OpenSUSE :: Allow Gnome-shell To Shutdown/restart?

Jul 23, 2010

Logout, Suspend and hibernate works as it should in my gnome-shell desktop.But Shutdown/Restart does not - I just get back to my kdm login screen do I enable this ?

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome Shutdown/restart Under 11.2?

Nov 26, 2009

I'm running openSUSE 11.2 Gnome Desktop Environment. Whenever I try to either shutdown or restart my machine as a "normal user", I've been logged off instead! When I try to re-login the screen (xorg) freezes. I don't know how to debug this problem. The problem could be related to hal or d-bus or policykit or X-org..... simply I don't know. N.B. I can shutdown and restart my machine only as "super-user" (root).

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Debian Configuration :: Shutdown/restart Privileges Under Gnome On Squeeze?

Mar 14, 2011

in configuring a fresh install of Squeeze. I discovered that it is possible to power off the system under gnome simply by pressing the power button or by selecting the "Shut Down" entry on "System" menu.However I need to restrict this option only to root. How can I do that?

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OpenSUSE :: Cannot Shutdown Or Restart Laptop From KDE

Jan 26, 2011

I had my netbook which is an Acer AspireOne lock up on me once earlier today and after doing a hard shutdown *holding the power button* and booting it back up I noticed that I could no longer reboot the machine from KDE's graphical shutdown button. Basically I click it and it pops up with the 30 second count down and then nothing. However I can run as root,


Shutdown -r now

and it will comply and reboot. I did notice that rngd was returning an exit status 1 and after some research decided to uninstall it with no change to anything. I decided to attempt and see if it was just a KDE issue as many problems have been, but when I attempted to log into Gnome I got a very nice white screen with one black line where the taskbar should be. Whether they are related or just coincidence I don't know.

I've ran my google researching skills into the ground on this one and I'm tired and a bit grumpy because I haven't been sleeping so it'd be awesome if I could get a heads up, because to my knowledge it's not reporting any errors it just seems to hang without sending the shutdown signals.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.1 - XFCE 4.4.3 Will Not Shutdown Or Restart

Dec 15, 2009

Pressing the shutdown or restart buttons in XFCE simply logs me out and leaves the system running. I did some Googling and it was suggested that by default users don't have permission to shutdown. (not sure how this is a XFCE specific problem in that case but moving on...)

I've taken the following advice:
For a "desktop" system that wants to protect itself from casual attacks (and "puzzled penguins"), but still grant the user control of their system, run the following as "root":
polkit-auth --show-obtainable | while read OPT; do
polkit-auth --user $USER --grant $OPT

Where <your_userid> is the name of your unprivileged account. I wasn't entirely sure how to run it, so I stuck it into a shell script and ran that with the sudo command. Needless to say it hasn't worked. Is there an easy "sure fire" way to fix this problem, hitting the shutdown button repeatedly to test really grates on you after a while. BTW, Pressing the power button on the front of the system shuts it down okay.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Computer Cannot Restart And Shutdown In 11.4?

Aug 9, 2011

recently I installed opensuse 11.4 in my Dell optiplex 790 desktop. everything works well. however, when I tried to restart or shutdown my computer . the computer logoff and then "freeze" at opensuse window. I have to turn off the power button forcely and turn on the computer again.

My computer configuration:
DELL Optiplex 790
Intel i5 3.1G with HD intel graphic card
Bios revision A05
Memory 8G

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OpenSUSE Install :: System Doesn't Shutdown / Restart?

Aug 21, 2011

I have opensuse 11.4 (Gnome + KDE) installed. The problem is with Gnome. When in KDE, everything works fine. But in gnome, when I shutdown/restart, it merely logs off the session. Then I have to shutdown it from the menu in the login screen.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Unmount Of CIFS Hangs Or Restart Or Shutdown

Dec 30, 2009

I have a SMB share being mounted during boot using a /etc/fstab entry.All that seems to work fine, but on shutdown or reboot I found that the system hangs for a variable period trying to unmount the share. It appears from the log that the unmount is happening after the network connections are closed.Is there someway around this, or is there some other way I should be mounting the share so that it is closes successfully at restart or shutdown?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Shutdown / Restart Screen Distortion With Logout Desktop Effect

Mar 28, 2011

When trying to "Leave" the system (either via the small button on the lower right of the taskbar or by right clicking on the Desktop and selecting "Leave") the logout / shutdown / restart screen comes up. I have the "Logout" desktop effect activated, which is supposed to desaturated the background when the Leave screen appears. However, instead of simply greying out the background, the image on the desktop and the rest of the screen also gets slightly distorted, with seemingly random distortion effects cropping up all over the place (e.g. horizontal lines or large blurs).

