Networking :: How To Bridge Tcp/ip To Serial Port

Apr 27, 2010

I want to implement the following scenario :-[workstation1] <--ETHERNET-->[device 1]<--SERIAL-->[device 2]<--ETHERNET-->[workstation2]In short, a LAN over Serial link (RS-232 for instance).If there is a utility that offers such functionality, kindly give me the name, i've googled a bit, and found ser2net, but that only works with TELNETing.. i want it work like a normal LAN like file-sharing n all but over Serial.If there is no such software, then obv i have to program myself. regarding which i have more questions

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General :: Windows With Putty Via USB Serial Cable To Serial Port - Output Ok, Input Isn't?

Jan 13, 2010

I am trying to get two way serial communications going between a Windows XP system and a Linux system (RHEL 5).I have /sbin/agetty -L 9600 ttyS0

in /etc/inittab. I am using a generic USB to serial adaptor on Windows (Unitek) and a null modem cable. I have putty configured for 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit, no flow control.I get the login prompt from agetty in the putty window but input does not work; I see weird characters in the putty screen. I can echo output into the device from windows and see it, but

cat < /dev/ttyS0. just prints out weird characters from what I type.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: How To Ssh To The Serial Port On A PC

Jan 16, 2010

I would like to be able to ssh to a TCP port on my server and be directly connected to the serial port @ 115200 Null modem config. Does any body know how one can do this?

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Software :: Connect A Serial Cable To The Serial Port?

Mar 23, 2010

We have a new machine with RedHat enterprise 5 on it. I need to connect a serial cable to the serial port and talk to another system (old alpha system) instead of using a VT connected to the alpha.Does RedHat come with anything like Keaterm/hyperterm/etc etc?

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Networking :: Internet Connection Share Via Serial Port

Oct 20, 2009

Hello. I want to use my Debian box as an internet connection for a Win95 laptop. The laptop is old enough that the only port I have available to connect to the internet from is the serial port. I have heard that a serial port redirector will allow it to access the internet through my debian box, but I have no clue how to set one up. Any advice. Thanks

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Networking :: Serial Port : Not Able To Write Big Chunk Of Data?

Mar 10, 2010

I am trying to send text data from one PC to other using Serial cable. One of the PC is running linux and I am sending data from it using write(2) system call. The log size is approx 65K bytes but the write(2) system call returns some 4K bytes (i.e. this much amount of data is getting transferred). I tried breaking the data in chunks of 4K but write(2) returns -1.My question is that "Is there any buffer limit for writing data on serial port? or can I send data of any size?. Also do I need to continously read data from other PC as I write 4K chunk of data"Do I need to do any special configuration in termios structure for sending (huge) data?

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Networking :: Setting Up Serial Communication From Desktop Through USB Port In Terminal?

Jan 15, 2010

I am new to linux terminal programming and all but i want to set up a simple serial communication from my desktop through USB port. The actual idea to to write some data in the terminal and build a terminal program that sends the data to the usb port with a fixed baud rate. are there ready made terminal programs available for this simple communication?or atleast any Graphical tools which could help me build and design such a terminal in ubuntu 9.04?

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OpenSUSE :: Set RxtxSerial - Java App Has Access To A Serial Port (via SiLabs CP210x Driver, Port /dev/ttyUSB0)

May 10, 2010

I'm trying to set rxtxSerial to work so a Java app has access to a serial port (via SiLabs CP210x driver, port /dev/ttyUSB0). When I use update-alternatives --config java, there are 3 alternatives which provide `java'. I have tried openJDK and Sun. Both fail but with completely different messages.


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Networking :: Setup A Bridge Using Bridge-utils Within /etc/network/interfaces?

Dec 8, 2008

I want to set up a bridge using bridge-utils within /etc/network/interfaces like is shown here in this guide: [URL] The problem is that, at the same time, I want eth0 to have a specific static IP address. Right now I have a configuration for eth0. This guide tells me that I should not configure eth0 outside of the br0 configuration.

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Networking :: Serial Port : Read Data, Not Reading Complete Data?

Mar 5, 2010

I have an application where I am sending data via serial port from PC1 (Java App) and reading that data in PC2 (C++ App). The problem that I am facing is that my PC2 (C++ App) is not able to read complete data sent by PC1 i.e. from my PC1 I am sending 190 bytes but PC2 is able to read close to 140 bytes though I am trying to read in a loop.Below is code snippet of my C++ AppOpen the connection to serial port

serialfd = open( serialPortName.c_str(), O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY | O_NDELAY);
if (serialfd == -1)


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Software :: Identify The Status Of Serial Port ("Port Already Opened") From A C Program?

Feb 5, 2010

I am writing some application in C, which will access a serial port device (RS232). My application is working good. But if any other application is already opened the port, I couldn't able to identify that. In windows VB program, while accessing comport through mscomm control, i am receiving an error as "Port Already Opened". But in Linux environment, through C program how can i get that? I am accessing comport 1 as follows

fd = open("/dev/ttyS0", O_RDWR | O_NOCTTY | O_SYNC);

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Fedora Servers :: Serial Port On Fed 12

Mar 25, 2010

Can anyone one give me some pointers please, for talking to a serial port, if I use cutecom it always returns "could not open /dev /tty0 or 1 or 3 or 4, even tried ttys0 etc

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Fedora :: How To Connect To Serial Port?

