Network :: Download OpenSUSE 11.4 But Web Don't Work / What To Do?

Mar 18, 2011

I download openSUSE 11.4 X86-64 but don't get access to web and i use (None DHCP)

Ip address:
Subnet mask:
Search domain:

But i i select that address get i on (network Icon)

Ip address:
Subnet mask:
Domain: from to

And i don't get Internet or can upgrade opensuse?

It is because i use windows 7 that (Porting web) between routes? (Other computer).

I use windows (Main system) with the same settings and i get Internet.
So it can be compatibilty issue? Or need linux also need to change other things?

I have tried this both with 2 computer without Internet access.

I have before Mandriva 2010 Free and Kubuntu 10.10 that work with that settings.
But I want KDE 4.6 so i upgraded to opensuse.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Cannot Download AdobeAir?

Jul 20, 2010

So far I am making progress but need to install adobe air which is required by BBC iplayer.If I try to access the site rich Internet applications | Adobe AIR from Firefox I get a very rapid "unable to connect" message.I suspect that it is a firewall problem but I cannot find it and dont know how to configure it. Looking at all the Adobe flak on the web I suspect there are things I need to know.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Limit One Same File Download Per IP?

Feb 18, 2010

I am running a big ftp server on Proftpd, i need to limit the 1 same file download per IP so that customers download files should not download same file at a time. Is there any tool or method of doing it

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OpenSUSE Network :: Bad Download Speed In 11.2 When Compared To 10.3

Mar 31, 2010

I was a user of openSUSE 10.3. I used to get a decent speed in BitTorrent (using KTorrent 2.2.1) there, since I had earlier used Windows and the speed wasn't as good, even in Windows 7. Recently, I installed openSUSE 11.2 and found that I wasn't getting the good speeds in KTorrent. The overall performance was a fraction of what I used to get in the older Linux installation.

I decided to verify whether my suspicions were justified by again reinstalling openSUSE 10.3. When I did this, I was again able to get the great performance I used to get always with openSUSE 10.3 running KTorrent 2.2.1 I don't know what causes this, but I know that this sad thing really has happened. A newer version is actually not worth it! I hope my voice reaches the openSUSE developers and such bad incidences don't occur anymore.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Software Updater Won't Download?

Jun 3, 2011

I just got OpenSUSE 11.4 to work on my Gateway NV79. However, I can't get the built-in software updater to download anything. When I click on the updater it starts and begins and appears to be working, but it doesn't do anything. I check the system monitor and it says the updater is sleeping. I can't get the updater to continue.

I'm using a wireless connection. On 64-bit OpenSUSE 11.4 Gnome.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network - Browsing The Internet With Domain Names Does Not Work

Jun 25, 2010

In short: browsing the internet with domain names does not work. The long version: I've configured my network with DHCP and ifup. Ping works on my internal net and with servers in the internet. Dig work's too! I get the right IP to the requested domain. When i try to access the internet using firefox or even wget i get an DNS error. For example wget is showing the following error: Resolving failed: Name or service not known. wget: unable to resolve host address ''

Again dig show me the right IP and if i add the entry to /etc/hosts it work's too! I've even tried it with manually setup of ip address, nameserver and default gateway but with the same result. Switching off the firewall has no effect on this problem, too.

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OpenSUSE Network :: No Network Connection After Firwall Settings Changed / Get It To Work?

Nov 17, 2010

I deleted the firewall files "K09SuSEfirewall2_init", "K01SuSEfirewall2_setup", "S11SuSEfirewall2_setup" and "S01SuSEfirewall2_init" from "/etc/rc.d/rc5.d" in order to disable the firewall when rebooting.

As a consequence all network services are not working. I can't connect to any other machine nor to the internet.

I rebuilt the symbolic files based on the ones for runlevel 3, but still no network services are available.

Any suggestions how to make it work again? I'm using Suse 11.3.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Network Not Work \ After Install All Packet On Test Internet / Update Was Error?

