Networking :: Computer Or Firmware On Dlink For Home Network?

Dec 14, 2010

I'm not afraid to try building a router on a spare computer or on a spare dlink with tomato or other firmware. Which is recommended for a home with multiple computers, a file server, and a retiree with some time on his hands? I don't game or stream audio/video.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Seeing The Home Computer From Outside?

Dec 20, 2010

There is a computer in a home running opensuse into which I would like to login.

As usual, the computer is connected wirelessly to the home's router. I cannot control the router in order to direct incoming connections, say, on sshd port, to that computer.

Is there a way to log into that computer from outside?

The computer is fully under my control, as distinct from the home router. I know all relevant IP addresses. I can start any service on the computer, or start any command, or ask somebody to start a command while I am not at home.

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General :: Access Winxp Computer On Home Network?

Feb 4, 2010

I'm running ubuntu 9.1 and want to access another computer on my home network. That particular computer is running XP pro. I set up the user account on the windows machine with admin rights, did the remote user yada yada yada...

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Server :: How To Create Personal VoIP Network With Home Computer

Aug 13, 2010

Asterisk and its cousin technologies intrigue as well as confuse me. I'm wondering: Is it possible to set up an Asterisk (or other) server on a home computer with no special hardware and use it to route calls between mobile devices in remote locations? I'm hoping this could work similarly to Skype Mobile, Google Voice, etc., except on a WAY smaller scale. This is just something I'd use personally for calls to family and friends--nothing huge.

Since my computer is just a regular laptop with no 3G connectivity, I don't expect to use 3G for calls. I just think it would be cool, for instance, to go to a caf´┐Ż with WiFi and use a SIP/VoIP client on my Android phone to call up a friend who also has a phone or PC with a SIP/VoIP client on it. I realize I could do the same thing far more easily with an account at Skype or some other provider. My interest in attempting this project is more for the learning experience than practical use.

If indeed this is possible to do with the hardware I already own, any tips for starting out? My computer is a MacBook Pro 5,5 (dual-booting Sabayon Linux and Mac OS X). I know I could install Asterisk from within Sabayon, install a specialized telephony distro to a new partition, or run a virtual Asterisk machine--but I'm not sure which option, if any, would be most appropriate here. I'm also not sure if Asterisk would accomplish what I want, or if I should look at other software.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Won't Connect To Dlink Router

Jun 21, 2010

I've just recently installed opensuse after being an ubuntu user for about a year. For some reason I can't connect to my Dlink router, but I can connect to my neighbors linksys router. To be more specific it actually connects but acts as if the DNS isn't working. I can ping the router, but can't ping anything past the router. Right now the router is unsecured.

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Ubuntu Networking :: One Computer Sees Network, The Other Computer Doesnt?

Nov 11, 2010

My wifes networked computer connected to the network just fine when it was Win XP. Now that Ive converted it to 10.04 (completely) it can see the network, but it just wont connect to it. I had no problem converting my computer to Ubuntu and it sees the network and accesses it great. Files, folders and hard drives are all shared. So, one computer connects great, the other does not.**I dont know what to do at this point.Here is the layout:My Comp (10.04) ---------......Main Network Comp (XP)Wife Comp (10.04) -------/The main network computer is XP as it has software on it we need that does not work in Wine. The main computer will have to stay XP. I cannot get my wifes computer to connect to the main system, although mine connects just fine. I dont know what the problem is. Her computer sees the network, but when trying to connect, it times out and says unable to connect.

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General :: Rsync - Mounting Network Drives And The DLink DNS-321?

Jan 27, 2010

I recently built a small Intel Atom 330 based server for my home. I'm using the Vortexbox Fedora-based OS to run the server (primarily used as a media server). So far everything is working great. In addition to my media server, I've got a DLink DNS-321 NAS. I would like to setup a scheduled, incremental backup of my main server to the DLink NAS. I understand rsync is an excellent option, and am willing to undertake the task of setting it up on my server, but I am uncertain how to make it all happen with the DLink NAS. The NAS is very barebones, and I don't know if I can even install rsync on it. I don't even know if I can get to any kind of command line on the NAS box. 1. Can I mount the NAS drive on my main Linux server and then just run rsync on the server?

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Networking :: How To Ssh To A Home Computer

Jan 22, 2011

The linux machine is under my home wireless network. ifconfig only shows local ip which is Is there a way to ssh to it from outside? What is the real IP of this computer?

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Networking :: How To Find Ip Address Of Other Computer In LAN Network From Own Computer?

