Networking :: Setup 2 BIND Servers?

Sep 10, 2010

I need to setup 2 BIND servers where I would need to configure automatic fail over where if one of the DNS server goes down other one should be able to pick it up.I was thinking to deploy VRRP solution with keepalived or vrrpd

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General :: Setup Virtual Machines To Be Servers With Bind Option Set To A Multicast Group Address Of

Mar 28, 2010

I am in verse to test "Multicast Packet filtering".I want to setup Virtual Machines to be servers with bind option set to a multicast group address of I want to configure the client VM, connecting to the multicast group address and setting the TTL as needed.

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Networking :: Creating Domain Name In Bind Exposing Bind To Internal Network

Sep 3, 2009

I am configuring bind9 on fedora 9(sulphur).I have configured /etc/named.conf and created zone file in /var/named/I have started the service but when I am executing the command nslookup it is not able to resolve the name.Another problem I am facing when I do telnet localhost 53,I am able to connect.but when I do telnet myip 53 it does not connect.Seems to be a firewall problem but I ve disabled iptables selinux completely even I ve disabled dnsmasq but still not working.

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Server :: Setup Bind 9 To Support Web And Mail?

Mar 13, 2010

I am working on setting up a bind 9 nameserver that will be responsible for serving up DNS records for my internal network and publicly for my web server. My configuration is below:

Firewall Gateway (Ubuntu Server 9.10) ---> switch ---> internal servers (ubuntu server 9.10 and mac os x server)

The internal servers are all on the same subnet, so DNS, web and mail will all be on the same subnet of private IPs. Each internal server is mapped with SNAT to a public IP address. And the DNS server only has port 53 forwarded to it.I am trying to figure out the best way to set up my nameserver so that it can provide records for my internal servers based on private IP addresses, and then provide records to the public for my internal servers based on their public IP addresses. I had a few questions on this:

1) Is this the correct way to think about my setup, or is this typically done in another way?

2) Does anyone have recommendations on the specific configuration I should follow?

3) Are there specific references I should look into as well?

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General :: Setup BIND Server For Home Network?

Aug 26, 2009

It it possible to setup a bind server for my internal network at home? Currently, all clients DNS requests go to my Verizon FIOS router, which also acts as a DHCP server. I would like to setup a another DNS server using BIND for studing.

Current setup:

Client --> Router (DNS Server) --> Internet

New BIND server setup:

Client --> BIND Server (2nd DNS) --> Router (Primary DNS) --> Internet

How would I go ab this? Would I have to configure a cache naming DNS server?

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Networking :: VPN Setup - Two Servers One Cup

Mar 11, 2011

I have two servers one sits on my home network the other is slicehost vps. I want to setup a vpn between my home server and the slicehost vps. Is there away I can have my slicehost vps forward port traffic to my home home pc over the vpn or have my home server act as the vps ip address ? Ideally my home server would dial into the vps and be able to communicate to it directly over vpn. I know I need to use openvpn but I am wondering with setting up a virtual network that the two servers could talk between or setup a virtual between the two computers.

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Server :: Setup Home - DSL - Netgear Router - DNS - Bind - For Use With Qmail On Cent-OS 5.3

Apr 30, 2010

I would like to setup a qmail server for learning purposes (if you strongly feel Postfix is better, feel free to let me know). When I started setting up qmail (using Life with qmail), it suggested that having a DNS is the best approach. In the spirit of learning, I decided then to create another server for DNS only, and use that for qmail.

My problem is that, as this is a home installation, the internet is behind a Netgear DG834Gv5 router, on a DSL line that has a dynamic IP address. I am using DynDNS, but also don't mind having to update any DNS entries to keep up with the change, this is not exactly a production-grade setup.

In addition, I also have access to another DNS server where I can create authoritive entries for any domain I register. I have done that for a domain, and would like to point part of that to my home DNS so that I can learn.

So essentially, I would like to have a new zone for on my home DNS so that I can create new entries for * such as etc. there.

I assume that this would include port forwarding on the router which is not a problem, but I truly have no clue where to start. I have a very basic install of Cent-OS 5.3 (no X and just Base a few admin and dev tools) and just installed the latest RPM of bind (9.3.x).

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Multiple NIC - How To Setup VMware Servers

Apr 15, 2009

So I have a pretty big networking nightmare on my hands right now. Stepped into the dog crap with this one, told my employer that I knew how to setup vmware servers right? Its not hard, install CentOS, install vmware, run the config tool, bridge the network, down the road we all go right? We have 3 servers running about 10 virtual servers.

