OpenSUSE :: Banshee 2.0 "export Playlist" And "import Playlist" Results Differ?

Sep 11, 2011

I have a playlist of 634 tracks that I export to a file. I then try to import that same file and only 627 tracks get imported into the created playlist. The 7 tracks that are missing are:

#EXTINF:125,Elvis Presley - Don't Be Cruel
../../../../media/LinuxHD/Music/Elvis Presley/Elv1s 30 #1 Hits/02. Don't Be Cruel.mp3
#EXTINF:189,Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight?
../../../../media/LinuxHD/Music/Elvis Presley/Elv1s 30 #1 Hits/16. Are You Lonesome Tonight_.mp3


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OpenSUSE :: K3b - Burn A M3u Playlist Generated From Banshee - No Permission

Jul 5, 2011

I have been receiving K3b burning problems for the last two weeks. When I burn a m3u playlist generated from Banshee I receive an error about not having permission, but I believe I've enabled all the permissions I know how. Just now I attempted to burn a downloaded ISO and received an error even though I think the filesystem may have built correctly:

Code: cdrecord returned an unknown error (code 254). Sometimes using TAO writing mode solves this issue.
here's my debug report: SUSE Paste

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Whenever Click On Some Of Playlist / Banshee Crashes.

Nov 16, 2010

I just started having a problem tonight with Banshee. Whenever I click on some of my playlists, Banshee crashes. Can anyone tell me where I would find the error log for this so that I can fix it?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Finding Player For Microsoft ASX Playlist?

Feb 8, 2010

I wish to play a training video. When I click on the link I get a prompt to open with RealPlayer. Since I do not think I have RealPlayer installed I checked the link and it an .asx file. I guess it is a link for streaming the video. Whatever, which playing software should I install? I am aware of the multimedia tutorial on this site but am not clear on my objective as there are so many player options apparently available. It would help if I knew what I should be using to play these videos.

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Ubuntu :: M3U Playlist Generator Using LS?

Jul 18, 2010

I am trying to emulate a .bat file I have on Windows. The script turns all the mp3 files into a m3u file.So far I have found the command "ls -1 >playlist.m3u *.mp3" this works great but what I want is to drag a file into the folder an album is in and then double click and it will run the command. I tried making a launcher and put that command on it, it seems to open up a terminal window but no playlist.m3u is generated. Could you tell me what I am doing wrong?

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SUSE :: Get To Add To The Collection Or Playlist?

May 9, 2010

Can anyone explain in simple schoolboy language (age about 5, or thats how i feel), how I can rip my cds, so not breaking law, and add to playlist.No problem playing them, but how do you get to add to the collection or playlist.

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General :: Bbc Playlist In Totem

Aug 1, 2011

I am using ubuntu 10.04 having totem 2.30.0 based on gstreamer 0.10.28I recently discovered an option in side bar bbc (apart from properties,.....,playlist)It downloaded 5-6MB of data for playlist then parsed them & displayed a list of interesting programmes of around 0.5 hour duration.

How can I download these mp3 files ? I could not find working radio at URL...

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Ubuntu :: Adding To Current Playlist In VLC

Aug 12, 2010

what i want to be able to do is add a song or video to a current playlist in VLC. i know that sounds simple, but i wanna do it from my music folder, so right click on the file then "add the playlist" like in windows (i shall headbutt a wall for saying i want something like windows).dont know where to start on this at all, not sure what to google or anything.i was using rhythmbox but it skips when streaming across the network so thats out unless i fix that issue.

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CentOS 5 :: Error In Starting Playlist On DSS 5.5.5 / Fix It?

Dec 9, 2010

When i add hinted ( using gpac MP4Box) mp4 files in playlist on admin page of DSS 5.5.5 it gives following error

"An error occurred while starting or stopping your playlist." code...

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Fedora :: XMMS Playlist Advance Fail

Jul 24, 2011

I've recently upgraded to Fedora 15 after a failed Fedora 11-12 upgrade (luckily all my data is on a seperate drive!) and have been re-installing all the applications i had before. One strange problem i've come across is with XMMS. When it gets to the end of a song it wont move onto the next one. I've tried checking and unchecking the 'No Playlist Advance' option and it has made no difference. I tried changing the output from ALSA to OSS but that didn't even play the tracks so i switched back.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Unable To Save Playlist With VLC-1.0.2

Jan 7, 2010

I am running VLC release 1.0.2 and I am unable to save a playlist. Does anyone else have this problem and/or know of a fix?

