Installation :: Can't Boot Windows / Ubuntu After Its Update - Resolve This?

Dec 22, 2010

Cant boot windows or ubuntu
Well i have two hard drives, i used wubi on windows (which is on my c: drive) to put ubuntu 10.10 on my d: drive. Everything was running smoothly until the update manager uptated ubuntu. When the installation was completed, i was told to restart. So i did. When it restarted, nothing happened. My computer froze and i cant access windows or ubuntu, and i cant change anything.

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Fedora Installation :: F11 Kernel 217 Won't Boot After Update / Resolve This?

Aug 23, 2009

I have recently updated my Fedora 11 installation which replaced my older 167 kernel with the newer 217 kernel. However, the 217 kernel will not boot completely. It will show the splash loading screen, and then will switch to a rapidly blinking cursor. This cursor blinks for about 5 seconds and then disappears. I can access terminals using ALT+F2, etc. I can log in to these terminals, but init commands do not complete (something about a binary handler). I'm not sure if something is conflicting with an update to X or what is wrong. The most recent kernel that I managed to get to work was Kernel 167, however I cannot find this kernel for download.

Sys info:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
nVidia GeForce 8600GT with proprietary drivers
320GB Hard Disk with windows and linux partitions
Fedora 11 32-bit i586

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Fedora Installation :: Windows Can't Be Boot After I Change From F9 To 11 / Resolve It?

Aug 6, 2010

I am a linux newbie.
I had dual boot fedora 9 with windows XP before. Now I decided to change to fedora 11. I choose the option Replace existing linux while installing the fedora 11. My windows used to be in C drive while my linus in D drive. So I thought it would replace the D drive and remain dual boot.

However, after I reboot the computer, I realize that it can only boot linux. My windows partition appear as a File System in linux. code...

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Ubuntu :: Boot Freezes After Update To New Kernel / Resolve This?

Jul 1, 2010

I've just updated (through Update Manager) to the latest Linux kernel, (2.6.32-23, I believe) and now Ubuntu will not boot to the desktop.

It gets as far as finishing fsck on all of the drives, and successfully completes checks if necessary, but after that it just comes to a halt and won't proceed any further.

The last messages on screen when it freezes are (ignoring the fsck success reports):

init: ureadahead-other main process (954) terminated with status 4
init: ureadahead-other main process (959) terminated with status 4
init: ureadahead-other main process (970) terminated with status 4

These messages were appearing before, though.

The only way I seem to be able to boot now is by selecting the previous kernel (2.6.32-22) in GRUB.

Is anyone else seeing this, and does anyone know how to fix this Ubuntu update problem?

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Fedora :: F11 Can't Boot After Kernel Update / Resolve This?

Jul 14, 2009

I just updated my kernel to kernel- on my x64 system, after I reboot my machine, the Fedora loading bar comes up and finishes but then no gui comes up. I attempt to issue commands at the hanging prompt that comes up but nothing happens. I can boot into my older kernel just fine but not the updated one.

What can I do?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Boot Windows 7 After Grub Update

Jul 21, 2010

I have been phenomenally unlucky with Ubuntu as seen my my post history and decided to dual boot.

I set it all up with a clean install, when I tried to load Windows from Grub the computer restarted. After much headache I managed to set it up correctly (when it wouldn't load from Grub I booted from the Windows CD and clicked on "Repair computer" and it finally worked).

Now I am having the same problem as before--I think my installed all the updates from Update Manager and it included a grub one. Now I can't load Windows from the grub menu: It goes to the Starting Windows screen and then reboots my computer. If I do it again it gives me an error message and an option to perform "Startup repair". When I try to do Startup Repair, the computer reboots after a few loading screens.

So I tried what worked before and put in my Windows 7 CD, and clicked on Repair Computer. BUT NOW it gives me an error message somewhere along the lines of system restore is not compatible with my installation of Windows, and to insert a compatible recovery CD. This is the ONLY Windows CD I have (legitimate copy).

Over the course of this migration experiment I have installed and reinstalled both operating systems 7-10 times total. I'd rather not do it again. My poor laptop is probably wondering what the heck.

I can't stick with Ubuntu alone because my wireless doesn't work with it, my grad school files are not completely compatible with open source software, and I can't play the games I'd like to. So I must have the option to at least dual boot into Windows.

When selecting Windows it restarts the computer entirely to the Compaq screen, not just to the Grub menu, if that matters.

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Ubuntu :: Windows Does Not Boot / Resolve This?

Jul 3, 2011

I beseech you, esteemed fellow denizens of the linux forums, to help me with the following minor tangle.

