Networking :: Can't Reach Samba Server From Outside?

Jul 26, 2011

I have read many, learning linux,apache,samba,vsftp,ssh..etc from this forum but now i am realy stucked and confused. My samba server has always been reached from internal aswell external networks.

I have switched 5 months ago to Telfort network ( i am not sure... ) but as far as i know it was no poblem to connect the samba server with windows explorer everywhere.No i get the only the login screen when connecting from outside the network and when filling in the credentials it just come back with the login screen. I don't have any problems internal when connecting to these shares and supplying the credentials.

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CentOS 5 Networking :: Can't Reach Server Within Local Network

Sep 24, 2010

I'm setting up my server under CentOS 5.5 (text mode) and I installed cherokee server but I couldn't reach it with the ip given by ifconfig. So I figured it might be an problem within cherokee. I also wanted to install webmin so I did that to see if I could reach that one. But also the webmin server is not reachable (I know the port number should be behind the ip ). So if I look up ifconfig I see the server has got an local ip ( but I can't reach it from another computer in the same local network.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Server + KVM. Guest Os Can Reach Wan But Host Machine Cannot?

Oct 13, 2010

I've set up ubuntu server 10.04 x64 with kvm and bridged networking and installed win server 2008 as a guest os. The guest os has full access to the network including lan/wan but the host os can only reach my lan and not the wan. This is true even when the guest machine is powered off?I have to admit that my knowledge of networking, particularly with respect to linux is very flakey but surely if the guest has internet access this should also apply to the host? My only suggestion is an issue with mac addresses but i don't know where to start. Has anybody ran into this problem before?

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Networking :: Setting Up A VPN For Windows Clients To Reach Debian Server Over The Public Internet

Jan 30, 2010

I'm trying to give some windows users a permanent connection to a samba share behind a firewall over the public Internet. I know I can give them access with something like winscp (which they have done) but really I'd like to do it with a VPN so it seems seamless to the user. However I have no idea how to set up the server to support this and am finding the documentation a bit confusing. The samba share is on a Debian box and the firwewall is a Linksys WRT54GL.

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Networking :: Set A Route For Eth1 - DHCP Clients - To Reach Tun0 - Openvpn Server - CentOS

Sep 21, 2010

I have openvpn tunnel setup between two CentOS servers. One of the CentOS servers also acts as a DHCP server for some client computers.

Server A= OpenVPN server
Server B= OpenVPN client (connects to Server A with OpenVPN)

The two CentOS servers can ping each other ( via the tun0.

However, client computer connected to Server B (DHCP server) can't reach (which is the OpenVPN server).

I think I am missing some routing in my "ip route show". Following is the full picture:

What command can I issue to get this fixed? something along ip route add?

There is no firewall service on both end. service iptables stop! I can't bridge eth1 and tun0 as DHCP server might mess up the other side. I can't do a push of "redirect-gateway def1" because then clients loose their IP as they send DHCP requests to Server A.

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Server :: Run An Openvpn Server On A Openvz VPS - Packets Doesn't Reach The Client

Oct 23, 2010

I'm trying hard to run an openvpn server on a openvz VPS, the problem is packets sent from openvpn server process, doesnt reach the client, so connection is never stablished (I run tcpdump on server and wireshark on client to carefully investigate whats wrong), the first guess is that a kind of firewall is blocking traffic (I tried connecting to server through different ISP's but it's possible the national network provider applied some filtering but it cant be on IP,src port or dst port as I'd tried different configuration.

what about deep packet inspection technics, is it possible to block my traffic?) but at exactly the same time I can transmit UDP packets using netcat from server to the guest. there is no firewall enabled in between, I had tried, tcp and udp, tried both open vpn and openvpnAS and tried any thing one can imagine! the VPN is configured as a routed (TUN) type on debian

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Server :: Sendmail Mail Could Not Reach Certain Domains?

Jan 6, 2011

We have a application hosted in our server and it uses send mail for sending and receiving mails.mails can able to reach certain ids but it cant reach some ids. this is the log entry.