Jan 5, 2011

I install from openSUSE-11.3-NET-x86_64.iso. Installation was succesfull, but after install all packet on test internet / update was error. And after log in in installed system internet not work. I use router with DHCP

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OpenSUSE Network :: 11.3 Branded Firefox Cannot Download Tweetdeck

Dec 18, 2010

This gets better and better. First I find out the branded version of Firefox can't do a right click "save page as" (although it can with CTRL-S), now I discover it can't download TweetDeck from that program's Web site. Click on the button to download TweetDeck, it says "Installing TweetDeck" but nothing happens.

I'm going to dropkick the branded Firefox to the curb and install the regular Mozilla version. It's more up to date anyway. I ran the Mozilla version for some time on 11.0 until I installed 11.3 the other day, so I'll live without "integration" that doesn't work worth a ****.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Literally ODD - Network Services Don't Work Every Second Boot?

Sep 14, 2010

I have an OpenSuSE 11.1 in vmWare ESX and every other boot I can't access any running network services (ssh, webmin, qmail, mysql, ...) from outside. I just need to login, reboot and voila - network services are working.I gradually updated to 11.2 and 11.3 by following the wiki with success but this problem remained. So I reverted to snapshot of 11.1 and now I would like to identify and solve the problem here first.I also looked at /var/log/messages /var/log/boot.msg /var/log/lastlog but can't find anything usefull. I will now compare those files from the working and non-working boot but meanwhile someone already has an idea or experience what could be wrong?

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OpenSUSE Network :: 11.3 - No Network Connectivity - Audio To Work On Skype

Oct 16, 2010

I had Kubuntu 64-bit installed and decided to try OpenSUSE instead as I was having problems getting the audio to work on Skype. After installing OpenSUSE 11.3 (64-bit), I do not have network connectivity (Ethernet or Wireless)? Neither adapter can be detected? I thought the install would be fairly straightforward as Kubuntu 64-bit detected all the hardware.

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OpenSUSE Network :: When Try To Click On A .avi All It Wants To Do Is Download The Video Instead Of Playing It In The Browser?

Mar 14, 2010

i am currently using monkey webserver on my linux machine for my website. I just recently found out that you can also stream music if you direct the web address to a folder inside the directory. The problem is when i try to click on a .avi all it wants to do is download the video instead of playing it in the browser or playing it in windows media player. What can I do to make an .avi to stream from my linux machine ( note this is for private use only so i can stream movies on my lunch break or when I am at a friends house this is not to share my stuff to the general public)

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OpenSUSE Network :: Large File Download Will Start And Then Freezes

Mar 26, 2010

I've started having problems with large file downloads. A download will start and after a while freeze. The downloads window reports the correct connection speed and gives an estimated time to complete, but it stays frozen. Small downloads, torrents and surfing are not affected. I can do everything else normally even when the download is frozen. I've checked with my ISP and everything with my equipment checks out.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Can't Get Ssh To Work On One Opensuse 11.2 Machine

Jan 12, 2010

I have three machines with the same configuration. ssh and SFTP enabled on all three and I can see all three from the network. I can also ping all three. Here is what I get with the ssh debug command on the problematic machine:

linux-csp7:/home/ines # ssh -vvv ines@
OpenSSH_5.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8k 25 Mar 2009
debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config
debug1: Applying options for *
debug2: ssh_connect: needpriv 0


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OpenSUSE Network :: Hamachi VPN On 11.2 Don't Work?

Nov 5, 2009

I install openSUSE 11.2rc2 kernel hamachi-, on previous version it's work fine, but now when i try to exec hamachi from console i have next message:

Message from syslogd@admin-gw at Nov 5 10:24:53 ...
kernel:[ 1165.793481] Oops: 0000 [#2] SMP


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OpenSUSE Network :: Vnc - Get The Number Pad To Work?