I enter this from the enchanting Ubuntu 11.04, which I installed some time ago. It loads up happily from the top of my grub 1.99 menu.

The grub menu had the following entries:

Linux ...
Linux-Recovery ...
memtest86 ...
Windows XP ...
Windows XP Recovery ...
Windows XP Recovery ...

All of these menu options loaded their kernels correctly from the grub menu.

Well, all but one. My former operating system, Windows XP, would not load with its familiar majestic turpitude.

No. In fact, when I finally needed XP, I selected its menu option in grub 2, and the menu disappeared.

In its place, a single, blinking caret appeared. Just blinking, and blinking. Taunting me. Threatening me with the prospect that it might take away my pirated starcraft games forever. Windows had run perfectly before.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Online Update To 10.04 - Loss Of Windows Boot?

May 2, 2010

Machine: Win2000 Pro, AMD64 Athlon 2GHz, 2x80Gb HD, 2 GB RAM Symptoms: Running 9.10 with dual boot no probs for ~ 1 year. Decided to upgrade online via synaptic to 10.04. Upgrade went well no warnings, etc. On reboot all OS options present in Grub BUT clicking on Win2000 causes the screen to blank temporarily and then return to the Grub menu ie. no functioning Win2000 boot option. Ubuntu 10.04 boot yields blank screen with flashing cursor, a sudden stream of IO error messages (can't capture it but the lines look identical) then screen flickers and I'm at the purple log in screen and everything proceeds perfectly from there.

Observations: For the first time on any of my ubuntu installs (i've been using since 8.04 always installing from CD though) grub installation asked where I wanted it. In fact, the screen shows all devices with check boxes wth which to make my choice. That is sdb, sdb1, sdb2, ... , sda, sda1, sda2, There was a message that says that if in doubt install on _all_. Being in doubt I checked all the boxes: sdb, sdb1, etc. I noted in the message streams that followed after i continued that some lines had "... this is BAD ..." but since it was all rolling along very quickly no idea exactly _what_ was bad.

Action: I am not a linux newb but I am a grub newb. I fished the forums and googled only to come completely confused about what the problem might be or what to do. Example: have i overwritten my win bootloader? is my mbr corrupted? if i remove grub what will happen? if i remove and reinstall grub will i get windows booting back? if i use my win2000 install CD will it overwrite my whole disk (as many warn) or can i just fix the mbr? if I do the latter what order do i ie use fix mbr then fix boot? The info i've come across so far either doesn't address what happened to me, deals with other OSs (XP, Vista), or is applied to earlier editions of grub/ubuntu. Right now I have not found a clear step by step that addresses my circumstance. Would anyone be able to provide some guidance? I need the windows boot to run some software (Matlab) that btw will not work with XP/Vista (hence the reason i still have win2k).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Error On Update-grub & No Windows Boot?

Oct 23, 2010

With a bit of help from this forum I managed to install 10.04. The solution was to add i915.modeset=1 to the options when booting up from CD.Now I need to do the same in order to boot up from HD. I've opened /etc/default/grub and changed the relevant line to include the above option. But I need to run "update-grub" and it comes back with an error to the effect that it 'can't find a device for / (is /dev mounted?)Also, the boot menu only has ubuntu - no sign of windows in my intended dual-boot. What can I do?

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Ubuntu :: GRUB Won't Boot Windows 7 / Resolve This?

Oct 27, 2009

I have just installed Windows 7 to my laptop; here are the specifications code...

And then, it just holds there. I've also tried 'root (hd0,0)'

On the plus side, Ubuntu 9.04 is unaffected once I had Knoppix 6.02 LiveCD correct the boot manager, so it can boot Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Windows Won't Boot / Goes Back To Grub - Resolve This?

Mar 15, 2010

I have an Acer Aspire 5810T which came with Windows Vista. I prefer Ubuntu but I need some windows applications so I dual-booted Vista and 9.10.

There was a few minor problems with the Vista side but I didn't use it enough to care. A few weeks ago Vista would not open some programs and others would shut down automaticly and some would open but not connect to the internet like they should. This happened on my previous laptop and when I used the system recovery discs to restore the computer all those issues were gone.

I used the recover discs to restore everything to its original factory settings, it said everything was successful so I restarted. My computer got to the grub menu but when I chose Windows Vista as my operating system it goes black for half a second then returns to the grub menu.

I can get into Ubuntu fine, and I can see the Vista files when I mount the drive to Ubuntu. When I look at the files everything is the way it should be if I had restored it but I can't boot it..