Here is what we have all together.
CFU <- This is the internet. We have IP ranges xx.18.230 - xx.18.241 Gateway is xx.18.254 and subnet is xx.255.128
DELL PowerConnect 3348 Switch <- This is what everything is pretty much jammed into.
VMH1 <- This machine has 2 NICs
eth0 connects to the DELL switch somewhere on the upper 30+ ports
eth1 connects to the DELL switch on port 1.

It uses firestarter and is the gateway for our internal internet on 192.168.11.XX using IP 11.254. It has 4 vm's on it. One of them is the domain controller, hooked to eth1 using IP xx.11.1. The other one is a server for managing remote backups, it has an external IP linked to eth0 of xx.18.234. The other 2 vm's are for misc remote login stations that use internal ip addresses linked to eth1. It hasn't had a single problem communicating on either one of the ports..

VMH2 <- This server hosts a web server, and some other misc stations.
It hosts a web server on xx.18.230 and xx.18.231
It also hosts 2 workstations on a seperate network, through another router that is wireless....

Now, we have the problem child, VMH3
VMH3 <- This hosts...nothing. It sits and has a ton of storage, but does absolutely nothing, but won't communicate out either one of its network ports.
The xx.36.xx and xx.22.xx networks are there because we have multiple businesses in the building that shouldn't see each other.

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Fedora :: Get BIND Running On One Of Our F10 Servers?

Aug 12, 2009

I'm trying to get BIND running on one of our Fedora 10 servers, since we've had some issues with the DNS from our service provider. This BIND server is not authoritative for any domain, it's merely for caching purposes. I used the sample DNS file at [URL].., and modified it slightly with our internal IP addresses.

I'm getting the following errors when I do service named start:

Error in named configuration:
zone localhost/IN: loading from master file master.localhost failed: file not found
_default/localhost/in: file not found
zone loading from master file localhost.rev failed: file not found
_default/ file not found

I also tried changing the line directory "/var/named"; To the /var/named/chroot/var/named directory with the same result.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Bind DNS And Apache ?

May 10, 2011

I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a zone file for bind dns server that points "" and all (by all i mean any) sub-domains to this address. and i wanted to set up a virtual host in apache to use /var/www/eample/index.php for '' and all of its sub-domains.

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Networking :: Setup Multiple FTP Servers With Distinct Data Sets With 1 Master FTP Server?

Aug 27, 2009

Faced with disk-bound issues on a FTP server with high traffic. Would like to set up multiple FTP server nodes with dedicated storage for each node where all FTP access is managed by a master FTP server. So, a user would FTP to a single externally visible IP address for the master FTP server and then get routed to the appropriate FTP node. Are the mutiple FTP nodes required or is there a better way of doing this? Perhaps only one FTP server is required and then each node would serve as a separate file server

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Fedora Servers :: BInd DNS Server Not Accessible To Other?

Sep 22, 2009

I am working on fedora 10 and configured dns on my college lan which already has it's dns at .So i configured my private dns server at which is my ip too.And the domain name is the host name of my system for example dns port 53 is shown when i do nmap localhost but but doesnt show when i do nmap .Also when tested my server on other computers on my lan with there primary dns as and secondary as they cant access my site at my system with the name [URL].. . nmap localhost

Starting Nmap 5.00 ( ) at 2009-09-22 21:24 IST
Interesting ports on onkar (
Not shown: 993 closed ports
22/tcp open ssh
53/tcp open domain ----the dns is running


I already disabled my selinux and iptables ..but then also it's not accessible in Lan .

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Ubuntu Servers :: Bind Phpmyadmin To Localhost Only?

Mar 18, 2010

Have basic LAMP setup on 9.10 box. I want to have a publicly accessible website AND I want to have phpmyadmin available. The only thing is I would rather not have the phpmyadmin interface available on the internet. I usually open a ssh port forwarded tunnel when I need to use phpmyadmin on this server. I want to add a directive to make phpmyadmin bind only on localhost. I have found the phpmyadmin config file in /etc/apache2/conf.d

phpmyadmin.conf -> ../../phpmyadmin/apache.conf

I have tried adding some LISTEN directives, but apache does not like my directives-- I am obviously not doing it right. I have looked for a bit on the internet and can't find out how to disable external access to a configured site in Apache.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Config Bind DNS With MySQL?

Jul 15, 2010

I have searched some about Bind9 and have it installed in my server. Now I'm looking for a Tools like mysqlBind and I found unxsBind is the next version of mysqlBind (These tools help you config BIND DNS with MySQL). But the issue is: I don't know how to Install it in Ubuntu - there just say how to install with Centos.