Jun 20, 2011

I'm using opensuse 11.4 with the bundled tightvnc package (1.3.10). How do I get the number pad to work?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Can't Get Wireless To Work

Jul 29, 2011

I can't seem to get my wireless to work.

The light on my laptop that says my wireless card is on, is on.

I''m really liking openSUSE, i dont want to go back to ubuntu :c

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OpenSUSE Network :: 11.4 64 Bit - Getting A Juniper VPN To Work

Aug 18, 2011

In 11.3 32 bit I got my Juniper VPN working by following the advice of another post: creating links:

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

I then added "/usr/X11R6/lib" to the end of /etc/, ran ldconfig and I was away. Neither of these lib files seems to exist in 11.4 64 bit

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OpenSUSE Network :: 11 - Connection With Internet Does Not Work

Feb 13, 2010

I had work well with opensuse 11 and the internet also work well but when I turn off my computer and then use the XP and work with it. I find out the connection with the internet doesn't work in the opensuse 11. I made a repair and format to opensuse 11 but without any change the net still doesn't work.

CPU Pentium4
Motherboard Gigabyte intel 945 S-series
Dial up connection
I have no experience with opensuse.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Lan Card Driver Not Work?

Feb 13, 2010

In new Acer Extensa 5635G i install 11.2 but lan card don`t work,wireles too!Hеrе info

07:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless WiFi Link 5100
09:00.0 Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology Corp. Device 1063 (rev c0)


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OpenSUSE Network :: Get Tor - The Onion Router To Work?

Feb 24, 2010

anyone have any luck getting tor to work on opensuse?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Get Juniper Web SSL VPN's RDP To Work In SUSE?

Apr 13, 2010

One of biggest reason I need to use windows is because my company uses Juniper SSL VPN to remote desktop into our company's computer. Our company doesn't allow any native linux/windows app client, only the web SSL VPN is enabled.

Looks like this Juniper SSL VPN only works on windows computers. It makes the windows remote desktop client connect over the SSL web VPN from browser. Of course, linux/SUSE doesn't have the windows desktop client. Is there any way to get RDP work through the given SSL VPN? Otherwise, I guess I need go back install windows and starting using it again.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Update Won't Work Behind Proxy?

May 1, 2010

I have installed openusese 11.2 since about 2 months ago. Everything running well. But since the network admin deploy proxy server, I couldn't get update than.[URL]this problem, was that related to proxy settings?Or did I miss something else?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Wi-Fi Connection Does Not Work After Boot

Apr 19, 2011

I have a router working as an access point for Internet access. It is used by sveral computers. Wi-Fi connection to Internet through this router does not work after boot on openSUSE 11.4.The cannection becomes established, shows IP address, access point MAC address,the signal level is high. But Internet is unaccessible with traceroute returns"the host is unreachable" message.

If to disable the automatic start of the interface and start it manually with ifup wlan0, nothing changes: the interface still does not work after first start.This is very annoying because this laptop is use by a girl who cannot restart interface. She says she cannot do anything with it.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Cant Get Wobbly Windows To Work?

May 11, 2011

Just installed 11.4 love the the look and layout moving from ubuntu and windows vista ultimate..Got everything installed ok BUT? Got red x were network interfaces were at. Worked fine on the live cd run, but on the install its red x there?/?? Funny thing is i still have internet access.What do i need to do to set this up right used to debian ways not rpm? Plus how to nvidia driver to work right says it is on but cant get my wobbly windows to work???

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OpenSUSE Network :: Samba Does Not Work After Reboot

Jun 26, 2011

I am trying to have accessible computer by its network name (same as hostname) by ping and Samba client from other computers and one directory shared on my laptop. I simple, trivial wish I hope. Nothing extravagant. Something what every Windows user has out-of-the box, just to select a shared directory. However I struggle hard to do the same with linux. Sharing directory with samba is relatively easy, the issues I have is with my laptop network name. It is not recognized/propagated to the local network.

