OpenSUSE :: File Dialogs Do Not See New Added Files

May 1, 2011

This has been bugging me since I upgraded to 11.4. First I noticed that most of the time when a file is copied from an application (say, downloaded from Firefox) in to a directory that Konqueror does not show the new file until I hit "Reload".OK, I could live with that, annoying as it is. Why it can't recognize that a new file has been added to the directory since the last display refresh when I switch to that window I don't know, but fine, whatever.

Then I installed Firefox 4.0 - and now frequently when I open the "Save As" file browse dialog, it doesn't see any of the files recently added either. I put in a complaint to Mozilla, but apparently only ONE other person on the planet has ever seen this happen. But it was never the case before, either in earlier Firefox or earlier openSUSE releases. I was always able to see the files I previously saved to that folder when saving a new one.

And today it happened in Kaffeine which I don't remember ever seeing before. I opened the "Open File" dialog and it couldn't see a video file I had just downloaded. When I closed Kaffeine and then restarted it, it could see it.Is this something that has been ongoing or is it new? I can't find anything via Google Search to explain it. Is there some setting somewhere that needs to be tweaked? Is it a file system problem?

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Ubuntu :: Iso File Extraction - Go Through 3500+ Rom Files And Delete Added ;1 To Nes Extension

Aug 15, 2010

I downloaded an ISO of some nes roms and used the archive manager to extract the files. It extracted them but it added a ;1 to the end of the extension. I don't want to go through 3500+ rom files and delete the added ;1 to the nes extension. How can I prevent this in the future?

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Software :: Make OpenProj Use The Desktop File Open/save Dialogs

May 6, 2010

I'm just starting with OpenProj and wonder if anyone has any tips to speed my progress.

I've netsearched for introductions, tutorials, HOWTOs etc. and found very little.

Importantly I'd like to change the default font used on the display, to make the characters larger and bolder; the default is a strain to read.

Less importantly is there any way to make OpenProj use the desktop file open/save dialogs, rather than its own?

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OpenSUSE :: Updated To 11.4 [64 Bit] - Rkhunter Is Giving Warning: User 'rtkit' Has Been Added To The Passwd File

Mar 13, 2011

i have just updated to openSuSE 11.4 [64 bit]; rkhunter is giving these Warnings :

Warning: User 'rtkit' has been added to the passwd file.
Warning: User 'pulse' has been added to the passwd file.
Warning: User 'statd' has been added to the passwd file.
Warning: Changes found in the group file for group 'audio': User 'pulse' has been added to the group
Warning: Group 'rtkit' has been added to the group file.
Warning: Group 'pulse' has been added to the group file.
Warning: Group 'pulse-access' has been added to the group file.
Warning: Suspicious file types found in /dev: /dev/shm/ ASCII text
Warning: Hidden directory found: /dev/.sysconfig
Warning: Hidden directory found: /dev/.mount

Do these look Normal, Are these False-Positives??

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General :: Check For New Files Added Onto A Systems?

Aug 31, 2009

If there are patches being done on a linux system, what commands i could use for showing out the files that have been newly added?

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Ubuntu One :: Newly Added Files To Folder Not Synching

Jan 7, 2011

I was able to synch my folders to Ubuntu One.However, when I add any new files to one of the synched folders, it is not synching up to Ubuntu One. I've tried re-synching the folder where I place the file and all I get is the circular arrow with the ! in it. I've also tried disconnecting and connecting in the Device tab on "Ubuntu One Preferences". Am I missing a procedure here or is this a bug? I would hope that adding, removing, or updating files would automatically be synched.

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CentOS 5 :: RSYNC: Listing Files Added & Changed?

Oct 21, 2010

I'm using rsync to create a mirror of the data files on our main server every day. I've looked at the man page, and can't see it; can I get a listing of the files that have been changed on or added to the mirror when it's completed? Can it just log what it's doing to a file?

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Ubuntu :: Put Newly Added And Unwatched Video Files Into A Folder?

Feb 28, 2010

I'm looking for something in Ubuntu (o Linux) that would put newly added and unwatched video files into a folder.

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Fedora Servers :: Junk Added To HTML Files (HTTPD / VSFTPD)

Feb 16, 2011

I've just upgraded my serv from fedora8 to fedora12 and got a problem. The httpd and vsftpd add a junk in the beginning of html files. Png, tar and other files are ok. When I make a request to localhost everything is ok.

#telnet localhost 80
GET /1.html
but from any other computer.

Code: .....
But this is not an apache problem. When I dl html files from ftp I got the same problem. Iptables is swithed off.

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General :: Send Automatic Email For Users When Files Added In Ftp Directory?

Oct 23, 2009

if it is possible to send automatic email for users when files added in ftp directory in linux

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Ubuntu :: Can A File Be Added To The Places Menu

Jan 20, 2011

wondering if it's possible to add a link to a file in the Places Menu? for example a link to a Writer file I use a lot. I see how to add folders, but is it possible to add files?