Jan 19, 2011

i would like to connect to my cisco via a console port and i dont konw how

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General :: How To Know Which /dev/ttyS* Is My Serial Port

Apr 14, 2010

I have a laptop which has only one serial port.

I went into:

How do I know which of those "ttyS" refers to my serial port?

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Ubuntu :: Serial Port Access On 10.04?

Apr 27, 2011

ive been looking through several online documents and forum posts but i cant get a clearcut answer on how to set up serial port acces in ubuntu 10.04 (server).

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Hardware :: Reading Serial Port With C?

Aug 12, 2010

I have two usb2serial adapters connected to my PC with a null modem (I am doing some testing to learn serial comm for a particular application). I am writing to /dev/ttyUSB0 a trying to read /dev/ttyUSB1. I have used screen (screen /dev/ttyUSB1 115200) and am able to see the characters being written. I am also able to read and write with Python with the following code

Code: import serial,time,sys
ser1 = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB0',baudrate=115200)
ser2 = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyUSB1',timeout=2,baudrate=115200)


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General :: How To Get Syslog Using Serial Port?

Feb 6, 2010

How do I get syslog using serial port?

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Hardware :: Blind Serial Port

Jul 11, 2011

I can't communicate with and UPS (Eaton) via a serial port. The serial port is UP and have been tested under a Windows OS.I have set up the communication parameters and tried to establish a dialog with the UPS. Minicom is installed. Nothing appears ont the screen and the VT102 has an offline status. The OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 64bits.Is somebody have examples to debug the serial port ?

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Hardware :: Serial Port Interrupt

Jan 25, 2011

I need cause an interrupt on a serial port. If I put a single HIGH on the RX pin, will that cause one? I all ready use the 4 control lines for data.Hope I am making sense?

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Hardware :: Usb To Serial Port Adapter?

Apr 14, 2009

I need a to add a usb serial port adapter. Are they all basically the same? Do I need to find a Linux compatibility list before I go shopping?

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General :: Serial Port Programming Help

Apr 15, 2010

can we use inb() and outb() functions for serial port programming ??

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Software :: Addressing The Serial Port?

May 25, 2011

I'm not a developer or programmer just a user.I'm trying to install a packet radio system using Linux. The TNC is a Kantronics KPC3.The issue I'm having is the communications programs I have tried (minicom and cutecom) do not talk to the TNC. I'm using a computer that has a serial port and it is enabled in the BIOS.I have added myself to the uucp group in an effort resolve this issue.

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Software :: Resetting A Serial Port ?

Mar 23, 2009

I communication with different subsystems using serial port. In some subsystems after running for a while, I start getting invalid data inspite of system sending correct data. For dealing with this situation I used to
reset serial ports by closing and reopening serial port, it was doing the trick but somehow when I have implemented this in my new application, this also doesn't work.

void CPort::

The ClosePort function invokes close system call.

some other way to reset serial port in Linux? I am using RHEL 4, C++ and Qt 4.2.1 for my application development. Also I have used multithreading to implement each subsystem in a separate thread. Its strange that if A,B,C are three threads, A & B run fine together but when C is introduced B starts receiving invalid data after sometime and never recovers even after resetting the port as mentioned above.

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Software :: Serial Port Is Getting Hang ?

Jan 13, 2010

I dot know why my serial port(minicom) is getting hang after some time. again i have to close the terminal and i have to open an new minicom to use my serial port. I dont know why it is getting hang. Please can anuone tell me why it is happening?

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Programming :: C - Serial Port Won't Open?

Sep 1, 2010

I'm using C serial in a program to open and use a serial port but the port won't open for one reason or another. The program successfully runs on a different computer and when using RealTerm: Serial Capture Program, I can connect through the serial port with the same settings as I'm attempting through my c code. Anyone have any idea why it might be failing? I know this is still pretty vague, so let me know if there's other things I can tell you that might help to finding a solution

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CentOS 5 :: Using USB Port For Serial Terminal?

Apr 27, 2009

The /dev directory on my system shows the following entries:



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Fedora :: Access To Serial Port Denied?

May 24, 2010

My program tries to open serial port on Fedora 12, and shows "Access denied" on Open Port operation. The same program runs successfully with root rights. What can I do to get COM port access as regular user?

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Fedora Hardware :: How To Mount Serial Port?

Sep 24, 2010

I think I need to mount a serial device, but not sure how. I looked at /etc/fstab, but cannot determine what to put in for the mount type. And, not sure what port it would be exactly... imagine either "ttyS0" or "tty0". Can someone give a newbie some guidance on how to possibly mount this device?

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Fedora Hardware :: Cannot Screen Serial Port?

Jun 7, 2011

have a new HP Compaq 8200 elite. I have a dual boot system. Windows 7 and Fedora 15.In Fedora I cannot seem to connect to the serial port. Could anyone help me with resolving this. I've never had issues with hardware before in Linux so this is a little new to me.

[matt@matt ~]$ dmesg | grep tty
[ 0.000000] console [tty0] enabled


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OpenSUSE Hardware :: New Serial Port Added

Apr 4, 2011

I have openSuse 11.1 and have just added a new serial port card. Do I need to do something to get the card going? My application doesn't seem to be getting data from the serial card. How would I test status. Do I use setserial .

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