Jan 6 00:52:18 p2234270 sendmail[11009]: p046hWi5011897: to=<>, ctladdr=<> (48/48), delay=2+00:08:46, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=esmtp,
pri=4530999, [], dsn=4.1.8, stat=Deferred: 450 4.1.8


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Networking :: Can't Reach The 2nd Alias

Jan 12, 2010

I'm running ubuntu 9.04 and I have set up 2 ip aliases using the /etc/network/interfaces file -- when I ping the main address, all works fine, same with the first alias -- but I can't reach the 2nd alias I get the following from ping:

PING ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0
Request timeout for icmp_seq 1
Request timeout for icmp_seq 2
92 bytes from Destination Host Unreachable
Vr HL TOS Len ID Flg off TTL Pro cks Src Dst
4 5 00 5400 06eb 0 0000 3f 01 5e81

My machine's IP address is I can't figure out why I can ping but not -- seems like there is probably some kind of routing thing that I'm missing, but I'm confused how it would have gotten set up for but not -- hopefully someone out there has an idea -- or can point me to references where I might be able to learn how to debug routing issues on a network?

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Debian :: Get Errors In That It Cannot Reach The Proper Url Or Connection To The Server?

Sep 16, 2010

I'm unable to install this package, tuxpaint.I get errors in that it cannot reach the proper url or connection to the server?Not sure what I'm doing wrong.I figure the repo is correct and I thought I had the proper source since I've installed other packages.What could be wrong?

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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.04 Can't Reach Some Hosts

Aug 31, 2010

I have a problem reaching some hosts on the Internet, namely and On the same machine and network connection using Windows 7 the host names resolve properly and I can connect to them. The host names are resolving in Ubuntu, but I cannot connect to them.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Reach Any Computers On LAN

Mar 12, 2011

I'm using Ubuntu on my laptop but I'm having a small problem. The network is working fine except for the fact that I can't reach anything on my LAN (can't even ping the router), but everything on the outside works just fine. I can even visit my webserver if I type my public IP.

Where should I begin looking for faults?

Here, enjoy some data. I'm using my wlan0 interface, not sure whether eth0 works or not.


$ route -n
Kernel IP routing table
Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface U 0 0 0 eth0 U 2 0 0 wlan0


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Server :: Log User Samba Who Delete Or Move Files/folders On Samba Server ?

Feb 8, 2010

I need to know is there any way to record or tracking or make logging if when user samba delete files or folders i can know that, cause sometimeon samba server some users complain they lost files, though i have daily backup and i can restore their files, i just want to know if or maybe some other users in one group accidentally move or delete the files.

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Fedora :: Get Connected On Network To Reach Kerberos Server To Login

Aug 9, 2010

I'd like to know if network-manager applet could be run on gdm login menu. Cause i would like to get connected on my network to reach kerberos serveur to login. nm-applet on gdm

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Fedora Networking :: Can't Reach Internet Via Wireless

Feb 27, 2011

I use Fed 14. I have China Telecom internet. The wired dsl connection works fine, but the wireless won't work. It has WPA security. The password taken from beneath the router is n2nqrcqx. This password is accepted. Network Manager says I am connected to ChinaNet-TRtk, but in fact, I can't reach the internet via wireless. If I disconnect the cable, I can't get through. I have the settings on automatic dhcp. I have nothing in BSSID, I don't know what that is. I unchecked the box 'require ipv4 addressing for this connection to complete' Ditto that for ipv6.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Reach Any Host With Either Interface

Mar 30, 2010

I am running a server that needs both a wired and wireless connection with static IPs, with wireless as the default link. I'm using the SMCWUSB-G for wireless. I was running Debian for a while and had some routing tables set up as in [URL].... Everything worked until I recently switched to Ubuntu Server 9.10. After the switch a weird behavior showed up: if wlan0 is down, eth0 works fine. But if wlan0 is up, I can't reach any host with either interface (even nameservers or the gateway I am supposedly connected to). ifconfig indicates that nothing is wrong. It's really not clear what is causing this problem. It seems like something has to be wrong with both the wireless hardware/drivers and the routing tables in order for turning wireless on to interfere with "ping -Ieth0".


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Ubuntu Networking :: Suddenly Cannot Reach Internet

Aug 2, 2011

I used my computer this morning before leaving for the office, but when I returned this evening, I am unable to reach the internet. Also the light on the mobo where the ethernet cable is plugged in is steady yellow.

