OpenSUSE Hardware :: Don't Forget To Clean The PC?

Feb 17, 2010

We see posts here occasionally with complaints like, "my PC doesn't finish booting; it goes so far, then I get a black screen." There will follow the usual suggestions to check the video drivers, or if it's a new installation, to check the DVD MD5 checksum, etc., etc.

I suggest checking the hardware as well, especially if you haven't made any changes recently. If your PC seems to have been running normally for quite a while, and this is a problem that has only recently (and relatively suddenly) popped up, check the connections. Make sure the RAM is seated properly. (This is especially important if the PC has been moved around recently.)

But most of all, check for dust buildup! We had a PC yesterday that started shutting down after about 3-4 minutes. This morning, it was a lot colder in the shop, so it lasted almost 5-6 minutes -- and that was our clue. My assistant tore into the machine and didn't see anything obvious; he then removed the fan over the CPU heatsink and saw a ton of dust. (On this particular PC, the fan obscured direct observation of the heatsink fins.)

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OpenSUSE Install :: Configured Cron To Clean /tmp Directory - Add Other Locations To Clean And Especially /var/tmp?

Oct 11, 2010

I configured cron to clean my /tmp directory, should I also add other locations to clean and especially /var/tmp.

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Ubuntu :: 10.04.1 Do Not Forget QT 4.6.3?

Aug 13, 2010

Do not forget update 4.6.3 packages.

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Ubuntu :: Aptitude Forget New Packages?

Mar 11, 2011

Manual says: Forgets all internal information about what packages are �new�

What does it mean in plain English?

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Slackware :: 13.1 - Forget Splashy Get Bootsplash

Dec 5, 2010

Does splashy work on slackware 13.1 x64? I've been to Alien Bob's site only to find out that splashy is supported for slackware 12.0.

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Ubuntu :: 10.10 Desktop Forget Settings

Nov 14, 2010

I originally performed an xubuntu install on my laptop and did not like the xfce desktop so I remove the xfce4 desktop and install the ubuntu desktop. All is fine except for when I want to customize my desktop, no matter what I do, gnome will not rememeber the changes that I made to the desktop. The minute I reboot the laptop it forgets all the changes that I did to it. So in other words any changes like adding stuff to the panel or links to the desktop the minute a reboot is done is resorts back to the defaults.

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Fedora :: 14 - Printer HP Deskjet D1460 And - Paper As Was Clean So Clean And Remains

Dec 18, 2010

I have problem with my printer HP Deskjet D1460. My printer is configured and works. When I send a file on the print, the printer clings a sheet of paper and starts to print, but a paper as was clean so clean and remains, after printing.

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General :: Bash Script - Forget Global Variable's Value?

Apr 9, 2011

I have a hard time with my bash script.

It forget global variable's value.

First look at my script.


Echo "PKGS is [$PKGS] in after loop"

And data file for it is below. Let's name as list.txt


As you see, PKGS variable in loop has correct value.

However, after loop I can not get proper value for it.

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Hardware :: ATI Drivers Forget Setting On Reboot In Fedora 14

May 3, 2011

I have recently installed Fedora 14 onto my primary desktop which is equipped with an ATI Radeon HD 3870 graphics adapter and two monitors. Following the instructions here I have installed the ATI proprietary drivers via the akmod method recommended by the author. If I run the Catalyst Control Center via either su- or sudo to configure the desktops and log out/in to restart X everything works flawlessly. However, whenever I restart the computer the displays return to the default setting of a simple clone. Possibly related is that the system defaults to Fedora's "simple" text based start up/shut down screen rather than the pretty graphical one. I am confused as to why/how this could be happening and cannot find anything similar via Google, though I readily admit I may be using the wrong search terms. All potentially relevant information I can think of:

akmod-catalyst xorg-x11-drv-catalyst xorg-x11-drv-catalyst-libs

All are at version 11.2 and release 1.fc14. I also caught that the guide was would have me specify the 32 bit version of xorg-x11-drv-catalyst-libs rather than the 64 bit version I needed. I dropped the specification entirely and let yum sort out the architecture.


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Debian Multimedia :: Dolphin In Jessie - Forget Copying Files

May 10, 2015

When I am copying from DVD to my comp - Dolphin copies some files and directories and some did not. I have to check what was copied and what was ommited and fix the bad copying by copying again. The DVD is okay, it is perfectly readable. There is also plenty of memory around (8 GB). The behavior is new in Jessie, Dolphin in Wheezy used to work flawlessly.

I have met this strange behavior after copying archived data to my new Debian installation. The copyings were "huge tasks", for example 2000 files, more than 1GB total. "Small tasks" seem to copy okay. Nevertheless, the danger or missing files is annoying. What to do?

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Ubuntu Installation :: System Updater Forget To Update Kernel Headers

Dec 22, 2010

Before 2.6.35-23 released this packages is present in the system:

i A linux-headers-2.6.35-22
i A linux-headers-2.6.35-22-generic
i A linux-image-2.6.35-22-generic

But after automatic update to 2.6.35-23 updater install just linux-image-2.6.35-23-generic without headers. In result kernel modules of nVidia driver not compiled and next boot X server can not start.

