Networking :: Nfs Cache -> Don't See New File In Some Folders?

Nov 19, 2010

I'm using an embedded linux with a TX25 starterkit board.To start, this board proceeds as below :1. connect to my PC to download the kernel (using a ftp connection).2. uncompress the kernel and start it.3. connect to my pc to mount the root file system using nfs.. start the system.Everything works fine, except that I noticed there's maybe a nfs cache issue.for example, if a program run on the board creates a file in /home, I can see it from my PC (nfs server). => perfect !But if a program creates a file in /var/lib/dpkg/, I can see it from the board but not from my PC, so when I restart the board everything is lost.It seems to be a bad configuration.I tried to restart the nfs and nfslock is my /etc/eports file.

I tried to use async.

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Networking :: Ddclient Fails With Uninitialized Value When Cache File Exists?

Mar 8, 2010

When I run ddclient with an existing ddclient.cache file I get errors saying "uninitialized value" and the remote IP address does not get updated. This pretty much renders ddclient useless. If I delete the cache file then things work fine and the IP address *does* get updated (if need be). I happen to be running version 3.7.3 of ddclient but I've tried this with ddclient 3.8.0 and the result is exactly the same except that the line number in the error changes to line 2030.

Here's the code at that line number :

if ($config{$host}{'login'} eq '') {
warning("null login name specified for host %s.", $host);
I'm running ubuntu ( 9.04 I think ) and using for dynamic dns.
Here's a transcript showing the problem.
root@ruby:/var/cache/ddclient# ddclient


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Fedora :: Error: Caching Enabled But No Local Cache Of //var/cache/yum/updates-newkey

Sep 24, 2009

I don't understand this error nor do I know how to solve the issue that is causing the error. Anyone care to comment?


Error: Caching enabled but no local cache of //var/cache/yum/updates-newkey/filelists.sqlite.bz2 from updates-newkey

I know JohnVV. "Install a supported version of Fedora, like Fedora 11". This is on a box that has all 11 releases of Fedora installed. It's a toy and I like to play around with it.

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Software :: Redirecting APT Cache - Can Redirect Cache Of Apt To A Specified Folder Either On Command Line Or Via A Config Setting?

Jan 5, 2011

I was laughing about klackenfus's post with the ancient RH install, and then work has me dig up an old server that has been out of use for some time. It has some proprietary binaries installed that intentionally tries to hide files to prevent copying (and we are no longer paying for support or have install binaries), so a clean install is not preferable.

Basically it has been out of commission for so long, that the apt-get upgrade DL is larger than the /var partition (apt caches to /var/cache/apt/archives).

I can upgrade the bigger packages manually until I get under the threshold, but then I learn nothing new. So I'm curious if I can redirect the cache of apt to a specified folder either on the command line or via a config setting?

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Server :: Squid Cache System - Make It Cache All Files Like .exe .mp3 .avi

Mar 6, 2011

I installed squid cache on my ubuntu server 10.10 and it is work fine but i want to know how to make it cache all files like .exe .mp3 .avi ....etc. and the other thing i want to know is how to make my client take the files from the cache in the full speed. since am using mikrotik system to use pppoe for clients and i match it with my ubuntu squid

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General :: Difference Between Hardware Cache And Slab Cache?

Nov 22, 2010

I am reading slab allocator, it defines slab cache, i am quite confuse is it same as hardware cache?

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General :: Cache File's Name And HD Position?

Jul 1, 2011

I'd like to improve my computer's performance by storing files' system location (e.g.: /home/user/speech.odt) and HD position (head, sector, etc) and do the computer use that info from ram memory.I have a directory with several files and when I cd and ls it, it takes a while to the computer answer me. Plus, it would return immidiate find results.

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General :: Way To Report Contents Of File Cache Held On RAM?

Nov 30, 2010

Is there a way to report the contents of the file cache held on RAM?

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General :: Find Folders With ONLY One Specific File In And Delete File And Folde

Oct 21, 2009

Many folders within a subdirectory some of which have lots of data in and some of which have only one specific file called produkt.fil inside.I need a command to find and delete those folders that contain ONLY the file produkt.fil - if other files exist (doesnt matter what they are) then they should be left alone. Note: produkt.fil exists in all of the folders always.

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Ubuntu :: Making Apt Cache Permanent By Editing Any Conf File?

Apr 8, 2010

I don't want ubuntu to clean /var/cache/apt/archives directory automatically... is it possible to make it permanent by editing any conf file?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Cache Directory And File Structure In Memory?

Aug 11, 2010

i am running Ubuntu Lucid x64 as a fileserver that shares its files via SFTP, NFS and Samba. Currently the hard disks are configured to go to standby if they are not needed. This works perfectly as long as no one browses the shares or my HTPC is running: That one repeatedly looks through the shares for new music or movies. In other words my problem is that the disks are spinning up a lot more often than they should have to. Additionally the spin-up time delays the response time while browsing. Since the machine has a lot of unused RAM i want to tell the kernel that it should keep the directory structure in memory. That way the disks would not need to spin up every time someone browses through the directories.