Jun 7, 2010

i want to find ip address of other computer which are connected in LAN..suppose ther are 5 compter in LAN and i want to find ip of all remaining 4 computer using my computer only in command or any other way is ther....

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Networking :: Use Ssh / Scp Between One Computer At Home And Another At Work?

Oct 15, 2010

I would like to use ssh / scp between one computer at home and another at work. I can do it from home to work, but not the opposite. I think my home IP address starts with 82., is that ok? The one at work starts with 130. Here some terminal commands i launched (I cannot fully understand them). I also used a site of the internet provider, first to add rules (eg allow this and that IP address), then to disabled the firewall. The /etc/ssh/sshd_config of the two computers are the same.


sudo apt-get install ssh openssh-server
sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start
sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -d 0/0 -s 0/0 --dport 22 -j ACCEPT


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CentOS 5 Networking :: Unable To Connect To Home Computer?

Sep 3, 2009

I just moved into a new apartment and now connect via DHCP. Everything seems fine network-wise, except that when I'm at work I can't connect to the home box. (CentOS 5.3 x86_64) One thing I noticed is that I can't really determine my "true" IP address. What I mean is that it looks like my IP is, but when I use linuxdcpp, and enter a hub, I'm told my IP addr is actually something like Here's some info:

[root@localhost cwatson]$ cat /var/lib/dhclient/dhclient-eth0.leases
option dhcp-server-identifier;
option domain-name-servers;
option broadcast-address;


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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Home Network Is Not Recognized By Network Card (RealTek RTL8190 Mini PCI)

Jul 12, 2010

my wireless home network is not recognized by my network card (RealTek RTL8190 mini PCI). The post was as follows: "I am using a new computer with Windows 7 , Athlon quad core 2.60 64 bit, 8GB RAM. Internet conection works fine with ethernet but ubuntu does not see my wireless network. card (RealTek RTL 8190 ID: 10ec:8190). Have searched this forum but unable to come up with a fix. I was looking for windows XP drivers to use Ndiswrapper but could not find a list of .inf files. My network is OK and works perfectly in windows and with my 2 laptops. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Additional info: install was done within Windows using WUBI to a separate partition on my HDD. I am new to this and thouroughly confused as to the procedure for installing the drivers if they are in fact available."

I am very frustrated in that I would like to use Ubuntu 10.04 but it is useless without internet connectability. I am new to linux and do not understand where to get the appropriate drivers or how to install them. I wish someone would answer this post and either give me a clue what to do or just say "give up" and uninstall ubunutu.

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Fedora Networking :: Connecting Home Network To Work Network

Sep 20, 2010

Currently my office use a Cisco Firewall which will only allow the ANYCONNECT utility to do the vpn connection. I found a Linux utility (OpenConnect) which will do the same thing, but allow me more flexibility with my networking needs.What I ultimately would like to have is to have a switch that I can connect any network device into it and be connected to the office. IE (my IP Work Phone and Computer) Currently I have is a computer with fedora 13 and two network cards eth0 (home network - connected to a router) and eth1 which I would like to connect a switch to. OpenConnect communicates fine and I can see the work network from the Fedora machine. It creates a vpn0 tun/tap device and I don't know how to pass communication to/from the eth1 device.

Do I try to iptables the ports for the phone and services I need on the computer? Or do I build bridge; and If I do what am I bridging. I have tried making a bridge from eth1 to vpn0 which reply's with unsupported device or something like that.Unfortunately my network skills are bit limited and my office says "it can't be done". Their solution is for me to buy a ASA5505 (or something device) and have a static IP. I would have to make it work as my router and even then it will only DHCP 10 ip addresses; which will cause a shortage of IP addresses in the house.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connect To My Home Desktop's Internet From Behind Firewalled Computer

Nov 1, 2010

I am going to a country with government managed firewalls. How can I connect to my home computer's (Ubuntu 10.04) internet connection from a computer behind these firewalls?

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Networking :: Install Mrtg On A Client Computer In Network And Measure The Network's Router Traffic

Sep 4, 2009

I wanted to know if i can install mrtg on a client computer in network and measure the network's router traffic.i know that it can be installed on the server.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Wireless Network: "device Not Ready (firmware Missing)"

Jun 12, 2011

I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop. For some reason Wireless Network does not work any more (there was installed 9.04 before).

lspci says:
00:06.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments TSB43AB22/A IEEE-1394a-2000 Controller (PHY/Link)
System->Administration->Additional Drivers doesn't list anything.

