Networking :: How To Make Ppp Reconnect On Disconnect

Nov 27, 2010

i use ppp to connect to a VPN, and i need it to auto reconnect when i looses connection. How do i make it work?I use Debian.

options.pptp settings:


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General :: No Network Packets Sent Immediately After Quick Physical Disconnect And Reconnect?

Mar 9, 2011

I am using tcp for data transmission between 2pcs running linux.During transmission, I have noticed that if I unplug the network cable and reinsert it quickly,connection is not lost(same as i expect)and the sender start to resend the packet after 5s(what i expect is that network packets sent immediately after quick physical disconnect and reconnect).My question is can i reduce 5s to 0s(resend immediately after network cable reconnect)?Any parameters(tcp rto,txqueuelength,..) can be modified to achieve this condition?

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Ubuntu Networking :: How To Automatic Ppp Reconnect If Down

Mar 5, 2010

I didn't find a solution to making my 3G/GPRS "modem" reconnect automatically when the connection fails, so I made a solution of my own. It's very annoying when you're downloading a file overnight, only to find that the connection has failed 5 min after you went to sleep.Restarting the NetworkManager daemon makes it automatically connect to all configured interfaces, including 3G/GPRS, so I made a simple script to do that.First, we check if the modem is even connected. Replace Huawei with the brand you're using. Any unique word on the line in lsusb will do fine as well. Then we check if the connection is up, and if it is, we simply exit. Otherwise, the NM daemon is restarted, which causes the 3g/gprs to reconnect.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Rt2500pci Fails To Reconnect?

Jan 29, 2010

wireless disconnects after a few hours, there is a 50/50 chance that the reconnect fails. if it fails i am asked for the wpa2 key, if i hit cancel and try to connect manually after 2 minutes it connects most times. if i enter the wpa2 key and hit connect i won't get any connection. reading the loglife of my router shows that my laptop connects and disconnects in a 7s rhythm. a restart solves this problem (is there a command to manually restart the network without the need to restart?

laptop: packard bell easynote w1000
ubuntu 9.10
lspci -v readout:
Network controller: RaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01)
Subsystem: RaLink Device 2560


probably related, after suspend or hibernation networking is disabled, enabling it via right-click does not work again after a restart everything works how it should.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Internet Shuts Off And Cannot Reconnect?

Sep 21, 2010

I just started using Ubuntu at the advice of a friend. I am running it from a flash drive.I have a wired network that always works fine with Windows on this computer.After starting up Ubuntu it connected right up and I was able to use it. Then, out of the blue the machine shut off. Upon restart, I was unable to connect to the internet.I reinstalled Ubuntu to a different flash drive and it worked fine once again.I left the computer running while I went out for supper, returned and the computer was "asleep" and would not wake back up.I shut off the computer and restarted Ubuntu.No internet again. As always, it works fine in Windows.Also, BOTH times this has happened, the OS says I am connected to the internet, and I can turn the connection on and off, but it is not connected. This happens even if I reboot the computer. (I have a cable connection.)

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Won't Reconnect After Dropping?

May 26, 2011

I'm having a problem with the wireless on my Asus EEEPC 1000HE using Ubuntu 110.04. Digging into the laptop forums, it says there is a problem with wireless on some models of the 1000HE, but it is not the same wireless device and my wireless problem doesn't seem as bad as listed, so I think it's a different problem. But my problem is that if wireless drops for any reason, it will not start working again unless I either reboot the computer or click the wireless icon in the systray, click disconnect so it stops flashing (like it's trying to reconnect) and then suspend my computer or log off and back on. And it only does the latter because I added a file located at /etc/pm/config.d/00sleep_module with the one line that reads SUSPEND_MODULES="rt2800pci" (my wireless driver) So that one line seems to cause wireless to get a fresh connection after suspending (or something. I'm not a very advanced LInux user). I've tried running the command "sudo/etc/init.d/networking restart", but that does nothing for me. I'm not sure what other command to try to see if can fix it.[URL]