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Software :: Added An Cc File To An Tcl Script And Compile

Feb 11, 2011

im nirmal r ..i have installed ns2 in redhat 5.i have added an cc file to an tcl script and while compiling the make in terminal it shows me like this..(i have tried to enable the propertise but i con't)


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OpenSUSE Install :: Added New Hard Disk And Opensuse Doesn't Boot?

Aug 31, 2011

I've recently added a new hard disk and due to mother board controllers this new hard disk is known as sda.Before that my boot partition was /dev/sda3 and know this changed to sdb3.Whenever grub menu appears and I choose opensuse,it can't find /dev/sda3 .It seems that I should edit menu.lst or change boot loader parameter.something like root (hd1,2).But I don't how I can do this with opensuse boot loader.Though I could do this with CentOS easily.

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General :: Routes Are Not Added As Defined In Rc.local File....why?

Jan 24, 2010

I need to setup my ubuntu pc single nic card ip as for internet and and for my lan and for another network through my 4port DSL modem.So i defined like this.Except addition of last two routes( & everything worked as defined, what is the mistake i did?

In /etc/network/interfaces file

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback[code]............

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Arista- Nothing Happens When File Is Added To Queue

May 25, 2010

I just downloaded Arista to convert avi's to mpegs for DVD's and also to view on a mobile device.I add a file "movie.avi" as the source and device as DVD and then click "add to queue" and the file appears in the queue but nothing happens.Also I believe that I have now downloaded all of the necessary gstreamer packages including the ugly multiverse.

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General :: Perform Some Tasks When New File Is Added In Folder

Feb 21, 2011

I have a folder named "logs" which contains log files. I would like to have a bash script or a cron job or something like this which will check the folder continuousy and perform some tasks (for example echo "New file is created") every time a new file with pattern like "Screen.log.***" is created in the folder "logs"
Is it possible in Linux?

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Ubuntu :: BAd Characters In Almost All GNOME Dialogs

Oct 11, 2010

@ ubuntu - 10.04 -32bit. Linux 2.6.32-25-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 17 20:26:08 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux

Suddenly, maybe after the last synaptic update, i got unreadable bad characters in gnome.

In the Firefox browser (at the top.. ), copying dialogs, synaptic..

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Security :: Created A .htaccess File In The Folder And Added AuthType Basic?

Jan 26, 2010

I have a folder on my server i want to protect with http authentication but i have problem. i created a password htpasswd -c .htpasswd razzera

then i created a .htaccess file in the folder and added
AuthType Basic
AuthName "Restricted Files"
# (Following line optional)
AuthBasicProvider file
AuthUserFile /.htpasswd
Require user razzera

but when i go tho the folder it wont request any login details. why ??

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Debian Multimedia :: Text Not Showing Up In Dialogs On Firefox

Jan 27, 2015

I just installed a fresh install of Debian Wheezy to an old Pentium 4 desktop computer I found on Craigslist. Everything is mostly up and running but I've been encountering an odd issue with Firefox. Whenever I type text into either a search or text dialog on Youtube, Facebook or on Duck Duck Go the text is invisible. I can highlight the text to see what I have written, but obviously this is quite annoying not to be able to view what I am typing in these places in real-time. The strange thing is that it is only these sites that I have found, everywhere else (reddit, google, Debian forums as well) can see what I am typing. I'm using Firefox 35.0 right now.

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OpenSUSE :: Cannot Find Recently Added Font?

Sep 6, 2011

I just recently downloaded a font of .ttf format (truetype I believe). I tried adding the font to a couple of places but still can't find it in any applications.My goal is to use the font in GIMP. Even tried using it in Libre Writer, but still no luck.If I simply double click the ".ttf" file, it opens a window that shows all the letters in the font and the "Quick brown fox jumps." sentence. It also shows data about it like Name, Style, Type, Size, Version, etc... And there is a button on the bottom-right of the window that says "Install Font", and when I click it, it doesn't seem like anything happens except the button becomes greyed out and says,"Install Failed" (can barely read the greyed out text though).

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: New Serial Port Added

Apr 4, 2011

I have openSuse 11.1 and have just added a new serial port card. Do I need to do something to get the card going? My application doesn't seem to be getting data from the serial card. How would I test status. Do I use setserial .

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Ubuntu :: Get Code::Blocks To Auto-hide The Dialogs At The Bottom?

Mar 9, 2011

Is there a way to get Code::Blocks to auto-hide the dialogs at the bottom? I can't find an option anywhere.

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Ubuntu :: Hide 'hidden' Folders In Save And Open Dialogs?

Mar 14, 2011

Nautilis is very good at hiding or showing 'hidden' files and folders (names starting with .) but using any other program to save or open a file, I have to scroll through reams of hidden to my storage folders. Is there a way to make the save and open dialogs 'hide' the 'hidden' files? Is it different for different programs?

