Hardware :: Keyboard Input Lost On Startx, Icon Text Unreadable?

Apr 19, 2011

I have a Slackware install with an NVidia graphics card.It was working ok, but now the graphics screen is unreadable and the keyboard stops working (capslock and numlock lights don't operate) when the graphics display is started.Deleting /etc/X11/xorg.conf allows me to run "startx" and see the icons, but keyboard input is still lost.

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Fedora :: Changed Resolution, Lost Taskbar, And Text Nearly Unreadable?

Apr 18, 2011

I am running Fedora 14 with the Gnome. The screen size defaulted to 1680 x 1240 mething like that.This was rather small for me so I went to the task bar and clicked on system.ound the app to change the resolution. I chose 1280 x 720. Now, I no longer have the task bar and the text is nearly unreadable.Without the task bar, I cannot find a way to go back to the original size. I also have not had any success finding any way to make the text look better. I tried changing the font and size but that did not have any beneficial affect. Can anyone tell me what will correct the situation?I found another post that mentioned Alt F2 and gnome-display-properties. That let me get back to nearly what I originally had; everything looks good at 1680 x 1050 but the fonts are not quite the same. However, I still have the need to reduce the resolution of the display and maintain readable text and the task bar.

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Ubuntu :: Lost Top Sound Icon & Can't Control Volume With Keyboard?

Feb 14, 2010

my issue is as my Title "Lost Top Sound Icon & Can't control volume with Keyboard" OS: Ubutnu 9.10 x64 - Karmic Koala Lost the Top Panel Sound Icon, I even go to: System > Preferences > Sound Message Pops Up: Waiting for sound system to respond

Funny thing I do get Ubuntu OS Audio sounds Now as well I lost control of my Volume with my Keyboard, pretty sure it has to do with the same Sound icon in the Top panel that is missing The only way I can control Audio is Manually using: gnome-alsamixer 0.9.7

It sucks big time, because I can't control my Audio when ever I need to mute it or upper/lower it through my keyboard fastly when needed. having to manually opening an application to be able to change/control the Audio volume is a huge hassle for me


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Ubuntu :: Dropped Laptop, Lost Unreadable Partion?

Jun 13, 2010

I just dropped my laptop while it was on. It is a dual boot vista and Ubuntu machine (9.04) and Ubuntu was running at the time. The machine didn't go down and after I got done using it I shut it down normally. Now it will not come back up because grub is saying there is something wrong with the disk geometry. It did give me a command line, I forgot the exact error message but I can look it up if needed.

I tried plugging the hard drive into a different machine under a live cd but everything was in the lost and found folder (80 GB) and the folder was unreadable. I backed up the windows partition successfully using windows explorer and now have been looking at testdisk and Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery ($80) for the Linux partition. I don't know if it is ext3 or ext4, I may have bumped it up to ext4 from the default ext3 during the install. Also a few files on the windows partition were unreadable, so the disk definitely has some physical damage. I'm getting a new one along with a back up system for sure after all this is over.

I got tired of figuring out testdisk so I let the paid app run its free test overnight to see if I could recovery anything before I bought it, but it got hung up on a sector halfway through.

Going forward I think I will try Photorec next and then testdisk again if that doesn't work. Does Photorec get almost all the normal office (doc xls), music (mp3) and video files (mp4) not just pictures?

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Ubuntu :: Text Unreadable In Some Programs?

Feb 3, 2010

I've recently installed the program Sparky for processing NMR data. When I start the program the text is unreadable. For example the top left pull-down should be labeled 'File' and instead I only see the two horizontal dashes in the 'F' and the right 2/3 of the 'e'. Yet the banners above the windows are completely normal. I have occasionally had similar problems with Matlab, but it's intermitant and less severe

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Ubuntu :: Lost The Pictures Icon And Music Icon On The Places Menu?

Jan 24, 2011

I lost the pictures and music icons on the places menu. When I browse the folders from nautilus I see the icons, but when I click on the places menu I see the regular folder icon and not the special pictures icon or music icon

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Ubuntu :: Unreadable Popup/dialogue Box Text

Jan 6, 2011

Have recently installed 10.10 x64 on Gigabyte H55M-D2h/Intel i5/4GB/Onboard graphics&sound and have trouble with some text display. When hovering over some apps, the "help" dialogues appear as black on black, and same for some right/left click dialogue boxes.