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General :: Squid-proxy-your Cache Is Running Out Of File Discriptor?

May 16, 2011

im using a lease line on real ip for internet connection in my office.i have shared my internet conetion with a squid 2.6 stable6. i m having almost 200 pc in my office.since last few days my squid is creating a soon as i restart it ,it work fine but after a few minute it becomes extremely slow almost dies.when i go to its cache log i found the error that your cache is running out of file descriptor...once i increased the no of file descrptor from 1024 to 4028 , the problem temporaily sorted out but after a few days same problem is repetaed ....and still the problem exist

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General :: Mount - Disable Read And Write File Cache On Partition?

Feb 8, 2011

How do i disable the linux file cache on a xfs partition (both read an write).

We have a xfs partition over a hardware RAID that stores our RAW HD Video. Most of the shoots are 50-300gb each so the linux cache has a hit-rate of 0.001%.

I have tryed the sync option but it still fills up the cache when copinging the files. ( about 30x over per shoot :P )

/dev/sdb1 /video xfs sync,noatime,nodiratime,logbufs=8 0 1

Im running debian lenny if it helps.

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Ubuntu :: Kept Getting "gtk-update-icon-cache: The Generated Cache Was Invalid" Fault

Feb 17, 2010

i was looking for a way to stop my menus taking a few seconds to load my icons when i first open them and found a few guides suggesting using the gtk-upate-icon-cache command, but with the any colour you like icon theme i'm using (stored in my home folder .icons directory) i kept getting a "gtk-update-icon-cache: The generated cache was invalid." fault i used the inbuilt facility in the acyl script to copy the icons to the usr/share/icons directory and tried the command again, this time using sudo gtk-update-icon-cache --force --ignore-theme-index /usr/share/icons/ACYL_Icon_Theme_0.8.1/ but i still get the same error. i tried with several of the custom icon themes i've installed and only 1 of the first 7 or 8 i tried successfully created the cache.

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Applications :: Overwrite File Contents And Clear Firefox Cache + All The Normal Functions Of A System Cleaner

Oct 22, 2010

since arch has started using python3, bleachbit is broken, so i am looking for a system cleaner to replace it. i need something that will overwrite file contents and clear firefox cache + the all the normal functions of a system cleaner.

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Networking :: Setup Machine As DNS Cache Server?

Jun 10, 2009

I have set up a gateway machine in debian lenny

internet is shared to the localnetwork by using squid as proxy server Can I improve the performance if I set up this machine as DNS cache server?

What is the result if I set this machine as Primary DNS?

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Networking :: Avoid DNS Cache Flush- Reboot?

Oct 21, 2010

store the dns cache over the reboot in linux(which should not flush the dns cache on reboot).

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Ubuntu Networking :: Bind9 Multiple Cache Forwarders

Dec 10, 2010

I want to setup bind9 so that IPs from one range will use the Google DNS Servers and IPs from another range will work from Opens DNS but am unable to get it working here are my configs.anyone that can help me please?

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Networking :: Local Dns Server Cache Size Optimization

Apr 24, 2011

Does anybody have some thoughts about a local dns server cache size? What is the optimal one? In terms of memory consumption and number of re-enters into the cache. Lets say that default size is 150, so I've change this to 500 and after some time I see 379 re-enters into the cache. Simply put I need to increase the cache size 2 times. But due to the fact that browser preloads dns names it is not possible to interpret the number of overwrites in terms that it is not possible to say if useful cache entries were overwritten or those that the browser precached ( in other words not needed ). In this case it is ok to overwrite unwanted entries because it is not likely that I'll need these entries anyway

I'm running the dnsmasq on an embedded system with limited ram and with an umts dongle attached. It is important to keep the cache size as small as possible to reduce memory usage and at the same time to reduce number of external lookups because dns latency of the umts connection is high (1-2sec for the dns query)

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General :: Networking - Doesn't Respond To Pings - View The Arp Cache Table?

Jan 20, 2011

I have a Slackware 13.0 server that is not replying to icmp pings. However, I have double checked that /proc/sys/net/ipv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all is set to 0. The weird thing is I can run nc -v slackware 22 from any computer on my lan and the banner comes up just fine. The nic is on the same netmask and broadcast as all the other computers on my lan. I can log into it as well, it just doesn't respond to pings. I can even ping other computers and get replies just fine when pinging from inside the Slackware server.

I have even added an iptables INPUT rule for -p icmp -j ACCEPT. Although I've never had to do this. I ran tcpdump -vv icmp and I can see ping requests coming into the computer, however slackware simply doesn't respond. What could be causing this? A corrupt arp cache? It's been happening for more than a few hours so I wouldn't think so. How can I view the arp cache table? How do I clear it?