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Ubuntu Installation :: Can't Update - Could Not Resolve 'TOR'

Apr 21, 2010

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 along with Windows 7. I tried installing the TOR proxy thing long back, and today when I tried downloading a package it gave me that. Now even if I try updating my system, it says:-


W: Failed to fetch Could not resolve 'TOR'
W: Failed to fetch Could not resolve 'TOR'
W: Failed to fetch Could not resolve 'TOR'


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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.10 Update Manager Fails / Resolve This?

Jan 27, 2011

After clicking to install notified updates, I receive the following message...code...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Update Manager Gives Error / Resolve This?

Jul 2, 2011

When i open update manager i get an error, i have attached the screenshot of the error.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Error Getting Sudo Yum Update To Work / Resolve This?

Jul 12, 2010

I'm having a problem with this command: sudo yum update
I get the error: "Loaded plugins: presto refresh - packagekit
error:no such table: packages.

I created a group using vi /etc/sudoers
saved it using :wq!

but can't get it to work.

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Installation :: Can't Load Windows 7 After Installing Ubuntu / Resolve This?

Oct 16, 2010

I have Windows 7 on SSD and have installed Ubuntu on a separate HDD.
When the PC boots, I get the boot manager menu, if I choose Windows 7 it fails with error "no such device or partition".

I can mount the SSD and see all the Windows files still there, I think that the boot manager just needs to be pointed in the right direction but not sure how.

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Ubuntu Installation :: 10.04 Won't Boot / Resolve This?

Jun 13, 2010

Yesterday i upgraded to the latest version, but after restart it froze on the splash screen, giving me a colorful collection of pixel-blocks full-screen...

Rebooted, chose recovery-mode and got this error-message:
(EE) open dev/Fb0: no such file or device
(EE)Radeon(0): [dr] RadeonDriGet version failed to open DRM

I am a total noob, and have installed Xubuntu as a sort of dual-boot backup on my winXP machine.

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Installation :: Ubuntu 10.04 Won't Boot / Resolve This?

Aug 10, 2010

I've never used Ubuntu before and I was having some trouble booting. I've tried both installing with Wubi and also the full installation, but using either method I get the same result:

After selecting Ubuntu on the boot menu it says its finishing installing and then my laptop precedes to practically "shut off." The screen goes blank and the light on my optical mouse goes off. Only the fan runs and it begins to go very quickly. At one point I even left it on for several hours like this to make sure I wasn't being too impatient, but nothing happened.

Currently I have a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6033 with an i7 processor and 4GB of ram. I also only have one hard drive which may have complicated my problem.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Update - Error - PkgProblemResolver:Resolve Generated Breaks - This May Be Caused By Held Packages

Oct 10, 2010

I'm trying to update my Ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10... But I get this error message:pkgProblemResolver:Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages

I tried to disable all the repositories, and also "sudo apt-get -f"... But still having this error message...

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Ubuntu Installation :: Boot Errors / Resolve This?

Aug 21, 2011

I've had a lot of success over the past year with Ubuntu 10.4; however, recently I've been experiencing nothing but problems. It all started with an upgrade a month ago that caused me to experience a boot error. Now every time I re-install the system, I will have a random boot error. I have been trying to install the system on a friend's computer and getting the same thing. I've tried a different download and burned different discs, but I am still experiencing problems with the system having a boot error. Sometimes it is immediate after installation and other times it might boot fine for a day or two and then suddenly it will no longer boot. Is there some kind of bug with 10.4 now? I never, never had this hard of a time with Ubuntu. I've installed it on several computers for myself and other people.

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Installation :: Ubuntu Doesn't Boot After Install / Resolve This?

Jan 5, 2010

I'm trying to dual boot 9.10 with Vista on an HP Pavilion Slimline (AMD64). I've tried both booting from a disk and using Wubi, and neither has worked. Booting from the disk takes me through the screen where I can choose to try Ubuntu without installing, but after selecting that, the desktop didn't load, the screen just went to black.

I decided to try Wubi, and it went well enough. Everything in windows worked, and upon rebooting, it was able to finish checking the installation. After one more reboot, I selected Ubuntu from the Windows boot manager, and then the grub command prompt appears. I can't seem do anything after that except reboot.

I have no idea what's going on with this computer.

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Installation :: Ubuntu Cannot Boot After Installation / Resolve This?

Feb 26, 2011

I have downgraded from Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu 10.04. I've had some bumps along the way and finally was able to install 10.04 successfully. Right now, my computer will not boot from the HDD and will only boot from the USB drive that the LiveCD is on. When I reorganize to set HDD as primary boot, i get:

id-laptop login:
id-laptop password:

and I can put that in but then it just gives me a command line that says"id@id-laptop:~$

How do I get it to boot from the HDD instead of from the USB without running into this problem?