These distortions are different every time the Leave screen comes up. The Leave screen itself is displayed fine, and apart from the dodgy background I have no other issues with the whole process (the system shuts down or restarts properly according to my choice). I am using the Radeon drivers, and all other desktop effects I have on (Magic lamb, cover switch, present windows, etc) work fine and without a hitch. It's only the Logout effect that seems to glitch. Are the distortions intentionally created by the effect in order to emphasize the focus on the Leave screen?

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome Won't Shutdown / Fix It?

Apr 7, 2011

I've installed openSUSE 11.4 fresh on my laptop. When I do a shutdown from Gnome and choose the Shut Down option I always return back to the login screen and from there I need to choose the shutdown command again and it works from there. Is there a way to fix the first shutdown option from within Gnome so that it shuts down instead of logging out?

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome Restart On Try Drag-Drop?

Aug 3, 2011

I have Hp pavilion dv6 3031-et Laptop My system is kernel Open SUSE 11.4 Linux #1 SMP PREEMPT 2011-07-21 02:17:24 +0200 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux I was installed in this week and just OpenSUSE handle my all drivers except graphic cards but I handle that too ;

Here is my problem ; If I try add something on menu like a mozilla add home button my gnome screen it restart and my works all gone in this time But If I open my system with nomodeset on boot If I deactived my graphics cards Everything is fine I can do drag-drop I can something on menu but I open normal mode I cannot add anything on any programs

I android-programmer I use a Eclipse-Classic If I try add button on my main.xml or anything my gnome restart I try another programs like drag-drop adding on mouse my screen restart and gnome re-open?

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OpenSUSE :: Shutdown Gnome Directly Without Getting Exited Into The Login Screen?

Dec 10, 2010

I am running Opensuse 11.3 which had the KDE desktop loaded by default. I have since installed the Gnome desktop which I access via the log in screen whenever I want to use it.

One thing that is annoying me is that whenever I load gnome I am unable to shut down the computer directly from the gnome panel.

When I click the shutdown button, I want the computer to shut down, but rather gnome exits into the login screen and it is from there that I need to click the shutdown button in order to shutdown the computer.

Is there a way to avoid this and be able to shutdown from the gnome panel?

I do not want to uninstall KDE as a solution, I would like the flexibility of having both desktops.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.2 / Gnome Flakey Auto Bootup & Shutdown

Mar 29, 2010

I didn't notice any relevant complaints regarding 11.2 in the archives. The bootup & shutdow may be different problems. Randomly my recent install boots up fine or hangs with a blank black screen. A Ctl Alt F2 gets me to a prompt. Startx returns a lockfile comment that X is already running.

From here I can shut 11.2 down and restart it OK. There must be a bootlog kept in /var somewhere. I haven't tried the non-automatic bootup. The shutdown randomly drops back to the logout screen. Usually a shutdown command from there will shut it down. Sometimes shutdown doesn't work, but restart will finish the shutdown.

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OpenSUSE :: How To Get Gnome 3 Shell

Mar 14, 2011

If some one can tell me how to get Gnome 3 shell to try it out.I have the 11.4 Suzy gnome edition from Live CD. I tried to find Gnome 3 in the Install/remove software, after reloading it, but it i snot there.

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OpenSUSE :: Enabling Gnome Shell In 11.3?

Jul 18, 2010

Has anyone enabled Gnome Shell in OpenSUSE 11.3 and able to explain how to do it? Annoyingly Novel's press releases mention Gnome Shell is included, but there seems to be no obvious way to activate it.

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OpenSUSE :: Using Vlc Player In Gnome Shell ?

Jun 6, 2011

Has anyone had any problems using vlc player in gnome shell, when i try to play a cd it will play for a few seconds then freezes up. I have tried uninstall and reinstall but same, tried upgrading to beta but same problem.

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OpenSUSE Install :: 11.4 RC2 64 Bit No New Gnome Shell?

Feb 27, 2011

I downloaded the 64bit Gnome Live CD to play around with it.. I thought there was a new Gnome shell, new interface etc. Am I missing something?