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Reconnect To Internet After Disconnecting

Aug 16, 2011

Here is my problem:

I can reconnect to internet after disconnecting (this happens every 3-4 hours) only if I manually poke out and in ethernet cable to network adapter or reboot ubuntu. Even restarting network-manager not helps. My provider provides internet over pppoe. I have "DSL-connection 1" item in network managers gui menu. And that item disappears after disconnection.

pppd runs with following arguments: lcp-echo-failure 3 lcp-echo-interval 20 So where can I change this parameters, where is that configuration file?

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Networking :: Wifi Won't Reconnect After Standby Or Hibernate

May 3, 2010

I am using WICD as my wireless network manager and it works connecting to a network for the first time. But when I resume my laptop from hibernate or standby, WICD will not reconnect to the network and gets stuck on obtaining an IP address. And if I try to change networks without hibernating I get the same problem. Also, I notice that the network name is stagnant. I connect to multiple wifi networks a day because of school. When I leave my "home" network and connect to my "school" network WICD still says "Homebtaining IP address" even thought it should say "schoolbtaining IP address." My thoughts are that it isn't releasing the network properly and when its trying to connect it can't because it still thinks it's connected. The only solution I have found is to restart my laptop every time I want to connect to a new network, or shut down every time I am done using my laptop, which is a major inconvenience.

Here is what I am using:

HP tx2000
Broadcom BCM4322
Ubuntu 10.04
WICD 1.7.0

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Networking :: Unable To Reconnect To Wireless AP Using The Same Settings?

Mar 3, 2010

Sometimes I am unable to reconnect to my wireless AP using the same settings that worked the previous day, and that has me stumped. I think it's due to me switching access points (using different authenticatin) since the last connection.

1) After I enter iwconfig/iwpriv commands to connect my wireless usb card (edimax) to my WPA2 network, what process performs the negotiation with the AP, and is there a way to see status debug messages from that process so that I can see if there was a successful negotiation? (so I can see if the password is correct, etc).

2) Is there a way to manually invoke that process to re-attempt to negotiate? Or must I assume that happens automatically with any iwconfig/iwpriv command?

3) Is there a simple command that will erase all iwconfig/iwpriv settings so that I can start over with my iwconfig/iwpriv commands?

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Networking :: Use Combo Again To Disconnect?

Mar 22, 2011

The combination "~." disconnects SSH session. But if I enter "~" twice, I won't be able to use this combo again to disconnect. Can I get this combo to work again within one SSH session if I typed in the "~" twice?

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Ubuntu Networking :: 9.10 - Internet Connection Disconnects / Reconnect

Apr 18, 2010

Recently I've installed Ubuntu 9.10. I have DSL connection so, I wrote all details needed. After trying to connect on it, it automatically disconnects and connect auth connection again. I have worked on 9.04 and older versions and used to work very good, also the internet connection, but not in 9.10.

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Ubuntu Networking :: WUSB100 V2 Adapter - Disconnects And Won't Reconnect

Nov 1, 2010

Running Ubuntu 10.10, and I can't get my WUSB100 v2 Linksys adapter to work. I've tried what's in this thread: [URL] Entered lsmod |grep rt into Terminal and found out it runs on the rt2800 chipset, so I blacklisted everything necessary. It finds and connects to my network but after about 10 minutes it disconnects and won't reconnect.

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Networking :: Ubuntu Can't Reconnect To Gmail After ISP Restores Access / Fix It?

Dec 31, 2010

Lately, my ISP has started making all Google sites inaccessible for a short time every afternoon (last 3-4 days now). I suspect some kind of DNS poisoning... access always comes back later in the afternoon.

When access does come back, non-Linux machines can connect basically right away, but my Ubuntu machine (the primary one I use) seems to need a reboot, as if wrong DNS information gets stuck in the session and the reboot clears it so that the machine can get the correct IP address.

