Networking :: How To Find Ip Address Of Other Computer In LAN Network From Own Computer?

Jun 7, 2010

i want to find ip address of other computer which are connected in LAN..suppose ther are 5 compter in LAN and i want to find ip of all remaining 4 computer using my computer only in command or any other way is ther....

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General :: Networking - Find Out Computer Network Name?

Feb 18, 2011

I have a linux machine on my university network where I usually log in via ssh from home. I have know the ip, so this is what I use to log in, but it would convenient to know if my computer have a hostname on the local network (it's easier than remembering the ip).I set up a hostname when I installed linux on my pc, but it's not the name associated with that ip on the network. Is there a way to find out if there's a name associated with that ip?

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Ubuntu Networking :: One Computer Sees Network, The Other Computer Doesnt?

Nov 11, 2010

My wifes networked computer connected to the network just fine when it was Win XP. Now that Ive converted it to 10.04 (completely) it can see the network, but it just wont connect to it. I had no problem converting my computer to Ubuntu and it sees the network and accesses it great. Files, folders and hard drives are all shared. So, one computer connects great, the other does not.**I dont know what to do at this point.Here is the layout:My Comp (10.04) ---------......Main Network Comp (XP)Wife Comp (10.04) -------/The main network computer is XP as it has software on it we need that does not work in Wine. The main computer will have to stay XP. I cannot get my wifes computer to connect to the main system, although mine connects just fine. I dont know what the problem is. Her computer sees the network, but when trying to connect, it times out and says unable to connect.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Find A Way To Watch Videos From Main Desktop Computer On Another Computer?

Jul 9, 2011

I've been trying to find a way to watch videos from my main desktop computer on another computer I've plugged into an HDTV. I'm such a Linux newbie that I decided to give Mythbuntu a try. It was way to complicated for what I needed, and I'm sure that some more experienced people reading my first two sentences laughed to themselves at my naivety.

What I am trying to find is simple: browsing one computer's home folder from another computer, and playing the videos therein. If there's anything like Mythvideo that requires less than half of the skill requirements, I will telepathically send love to the person that informs me of it.

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General :: Determine Whether Computer 'gets IP Address Information From Dhcp Server On Network'

Sep 24, 2010

First, (for samba) how do I determine whether my computer "gets IP address information from a dhcp server on the network," and whether "the dhcp server provides info about WINS servers ("NetBIOS name servers") present on the network," and consequently whether a change to my smb.conf file, "so that DHCP-provided WINS settings will automatically be read from /etc/samba/dhcp.conf," and whether the dhcp3-client package must be installed?

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Networking :: Change Mac Address - To Be The Same As Another Computer ?

Mar 3, 2010

I need to change my Mac address to be the same as another computer. My university for some reason only allows 2 computers per jack i think! and i have 3. for some reason when i plug my 3rd PC in i lose connection on my other two. i have a win 7 laptop and a Ubuntu laptop. I want to setup a small server since my school blocks all ports off campus i can't use it off campus but i want to use it on campus.

My 3rd PC is a ubuntu Desktop is there a program i can use or a command i can use to spoof the mac address.

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Networking :: Set An Ip Address On A Computer Remotely?

Mar 20, 2011

there is a way to set an ip address on a computer remotely. Here's my issue : Have a debian computer (plug computer) on which, after upgrade, i m not able to log in back anymore. At the moment it seems i have no chanche to connect something like a monitor but i m pretty sure the computer it boots up cause wireless is on and i can see ssid and mac address of the ap.

I ve tried to assign an ip to the mac address (from my laptop) by arp and in the table it shows the link between the mac and ip, but i m unable to ping the ip after that. I was trying to think of maybe set up a dhcp server from my laptop and see if the plugcomputer gets an ip automatically, but i m not sure if it is working and at the moment i have little experience on set up a dhcp server on linux (sabayon). Do you think is it possible to manage the network card of my plug computer by eth/wlan from my laptop?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Computer Address Is Localhost Instead Of 192.168.x.x?