My limited experience would tell me it is a hardware failure, but it seems so strange with nothing happening during the day. How might I best diagnose the problem from within Ubuntu (10.04)?

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Fedora Networking :: Can't Reach Computer Internally With Domain Name

Apr 8, 2010

I am not sure if this is a problem with my router or a problem with the fedora 12 server i am using.

- internal here means within my home network, external means from outside it.

I can access my server and webpage:

internally using
externally using

but I cannot access the server internally using

This is a pain in the butt because I have all of my client software setup with an internal and external access point (ssh, proFTPd, http, MS Access database connected to MySql, etc.)

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Fedora Networking :: Unable To Reach Client Pc On Certain Ports

Oct 16, 2010

I have a simple home network with a windows and fedora clients. I'm running fedora 13, but I"m having problems connecting to the pc on certain ports from my windows pc. I can connect from windows to fedora using VNC, and even connect to my postgresql database. However, can not get connected to my Apache Tomcat or JBoss server. When I first installed the OS I went through and configured the firewall but have since disabled it (stopped service). However, I still can't get to the app/web servers.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Unable To Reach Nameservers Via Router

Feb 3, 2010

This has probably been beaten to death, but I can't find anything that fits my exact situation (maybe I'm using the wrong keywords, sorry).


eth0 - external NIC, DHCP IP from ISP
eth1 - internal NIC, static
DHCP running on eth1
IPTABLES set up to masquerade on eth0

I have a computer connected up via server's eth1. It's IP is (/etc/init.d/networking restart) gives me a DHCPOFFER and everything, so DHCP seems to be working fine.


can access internet I can ssh into (even though it seems to take longer than usual)

can ping server (well duh, I ssh'ed in from the server) cannot access internet for DNS on the internal NAT I'm using the same DNS servers as the router, so the server's



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CentOS 5 Networking :: Unable To Reach Vps Ip From Same Physical Machine

Jan 15, 2010

i have sun Virtual box installed on my centos as my host os and centos as guest os.The ip on Sun virtual box virtual interface is10.0.2.15 and the ip on the physical machine is i try to ping the ip from my vps on centos to my physical machine it pings but it does't work when i try to ping my vps ip from my physical machine.Please recommend the route enteries i need to do in physical machine

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Ubuntu Networking :: Unable To Reach Guest OS In VirtualBox From OSX Host

May 18, 2011

Recently I've been unable to load web pages, hosted on my Ubuntu Guest in Apache, from my OSX Host. In fact, I can no longer even ping the Guest OS from the Host. In the past, when I did ifconfig on the Guest, I got an IP of 10.0.1.n. Now I'm getting default NAT Address. The thing is, I didn't change any settings recently. What I did do is run software update for OSX, Ubuntu, and updated VirtBox.

Current Versions:

VirtBox 4.0.8 r71778
Host: OSX 10.6.7
Guest: Ubuntu 11.04

why I can no longer access my Guest OS from my Host? I spent hours on this last night, to no avail. What would cause the Guest IP to change from 10.0.1.n to As I say, I manually made no config changes.

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Networking :: RHEL 5.4 Can't Reach Any External Host Or Even Ping Localhost

May 27, 2010

This is a RHEL 5.4 install. I did a fairly routine install setting up a static IP address of, a subnet mask of, and a gateway of with the standard DNS setup for this network. These are all standard network setting for this network and otherwise work fine on other systems. The IP, gateway, and subnetmask all appear correctly on all relevant configuration files. This server can not ping any other system on the network and can not ping its default gateway. No other systems can ping this one either. Also this system can not ping "localhost" or its own hostname. The hosts file contains the line:


I can ping and and it works fine. Also the firewall is disabled. I know I probably can't get a straight forward fix with the information I have on hand right now, I'm more of a Debian guy, so there might be some Red Hat intricacies I'm not familiar with. I think I had a CentOS install some months back that had this issue and I don't remember how I fixed it, or if I even did. I might have just replaced it with Debian. That's unfortunately not an option this time around since it's not my box.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Ping Via 'morbo.local' - Can't Reach Systems By Hostnames