I have not installed nscd, and IIUC the OS should not be persisting DNS cache information without that package. Every reference I can find online to clearing the DNS cache seems to depend on this package.

The objective is just to get back in touch with my Gmail without having to reboot (since e.g. OSX doesn't require a reboot for the same). What should I do?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Loses Connection Then Will Not Reconnect?

Mar 24, 2011

I am fairly new to linux. I have Ubuntu 10.10 on my Dell Inspiron E1705. While browsing my internet connection suddenly stops working. It says that I am still connected but the internet doesn't work. When I try to disconnect then reconnect it will not connect to the network. To get it to reconnect i have to turn of the wireless card, delete the connection then restart, turn the card back on and reconnect.

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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.10 - Wireless Asks For Password But Cannot Reconnect

Apr 21, 2011

Running 10.10 on Hp dv2000. Approx once a day wireless asks for password authentication but cannot re-connect to wireless network. I verified connection, correct password and modem & router functionality but still will not re-connect. After re-boot problem is resolved for another day or two.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wi-fi Disconnect Every Few Hours?

Sep 25, 2010

Periodically, about 3 to 5 hours, Ubuntu disconnects from my wi-fi network and doesn't reconnect until I restart the router.This is an Ubuntu specific issue, since it doesn't happen when I boot into my Windows partition, and it doesn't happen to other computers on the network.

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Networking :: How To Auto-disconnect And Connect

Jan 19, 2010

I am checking something out in my connection and i just wanted to ask, is there a way to auto-disconnect and connect from the internet, for example say I want to disconnect now and reconnect to the internet in 0.05 seconds, is there any program that does that?

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Fedora Networking :: Unable To Reconnect To The Internet When System Comes Out Of Hibernation

Aug 10, 2009

I am having a problem reconnecting to the internet when I put my computer in suspend or hibernate. For some reason when I put my computer in any one of these modes it disconnects from the internet, and I have no way of getting back on the internet after that. I use to have the option of "Enable Networking" on my top panel, but it seems to have disappeared for some reason. Is there any way to stay permanately connected to the internet, even when it is in hibernate mode, or could someone tell me how to get the enable networking icon back?

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Ubuntu Networking :: WICD Not Automatically Reconnect After Suspend Or Hibernate

Feb 22, 2010

I'm actually running Debian Lenny and using WICD. Sometimes when I wake the system up from standby it reconnects me to my wireless connection, but sometimes it wont. (Same thing for hibernate). On the times that it wont work it just hangs at obtaining IP address.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Have To Restart To Reconnect Because It Shows No Networks In Manager

Nov 20, 2010

So i installed ubuntu 10.04 on my Hp dv9000 and all went well, then a few days after it asked if i wanted to update to 10.10 so i did and this is where things went kookie.

After i installed i noticed my wifi was all screwy. It would connect but kick me off after several mins of use. I installed WICD hoping that would fix the problem but it didnt. internet work for a few min and then just suddenly cuts out and i have to restart to reconnect because it shows no networks in the manager?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Network Disconnect Periodically?

Feb 25, 2010

use kubuntu 9.10 64-bit on AMD Turion M500 machine.The network keeps disconnecting periodically or on some heavy activity The connection is totally stable on windows 7 though.My doubts point to network manager and so my next step is to switch to command line wpa_supplicant

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Ubuntu Networking :: Using VPN Disconnect To Trigger An Event

Mar 3, 2010

I use network-manager-pptp to connect to my VPN server. However, occasionally my VPN drops out (although my Internet stays up). I was just wondering how I could make the VPN drop-out trigger a bash script, for example playing a sound to alert me that the VPN has dropped?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Internet Connection Disconnect Itself

May 29, 2010

I tough that firefox was the problem of my very slow web sites loading, but I am suspecting that sometimes the internet connection is the reason, maybe for some reason that I don't know it can not just connect to the site.I am running Linux quick-desktop 2.6.32-22-generic #33-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 28 13:28:05 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux.when I browse the web it is very slow to load.sometimes I get this error message.Could not locate remote server.Even I know the site is up running like google.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Disconnect The Network On Shutdown?