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Ubuntu Servers :: DSS : New Playlist : Available Content Empty?

Jan 24, 2010

I've installed DarwinStreamingServer 5.5.5 with User qtss:qtss (setted up manually). Everything fine.I changed the permission of the config-file

sudo chmod 755 /etc/streaming/streamingserver.xml
And Configured the webinterfaces. So far so good.
Streaming like: rtsp://<Server-IP>/sample_100kbit.mp4 worx.

But i can not set up Playlist and the List where you should find your files is empty, although there are files in my default directory.I Expect that any file permissions are wrong, but which.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Online Playlist For Songs?

Apr 28, 2010

is there a way of playing songs that are available in the internet using totem music player, or any other application. for example, this link refers to a song that is present on a web page. i want to play it on a music player, and many other songs also. my aim is to create a playlist of songs that are available on the internet. so i can listen to those songs whenever i am online.

what is a smart way of doing it.? i dont mean downloading, because those songs cant be downloaded but can only be listened.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox Will Not Burn Playlist?

May 19, 2010

A severe problem with Rhythmbox. You cannot burn playlist. I've looked at bug reports and they just give you the run around. Nothing in the forums except to go to something else. That is no solution to the problem. I can't believe this problem is being ignored. Nothing comes up on these applications got so screwed up from one version to the other and what the cure is?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox Not Loading The Playlist?

May 30, 2010

On Ubuntu 10.04, when I select Playlist -> Load From File and select a .m3u file in Rhythmbox, the playlist shows up but is totally blank. This is an m3u file exported directly out of windows media player 12 on a different computer, and when I open it with gedit, I can see all the tracks listed. Why is it blank? I've relied on this feature for almost two years and now it's suddenly gone!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: VLC Under Lucid - How To Load Playlist

Jul 17, 2010

I have used VLC player in the past to play music under certain conditions, but am having a bit of a problem. I have Googled this problem to no avail. Nowhere in the menus can I find a way to load a playlist. This playlist was generated under and saved from VLC. When consulting the documentation at the website, it says to load the playlist from the "Playlist" menu, but there is no "Playlist" menu present, as shown in the screenshots from the site. I can find the "Save Playlist to File" option under the "Media" menu, but nowhere can I find a "Load Playlist" option. I have read that the playlist can be dragged and dropped (specifically, directly onto the player), but VLC won't play the playlist. How to load a playlist into VLC?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Transfer Playlist To Sony Walkman

Dec 1, 2010

i recently purchased a sony walkman nwz-b153f... i can directly create a folder and copy songs, but i want to copy songs in playlists.. like its done for ipods in i tunes... the guide says use windows media player 11 or 12..

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Ubuntu :: Custom Launching For Playlist File

Jan 13, 2011

I am trying to make a custom launcher for a playlist file to open in VLC player. In the command part I have the path to the file like this:
What am I doing wrong cause when I try and launch it I get this error:
Details: Failed to execute child process "/home/mike/Videos/newTv.m3u" (Permission denied)

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Slackware :: .audacious Wont Add .wav Files To The Playlist?

May 15, 2009

I run slackware 12.1 and audacious wont add .wav files to the playlist. This means it just wont play them. Why is that? Is there a way to fix this?

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Debian Multimedia :: Print Cd Label From Playlist File?

Apr 14, 2011

Something command line that can parse and output an m3u file correctly. For example, not cdlabelgen.

All I want is a simple list of songs to print out to include with any audio cds I burn to use as a label in a slim case. No fancy labels with graphics and this or that. Brasero has a cover editor but the formatting is all screwed up and playing with text to get it to print correctly is a drag.

It would be cool if there were a script, too. Something that uses mp3cd. So a fella could fire-up his termianl-fu and run $ ./ which would:

burn an audio disc from the playlist (which mp3cd does, of course)print out a nicely formatted list of the tracks sized correctly for a slim cd case cover.

That would be cool.

