooked up a KVM switch.

When I am on system #2 (a Windows system) and I switch back to system #1 (Fedora) after a few minutes of time, the Fedora screen will be blank and the monitor will present an "input signal out of range" error. I can SSH into the box and kill X to get the screen back. This has not happened on this system with any previous versions of Fedora that had been running on it (everything since Fedora 7).

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Ubuntu :: Signal Out Of Range For Karmic Upgrade?

Jan 9, 2010

Anyone knows the workaround for Quote: Input Signal Out of Range Change Settings to 1440 x 900 - 60Hz

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: 11.04 - Signal Out Of Range On Boot Up

Jul 17, 2011

I installed edubuntu 11.04 a couple months ago on the kids computer. Everytime we would boot up, we received the signal out of range during the entire boot sequence. However once the login screen showed up, we could see the desktop fine. However, now it will not display anything from the time grub loads it is just Signal out of range. I even let it sit for about 10 minutes. I can boot from the live cd fine...but I'm not sure what to change. How can I fix this issue from the live cd?

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Ubuntu :: Stop (when Loading) Looking For Wifi Signal's In The 5000000 Khz Range?

Apr 30, 2010

Does anyone know how to stop ubuntu (when loading) looking for wifi signal's in the 5000000 khz range? I have a problem with other devices around my house that operate on this range of frequencies and it effects ubuntu while its booting, to the extent that it won�t load. My wireless router is on the 2000000 khz range therefore I only really need Ubuntu to look for devices on this range of frequencies. If anyone know a way to prevent Ubuntu looking on the 5000000 khz range by editing something I would be very greatful to know how to do this.

As at the moment I am having to boot about 5 times until it eventually decided to load. Sometimes the only way I can get in, is by going into recovery mode, dropping to terminal and typing in: "sudo gdm" and eventually I get it. Which is a right pain. Please see my previous post outlining my problem: [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Black Screen After Booting - Input Signal Out Of Range

Aug 27, 2010

i installed a program called start-up manager. i fiddled with the display settings cause on startup of the computer my boot screens and etc were out of wack placed halfway across the screen and really pixelated. after changing the resoloution i restarted and just after booting everything goes black and it comes up with the input signal is out of range. ive tried to run livecd or live usb i should say as its on a usb stick. and search for commands to repair my screen settings but cant. ive tried to run grub cause i heard its a repair console by pressing and holding shift it doesnt work ive tried to ctrl alt f2 and other commands during start up non of them work. they all just result in that message popping up.

there is no repair console for me to access during start up. i just want to roll back to before i did this when everything was working. also half the commands given on other threads come up with error messages saying commands were wrong and such. and ive also started up bios to try and change display settings for it to magically work so i can login and change my settings back and nothing happens. im using another computer at the moment to find results.

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Ubuntu :: Fixing Plymouth Screen - Lucid - Signal Out Of Range?

Sep 21, 2010

I followed the instructions given at for fixing my ugly plymouth screen after installing Nvidia drivers. All worked as expected. However I made some modifications in the instructions as I required.

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset video=uvesafb:mode_option=1280x1024-24,mtrr=3,scroll=ywrap
I used 1366*768 instead of 1280*1024.


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Debian Multimedia :: Always Get A "Monitor Frequency Out Of Range" Error Whenever Boot?

Mar 6, 2010

I certainly do not consider myself a Debian power-user, but I do presently have 3 Lenny systems and 1 Squeeze system running fine in my home on "older" hardware. However, for the past week I have been trying to get yet another system running, and I have hit the wall. This is on a new home-built system with an AMD Athlon II X4 and an ASUS M4A785-M motherboard. The Lenny installation was done with a net install of the AMD64 variety.

I always get a "Monitor frequency out of range" error whenever I boot. I can do a CTRL ALT F1 to get to command line, but I have no success getting to GUI. I have read numerous posts of similar monitor frequency problems with various distros, and most point toward HorizSync, VertRefresh, etc settings in xorg.conf. I have played with a myriad of options there, but I still get the "frequency out of range" error after a reboot. I have swapped monitors to no avail (monitors that work on my other Debian 32-bit systems). I really don't think the problem can be the xorg.conf file, since I have tried the exact same file as on the other machines. (Also, those systems seem to be more than happy without custom HorizSync and VertRefresh options in their xorg.conf files.)

