OpenSUSE :: Amarok 2.4 Id3v2.x Tags - Many Songs Missing From Collection

Jan 1, 2011

I am running KDE from the unstable repos and am having an issue with the Amarok included... output of rpm query on amarok


When I import my music folder into my amarok library I come up ~3000 songs short. When I load the same music folder into songbird 1.4 I am able to see the full library.

There appears to be no rhyme or reason to which songs' ID3 tags are not being read properly by Amarok and therefore are not appearing in my collection. I have tried removing my collection and rescanning, removing and re-installing amarok.. removing all amarok related folders from my .kde folders and reinstalling... yet I am still unable to get my full collection read by Amarok..

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Amarok Wont Update Tags For Files In Collection

Feb 9, 2010

I have most of my music on my hard drive in one big "Music" folder, and in Amarok this is seen as the collection. Everything is imported, works fine.

Until i change the ID3 tags of a file/album. Amarok refuses to load the new tags, and keeps displaying the old tags.

I have over 200 GB of music in that folder, some of it is badly tagged. When i realize that, i retag the files with Musicbrainz. And unless i scan the entire collection again, the new tags wont be loaded. Needless to say i can't listen to the respective album/file for hours, as the rescanning of that whole folder takes at least one hour.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Mass Convert ID3v2 Tags From Version 2.4 To 2.3

Dec 22, 2010

I share my music between ubuntu and windows 7 (nothing fancy just copy, paste, external hard drive). and have learnt that my music collection doesn't show up right in windows media player because WMP can't read version 2.4 right. most of my collection is saved in 2.4. I used mp3tag on windows for converting my whole collection but wiped the computer recently and had to start over. This time i would like to just convert my whole collection on my ubuntu pc through the terminal. I tried using EyeD3 but it didn't seem to work for me. But perhaps i typed the command wrong. Could someone show me either a proper command for converting my mp3 collection to v2.3 OR recommend another ubuntu program/commandline that can handle 7,500 songs and convert them to ID3v2 v2.3.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Amarok: Play 50 Random From Collection?

Feb 26, 2010

In Amarok 1 in the playlist tab you could choose to make a playlist of 50 random from your collection.

I start using Amarok 2.2.90 now. Where did they hide this functionality?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Amarok Won't Edit Tags?

Aug 13, 2010

Amarok won't edit tags in MP3-files. All the options are greyed out. I'm using OpenSuse 11.3 64-bit with KDE 4.4.4, and Amarok v. 2.3.0.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Amarok Does Not Import All Songs From IPod?

Jun 26, 2010

I connect my iPod to the computer, open Amarok, and select the "Copy To -- Local Collection" option. I have over 2,000 songs on my iPod, but only 638 are imported. There is no rhyme or reason to which songs are imported and which are not.

Individually selecting the unimported songs and attempting to copy them is unsuccessful. I have followed the multimedia installation guide to the letter with success.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: When Try To Scan Music Collection / Amarok Don't Find Any Song

Feb 16, 2011

3 o 4 days ago I installed KDE 4.6 from KDE 46 repository and I upgrade my OS and some applications like Amarok. I had some problems so I erased .kde folder and reboot my computer. KDE 4.6 works fine and fast (in my opinion, faster than KDE 4.5) but I have problems with Amarok 2.4. When I try to scan my music collection Amarok don't find any song. I have a NTFS partition in my computer and I have all my music there. I mount the partition since fstab and in 6 months I didn't have any problem. I can use Clementine for exmple and scan all my songs perfectly, but not Amarok.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Find-out The Beats Per Minute (BPM) For Each Of The Songs In Music Collection?

Jul 10, 2011

I'm looking to find-out the beats per minute (BPM) for each of the songs in my music collection to put together various playlists and thought it would be as simple as adding that column of information to Rhythmbox or Clementine, but that fields shows-up as blank. Am I doing something wrong or do I need a scanner to add that meta information first? If so, do you fine folks know of a good one out there for a large collection?