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Ubuntu :: The Text In Recovery Mode Console Is Unreadable?

Apr 30, 2011

When I try to load Ubuntu (recovery mode) or if I press Ctrl+Alt+F1, the image gets corrupted showing a white screen with black writing on it, but which is unreadable. Also the words seem to be spelled backwards. I'm trying to install an NVIDIA driver and I need to stop first the X server.

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General :: Firefox Text (font) Is Weird, Almost Unreadable?

Jan 17, 2011

Kubuntu10.10After installing a 6000+ font collection from KDE-Look.org, my computer had assumed a new font, though I restarted and it is now fine, generally speaking. My Firefox still has this crazy font, and it is so weird that it is almost unreadable.

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Slackware :: When Load Gvim (through Vimperatorr Other Means) The Text Is Unreadable?

Feb 20, 2010

I'm having a strange problem with gvim. I've installed Slackware on 4 computers now, and this latest one is the first I've seen this issue on. I use the command line for almost everything, and only use gvim in Firefox with Vimperator. So it isn't something I use all the time, but when I need it I really need it. Using textboxes (like, you know, on LQ) is starting to drive me up the wall Anyway, when I load gvim (through Vimperatorr other means) the text is unreadable. It does seem to become readable after it gets covered by another window, but as I type, the new text is unreadable again. Attached is a screenshot, of this post. And, actually, I'm seeing similar behaviour in Gimp.Attached is a second screenshot. The weird lines seem to appear and disappear when the mouse rolls over the area. I don't use very many GUI programs, just Firefox for the most part (which isn't displaying this behaviour). So, this could be a general X issue, or perhaps a WM issue.

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OpenSUSE :: Open Windows Show Just An Icon On The Taskbar Instead Of The Icon/text/rectangle

Jun 23, 2011

I'm looking for a way to may the open windows show just an icon on the taskbar instead of the icon/text/rectangle that's default. Something similar to Windows 7.

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Debian :: Unreadable Characters In Console Mode And In Keyboard Layout?

Oct 10, 2010

I'm getting a weird charset problem in a chroot'ed system that I kexec'ed into. It is especially noticeable in ncurses programs like aptitude, but it also noticeable in vim. [URL] My locales are configured to en_US.UTF-8, I have choosen my keyboard layout with kbd-config while in the chroot before kexec'ing into it, I've passed the bootkbd= parameter to the kexec'ed kernel, and my TERM variable is set to "linux". I can't try xterm because this chroot system doesn't has X.

EDIT: I just noticed that the keyboard layout I selected is not working properly. All keys work fine except the ones that are specific to my country. Instead of รง I get a weird symbol.

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Programming :: Read Keyboard Status (not: Wait For Keyboard Input)?

Jun 28, 2011

has bash a command that reads the keyboard status and exits? I want to write a loop of this form:

while [ 1 ] do
sleep (1)


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General :: Lost StartX - Black Screen With Active Mouse Cursor

May 25, 2010

Redhat Ent Linux ES Release 2 (Taroon 8)
Kernel 2.4.21-4.ELsmp
startx(1): initialize X session - Linux man page

I thought I'd look into methods of recovering from a lost password for future use, how to change the passwd and shadow should I need to. So I started an X session, vi'd my .swp files then logged off. Perhaps I changed one of these files accidentally, but my intent was just to view them which I did. After starting up my computer the next day and logging in I began an X session - "startx". The session appears to have started, but with a black screen and an active mouse cursor.

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Slackware :: Change Keyboard Language In Startx?