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome Terminal: How To Get The Bash Shell

Mar 17, 2010

i've finally got a NIX environment...yipee! Installed opensuse 11.2 in a dual boot with windoze with no problem whatsoever. unfortunately, my NIX skills are sadly dated or maybe things have changed or both. in any case, i have a rather trivial problem that i have not been able to figure out.

i go to gnome terminal to get to the bash shell, no problem except when i do things like cat, less and so on. the commands do what they do then when done the last line output is "some text" and "(END)" - at the completion of the command it does not return to the bash shell. i've tried ctrl-everything, enter, escape, actually all keystrokes i can think of to get back to the bash luck. man and docs have not been helpful or i simply missed the answer (i'm a little saturated at this point).the only thing i've been able to do to solve my dilema is close the terminal an start a new instance, not elegant but works.

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome Shell Doesn't Work?

May 30, 2010

i tried gnome shell from the software center, but it has some graphics issues. Is it my graphics driver?

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OpenSUSE :: Shell Extensions Crashing Gnome 3

Jun 2, 2011

GNOME 3 issues, I got everything figured out and was trying to get some extensions installed. I successfully installed the alternative shutdown menu and the applications menu. I tried to install alternate-tab and user-theme and they both caused gnome3 to boot into IceWM...I removed all the folders from /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions and home/<user>/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and it fixed it. I read somewhere about them being outdated if a GNOME 3 update was released.

The two extensions I did install were from New GNOME Shell Extensions That Provide A GNOME2-Like User Experience ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog and not the GNOME 3 website. The extensions that crashed GNOME were from all over, INCLUDING the GNOME website. I'd like to get the system monitor and a weather applet in the panel and the alternate-tab and change themes but I can't find any that work. [URL]. I tried to use the themeselector extension from here and I think another one or two, however, they were also a few that crashed my GNOME...

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome 3 - Shell Will Not Repaint After Login

Jul 12, 2011

I've been having some problems and was trying to diagnose them. My graphics were going wonky at the BIOS stage (spots, letters changing colour, and even the very first screen of nVidia details swapping "version" for "versikn") so I went to try a new graphics card. Not long before I got my new graphics card, Gnome 3 really started playing up and did the "oops, a problem occurred" at every login. I created a new account and got the same behaviour. I swapped my GeForce 7950 out for a GeForce 7300 that I scrounged up. The spots and changing letters disappeared, so I knew that at least part of the issue was the graphics and not something else (e.g. motherboard or memory). I still got the "Ooops" screen, so I knew that wasn't caused by a bad response from the graphics card or anything.

I've since nuked the install (which started out as 11.4 RC1 with GNOME3:STABLE) and re-installed from a new download of the 11.4 DVD plus GNOME3:STABLE (in accordance with these instructions) with all of the updates. I can now log in without the "Ooops", but if I am using the proprietary nVidia drivers then the display won't repaint after a few seconds (long enough for Gnome Do to appear, but not long long enough for me to do anything else) - clicking on Activities or on the menu in the top-right doesn't seem to do anything. If I Ctrl+Alt+F1 then Ctrl+Alt+F7 to skip to a terminal and back then the cursor is still there, but the screen is blank.

If I swap to the Nouveau drivers then I can log in to Gnome Shell and it continues to render, but even simple things like dialogs folding down from the top of their parent window can grind along and take a few seconds to finish painting. That is on the 7300 rather than the 7950, but I haven't swapped the cards back as I'm still suspicious of how healthy the 7950 is. I've not seen anything that appears relevant in the XOrg log, but given that X will reboot and isn't completely hung then it could be a repaint bug more than an error. I've tried all of this with clean accounts with the same results, so it wouldn't seem to be any of the standard .gconf/.dconf etc folders.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Configure Gnome 3 Shell In 11.3?

Feb 22, 2011

I've just installed the latest OpenSUSE 11.3 Gnome 3 Reload [and in so doing, by the way, replaced two other oses one advertised as something else but turned out to be what I regard as a poor imitatian of OpenSUSE 11.3 (and to add insult to injury it even identified itself as OpenSUSE 11.3 after install!) and the other a Linux distro more popular than OpenSUSE but failing to deliver a working Gnome 3 shell].

Which brings me to the subject at hand: Gnome 3 shell. I'm presently using the Gnome 3 panel (which I got after having to select the failsafe option after rebooting). OpenSUSE's Gnome 3 shell display is all jumbled up to the point of being unusable. Although I couldn't make out any legible print in the terminal (most of the Applications icons are recogniseable if rather tattered-looking), I had hoped I could still type in su>enter>password>enter>nvidia-xconfig>enter.

What do I do now to get a screenshot-like Gnome 3 shell display? I realize that this computer is rather resource-shabby, but I figure that if it'll run MintMenu, it should be able to run any other Gnome shell.