I cannot rely on static data in /etc/hosts. This is a laptop not a server, I move it between different networks. To achieve propagation of my network name (hostname) dynamically, so everyone in the local network can at least ping me, I was advised to use winbind (winbindd), that is to rely on MS NetBios technology There is no native linux technology to achieve this? shame! what about plain/dynamic DNS? why it is not my network name not propagated to my local DNS server/wifi/rooter?

To do that I was advised to do:
- run winbind service (winbindd daemon)
- run samba service (umm, not sure if this is necessary for network name propagation, but I also want to share data so lets keep it as an essential).
- add "wins" to /etc/nsswitch.conf to "hosts" section

Well, it seems to work on my other two computers with Ubuntu and Mandriva well. But not on Suse. Well, not completely, not permanently. It magically start working when I call "Yast -> Samba Configuration". No change here (everything is already set: Domain Name, Not a DC, Netbios Hostname, Wins server support=yes, use Wins for Hostname Resolution) just hit OK. It runs SOMETHING in the background (some scripts) for a few seconds. And then abrakadabra, everything is fine, my network name is recognized, everyone can use my samba exposed directory, smb4k sees me in the Network Neighborhood.

BUT when I restart, I am "back in square one". Pinging my name does not work, smb4k does not see me, or cannot find me even by IP! Samba sharing works by using direct IP. Not all clients support connecting by IP notably not smb4k. To use Samba properly you have to sort out network name visibility fist. I would like to make "Yast -> Samba Configuration" achievements somewhat more PERMANENT.

What exactly runs when I hit OK? No new server/daemon was started. I checked PS, nothing with newer PID appeared. And samba and winbind are started on boot, they were running indeed. No change in configuration was made. I checked all changes made in /etc - but none found! Where is winbind configuration? smb.conf? Do I need to run wins server/client, another daemon?

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OpenSUSE Network :: 11.4 Ath USB WLAN Does Not Work Except Skype?

Jul 6, 2011

Being in China has some disadvantages reagardings internet.To enjoy unfiltered speed and access I use my non mainland mobile phone card.

Using LAN works fine in the office.But if I connect the WLAN USB dongle except skype nothing works.

eth1 Link encap:Ethernet Hardware Adresse 00:1A:A05:26:C5
inet Adresse: Bcast: Maske:
inet6 Adresse: fe80::21a:a0ff:fed5:26c5/64 Gültigkeitsbereich:Verbindung

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OpenSUSE :: Network Reconnection After Disconnect Doesn't Work?

Apr 2, 2010

The main thing preventing me from going Linux although I have it installed in a multi-boot is the probelm I have with Reconnecting the Network (eth0)

If I reboot everything is fine and I am automatically connected to internet via my Ethernet_NAT_router/Homeplug_PowerLine/Cable_Router (using DHCP)

But if I manually disconnect the Network using the tray icon, or through the terminal, when I reconnect the Network Manager says I am reconnected but actually I am not connected to the internet. I can load my Cable Routers configuration page but pages beyond that in the outside world are accessible no longer...

To regain access I have to reboot.

The reason this is important for me is that I reckon if I could get this sorted then if I put the laptop to sleep it will will wake up and reconnect.

As it is using Linux sleep function is unworkable unless I don't mind losing internet.

I am determined to get this sorted eventually as I feel sure there must be a solution. My laptop isn't new but is a good workhorse.

Dell Inspiron 4100 / OpenSUSE Linux 11.2 Gnome

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OpenSUSE Network :: Configure YAST To Work With A Proxy?

Mar 14, 2009

I work with a proxy serverWhen i try to update my system i am not being allowed access. it tells me that i am denied access. what can i do?

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OpenSUSE Network :: Vsftp Doesn't Work With Ssl_enable=yes

Oct 16, 2009

I'm trying to get my vsftp server to run. When ssl is disabled it works pretty fine, but after turning on I get the following error:


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