Jun 23, 2011

ive used ubuntu and fedora before, but i asked around for the "best" linux distro and they told me slackware or archlinux so i desided to pick slackware ive installed it and when im in the console mode its the swedish keyboard settings, that i choose in the install but when i go into visual mode startx i dont have the swedish keyboard so i was wondering if eny of you know how to change it

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Ubuntu :: Text Terminal Unreadable - Can't Start Gdm Even After Memorizing The Process Of Logging In And Starting Gdm

Jul 9, 2010

My terminal text is unreadable. Where as the default output would usually fill half the screen it probably fills around 1/20th now. Basically it looks like the text is 1px in size. I was about to install a graphics driver (nvidia) but doh I can't see what I'm typing... I can't start gdm even after memorising the process of logging in and starting gdm (I think gdm is failing to start anyway) I'm using the default xorg.conf provided with the LiveCD;


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Slackware :: Black Screen After StartX - Keyboard Not Responding

Mar 24, 2010

I put Slackware 13 and the scenarios is:

1. I start the computer and after startx I got black screen, the keyboard is not responding the led of the display is yellow etc. Now I reset the computer,
2. Booting Windoze
3. Choose Restart not Shutdown from Windoze
4. Booting Slack
5. startx works fine, the X server is starting and working great.

I have Radeon 9500. I configured X server with 3D accel over 2500 FPS on glxgears. The same problem persists even with X server VESA configured.

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Slackware :: Error Messages On The Text Console When Runnig Startx

Jun 10, 2010

Slackware 12.0 (GNU/linux kernel 2.6) I am said slackware is very stable (I suppose this means it has few bugs). However, every time I run startx to start the graphical interface, for a brief moment I can see (just before the screen is put in graphical mode) a lot of error messages. How can this be? I use slack 12 a lot and have reinstalled this distro many times. However the described behavior always repeats.

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Debian Multimedia :: Wheezy - Startx Kills Mouse And Keyboard?

Jun 1, 2011

I rebooted my system about a few days ago to find that whenever X was started, my mouse and keyboard would not function. I am unable to even switch to another tty when this occurs, however alt+sysrq+r will allow me to switch ttys again.

[    70.287]
X.Org X Server 1.10.1
Release Date: 2011-04-15


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Fedora X86/64bit :: STARTX - Keyboard And Mouse Won't Respond F11 New Install

Jun 15, 2009

I'm having trouble installing F11 x86_64, and I'm sure it is something to do with the video card.X will not even start if I have both nvidia quadro FX1700's installed. If I take one out, I can install F11, but it always 'hangs' when it starts X (which is to say, both the keyboard and mouse are locked - until I press the power button, but then it shuts down anyway).I've fiddled inittab so it starts in runlevel 3 so I can at least get in and tinker. There is no xorg.conf in /etc/X11, so I assume the system is building it's own and not quite getting it right (guess work based on other threads with similar symptoms).

I can connect to the system from another Linux machine via ssh, and I can ftp to it. I tried copying the xorg.conf from the other machine, but while it changed the screen resolution (ergo, it had some effect), it still went nuts. Starting X remotely via ssh allowed me to trap the messages, which indicate the lack of HAL has something to do with the problem.service --status-all reports hald stopped; I'm assuming this should not be the case. I've used yum to reinstall hal, but that made no difference. Nor did an update - it was already at the most recent level.F11 was installed from a DVD downloaded vai a bittorrent; the disk checked out ok.

My knowledge is limited, and I don't know what should be in xorg.conf for my machine, although I could type it in from scratch or ftp it across from here. It was 'okay' under F10, happily tolerating both video cards. But it seems to be sulking under F11. In case it matters, I'm doing everything as root; since firstboot starts X, I can't use that to create another userid.

- nomodeset, xdriver=vesa, selinux=0, remove rhgb as boot parameters - all to no avail (although these changes seem to be ignored for the most part anyway);

- start the HAL daemon manually (mine failed to start, as others have reported). It didn't like that! (the output is available, but is enormous)

- startx -configure - simply failed;

- dirconf didn't work;

- I've tried swearing at it during start-up, which turned out to be no more or less successful than anything else, but it was fun.

Intel Q6600 64 bit. Twin nvidia Quadro FX1700 cards (one removed for the time being) driving two 1920x1200 monitors each. Please let me know if there is any other relevant information I can supply.

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Slackware :: SalixOS: Disabled Some Services So No Mouse With Gpm Plus No Keyboard After Startx?