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Ubuntu Servers :: BIND The DNS Memory Consuming?

Nov 13, 2010

bind9 is taking a lot of the RAM

process info:

ID Owner Size Command
17559 root 290396 kB /usr/sbin/named -c /etc/bind/named.conf

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Ubuntu Servers :: Bind-server With SQL In The Repositories?

Jun 19, 2011

I need a bind-server (I mean DNS server) with a SQL backend. As far as I have seen, the only viable option I have is to recompile bind9 with support for either MySQL or PostGre.

Link to this: [URL]with an additional

apt-get install libpqxx3-dev

From some tutorials I have read, I see I need to recompile it to enable its SQL support.

But when I do it that way, I won't get any security updates, won't I?

So... Is there any bind server with SQL support in the repositories ? For that I don't have to worry about security updates...

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Ubuntu Servers :: Setup New Remote Office - Setup Domain Trust Between Two Sites?

Mar 14, 2010

I ended up setting up a basic linux file server as a pdc for that office. Our main office is a windows 2000 ads domain. The two offices are connected with a vpn. I only have two users at the new location so I simply have the linux and samba usernames/passwords setup manually. I would like to know if it is possible to setup a domain trust between the two sites so I don't have to create a username/password in the remote site for every user at the main office to access. I did some searching but came up empty.

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Fedora Servers :: Installing A DNS Server On 13 Running Bind

Jun 9, 2010

I'm thinking about installing a DNS server on Fedora 13 running bind. I looked around for available bind packages and found only these:

Now the first one contains bind utils the second one is for running DNS in a chroot env and the last one is a bind with some DB backend.

Does this mean that fedora 13 doesn't support/.provide "standard" bind server (I mean the one to run without chroot/without db backend) ? Or am I missing anything in my repolist which is :

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Fedora Servers :: Mysql Driver For Bind In RPM Format?

May 14, 2011

anyone come across a mysql driver for Bind that is already in RPM format? I know there is one that you can compile, but i was just curious if anyone knew of a MAINTAINED package that does that same thing?

==Edit== While i'm at it, does anyone know of a way to have bind call a STORED PROCEDURE, instead of directly querying a table? That'd be sweet. --Or, even having bind query a php file, or a webhost, would be good... I'm going to google that one now....

==Edit== Screw the mysql driver: [URL]

how to use php to serve dns requests...

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Ubuntu Servers :: Bind Fails First Attempt, Then Works?

Jan 10, 2011

I'm having an issue with a BIND server. After a restart, (or randomly, I assume whenever a cache expires,) when I try to resolve any domain I get a "Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)" Eventually it starts working and works fine till the cache expires again;


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Ubuntu Servers :: Bind Slave Tries To Update From Gateway?

Jan 21, 2011

I have 2 nameservers setup, a master and a slave. when I first setup the slave, I restarted bind9 and all of the zone records propagated just fine. Today, I updated one of the records on the master (no problems), but when I restarted bind9 on the slave it gave me a FAILED message. I checked the log and it was trying to receive notify's from my gateway address (, and got "Failed to update from non-master". I did some research and found several people having a similar problem, but their slaves were trying to update from their own IP, not from the gateway IP. I tried their solution (allow-notify {; }) but all that did was allow the slave to restart bind without errors, it still doesn't update the records. It says "zone is up to date" but it's not.

IP's are:


All of my zone records have the masters statement set to I don't know how it even came up with the gateway address

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Ubuntu Servers :: 10.10 - Bind 9 Not Accepting DNS Client Queries

Feb 13, 2011

However I just built a 10.10 server, installed webmin, vmware, and the server is working perfectly. I configured my bind 9 server using the latest webmin and on the server everything resolves perfectly to both the internet and lan. I have it set to, the server ip address is However, it will not accept dns client queries in which they cannot resolve to the lan or internet. I have the dhcp giving out the dns server NSLOOKUPS from the client show query refused. I know there has to be some setting or config that will allow clients to query but I am not able to locate it, and I am not totally knowledgeable of named.conf and been all through the webmin module and configuration settings.

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Fedora Servers :: FC11 Cannot Start BIND After Upgrade From FC10

Jul 8, 2009

I'm having a problem getting BIND to start after doing the FC10->FC11 upgrade. Others have been reporting some bad symbolic links, but this isn't that problem. I've searched the forums here, but I don't see anything like this anywhere.