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Ubuntu :: Make Ubuntu Computer Visible On Home Network

Jul 7, 2010

I installed Ubuntu 10.4 today because my Windows laptop got a nasty program from some forward from a "friend." I couldn't do anything on my computer, so I installed Ubuntu over the Windows XP. (erased hard drive, complete install). Everything is great except now my wife can't print to the printers on my computer. In fact, my computer w/Ubuntu can "see" everything on her computer, but her computer can't "see" mine or the printers on it. How do I make my Ubuntu computer visible to a Windows computer on the home (MSHOME) network?

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Ubuntu Networking :: 10.4 - Can't Get Dlink DWA-125 To Work

May 4, 2010

had 9.10 and had truble with this usb wirerless dongle but was able to fix with some help from the formes so now with the fresh install the wireless maneger sees my network and says its conected but no lights on dongle and web pages wont come up


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Fedora Networking :: Use A Dlink DWL-650 Pcmcia Card?

Jan 3, 2011

Older laptop I just upgraded to FC13. I would like to use a Dlink DWL-650 pcmcia card. The system sees it.

#iwlist wlan0 scanning
Cell 01, mac, chan, freq and everything else for my base router
Cell 02, same thing for my extender unit
ifconfig wlan0
wlan0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:0D:88:AA:AA:AC
inet6 addr: fe80::20d:88ff:feaa:aaac/64 Scope:Link


ifcfg-wlan0 is set for DHCP. Notice above no IP. If ifcfg is given an IP/mask still no IP. So it seems to be up and running, just not accessible.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Get 9.10 To Work With Dlink USB WiFi?

Feb 21, 2010

I have been trying to get 9.10 to work with my D Link DWA 125 USB WiFi antenna for days now. I have searched these forums as well as other forums for answers. I have tried all of the suggestions I have come across, some simple, some complex. Nothing works. I have tried ndiswrapper, blacklisting drivers, re-installing, modifying the 2870sta.dat file......nothing works (or maybe I'm doing it wrong...I don't know).

I have a fresh install of 9.10 .Can someone please walk me through this and show me what I'm doing wrong?

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Networking :: Installing DLink Wireless Driver Or Compiling It?

May 24, 2011

How can I Install DLink wireless driver on Ubuntu ?

I had downloaded the driver . The file contains some files like MakeFile and ifcfg-wlan0 ,etc
+ a tar.gz file . which contains c or c++ source codes.

There are 4 folders also .

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Ubuntu Networking :: WPA Authentication Fails After Waking From Sleep Vs. DLink?

Jan 14, 2011

At home in Guangzhou, I have no problem connecting to a WPA-secured wireless router.Now I'm on vacation in another city trying to use a dLink DI-624 router. If I connect immediately after reboot, no problem. If I suspend the session and then wake the machine up again, it will try to connect and then tell me WPA authentication failed.This happens both with network manager and wicd.sysinfo says the network controller is an Atheros AR9285 (ethernet is Realtek RTL8101E/8102E, probably not relevant).Since everything works correctly with routers other than the dLink, I'd have to guess it's not a general wireless configuration problem, nor a wireless card malfunction. Maybe some bad handshaking that manifests only after waking from sleep?More out of curiosity -- I'll only be here for a few weeks and a wired connection is readily available. But, say I end up in a hotel somewhere that uses dLink for WiFi

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cable Modem Networking - Can't Connect To Each Other On The Home Network

Feb 14, 2010

I just got connected to Charter Cable Internet service a few days ago and I'm having a weird problem with my home network. Prior to this my network worked fine. On my network I have a desktop running Ubuntu 9.10/64 and Virtualbox with WinXP installed, an HTPC with Ubuntu 9.10/32 installed and a laptop dual booted with Ubuntu 9.10/32 and WinXP. The desktop and HTPC are hard wired to a wireless router and the laptop is wireless. The cable modem is hard wired to the router. I have samba installed and UFW is disabled. The problem is: with the cable modem turned off or on standby, all machines connect to each other and can transfer files, etc just fine but when I activate the cable modem all of the machines can connect to the Internet but the machines running Ubuntu can't connect to each other on the home network. If I boot the laptop into Windows, it can connect to the Linux machines just fine but if I boot it into Linux, it won't connect to the Linux machines but it can connect to the Internet and as far as the desktop, Ubuntu won't connect to the network but Windows running in the Virtualbox with bridged networking can connect to all of the machines.

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Fedora Networking :: Setting Up A Dlink Dwa125 RT2870 USB Wireless Connection?