Jul 22, 2011

One of the computers attached to the network is giving localhost instead of 192.168.x.x in Remote Desktop config page therefore I'm unable to access it:

Quote: Your desktop is only reachable over the local network. Others can access your computer using the address localhost. Other computer and even other accounts on the same computer are showing something like:

Quote: Your desktop is only reachable over the local network. Others can access your computer using the address How can I fix this?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Computer Have The Same MAC Address With His Router?

Sep 1, 2011

I have read in a forum that a computer can have the same MAC Address with its router in the sane LAN but how is that possible? Isn't every MAC unique? Also I have not understood, when we send a packet to a PC that is not in our LAN the packet should have the IP Address or the MAC Address of the computer that we want to send?

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Networking :: Connect To External Computer Using Local Address?

Apr 9, 2011

I couldn't find an answer to this question (not including vpn) on different threads so decided to eventually post it, though it's probably easy one. I would like to connect to some application on known IP and port in the internet from my LAN computer. However to do so (I have some application, not any administrative constraints or not being allowed to) I would like to use local addresses. So, let's say - I want to connect to the external host VV.XX.YY.ZZ, port AA using 192.168.EE.FF port BB. Baically so far I have limitation in my application (too many places for possible error, to correct it right now - will change it in future). Is it possible that after my application sends request to 192.168.1.EE port BB, my Linux transparently translates it to VV.XX.YY.ZZ:AA? I tried iptables tutorials and some forums, but nothing seems to be addressing this issue. I don't know if it's event possible with iptables but am pretty sure this should be possible.

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Ubuntu :: Can Not Get To Recognise It And So Computer Will Not Find Router Network?

Mar 19, 2011

downloaded the Ubuntu Netbook OS and it works great but I have a Hp mini 1010nr with built in wifi. I can not get Ubuntu to recognise it and so my Computer will not find my router network. How do I get it to get online? [URL]...

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Ubuntu Networking :: Unable To Connect To Local LAN Computer Via IP Address

Jul 27, 2010

I recently setup motion on one of my computers with a USB camera. On that computer if I type [URL] I can see my live video. If however I type [URL] on that computer or any other on my wireless network, I get a page cannot be displayed. I checked that UFW was disabled and I am able to ping the motion computer from any other computer on my network. Also I am not sure if it matters but I do have apache installed on my motion computer as well. why I cant view my live video from different computers I am using Ubuntu 10.4 on all computers

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Ubuntu Networking :: Assigned Computer A's Static Ip To Computer C Without Changing Dhcp Setting?

Aug 18, 2010

I set up a dhcp server in the lan and assigned static ips to two computers, computer A and B, according to their mac address. Everything was running fine. But when I turned off computer A, connected computer C to the network, and assigned computer A's static ip to computer C without changing dhcp setting. Computer C was able to access the internet. When I turned on computer A, dhcp couldn't assign an ip address to it, and computer C showed an error message of ip conflict and failed to use internet. I wonder if dhcp server is able to prevent other computer from using the same static ip that is already assigned to a computer according to its mac address.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Computer Finding The Name Of Another Computer Under DHCP?

Sep 10, 2010

I have two Linux computers and one small home router with DHCP functionality. I configured the router with the "dynamic DHCP" setting, ie, the static DHCP with MAC-Address was not used. Before that, I used the manual IP configuration, defining the two computers' names in the /etc/hosts file.

Example: comp2 comp3

Now, with DHCP, the above example is no longer appropriate, because the DHCP server is supposed to tell the computer what IP number it will receive. However, I am missing something, because I haven't figured it out yet how to make one computer know the other computer's name. Is it that I haven't installed a name-finding package? Is there a simple way to accomplish this (one computer finding the other computers' names)?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Move HD To New PC - Can't Access Computer From Other Computer

Sep 21, 2010

I have ubuntu server installed on a pc. The motherboard died, so I switched the HD to another computer. Everything is fine except the network. I cannot access this computer from other computer (while it was possible before). I looked at the interfaces and everything seems fine. The nic itselft seems to work too.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Find Which Application Is On Computer Processor?