Here's what I see:


[root@atomu etc]# /etc/init.d/named start
Starting named: [FAILED]

So, no error message. Logs read as follows:


Jul 8 00:38:00 atomu named[2414]: starting BIND 9.6.1-RedHat-9.6.1-2.fc11 -u named
Jul 8 00:38:00 atomu named[2414]: built with '--build=x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu' '--host=x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu' '--target=x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu' '--program-prefix=' '--prefix=/usr' '--exec-prefix=/usr' '--bindir=/usr/bin' '--sbindir=/usr/sbin' '--sysconfdir=/etc'


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Fedora Servers :: BIND Detect Client Machine Name Automatically?

Aug 10, 2009

When DNS server is configured on Windows server, it will automatically detect and catch computer names and IP address. With Linux (BIND), I have to enter each clients manual under zone file. example (computer1 IN A is there anyway to make Linux detect client automatically as windows does?

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Fedora Servers :: HTTPD Service Does Not Start - Could Not Bind To Address

Nov 17, 2010

I have one problem regarding my web server. When I am try to restart my httpd service it shows...

[root@localhost ~]# service httpd restart
Stopping httpd: [FAILED]
Starting httpd: (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
no listening sockets available, shutting down
Unable to open logs [FAILED]
[root@localhost ~]#

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Fedora Servers :: BIND Dynamic Updates By DHCPD Not Working In 14?

Nov 28, 2010

The problem is that I have set up a test installation with DHCP server and DNS server on Fedora 14 and want to set up dynamic updates from the DHCPD to the NAMED. The problem is that any attempts to make updates of the DNS server fails with a "SERVFAIL" error. I can not even update it through the NSUPDATE tool. This is NAMED.CONF:

options {
directory "/var/named";


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Ubuntu Servers :: Vsftpd: Symbolic Links Or Mount Bind?

May 21, 2010

I'm setting up an ftp server with lucid server. A lot of the folders that should be accessible via the ftp are in different directories (and can't be moved without a LOT of hazzle) and I have to either symlink or mount bind them to the ftp chroot dir. Now I'm wondering which one is the saver variant? My guess is mount bind, but I'm not that familiar with the internal workings of linux and vsftpd (plus for symlinks I wouldn't have to change/create any scripts, just create them once...),

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Ubuntu Servers :: Bind : ANAME To Server 2 Not Forwarding Externally?

Dec 8, 2010

I have 2 servers operating on my home network. One server hosts Bind9 and a few web sites. The other is an Ubuntu repo mirror that I recently configured ( Inside my network, requests to the olyubuntu.nwlinux domain function as it should. However, external requests do not get forwarded. Instead, they end up at my DNS box at Again, internal requests are forwarded correctly.Any red flags pop-up as to why this is occurring? Firewalls are not an issue.

$TTL 86400[code].....

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Software :: Zone Transfers For Load-balanced BIND Servers?

May 13, 2010

I am planning to implement hardware load-balanced DNS servers. There will be one master and three slaves in the server farm. I will have two virtual servers associated with the server farm that will be listed as external nameservers for our domain.

BIND uses the list of NS records to determine the servers that need zone transfers. The zone NS records will not be the addresses of any of the real servers. How do I tell the master to do zone transfers to the real slave servers?

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Fedora Servers :: OpenVPN - Socket Bind Failed On Local Address

May 4, 2011

I finally got the certs to configure:
openvpn --config server.conf
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 OpenVPN 2.1.1 i686-redhat-linux-gnu [SSL] [LZO2] [EPOLL] [PKCS11] built on Jan 5 2010
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 NOTE: OpenVPN 2.1 requires '--script-security 2' or higher to call user-defined scripts or executables
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 Diffie-Hellman initialized with 1024 bit key
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 TLS-Auth MTU parms [ L:1542 D:138 EF:38 EB:0 ET:0 EL:0 ]
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 ROUTE default_gateway=
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 TUN/TAP device tun0 opened
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 TUN/TAP TX queue length set to 100
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 /sbin/ip link set dev tun0 up mtu 1500
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 /sbin/ip addr add dev tun0 local peer
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 /sbin/ip route add via
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 Data Channel MTU parms [ L:1542 D:1450 EF:42 EB:135 ET:0 EL:0 AF:3/1 ]
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 Socket Buffers: R=[114688->131072] S=[114688->131072]
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 UDPv4 link local (bound): [undef]:1194
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 UDPv4 link remote: [undef]
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 MULTI: multi_init called, r=256 v=256
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 IFCONFIG POOL: base= size=62
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 IFCONFIG POOL LIST
Tue May 3 17:26:27 2011 Initialization Sequence Completed

But openvpn still won't start; where to go from here.
Tue May 3 17:54:25 2011 TCP/UDP: Socket bind failed on local address Address already in use
Tue May 3 17:54:25 2011 Exiting

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