EDIT: So, I installed Banshee because I've read it has a BPM scanner; however, it runs insanely slowly. It took from when I last posted this to now to scan my music collection and only has about two dozens songs' BPM computed. Is Banshee supposed to be that slow? Seems useless.

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Fedora :: Amarok Can't Scan My Collection

Feb 21, 2010

Ok, I stopped using Fedora after the version 9. Today for a change I installed Fedora 12. And now I am in an endless world of troubles.At first I was able to video call friends on msn. But it wasn't working. And then I found this guide and did everything it says. Now it's even worse, audio and video call buttons are greyed out?

Amarok is a critical software for me. No Amarok, no Linux. I installed the amarok's latest version through yum. But amarok can't scan my collection. It keeps giving this error "[ERROR!] Tried to query an uninitialized m_db! ".???

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Ubuntu :: Amarok: How To Clean Up Collection

Aug 9, 2011

I have removed an album from my hard drive and yet Amarok shows that album in my collection. Neither right-click > delete, nor rescanning library helps. What to do to remove this obsolete data from the collection?

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General :: Amarok Not Building Collection

Jul 19, 2010

I was using amarok fine with 10.04, upgraded to 10.10 alpha, still worked fine. Decided alpha had a few bugs I didn't like so I completely removed it, installed 10.04 from scratch again (I have two partitions, / and /home, only formatted /). Now I can't get amarok to build for me at all. It plays mp3's no problem but when I try to build my collection it pretends to (takes a few minutes but goes relatively fast compared to what it should take to build) then shows 0 songs. I've already tried deleting amarok inside of /home/user/.kde/share/apps/amarok

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Fedora :: Amarok Crashes When It's Scan Collection?

Jun 7, 2010

I upgraded my fedora 12 to F13 last night by Fedora 13 DVD. then i updated my F13 using this code:

#yum update
so when i tried to use amarok it couldn't scan my collection and crashes.
after that i removed my amarok folder using this code:


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Amarok Keeps Rescanning Collection / Fix Them?

Aug 30, 2010

I have 2.3.1 on ubuntu lucid and every 20-30sec it scans collection (or updates it) but only to 52% and it stops. I am not changing watched folders fyi. When I start it from terminal I get these messages code...

Ok, it's TagLib's fault, but how can I know what files are causing this and how can I fix them? I suspect it may be some flac albums that I've added to my collection not long ago.

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Software :: Amarok 2.3.0 On Ubuntu 10.04 Does Not Show Collection?

Sep 17, 2010

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a Dell E6410 and I am not seeing my Local Collection. I went to Settings > Configure Amarok > Collection and chose the folder that has my collection in it. It scans it but when I try to view the Local Collection in the left bar, it's empty. I have Amarok on another computer in the house and it sees them fine. I can also use Rhythm Box on the 6410 and it sees and plays them fine.

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Software :: Amarok Not Playing Songs?

Mar 13, 2010

When I start amarok, it is not playing songs , just skipping the songs through the playlist !

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Amarok 2.3.0 Does Not Show Itunes Collection?

May 7, 2011

After upgrading from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 (yes I'm a bit slow on the update), Amarok no longer displays or plays my itunes collection.

the Itunes collection is on a separate drive in a dual boot configuration (Win XP Pro). Drive is mounted and I can navigate to the music directory in the file browser. Also Amarok can see the directory when I try to rescan my collection.

When I rescan the collection - drilling down to the correct directory - amarok appears to be scanning the diretory. However when it is complete, the collection header (in the local music view) shows the music share with a track count, but the sub directories (album, artist, etc.) is empty.

I have removed and re-installed Amarok, and cleaned up the itunes directory - no change in the behavior.

Amarok reliably played the itunes collection in previous ubuntu distros (9.01, 9.04, 8.10, etc...).

What do I need to do to get the collection visible?

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Fedora :: Songs In Amarok Playing Slow?