Now I can install 2.6.35-24 image and headers by hands, but how to explain updater not forget to update headers next time and why this problem occurs?

Bugreport: [URL]

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Ubuntu :: Difference Between Apt-get Clean And Aptitude Clean

Feb 4, 2010

Is there any difference between apt-get clean and aptitude clean? Do they both remove the same caches? Should I know any other commands for cleaning up wasted space on my ubuntu laptop?

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OpenSUSE :: Tmp Is Almost Full - Clean Up?

Jun 7, 2010

If I start the software installer, I see my tmp is almost full. I tried to find cleansweep, but in vain. What can I do to clean tmp? Can all files be removed?

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OpenSUSE :: Open The Trash To Clean It?

Sep 3, 2010

How can I open the Trash to clean it??

I am using KDE4.5 in openSUSE11.2

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OpenSUSE :: Clean Up Unused Dependencies?

Dec 23, 2010

Is there a way that I can clean up unused packages that came as a dependency, but their dependant removed so that they are idling?

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OpenSUSE :: Clean Up Temp Files On 11.4

Mar 15, 2011

how to clean up tmp files on opensuse 11.4 as it seems as if the partition is almost completely file of various files.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Clean Of 11.4 Goes Well But After Rebooting - X Does Not Start?

Apr 15, 2011

I have recently done clean installs of 11.4 on two computers and then done clean re-installs but still have the same problem. Each time, the install was without flaw and I could download the updates, when offered, in the install process. At the end of the install I can log into KDE and everything works. However, after shutting down, on reboot, I only get a command line login. I can either login and run startx or use su and do init 3 followed by init 5. This tells me I am getting to runlevel 5 but X isn't starting. Either of those approaches gives me the KDE login. However, after that I have to manually start the network in YAST. I also think I had had to restart CUPS but I have only got as far as installing a printer once so I can't be absolutely sure that happened. As I indicate, this is fully reproducible. Anyone give me a clue as to what is going on?

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OpenSUSE :: Installing Graphite One Under New Clean Suse 11.4 64-bit Installation

Mar 12, 2011

I've tried installing Graphite One under my new clean Suse 11.4 64-bit installation. graphite one apparently needs python 2.6 to install and suse 11.4 comes with 2.7. I hope I can just create symbolic links to satisfy the installer to run? I've tried to make 2.6 links under /usr/bin and /usr/lib64. I'm using

sudo ln -s
to create the links, but I've sort of lost track of all the python library�s (.so .so.1 .so.1.0 and so on). Furthermore I have no idea about how to verify if it is correct.
ls -l /usr/bin/python*


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OpenSUSE Install :: Clean Up Orphaned Files In 11.2 Gnome?

Jan 31, 2010

What is the best way to try and clean up orphaned files in openSUSE 11.2 gnome? My understanding is there is not a zypper command for this.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Clean Up The System - Is This An Impossible Task?

Aug 11, 2010

Upon boot up, I get lots of new lines added to log files in /var/log concerning apparent problems during boot up. The boot sequence does attempt to show the failure or success during each step as it transitions to the final run level, but is there a good manual or procedure on how to fix each transition, so as to cut down on the amount of pesky warning or error messages?

I am a bit concerned that running a system with warning messages is a bit like running a car low on oil. In the past the goal was to have a perfectly running linux system that came up all the way, and yes, I have seen such. This meant knowing how kernel things work, etc, but still, I would think we would want to pay attention to such things as

[ 1127.997470] ALSA usbaudio.c:1274: 2:1:1: cannot get freq at ep 0x1
[ 894.166132] isofs_fill_super: bread failed, dev=sr0, iso_blknum=16, block=16

and others and work to bring them to a minimum.

Right now I am working on things piecemeal as I go along, and it will take a lot of time.

I didn't dump the 10K's of log files into this message forum, in case someone asks to see the details, but I am just striving to have the system come up clean, and not with a message like:

Warning: Skipped 98 probes

(whatever that means?? did the kernel just mean that it knew that it is supposed to check 98 things but failed? or that 98 things should have gotten checked but didn't?)

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OpenSUSE :: Clean Up Alacarte - Move Around Launchers In Application Browser

May 19, 2010

I like openSuSE, but the main thing I miss from Ubuntu is the ability to have complete control over the applications menu. Ubuntu had a clean menu where everything was one level deep, with pretty basic categories. But opening alacarte in openSuSE (running 11.2 with GNOME) is an absolute mess. There are categories for "Astronomy", "Kidsgames", and a whole bunch of folders that I would never use. And it's nearly impossible to get rid of them. Selecting delete almost never works; the closest I've gotten was to re-name a whole bunch of ".directory" files so that the system wouldn't find them, but it still created the majority of them, only this time with generic folders over the default icons.