Mar 4, 2011

I am new to Fedora have not used it in many years. I have zero networking knowledge. I read several threads on getting the RT 2870 USB connection working. But had no joy after install the three rt2870 kmod items from RPMFusion and rebooting. get this first step in networking done right?

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Ubuntu Networking :: RTL8187B + Dlink DI-524 Give Slow Internet Connection

Mar 31, 2010

I've just installed Ubuntu 9.10 in my laptop. Everything works fine except for my wireless. It works, but much, very much slower the through RJ45, which is perfectly ok. When using wireless i can't even connect to any online messaging service and I need to reload pages oftenly. My security setting is WEP 128 bits ASCII and since I'm trying to follow the format suggested on the thread "HOWTO post a Wireless issue" I'll try to provide the infos like requested on it. Laptop brand and model (I'm from Brasil, so it's a brasilian model)


Semp Toshiba IS 1412
Wireless Card


ID 0bda:8189 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187B Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps Network Adapter


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Networking :: Ubuntu Jaunty (v9.04) Vs DLink DIR-655 Gateway / Router / Access-point

Apr 24, 2010

Does anyone have experience with the D-LINK DIR-655 gateway OR router OR wireless access point? On the surface, I like this box, but it is giving me grief. First, it wants me to use a win-dose CD configurator application. I use the embedded web page configurator. Next, there are several configuration wizards at the embedded web page. After trying the wizards, I went to the manual screens to tinker to get something working.

So what is going on? When a LAN client connects, I want DHCP to present at least two "nameserver" values ... which then make their way into /etc/resolv.conf The DIR-655 plays some nameserver games like caching and blacklisting and other things. However, I get some ad-vert page from "dnssearch" or "yahoo" or similar when names don't resolve. I really don't want this behavior. Network-manager does not report the connection down, however streaming anything stops or "reconnects", browsing times out, LAN side traffic seems to stop as well.

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Networking :: Connect To PC In Home Network By Name

Jan 5, 2010

I am still building my home network, and want it o be able to connect to different computers by:

We have 2 types of computers:
Computers in the workgroup WORKGROUP (2 debian, 1 vista)
Computers in the domain TUE (required by our university) (3 vista, 2 xp)

Within the workgroup, I can call pc's by their name, but this is not possible by the pc's in the domain. I can however always do \ip and the 2 debians have a samba server running, which is available through \ip (and \name, for the computers in the workgroup).

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Networking :: Home Network - Put To Use Some Old Hardware?

Mar 6, 2011

I have some spare machines that I want to experiment with a server/home network setup. I haven't done much with networking so I am looking for some good ideas of what to do with the machines on hand. I have the following to do whatever with:

spare machines:

1. IBM Thinkpad A22e, Pentium III, 192 mb of ram, has two nics.
2. G4 ibook, 512 mb of ram.
3. old compaq laptop, 64mb ram, pentium II or III(I can't remember)

Routers:linksys WRT54G version 8.1 running default linksys firmware Buffalo wireless router running DD-WRT and usb connector for NAS capabilities.

External HD:

2 tb Western Digital


Lenovo laptop running Debian
HP laptop running Debian
older macbook pro running OS X

What I am looking for is suggestions on what to do with the hardware on hand. My first thought is to have the thinkpad with dual nics serve as the firewall that would then connect to the linksys router which would act more like a switch to the ibook, the compaq, and the buffalo wireless router. I was then thinking of hooking the external HD to the buffalo router to act as a NAS. I am unsure what to do with the compaq and the the ibook? Any suggestions? One thing I want is ssh access to all machines from inside and outside the network.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Boot Computer And Network Manager Shos "no Network Devices Available"?

May 10, 2010

Loaded Ubuntu 10.4lucid on TransPort NX Mobile Pentium II, 328MiB,Using Netgear Rangemax wn511b. with Broadcom STA wirless driver. bcm43gx.Boot computer and network manager shos "no network devices available" Run system/administration/hardware drivers and the Broadcom STA driver shows up (only one that shows up) REMOVE and then ACTIVATE and the network manager sees it and connects fine. Shut down computer, restart and no device. I am forced to Remove and Activate each time I start the computer.Is there a way to set this driver to be found and run at computer start.

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Ubuntu Networking :: 9.10 - No Connection To Home Network

Jan 31, 2010

I am new to Ubuntu, and I have just installed version 9.10 on my desktop PC. I need to connect my computer to my home network. Right now, I have no connection and cannot detect any of the hardware when running Ubuntu. When I switch over to my Windows XP partition, everything works fine.

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