Jul 8, 2010

I recently set up an Ubuntu server computer (10.04) with the hostname 'morbo', and with a static IP address. With all my other ubuntu systems i can ping and ssh using their host names, like:


i can't reach it via 'morbo.local' nor can i reach my other ubuntu systems from morbo by their hostnames. I have seen a 'quick and dirty' solution which might help here : [URL]... , but i don't want to have to add every system to morbo's list and morbo to every systems list, and because it works without manual configuration on all my other systems, i don't see why it shouldn't be possible here. Currently everything connects to one d-link router - does this mean it is the DNS server?

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Networking :: Statistic About Interfaces From /proc/net/dev - File Is Reset When Get Reach More Than 4G Byte

Jun 27, 2010

I have to get soem statistic about interfaces from /proc/net/dev. but statistic on this file is reset when get reach more than 4G byte.I think linux has limitation on this case.

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Fedora Networking :: Samba Server Not Working On F13?

Jun 20, 2010

I can't get the samba server to work on a Fedora 13 system. First of all, I've activated the "smb" service. After this, since I couldn't find any samba configuration tool in Gnome, I switched to KDE and launched Menu - Computer - System Settings - Advanced - Samba. I typed in my workgroup and netbios name and added a share (2nd tab). Then I added my user name to the blank list "samba users" (4th tab), which wasn't very effective, because this list is blank again when I leave (OK) and reopen this config tool.

From a windows machine, I can't access this Fedora system. Netbios doesn't work (ping netbios name - ...could not find name...) and trying \IP in the explorer shows an error message "Windows cannot find...".
Btw firewall and Selinux are both deactivated.

When I open Dolphin on the Fedora locally and type "smb://localhost" it *does* show a logn window, but no matter what I type in there, it just shows this login windows again after clicking OK.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Both NFS And Samba On The File Server?

Apr 29, 2010

I have in my home 3 pc's 2 of them ubuntu, 1 windows/ubuntu. I have a NAS (mybook WD) that I'm going to hack to install a linux OS on it, to take advantage of some benefits. I'll need access from windows networks. I've read there are many benefits of NFS over Samba, with the inconvinient that it cannot be access by windows. Is it a good idea to have both NFS and samba on the file server?

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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.04 Can't See Shares On 9.10 Samba Server?

May 10, 2010

I have an Ubuntu 9.10 Samba file server. I have set up Ubuntu 10.04 netbook remix in a home network which also has Windows XP home and Vista computers already present in the network. The XP and Vista machines have no problem accessing the file shares.

The server is running mhddfs with FlexRaid. The security is set to share level access. I have a hosts allow line in the smb.conf file to permit access to certain IP addresses and have added the 10.04 netbook remix IP address to this hosts allow line.

I cannot access shares from the 10.04netbook remix machine if the hosts allow line is active, but have no problem from the windows machines. If i comment out the hosts allow line, all machines can access the share, including the netbook remix machine. I am fairly new to Linux and would appreciate any help in solving this problem.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Use SAMBA Server In Lubuntu 10.04?

Jan 30, 2011

use SAMBA Server in Lubuntu 10.04. Like : What should I install? How to use it in Lubuntu?

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Networking :: Connect A Distro So A Samba Server?

Jul 22, 2010

i just installed zenwalk on another computer in my house (experimenting with zencafe as well) and i also installed the source code of samba directly from the website (i saw that the smbclient command wasn't there when i first installed zenwalk) i have a samba server that has ubuntu as its operating system and i would like to connect my zenwalk system to the shares so i can access them from that computer

i heard that smbclient is the way to go when you do something like this so i tried it a few times and nothing worked ps i am using webmin to configure samba on my ubuntu platform

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Networking :: Samba Server And Windows Shares

Jan 25, 2010

I have a problem with 'Samba' shares on Ubuntu 8.04. Bringing shared folders over from Windows (on another computer) is not a problem...until I try same process with a Windows backup folder holding .tib data from an 'Acronis' backup.The files appear in Ubuntu Network, everything looks o.k., Ubuntu just won't copy the data to another folder. Other shares work without a problem, its only with these ':.tib' data.

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