Jun 13, 2010

I have got Fedora 13 x86_64 with KDE. I installed the Fluendo MP3 Plug-In so I could play songs in Amarok. But the first ~15 seconds of every song are really lagging, the rest of the song sounds fine. I tried to set it to an external MySQL database, but then all my music disappears.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Amarok Won't Play Songs

Aug 17, 2011

im brand new to kubuntu and ived never used amarok before and its kinda confusing me. i have all my songs imported and they all show up, but they wont play. double clicking them doesnt do anything, though at the bottom right of the amarok window it says "now playing [song title]". ive gotten a few songs to play but not most of them.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Amarok No Longer Sees Music Collection?

Jun 27, 2010

I was just using Amarok 2-3 days ago and everything was working fine. Now every time I launch Amarok it shows 0 songs in my collection. Under my collection properties, it still shows I have the correct folder selected. When I try to rescan my collection, absolutely nothing happens. Also, when I quit the program, it stays in the top gnome bar. When I click on it, the exit option is gone and I have to manually kill the process.

I'm running 10.04 with the 2.6.34-5 kernel.

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General :: Amarok - Collection - Scanning Is Not Finding Any Music Files?

Mar 13, 2011

I have been using Linux close to 2 years now. One thing that always bewildered me is audio support in Linux. These days I login to windows only for listening to music. After reading various blogs, i decided to give it a try in Linux with Amarok. There again I am facing a problem.

while i try to scan for music files it is not finding any files.

what I did is as follows:


Setting --> configure Amarok --> collection --> scan

I have tried with mp3 .wma format files. While I try to add these files individually, Amarok is able to play those.

I am using Amarok 2.3.2 with KDE 4.4.5. Fedora - 12 is my flavor.

Given below is the log obtained with amarok -debug option


TagLib: MPEG::Header:arse() -- First byte did not match MPEG synch.
TagLib: MPEG::Header:arse() -- Invalid sample rate.
TagLib: A frame of unsupported or unknown type 'TSC' has been discarded
TagLib: A frame of unsupported or unknown type 'TSC' has been discarded
TagLib: A frame of unsupported or unknown type 'TSC' has been discarded


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Software :: Amarok Crashing Scanning Collection Ntfs Drive?

Sep 7, 2010

the issue i am having has been narrowed down quite a bit through various posts from here and on google. the set up is amarok 2.3.1, kde 4.4.5 and fedora 13. when i am scanning my collection amarok crashes. the music is on a second mounted hard drive with an ntfs formatting. i have copied the same folder to a ext3 formatted second hard drive, my main linux partition (ext4) and its location on my third ntfs drive. from my linux partition and from the ext3 partition the folder is scanned fine but on the ntfs partition it fails to complete and crashes.i tried amarokcollectionscanner stand alone it scanned the entire ntfs partition fine but when scanned from amarok through the rescan collection button, it crashes. it is about 200 gigs of music so i am not really keen on moving the entire collection. i have been working on this for a while and have not figured out a work around or how to fix this

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Software :: Amarok Does Not Show Music Collection And No Sound When Web Browsing?

Aug 8, 2010

i'm on a ubuntu machine and i installed amarok, because i like it more than rhythmbox, so i configured the collection but the list doesn't show.. i click the option "update collection" but it does nothing i can play mp3 files if i right-click on them and open with amarok..., also when i'm using amarok i dont get sound on my web browsing lets say in ..... i get no sound. what can it be? by the way i'm using UBuntu not Kubuntu.

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Slackware :: Amarok Hangs At 10% When Scanning Large Music Collection?

Jun 6, 2010

After installing slackware 13.1 I start up amarok and when I go in and configure the settings and it starts to scan the folder and it either hangs at 10%, stops responding all together or crashes, the library is about 130 gigs of mp3s. I do not know where to start on this one. Amarok version 2.3.0

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Some Tags Are Not Shown In Amarok

Feb 3, 2010

For example, an mp3 file has all the tags filled - track number, year, genre, etc. But when in Amarok, some tags are not shown to me.Look at the attached screenshot, please. You see, when I look into track properties I can see that it HAS got a track number and a year. But it is not shown in playlist.