If I resequence the boot to HDD as number two, it will juts go into the LiveCD mode. Am I supposed to reinstall 10.04 again? I know 10.04 was successfully installed because it said it was and it needed to restart so i hit the restart button. It also had my old desktop picture there and all my files AND i checked the system info before restarting (it confirmed that lucid lynx was running).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Stuck On Desktop After Boot - No Panels / Resolve This?

Feb 22, 2011

I recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop and it was running all smoothly, but all of a sudden when i booted, the only thing i could see were the desktop wallpaper and mouse icon, no panels, no shortcuts, nothing, meaning i can do pretty much nothing, i can move the mouse but can't click anything, the last thing i did was download and goof around with compiz and i was too happy because it worked and looked really great, even though i didn't want to activate restricted drivers for my ATI video chipset, but again, it was working cool and then boom, only wallpaper and mouse, nothing more

Laptop Sony VPCEE27FL AMD Athlon II 2.1 ghz (64) 4gb RAM

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Fedora Installation :: F13 Won't Boot After Upgrade / Resolve This?

May 31, 2010

I've just updated my desktop to F13 using preupgrade but now grub won't boot it. The upgrade seemed to go OK, and none of the disk partitions should have changed as far as I'm aware, but now I get an error
VFS: Cannot open root device "UUID=xxx" or unknown block(0,0).

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Fedora Installation :: F10 Won't Boot After Installing ATI Drivers / Resolve This?

Jan 16, 2009

I'm new to these forums. I'm coming from using Ubuntu for a couple of years and now I'm trying to switch to Fedora.

I installed F10 yesterday and all went well, more or less. The system used to freeze randomly but after updating, everything seemed to work fine (I haven't tried audio yet, though).

I have an X1250 integrated graphics system that's working fine in Ubuntu. After playing around with F10 for a while I decided to download and install the latest ATI drivers from AMD's site. The installation posed no problems, but when I reboot the system it will come to a black screen at some point and freeze there.

I searched the web a little and came to this:, but I'm not sure if that's current or old news. If it's current and those ATI drivers can't be installed, I'd appreciate some help about removing them.

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Ubuntu Installation :: When The GRUB Boot Menu Starts Up There Is An Option For Win 7 Boot But It Will Not Boot Windows?

May 2, 2011

I installed 11.04 after Windows 7. when the GRUB boot menu starts up there is an option for Win 7 boot but it will not boot windows. When that option is selected the screen changes colour for 2 seconds and then reverts to the GRUB menu. Ubuntu boots fine.I downloaded the Boot Info Script and ran it, the results are

Boot Info Script 0.55 dated February 15th, 2010
============================= Boot Info Summary: ==============================[code].....

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General :: Ubuntu No Longer Booting From Windows Boot Loader After Update

Feb 2, 2011

After installing recommended updates for Ubuntu, Ubuntu would no longer boot from Windows Boot Loader. It looks like an error about some missing NTFS4 files briefly flashes on the screen.

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General :: Grub Boot Loader Installation In Dual Boot Machine After Windows 7 Installation?

Mar 23, 2010

I had a dual boot machine with fedora 12 and windows vista and I could use grub boot-loader to switch between two. Few days ago windows got corrupt and I have to reinstall it. I put windows 7 now and as usual it erased grub. So to reinstall I put the fedora 12 installation CD on and followed some usual setup steps. When I got the command line I issued the command "grub-install /dev/sda" (sda not hda because It showed bunch of sda, sda1..) but surprisingly it said grub command not found. I remember doing it before while it worked fine.

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Ubuntu Installation :: "Boot Error" Booting From Live USB / Resolve This?

Nov 27, 2010

I have intel motherboard(d102ggc2) and 4Gb flash drive.
I've created live USB using usb-creator-gtk(ubuntu 10.04)
There is no option "all fixed disks" in BIOS settings
Drive is formatted into FAT32 using GParted

I'm tying to install ubuntu 10.10 or 10.04

I get "Boot error" when booting using live USB.
There are only two words(please let me know if i can get any other logs).
Issue is not reproducible on other env(hp625 and other desktop).

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Ubuntu Installation :: Cant Boot Windows 7 / Getting A Black Screen And Windows Does Not Load?

Mar 21, 2011

i have just installed Ubuntu 10.10 on a pre installed windows 7 system. Ubuntu is working really well but the only problem is that when I try to boot into windows,

I get the windows sign and then I get a black screen and windows does not load. It seems to be an easy problem to solve because I can actually boot windows 7 in

safe mode with no problems at all! The problem is there when I try to boot windows 7 normally. To be honest I only need windows for a project that uses MSQL server.

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