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General :: Skins2 Interface Error: Cannot Instanciate Qt4 Dialogs Provider

Feb 11, 2011

I getting a error when i try to run VLC on my rhel5 box

VLC media player 1.1.7 The Luggage (revision exported)
LibVLC has detected an unusable buggy GNU/libc version.
Please update to version 2.8 or newer.\


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OpenSUSE :: Added Second Hard Drive Now Can't Chown Or Chmod

Mar 29, 2010

I occasionally get into areas in Linux where I get my own ignorance demonstrated....System is a core quad running OpenSuse 11.2 64 bit on a LAN at home. I added a 750 GB SATA drive with the idea of putting all media on the drive primarily plus a few movies and making the data sharable by anyone across the LAN i.e. the computer in the living room with an audio line to the stereo. My room mate is strictly a Windoze user so I figured if she wanted stuff on her machine as well then format the new drive with NTFS which I did using GPartd. I then set the drive to mount as /storage under root.

I loaded the music library &c and although I can play music from my user account on this machine I can not add music or videos or anything else except as root. I dont want to have to change to /root to do this. I attempted a chmod tonight as su from a terminal then in the root GUI using dolphin and resetting the permissions under properties and nothing changes. The drive appears in the filesystem as /storage with ownership as root. The permissions are

drwxr-xr-x 1 root users 4096 2010-03-27 22:55 storage

trying to chmod as root has no effect at all. I would like to be able to add content from any machine on the LAN plus be able to play a movie or video as well as music (I assume this would need the execute permission) but chmod -R 777 storage has no effect. Neither does cd'ing to the directory and trying to change ownership or permissions on the individual files or directories on the drive.Command line as su or as root from that gui, no difference. I do a

chmod g+w,o+rw storage

and the command appears to execute.However I ls -l and find the permissions unchanged. I obviously have or am doing something wrong, possibly in the way I set the drive up in the first place.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Can Swap Space Added After Boot Be Used?

Apr 15, 2010

I found what I believe to be odd behavior on an OpenSuSE 11.0 computer today. I needed to add some disk space on one of our computers and here is what I did: This computer had a separate disk for swap space so I deactivated swap (swapoff -a) and then removed the swap entry from /etc/fstab. I then shut down the computer and replaced what was a single disk used only for swap with a RAID1 hardware mirror.

I then booted the system and added a swap partition and another file system on the new RAID1 volume. Even after activating the new swap space with swap on, no swap ever seems to be actually allocated. The swap space shows up in top, free, "swap -s" and vmstat, but never gets used. I realize that a reboot will result in the swap being used, but is there anyway to get the kernel to use the swap without a reboot.

It's probably worth noting that I verified this behavior on a second computer. That is I turned off swap, removed the swap entry in /etc/fstab and then rebooted. Swap is never actually allocated until a second reboot. By the way, this was discovered when some of our users attempted to run java on the system where I did the first work and they got:

prompt> java -version
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

Yesterday, java was working fine and I got the same results on my test computer. Is this a kernel bug or just odd behavior?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Cannot Locate Recently Added Repository?

Aug 8, 2011

I had some issues with my touchpad on my Dell Laptop Latitude E6510.I found the site "" which is an OSS site for Dell products, Drivers, firmware, etc.Index of /repo/community.I followed the instructions on their site to add the repo to my system. When I run the 'wget' command that it tells me to run, it seems like everything goes fine. But I can't see the repo in YaST > Software Repositories. I ran the command on Friday last week so I don't have the exact output from which I ran this command the first time.

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OpenSUSE :: PC Freezes When Add Virtual Flag Is Added To Xorg.conf

Dec 19, 2010

I have an nVidia radeon x1300 series running on my suse 64 bit system. The problem is when I try to enable dual head it tells me that I dont have enough virtual memory so when I add the: Virtual 3840 1200 under the screen section it works for a couple of minutes and then bom! it freezes up no mouse no keyboard response and the screen gets all distorted. whats odd is that I can still ssh to the system. The following is my current xorg.conf without the Virtual flag.


# /.../
# SaX generated X11 config file
# Created on: 2010-12-19T10:38:36-0500.


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Programming :: BASH: Each Line Of Multiple Text Files Gets Added To One Line?

Sep 12, 2010

I currently have 3 files with floating point data that I wish to have in a single file with the format:


F1 F1 F3 Output
a1 b1 c1 a1 b1 c1
a2 b2 c2 a2 b2 c2
a3 b3 c3 a3 b3 c3
a4 b4 c4 a4 b4 c4

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Debian :: Name Of Package That Prints Ncurses Style Dialogs During 'aptitude Safe-upgrade'

Mar 1, 2010

I'm running Debian squeeze and my packages are all up to date. I usually do my updates by typing 'aptitude update' and 'aptitude safe-upgrade' at the command line as root.Sometimes when doing regular updates aptitude, or the package that's being updated, shows a ncurses-style dialog box on the screen, usually to have the user 'OK' a change, or to select which version of a configuration file to keep. Recently I've found these dialog boxes to be slightly messed up... in that the spot at the bottom where I would expect the 'OK' button to be is replaced by nonsensical characters.

There seems to be no problem with the way that the program functions, as I can press the tab key and then the return key, or just the return key alone, and the dialog goes away, seemingly doing it's job. But I would like to know what this program is. It's likely been updated recently, but looking through /var/log/aptitude and /var/log/aptitude.1.gz I cannot figure out which one it is. I'd like to file a bug report, or simply be able to follow the progress of someone else's bug. That's all.

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