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Software :: Amarok Editing Single File Tags?

Jun 17, 2010

I just began using amarok as a media player and I have a bunch of untagged files which show up in the local collection as Untitled -> Untitled, but since there are multiple files I can't see what they are, and I can't play them. If I go to edit it, it edits all the untitled files to whatever I set it to, because there's a bunch of untitled files. Is there a way for me to add tags to them in amarok one at a time?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Starting Apache At Boot / Warning: Script 'K01httpd' Missing LSB Tags And Overrides?

Jul 11, 2011

I have installed ZendServer CE on my distro and I have tried to create a startup file in this way:I create the file httpd in the folder /etc/init.d

I run chmod 775 httpd
I execute chkconfig --add httpd on
But this is the message returned from system:

insserv: warning: script 'K01httpd' missing LSB tags and overrides

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Slackware :: Amarok Refusing To Play Songs That Have Any Non-ascii Characters

Jun 25, 2010

I'm stuck with the problem of amarok refusing to play songs that have any non-ascii characters in the metadata, which is about 1/3 of my collection.A solution to that problem would be ideal, but if there is a good alternative (like amarok 1.x series) I would probably switch.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Sound On Amarok Or SMPlayer - Missing

Nov 28, 2009

I have 11.2 installed on a dual core 64 bit system. The sound works when I use Yast to look at the sound device and select "play test sound". I haven't gotten anything out of Amarok or SMPlayer. I followed the guide listed in other posts to update the system although I could not seem to solve all the dependences. When I use SMPlayer to play an MP3 file, I get a message saying that I am missing

I tried the following: Code: ldd /usr/bin/mplayer | grep libdirect => not found This seems to be the only missing library. The interesting thing is that if I search my system for libdirect, I find that I have Is this a newer rev or a different library because of my platform?

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Amarok 2.3.1 + Lastfm Plugin (missing/present)

Jul 25, 2010

few days ago I upgraded amarok on my openSuSE 11.2 from amarok-2.3.1-1 to amarok-2.3.1-4 (with vendor change to OBS KDE:Backports obs:// I noticed that the lastfm service is not functioning. It was missing from the internet services as well. As if the plugin does not exist. Taking a look at the /usr/share/kde4/services I did not find any .desktop file that was referring to the lastfm service (as I found for magnitude or the other internet services in amarok). So I downgraded to 2.3.1-1 (vendor obs://

After the downgrade I had the .desktop files, but still the lastfm plugin was not loaded. I checked the liblastfm and it was ->***ALAS*** it was the 0.3.1, not the 0.3.0 as it was required by the dependencies.A workaround I thought is to just make a symbolic link to the 0.3.1 with the name 0.3.0. So I did. And it worked. What didn't work is that when I upgraded back to amarok 2.3.1-4 the desktop files were still missing and so was the lastfm plugin from amarok internet services.

I share this for the following reasons:

1. Maybe other people have encountered the same problem, and this could save them time/effort

2. I don't know if I should open a bug report against this, or it is just a matter of how the package was compiled. I don't want to waste developer's time by investigating something that is not a bug, but a feature.__2a. I think this is an openSuSE specific problem, that is why I am posting it here.

3. Would the correct solution be a downgrade of both the liblastfm and amarok?

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Boot 9.10 System - /sbin/insserv Failed - 'dbus' Missing LSB Tags / Overrides

Jan 7, 2010

I cannot boot my 9.10 system as of this morning. I see these messages:

insserv: warning: script 'dbus' missing LSB tags and overrides
insserv: warning: script 'gdm' missing LSB tags and overrides
insserv: warning: script 'K20acpi-support' missing LSB tags and overrides
insserv: warning: script 's99webmin' missing LSB tags and overrides
/sbin/insserv failed, exit code 1

I then hear 2 or 3 faint clicks and I get a blank screen, with 2 faint lines at the top. I have been searching and trying to figure this out, but to no avail.

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