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General :: Copy One File To All Folders?

Apr 4, 2009

I am developing a Web-based application and have some folders that will generally reside outside of the Web accessible area of the server. However, since some people will not be able to store those folders outside of the "public_html" folder, I am looking to put a blank "index.php" inside of every folder within that section of the application. To make things easier, I would like to know if there might be a way to recursively copy one file into every folder in a certain location.

In other words, is there a command that might do something like:
> cp -R index.php /home/user/public_html/source-files/*
Basically, I want every directory inside of "source-files" to get a copy of "index.php". The directory hierarchy within "source-files" can go at least three or four levels deep, so the command would need to be recursive. I am looking for a command-line statement that I can type to perform this action.

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General :: Add Files/folders To A Tar File?

Aug 31, 2010

Is there a way to add files/folders to a tar file?

I am using the tar command for compression.

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Ubuntu :: How To Change Name Of File In Many Folders

Aug 2, 2011

I faced such problem recently:I have a folder results and in this folder I have set of folders named:
in each of this folders there is file: (1_d)wu_z.I need to write a bash script which would change the name of this file (in every folder) to: wu_z.The main problem here seems to be, how to "decrease/change" the folder name by 0.2000 in the loop...

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Ubuntu Installation :: E: Could Not Open Lock File /var/cache/apt/archives/lock

Feb 25, 2010

my problem is the terminal:

E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13: Permission denied)
E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/) , are you root?

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General :: Zipping Folders And Their Contents Into A .zip File?

Nov 23, 2010

How do I make a .zip file that contains every file AND every folder in the directory?

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Ubuntu :: Customize File Folders In Karmic?

May 27, 2010

Is there a way that I can download either a new folder management system for Ubuntu Karmic or at least customize the current one so it works better? I don't like when I'm trying to find a certain file such as a .mp3 and I can't sort it by the name of the artist or the name of the show? I know that the actual MP3 file as the meta data embedded into the file but with Ubuntu Karmic I can't seem to set it so it will display in the List Columns. When I tried to go to List columns to change the preferences it only gives me limited options of what I can display and most of them our useless such as MIME type, Octal Permissions, SELinux context, etc.. I want to have columns such as Name, artist, author, album, etc...

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Ubuntu :: Create Folders In The File System?

Oct 15, 2010

Why am I trying to create folders in the file system you ask? I'm messing around with Drupal and I want to add some modules. So I need to go to the blablabla/sites/ folder and add an 'all' folder followed by a 'modules' folder.No problem, right? Wrong?It seems I don't have the rights to create folders in the file system ( which I only recently figured out is actually root. duh. )I've figured out that I was able to install all the LAMP parts because I was using 'sudo' before every command, which apparently grants me temporary rights to root? ( I think? )Sooo... what's the magic for creating folders and transferring files to my Drupal folder... which it seems requires root permissions?

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Ubuntu :: Create Folders In 9.10 File System

Nov 9, 2010

I have set up a dual boot system with Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.10. I have upgraded Ubuntu to the most current version available online. I'm unable to create folders or subfolders in the Linux file system. I have researched the manual and my Unbuntu Linux book and see that I should be able to click on 'File' from the menu, then 'Create Folder', and then input the new folder name, but the 'Create Folder' selection is 'grayed' out which I conclude means that it is set on inactive and unable to be used. I am able to access my Windows disk by mounting and then typing in my password, so I have Administrator privileges.

I'm able to create a new folder in Unbuntu Linux for my Windows (NTFS) files. When I installed Unbuntu, I did not see any options to have write access to the Ubuntu file system. I can create new files within the existing folders. Soon after working out my Linux problems, I will be using PHP/MySQL/Apache to do some important work, so I will need to be able to create new folders and subfolders in my Linux system. I have some urgent tasks I need to do away from my PC soon, so I will be a while before getting back to this.

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Ubuntu :: Restore Folders Out Of .tgz Backup File?

Feb 10, 2011

I'm using ubuntu for a few weeks now and i created a backup script that can copy some folders into a .tgz file. Now i want to place back the folders to where they come from and overwrite the original folder. like the /home folder in the .tgz file overwrite the /home folder on my harddrive. I already tried to do this with: tar xvpfz filename.tgz. But after that the folders came in the same folders as the backupfile stands.

How can i do this the right way?

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Ubuntu :: Delete File / Folders With Name That Start With '.'

Apr 25, 2011

Currently I am doing a java project and I renamed some file/folders to start with '.'. i.e. ".project", ".classpath", ".settings/"

I can see them on my desktop but i cannot delete them. In the terminal, "ls" command does not show these files exist. "rm" will also say cannot find these files. How do I get rid of these files/folders?

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