Nov 22, 2010

A month ago I had (and still have) a weird problem were leaving my switched off computer plugged into the network killed the whole network.


well I have found a fix, if I disconnect my computer via software (Right click and disconnect "eth1" and shut down the network will remain up. I want to make a script that runs on shutdown that simply disconnects "eth1". Are there any pre-made shutdown scripts in ubuntu that I can simply add "eth1 enabled = 0" or something.

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Ubuntu Networking :: NetworkManager Can't Connect After Disconnect / Why Is So?

Jan 18, 2011

I've simple PPTP connection in NetworkManager that is build in with ubuntu, once I disconnect the connection [to change IP or so] the connection won't establish again...

I'm getting a libnotify popup that says "Connection failed because timeout"

I'm getting a good IP, I just can't connect again after 1 disconnect...
Any idea why?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wired Network Is Disconnect

Jul 19, 2011

i installed linux at home on my laptop (dv2000, hp). Because i was having problems connecting to the internet through wireless. And wired at friends houses.So installed linux. Wireless took me a while but finally got that working. Now the problem i have is that wired is not working apart from at home. Any other router apart from mine it cannot connect to.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Disconnect After A Few Seconds - Rt3090sta

Aug 27, 2011

I have an asus eeepc 1015pem with the builtin wireless adapter..


and it seems to work ok connecting to the network for the most part. but when i start pushing decent traffic like with an scp copy of many files, the network will disconnect after a few seconds. with the following


ive searched and searched, but cant seem to find out what the heck is wrong with this silly thing..


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Networking :: Random Wired Network Disconnect?

Sep 28, 2010

I installed Red Hat Eterprise Linux 5.4 Server on my HCL Server machine.I use a static IP for my server. The problem is the network connection is automatically disconnected for some times and it again connected automatically after some time. It happens in periodic manner.I check my cable, port and connection.Those works fine in other PC

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Ubuntu Networking :: Reloading Hostapd On AP Side Permits Wicd To Reconnect

Sep 21, 2010

I'm running WiFi AP (hostapd/nl80211) and STA (Wicd) in my home net. More or less all does work fine at last. The only problem I have - STA reconnection works few times only (1-4 times), ending with unsuccessful authentification (and multiple AP probing in hostapd debug output before STA failing).Two contradictive facts take place:

1. Reloading hostapd on the AP side permits Wicd to reconnect, while STA rebooting(!) doesn't help.
2. Another STA - my son's Nokia mobile phone (don't know a model) - reconnects with this AP without problems (we have tried 10 times).

So, you see, first fact says something wrong with AP, while the second one says something wrong with STA. Or you can treat these facts in strictly opposite way Indeed WiFi under Linux is very fragile area yet. I have found plenty of close-to-be-similar reports as well as different resolving ways (but it is rare case).OK, few words about setup. Up to date Kubuntu Maverick testing with backports enabled on both sides. ASUS USB-N11 adapters are in use on both sides. It means RT2870 chip.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Mobile Broadband Connects / But Won't Reconnect After Dropped Signal

Nov 8, 2010

I'm running a ZTE MF112 HSUPA USB stick (3 broadband dongle) for wireless broadband using network-manager.I can connect fine to mobile broadband, but every now and then, the signal drops and the connection is disconnected. When I try to reconnect it goes straight to network disconnected. It looks like it's not even trying to connect.Then when I right click on network manager, disable mobile broadband, then enable it again, works fine until the next disconnect.The point is, why do I have to keep disabling / enabling it? Pulling the dongle out works too. But there should be a workaround.

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