EDIT: You know, like this:

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Open VLC's Playlist From A Script / Terminal?

Jan 31, 2010

I'm trying to write a script that opens up vlc, opens up the playlist, and then opens up my music folder. So thus it looks like this so far;


vlc &
# command to open up vlc playlist
gnome-open /media/files/multimedia/music
However, I seem to have no clue as to how to open vlc's playlist from a command. I know the hotkey for opening the playlist is "ctrl + L" but I don't know if this is useful at all.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Rhythmbox Not Writing Playlist To IPod?

Feb 28, 2010

I love how Rhythmbox connects quickly and easily to my iPod, and how Rhythmbox does a pretty solid job of keeping track of changes to my library, though it is large. But I cannot seem to create playlists on the iPod through Rhythmbox. When I create them, I can see them in Rhythmbox, but when I unplug the iPod and try to play them, they don't show up. I plug the iPod back in, and Rhythmbox acts like they're there - I can even play the Playlist from the iPod in Rhythmbox.

Is there something I need to do to "write" the Playlist to the iPod from Rhythmbox? It is so irritating to have to create an "on the go" playlist on the iPod and then fire up Rhythmbox and rename it what i want it to be.

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Ubuntu :: Move A Playlist In Another Folder It Doesn't Play

Mar 17, 2010

when i cut and paste a movie player playlist elsewhere it says "An error occurred, location not found"

though it shows the videos names and in the right order etc.

i can't be the only one noticing that..

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Ubuntu Servers :: Playlist Doesnt Work - M3u File ?

Jul 12, 2010

I found some code and tuts that tell me how to create a playlist, and I followed it to the letter but it doesnt work...I'm guessing it has somethin to do with my configuration settings with apache, otherwise here's the code:


So inside the m3u file the code is:


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Ubuntu :: Auto Generate Music Playlist From Web Directory?

May 28, 2011

There's a podcast on the internet I love, and I would like to have them all in the same playlist. This podcast doesn't put their episodes in a playlist. Are there any software or scripts I can use for this to work so I can simply just type in the http://url/directory, and have all the mp3 files in a playlist. Or if the playlist part isn't possible, then at least a text documents with all the links?

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General :: VLC Plays Only The First Audio File In The Playlist Among The Files

Apr 6, 2010

My configuration-Ubuntu9.04. My VLC plays only the first audio file in the playlist among the files in the playlist,after that it automatically exit. When I press the next tab,then also it exit.I've reinstalled VLC,but also the problem exist. "VLC media player 0.9.4 Grishenko"

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Software :: Ubuntu 9.10 - Reproducing Video Playlist On MPlayer?

Jul 27, 2010

I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 and trying to use mplayer for reproducing a simple video playlist.
Typing on the terminal the code:
mplayer -playlist <playlistname>
I've the problem that every time that the player begins reproducing a new video, it close itself and reopen in another window. Is there no way to keep the first window open and reproduce all the video files in the same window?

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Ubuntu :: Amarok 2 - Automatic Playlist Generator - 30 Song Limit?

Aug 4, 2010

I am using Ubuntu 10.04 with Amarok 2.3.1 and I am having some problems with the Automatic Playlist Generator. I have not found my solution on these forums and I have searched google, and I am fairly new to using Amarok 2.

Every time I use the Automatic Playlist Generator, only 30 tracks are introduced into the playlist. Why is this? I don't want a limit to the amount of tracks which are selected.

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Ubuntu :: Show File Names Instead Of Tags In Totem's Playlist?

Jul 20, 2011

Totem by default shows some sort of tags (if found) and not file names in the playlist. I don't like this, because I use Totem for video only and videos I get from the web usualy contains URLs and other such nonsense in the tags so I never know which file is which.

Can I somehow force Totem to always display file names?

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Software :: Amarok Doesn't Advance To Next Track On Playlist Automatically

Mar 24, 2011

Usually when I install a sequence of tracks in the Amarok playlist, it plays them in order, advancing to the next track after each is played. But it seems now to be in some state where it doesn't automatically advance -- after completing a track, it just stops. I can manually start the next track, however. What is needed to cause the automatic advance? (I'm running Amarok 2.3.2 under KDE 4.5.1 and Kubuntu Maverick 10.10.)

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