Mar 5, 2011

I have been trying to download different applications and some of them have two options i386 or amd64. How do I find which application it is on my computer processor?mk631219

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Ubuntu Networking :: Find Computer Linked To Eth0 ?

Apr 28, 2011

I have a laptop at work, the user got logged out and now im unable to access it directly.

I have a work computer that is directly connected (through eth0) to my laptop, and that is still on:

ifconfig - on work computer


I want to run the command "sudo shutdown -r 0" on my laptop so that it will reboot... and then auto-login to the laptop again.

If i go to ping computer i get this:


That address is the one when it is connected through the wireless; but when it got logged out i guess it shuts the wlan interface off.

In short, i need to find the address of the computer on the other end of the eth0

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Networking :: How To View Computer On Windows Computer?

Jan 1, 2010

I downloaded the vnc 4.1 on my linux computer which is running Ubuntu I'm not sure how to view it on a windows computer. I really have no idea what i'm doing so can anyone that answers please add as much detail as possible.

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Networking :: Install Mrtg On A Client Computer In Network And Measure The Network's Router Traffic

Sep 4, 2009

I wanted to know if i can install mrtg on a client computer in network and measure the network's router traffic.i know that it can be installed on the server.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Remote Desktop Access "Your Desktop Is Only Reachable Over The Local Network. Others Can Access Your Computer Using The Address Or Tabatha.local"

Feb 19, 2010

Running Ubuntu 9.10. In the Remote Desktop config dialog I get: "Your desktop is only reachable over the local network. Others can access your computer using the address or tabatha.local." I understand this means only the loopback ip address is available. All my other machines show their true local ip address (e.g., in this dialog. Thus I cannot log on to this desktop from other machines.

When I try to do a remote logon from another Ubuntu 9.10 box (or from an XP box using a VNC viewer), I get: "Connection to has been closed." What steps are needed to make this machine show its actual ip address? All file sharing between the various machines is working properly and all windows shares back and forth between XP and 'nix, and among the the vaious XP boxes and linux boxes are available as designed.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Computer Unable To Find Wireless Signals Despite Right Next To Router

Apr 4, 2011

just switched from Windows Vista to Ubuntu 10.10 on my Toshiba laptop and I'm loving it, except for some wireless connection problems. About 70% of the time, my computer is unable to find any wireless signals whatsoever, despite being right next to the router. When it does find the signal it connects fine and runs great, but most of the time it doesn't show any signals at all. I can't find any pattern to when it does or doesn't find the signal. My result for the "sudo lshw -C network"


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Ubuntu Networking :: Computer Crashes The Network

May 25, 2010

So whenever I turn on my EeePC with Ubuntu 10.04 on it, the network crashes after like 10 minutes to 45 minutes. Every time. Of course I have that horribly <snip> bug where the WPA and even WEP on my laptop are buggy because of 10.04, but it did the same when I was on 9.10 (but like 3-4 times a day instead of many times an hour).

Yeah, so when I connect to the network with my laptop, the network crashes. The wifi still works, I can detect the wireless network on all my computers (my Ubuntu one, Windows 7 and my girlfriend's Mac), but internet does not work. I then have to turn off router/modem, and it starts to work again. Then, a couple of minutes later, if the Ubuntu laptop is on, it stops again.

That's annoying because I can't really use my laptop on the internet because I'll have to restart everything soon. I've tried setting to WPA and to WEP and it happens with both. Same goes if I set my laptop to a manual IP address or an automatic one. I did some tests to be sure, and the network works without crashing for days if my laptop is closed, so the problem really is with Ubuntu, and as I said, it kind of always did that, but it was tolerable before.