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OpenSUSE :: Gnome Shell Extensions Available In Stable Repository

Apr 29, 2011

The gnome-shell-extensions have been accepted into the stable repository and should appear soon along with an updated gnome-shell. Now, if you installed the extensions for my factory branch whilst I was working on the extensions, you need to remove the repository and remove the installed packages as there have been some name changes to the extensions. I don't recommend the xrandr extension, it will crash the shell! If you do try it, you only need to do a ctrl+alt+F1 and login as root user and zypper rm, logout and ctrl+alt+F7 and login.

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OpenSUSE :: GNOME Shell Lost Desktop Icons?

Jun 19, 2011

I have lost some icons from my desktop, they are, firefox, yast, thunderbird, emacs, the space and the names are still there, and when I hover the mouse over the space, it is highlighted as it should be. The application opens and runs as normal when I click on the space where the icon should be. The icons are also missing from the favorites bar on the left side and also from the panel top left when the app is running.I have tried, rebuilding the icon cache in 'usr/share/icons/hicolor', and also all othercon caches for that matter, and no difference. I tried uninstalling and installing the app, no differenence. I tried changing themes and icons from Tweak Tool, no difference. As far as I can see the icons are there in the hicolor directory

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OpenSUSE Install :: Using Gnome-Shell Leads To CLI Login?

Mar 14, 2011

I installed 11.3 last week and eventually got nvidia drivers working. I was quite happy how most things were progressing, then the temptation to upgrade to 11.4 got too much I upgraded today (online, not dvd) and everything went well. On rebooting the desktop came up as normal and all was good. I installed nvidia and got that working ok. I then installed Gnome-Shell and couldn't figure out how to get it working. I've been using Fedora recently and the Gnome-Shell option is available at Login. I then discovered the gnome-shell --replace terminal command and I tried it. It seemed to load ok, but as I had used the terminal, when I closed the terminal it seems like compiz crashed. I lost all windows borders and nothing was usable. I REISUB'd and started again. On reboot I got a CLI login prompt. After logging in I tried startx, to no avail. I then tried gdm start and got to the desktop again (not gnome-shell). I Alt+F2'd and ran gnome-shell --replace again and all was good - except no network I rebooted again, and got the CLI again. Went through it all again and tried to configure network (wireless) no good. I then connected an ethernet cable and tried again. That worked, but I'm not sure why - I didn't think anything was downloaded. Anyway wireless now works ok - even on reboot. However I'm still getting dumped to the CLI login on restarts.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Shutdown Or Restart 10.04

May 17, 2010

I have a recently new, less than 2 weeks old, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS installl. It is a clean install since the prior install of 10.04 LTS decided it would no longer allow me to login.

My problem is that I cannot shutdown or restart my machine. And I have no idea why it happened.

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Ubuntu :: 11.04 Won't Restart Or Shutdown?

Apr 28, 2011

I have just installed 11.04 on my Acer Z5610 and it won't shutdown or even restart noramally. I have to force shutdown every time. I installed the ati graphics drivers but still no change. What could be wrong?I have reinstalled 4 times, using usb and cd.

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Ubuntu :: Once Shutdown Cant Restart It Again ?

Jul 8, 2011

I have assembled an Intel D915PDT Administration Intel Desktop motherboard with an Intel 651 Processor which has 3.40 GHz 800 MHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache and 1GB DDR1 400 MHz RAM also GeForce 8400GS 512 Graphics Cards. But this PC have a problem, if once I shut it down I cant restart it again, but the next day it works properly. I tried in various operating systems like Windows XP service pack 2, pack 1, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate 32bit and I have checked several times the BIOS settings properly but the problem is still the same.

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OpenSUSE :: GNOME-Shell Refuses To Work After Full Reinstall

May 13, 2011

I have recently been pulling my hair out with Gnome-Shell. I had Gnome3 including the shell up and running as soon as it was ready in the stable repos. However it recently refused to work after the update to 3.0.1 hit the stable repository. Today I did a complete reinstall of OpenSUSE 11.4 from the gnome desktop CD, NVIDIA drivers are correctly installed and working. Gnome3 has been installed via the one-click method on top of this FRESH install. Yet still my gnome-shell freezes after login, I am running in fallback mode now. Really cannot see what can have gone wrong this time, nothing out of the ordinary has been knowingly installed at all. I'd really love to get my desktop up and running to how it used to be.

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Ubuntu :: Shutdown/Restart Doesn't Do Anything In 9.10

Feb 19, 2010

I'm in 9.10, I had KDE 4.3 now with SC 4.4, and it doesn't reboot or shut down from any graphical way I can access. Power management works otherwise, and I can shut down from the command line.

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