Plus, I would like to be able to change which application goes to which category in the Application Browser. That menu is much more clean, but I would like to create a "Games" section for it, and move my text editors from Utility to Development. I know that most of the .desktop files are in /usr/share/applications (I have a couple in /usr/local/share), the directories are defined in /usr/share/desktop-directories and ~/.local/share/desktop-directories, and the menu itself seems to define categories in /etc/xdg/menus/ But despite knowing all of this, I still have no idea how to clean up alacarte and how to move around launchers in the Application Browser.

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OpenSUSE :: Yast2 Not Working On Clean Minimal Server Config With XEN?

Mar 16, 2011

I have unexpected problem with yast2 in xen kernel!

My system is
MB Asus p8h67-m evo
CPU Intel i7 2600k cpu
RAM DDR2 8gb

Ive install clean minimal server config (11.3 x64), make all updates from yast2, than reboot, than from yast2 start installation of XEN (in Virtualization, not in software management), reboot, set Xen dom0 to boot and than, after login, starting yast2 and got on blue screen with text "Loading modules,

sbin/yast2: line 399: 5427 Illegal instruction $ybindir/y2base $module "$@" "$SELECTED_GUI" $Y2_GEOMETRY $Y2UI_ARGS
and return to promt


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OpenSUSE Install :: Can't Log In File-system Is Full / Clean Up Any Unnecessary Files?

Nov 24, 2010

I can't login due to my file-system being full. I found the main area with the large usage. Var/log is taking 99.5% of my var folder. On a full file-system scan Var/log is taking up 85% of disk use. File-system capacity is 36 gig. Temp is cleared after each boot.

What can I do to clean up any unnecessary files. I can only boot in safe mode and have limited navigation skills. To get scan results I booted a live-disc.

Opensuse 11.2 gnome 64 bit.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Clean Install 11.4 Dual Boot System Grub Error?

Apr 27, 2011

I did a fresh install of SuSE 11.4 (WIN7 TOO) and changed my Larger HD1 to the first HD. I was installing and got this error first: the boot loader is installed on a partition that does not lie entirely below 128GB The system might not boot if BIOS supports only lba24 (result is error during install grub mbr) status loc dev/sdb6

I continued with the install and then got:

Yast2 error occured
while installing GRUB ver 0.97 (640k lower/3072k upper memory)
[minimal bash-like lineediting is supported? for the first word, TAB lists possible command completition anywhere else TAB lists possible completion of a device/filename]
grub setup --stage2=/boot/grub/stage2 --force4-lba (hd0,5) (hd0,5)
Error 25
disk read error
grub> quit

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OpenSUSE Install :: Clean Install = No Desktop Just Green Screen?

Nov 13, 2009

Did a clean install with 11.2 after being very impressed with the LiveCD. After installation process finished, laptop booted up and I had a green screen, no icons and a mouse cursor. REALLY liked the way the OS performed on the LIVECD and would like to give it a real shot.I can install Fedora 11, Ubuntu, Madriva and Mint Linux with no problem on the same Toshiba laptop.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Two Boot Flags Showing On Clean Install?

Oct 24, 2010

There are several posts here about not being able to boot without the install disk, which is also my case. I imagine the solution for me should be easy, because I only have a single installed OS on this machine, which is a MacBook Pro 2.1. Here's the result of fdisk -l:

WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sda'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted.

Disk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160041885696 bytes
255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19457 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x00000000


Partition table entries are not in disk order sda4 is a partition that did not appear in the partition overview when I installed the operating system. I thought I'd look for help here while I continue to research the problem myself.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.4 Clean Install Will Not Boot Past Splash?

May 18, 2011

I just switched back to openSUSE from Fedora linux. I made a clean install of openSUSE 11.4, but had trouble when installing the boot loader. For whatever reason the auto-partition tool hadn't given me a /boot partition even though the GRUB configuration referenced it. So I switched the / partition to /boot and the /home to / and now I don't have a /home partition. Is this why my system won't boot past the splash screen in "normal" mode, but boots fine in "failsafe"?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Clean Install To Repair System?

Jan 21, 2010

I was trying to upgrade to 11.2 from 11.1 by upgrading the OS online. However my internet connection failed and the upgrade has now messed up my system. I have a dual-boot system with Windows XP and I'm wondering if it would be OK in getting the DVD and selecting update? Or do I have to change the boot log etc?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Clean 11.2 Install Afterwards Hang On Load?

Jun 6, 2010

Okay I did a clean network install on 11.2 on my test machine.Old gateway box but it had min requirements. It will load completely into failsafe mode but will not complete a normal boot option.The default Green background images comes up and the cursor comes up, but I let it sit for 30 minutes and nothing. I did a hard reboot, still hung on cursor and green back ground. Booted again but this time choose failsafe, boot up completely. Am I doing something wrong? I have installed many many version of Linux in the past never had a problem like.

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OpenSUSE Install :: LVM Running Out On Space After Clean Install

May 13, 2011

I am completely new to OpenSuse and just installed it. However, I wanted things encrypted for work and chose LVM2 with password encryption upon installation.However, I didn't change any of the values.Now I see that my home partition is only about 30 Go and I cannot mount the oter 300GB that sit on another partition. When I try to mount it through nautilus I have to enter my password and then get :Unable to mount 307 GB LVM2 Physical Volume

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