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Ubuntu Networking :: On Same Network Computer Can't Be Found

Dec 21, 2010

I just installed ubuntu server 10.10 and need to do one of two things: 1. I want to refer to the ubuntu server by a computer name from other computer on the network. This does not work. No other computer can find ubuntu server by its computer name except ubuntu itself. I can ping by the computer name on the computer itself: ping UbuntuComputer gets response but on another computer on the same network the computer cannot be found. Note if you use the IP address you can certainly find UbuntuComputer. Basically, from another computer on the same network I can ping the Ubuntu computer by IP but not by computer name, but if I go to the Ubuntu computer itself and ping it by name then it pings successfully. I am trying to ping the Ubuntu computer with a windows machine...that could be the case. 2. So being the case that I cannot get number one to work, I said ok, lets just set a static route then. So here is my primary network interface setup:


This works until some unknown time which it sets itself back to If I use the command /etc/init.d/networking restart then it will go back to So, on problem 1 why can't I see the ubuntu server by computer name on other computers on the network? Oh and here is the hosts file: UbuntuComputer localhost.localdomain localhost
::1 UbuntuComputer localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6 UbuntuComputer

On problem 2 why the heck does settings a static ip keep getting reset back to dynamic? This is a fresh install of ubuntu server 10.10 with maverick gui installed.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Computer Won't Connect To Network Until Log In?

Jan 19, 2011

My desktop doesn't seem to be connecting to the network until I login. This creates a problem if I'm trying to ssh in after a reboot. It's a wired connection. Any ideas?

edit: sorry my internet lagged and the thread got copied

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Ubuntu Networking :: Computer Will Not Connect To Network

May 7, 2011

if I install dhcp ip on my computer, then my computer will not connect to the network, but if I set it up with static ip then my computer will connect to the network. but after 5 minutes later my computer will be mounted from the server dhcp ip. and my computer is not connected anymore to the network dropped out again.

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Networking :: Computer Won't Connect To A Wireless Network

Jul 28, 2011

Hey I just installed linux on my computer and it will not connect to any wireless networks, it will detect them and say try to connect but for some reason wont. It does connect just fine to a wired network.

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Networking :: Possible To Stream All Audio From One Computer Over Network?

Jan 12, 2010

I have a MacMini connected to the big-screen tv on one side of my living room. I have my gaming computer on the other side of my living room. I often use VNC to control the Mac, so I don't have to get up to change which iTunes playlist I'm listening to, or play a movie, or whatever.I would like to be able to do something similar with the audio.Here's my problem. Sometimes it's really hard to get the volume just right when I'm at the far end of the room. If I increase the volume to a level where I can hear everything, it sometimes annoys the neighbours.

So, is there a way I can stream all the audio from the MacMini so I can listen to it using a Linux laptop at the far end of the living room without annoying the neighbours?Because I want to set this up for watching movies, it needs to be fast enough to stay in sync with the picture.(It might just be easier to run some speaker wire across the room, but I like to try to do things the hard way first. Heh heh heh...)

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Networking :: Find The IP Address Of Connected Network Drive?

Mar 31, 2011

I desire to access a WD Netcenter network drive from Ubuntu 10.10 using NFS mounts.Several on line helps show how if you know the IP address of the drive. How can I discover the IP address of the drive. My Windows network is using DHCP, though I understand that the drive uses a static address. I know the MAC address of the drive. As a user (but not an administrator), I have much Unix experience.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Windows Can't Access Computer Through Network?

Mar 26, 2010

So, I'm trying to set up a network with my windows netbook so the Ubuntu comp can access the internet through the netbook's wireless. Finally got the network set up, but can't access the internet on the Ubuntu comp. Also, the Ubuntu machine can recognize and access the files on the netbook, but the netbook only sees a computer named Owner-a6012abd6 which asks for a password.

The netbook is running Windows XP SP3, with an Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network adapter(internet) and an Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller. The Ubuntu comp is running Ubuntu 9.04.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Share Computer With Windows Network?

May 29, 2010

I have just installed Ubuntu 10.4 LTS and would like to share this computer on my windows network. I understand that Samba is the way to go, but how do I configure linux with Samba so I can share files and printers? I am able to see my windows computers (vista and xp) but I am not able to see the linux computer with those machines plus I would like to change the network name of the linux machine if possible. Please any help and information will be much appreciated. Eventually I would like to server a printer from this linux machine to the other windows machines.

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