On this new computer, I am using the motherboard's integrated video output (theoretically a ATI Radeon HD5200).I don't know if special options are needed in xorg.conf for this???I am able to successfully boot to GUI with multiple differentCD Linux distros; however, no such luck with the Debian installation. I would prefer to stay with Debian if possible, but I cannot live by command line alone on this system.Please let me know if there is something else that I should try before punting and moving to another 64-bit distro.

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General :: Input Signal Out Of Range Change Settings To 1280*1024-60Hz?

Mar 31, 2010

i have both windows XP and suse linux installed in my hp pc with monitor HPL1710. when i in stalled Scientific LInux (cern) in the unallocated space using default partirtion it is in stalled. unfortunatately i have choosen the screen resolution to be 1600*1400. So when i try to reboot it says:


Input signal out of range change settings to 1280*1024-60Hz I have no idea what to do ? I dont find any scientific linux sub forum . so i am sending the thread here.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: SuSE 11.3 Installation : Monitor "out Of Range"?

Aug 7, 2010

I am installing SuSe 11.3, and during the initial boot after installation, I got "out of range" message on the monitor and nothing happens afterwards.My PC is dual CPU (intel), Video card is " nVidia N240GT" and the monitor is Gateway flat screen "FPD2485W".I tried both interfaces (gnome and KDE) and got the same problem ("out of range")

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OpenSUSE Install :: Getting Error For11.4 - Signal 11 Caught?

Mar 10, 2011

I am not able to install OpenSuse 11.4. This is what happen 32bits: I get up to the login (shell); I type root ad later startx. After this, I get an error complain about fglrx and I get caught signal 11. I have already tried the F4 option during the boot but it did not work. I tried every combinations. 64bits: My computer get stuck as soon as I press enter. my laptop is an HP Pavillion HP dv6-3052nr. I do not have any problem with OpenSuse 11.3 and any other Linux distributions.

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Ubuntu :: "Input Signal Out Of Range, Change Settings To 1600 X 900 - 60 MHz"?

Apr 28, 2011

I just installed Ubuntu Natty on my desktop which uses an nVidia GeForce 7+ chipset. After installing Ubuntu, I noticed that when the GRUB boot menu should show up, my monitor says "Input signal out of range, change settings to 1600 x 900 - 60Hz", and it stays that way until the Ubuntu desktop shows up. The Ubuntu desktop shows up just fine. It's just that GRUB and Plymouth don't show up and my monitor gives me the aforementioned message.Here's my xorg.conf configuration after I ran the nVidia X Server Settings app:

# nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings
# nvidia-settings: version 270.29 (buildd@allspice) Fri Feb 25 14:42:07 UTC 2011
Section "ServerLayout"


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Ubuntu :: "Input Signal Out Of Range" When Booting?

Jul 25, 2010

I have a HP w1907 monitor and when I boot my PC and get to BURG, the monitor shows the the "input signal is out of range" and to change settings to 1440 x 900 and 60 ghz. This message won't go away until I select an OS to boot. The message blocks the the center of BURG where I select the OS but I can still select the Os although the image is partly blocked by the "Input Signal Out of Range" message. Using BURG-Manager I set the Resolution to 1440 x 900 but I still get the message.

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Ubuntu :: "Input Signal Out Of Range" While Booting Up?

May 1, 2011

While my Ubuntu computer was on the splash screen, my Ubuntu is in a bad resolution and I get the error on my monitor Quote:"Input signal out of range, change settings to 1600 x 900 - 60Hz"I tried editing the GRUB file to changeQuote:



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OpenSUSE :: Okular Crashes - Error Executable PID 4927 Signal: Segmentation Fault(11)

Aug 31, 2011

I got a problem with Okular crashing. This is the error message i get

Excutable okular PID 4927 Signal: Segmentation fault(11)

The PID is a different number each time i try to open a file. What could be causing this.

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General :: Installation Failure Fedora 12 - Message Safe Reboot Needed Received Signal 3

Jul 15, 2011

i have a dell inspiron laptop lap top with windows7 hardisk is 320gb i want to install fedora as my secondary os. I tried fedora12 but instaltion terminated abnormally with the message safe reboot needed recievied signal 3. i have 20 gb unallocated space in my disk.

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Ubuntu :: No Signal On Monitor / Get That?

Jan 3, 2011

Ok, first off I installed the disc after having to holed select for the language to come up then selected the nomodeset option before installing, then I installed, restarted and got no signal. After that I tried to edit the grub like a thread said by changing splash or whatever to nomodeset and it won't allow me to edit.

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General :: No Signal On Monitor After Plug It To A Box?

Mar 19, 2011

I use my old computer as an NAS, so I remove the monitor after I installed linux on it (disconnect vga cable). I use ssh to control the machine and it works fine. Until some day, after kernel/softare upgrade or messing up some configs, I cannot connect to it through ssh, then I have to plug the monitor back, but the monitor says "No input signal". So I have to restart the computer WITH the monitor connected, and the monitor's back!

I think the computer/linux kernel doesn't detect the monitor plug-in event. So how can I start my linux box without a monitor, but when it goes wrong I can still plug my monitor (vga) back and use the console.

Edit: just one pci-e video card, has dvi, vga, tv/out (s-video)

Edit2: Xorg is not running. I just need the console (CTRL+ALT+F1). The problem is, if the machine booted without a monitor connected, it won't give me a pseudo terminal after I attach the vga cable while it's running. Clearly the monitor is not auto detected as usb device. I'm wondering how to let the monitor auto detected.

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Debian :: Starts Up Out Of Range From Monitor?

Jul 2, 2010

i just did a graphic install of debian lenny and when i finished the installation and restarted the computer the grub boot menu appeared and i selected debian and nothing happened the monitor just displayed a message saying "out of range" i have a dell studio xps 1800is it my graphics card (it shouldn't be) how do i start x server in a different resolution (if screen resolution is the problem

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Hardware :: Monitor States Out Of Range?

Aug 4, 2010

I have recently got the Linux bible 2010 and it came with a cd and dvd containing multiple distro's of linux. I have tried them all with the same problem. Everything until the actual GUI desktop shows up from the live disks as well as an actual debian install, when I get to the desktop however out of range shows up. I have a video card hooked up, figured that might be the problem, it was not. I tried the on-board video and it also did the same thing. I also tried a different monitor, which did not work.

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General :: Monitor Resoluti8on - All Out Of Range

Mar 28, 2010

the electric went off and when it come back on my monitor picture was all out of range. I changed the resolution to bring the picture back in and now the words are almost unreadable.

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Ubuntu :: Monitor Frequency Out Of Range - 10.04

Oct 16, 2010

I've recently reinstalled a computer with 10.04 for my parents to use, and it worked fine at mine, but after transporting it to theirs and hooking it up to their existing monitor it doesn't seem to work anymore!Well, it boots and I hear it login but I don't get a splash screen and at some point between the bios and the login sound it comes up with Frequency out of Range. On the warning message it displays a frequency of "72.9 kHz / 90.2 Hz" but in the monitor settings its reporting that its operating at horizontal 64,0 kHz and vertical 60.0 Hz. I also don't get any splash screen when starting up, just a flashing _ before the monitor stops things

What I can do however is drop into a the tty console (alt+ctrl+1) and login to the shell but don't really know what things to change from there.Having googled things a bit I've found references to xorg.conf but there's no such thing on my system so I can't edit that to fix this. Likewise I also have found references to fiddling with grub to get into the recovery, but grub doesn't even appear when I boot and I don't know what to press to get it to drop into its menu...

This is really urgent as I need to go home tomorrow at the latest and I want to get my parents system working before then. I also have no spare monitors here and I didn't think to bring with me a liveCD to fiddle with things (only a UNR netbook which I'm posting this from), so the console is the only access I have to the machine.Some specs: Ubuntu 10.04. ATi Radeon 9100 IGP, no proprietary drivers are installed. The monitor is an old CRT that still works beautifully and whose replacement is not an option.

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Ubuntu :: No Display Signal When Turning Monitor Off And On Again

Sep 13, 2010

If I turn off the monitors, I get a black screen (the monitors goes to power save) when I turn them on again.

I have a workaround which involves pressing ctrl-alt and f3 and then ctrl-alt f7. That usually works and brings up the graphical login-screen. And I get my session back.

But sometimes when I log in, my session is gone. It is as if I was logged out or the system has rebooted.

I have two monitors and Nvidia.

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Ubuntu :: Installing 8.04 (32 Bit And 64 Bit) / Monitor Stops Getting Signal?

Jan 5, 2010

I am facing weired problem while installing Ubuntu 8.04 on my desktop
specification of it
Intel Core 2 duo 2.93
500 GB HDD
Intel Motherboard DG41 RQ

it goes on loading ubuntu and then after when i am suppose to get my home screen with bird background to view, monitor stops getting signal.

i tried both 32 bit and 64 bit

but no luck where as 9.10 works like a charm and i have no issue in working with it.

but because of some external H/W drievrs i need to stick to old karnel version which supports 2.6.30 or lower

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