Oct 10, 2010

I've installed SalixOS LXDE and thought it was the best thing but... After I disabled almost all services except syslog, dbus, and hald while inside lxde desktop. I rebooted and my mouse and keyboard no longer worked. So then I booted my Slackware install and edited /etc/inittab on the salix partition so I could boot into init 3 (I kinda like init 3 more than 4 anyway). Booted back into salix and keyboard seems to work but gpm doesn't... Gpm can't find any mouse so I do an lsmod and there's only about 4 modules loaded? Crap... So I dig around /etc/rc.d folder and I think it's got to do with me disabling the udev services when everything was fine after a fresh install...

I ran the init script for udev but it does nothing... I also ran pkgtool and went to setup, selected services and hit enter but it jumps back to the main menu?! I don't know if that's a glitch or what but it won't even let me pick the services with pkgtool... So what can I do to change everything back to their default value? I only booted once into my new salix install, changed services, rebooted, and then problems... I really loved the way everything was working on my first boot. Salix is one of those distro's that really gave me a happy feeling with linux so I'd really hate to stop using it over this one wrong thing I did...

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Ubuntu :: Lost My Trash Icon ?

Jun 2, 2010

Lost my Trash Icon, how to get it back.

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Ubuntu :: Lost The 'Network Icon' From Within 10.04

Aug 10, 2010

I somehow accidently deleted the 'Network Icon' from the panel of Ubuntu 10.04. Now Iam unable to find a way to recover that back!?'Add to Panel' do not shows up Network icon & neither the 'Volume Button'. walk me through the method to get both back within the panel.

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OpenSUSE :: Getting Japanese Input On US Keyboard?

Feb 11, 2010

I know it is possible, and I have been trying everything I can find, but I can't seem to get it to work. I went to languages in YaST and enabled Japanese as a second language, and I have tried adding japanese as a secondary keyboard layout under configure desktop-> regional and language settings. I have a little flag in the system tray that I can click to change from US to Japanese, but all that does is change what the punctuation buttons do.

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General :: Change The Input Keyboard From EN To DE?

Sep 3, 2009

I installed SuSe Linux. By the installation I forgot to set the key-board to German. How can I change it now? I don't think I have to re-install the Linux again, right

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Ubuntu :: Adjusted Input Sound Volume And Maverick Lost The Plot?

May 10, 2011

I'm running Maverick on an HP dv6 laptop. I tried recording a video via VLC with the machine's 'TrueVision' webcam. The result seemed to lack audio, so I had a look in preferences > sound. The input tab had the mute button ticked, so I unticked it and tried adjusting the level (while realising I was probably just configuring the mic port and not the webcam's inbuilt mics).

Then things turned bad: pointer became sluggish, and changes I made to the level slider took ages to be reflected visually on screen. I queued up a pile of clicks on the 'close' button and went away for a while. On return, I was met with a box inviting me to stop a script with some screen-width-long incomprehensible name, which of course I did.

Now the system's in a state which sees windows missing title bars (tho' not menu bars) and (more problematically) the upper and lower bars on the desktop absent. I issued a hibernate command from the terminal in the hope that on waking the system would be 'fixed', but nothing changed. I tried alt-tabbing to access my open applications and close them gracefully but this command is ignored. I have 'zillions' of apps going with unsaved data and am not sure what to try next. I'd be happy just to be able to task switch to each open prog and exit it gracefully then restart. But my knowledge of the command line is such that your help is required =) .

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Fedora :: Lost Destop Effects Icon?

Sep 2, 2009

my desktop effect option, from System / Preferences on Fedora 11 (Gnome 2.26.3)I Installed and removed Compiz Fusion (which may have caused my problem). I now reinstalled it, but how not desktop effect Icon and cannot find a way of re-enabling my desktop effects (cube / wobbly windows etc.).Is there an easy way to either enable to effect again or restore the Program/Icon etc..

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Ubuntu :: Lost The Mail Icon In The Panel?

May 6, 2010

I accidentally removed the little mail logo that monitors Empathy and Evolution from the Panel, how do I put it back?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Lost Connection Icon ?

Jan 1, 2011

The connection/network icon that showed next to the clock is gone. i told it to "move", but instead it removed. grrrrr. now when i go to add, i dont see it. same with email.

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General :: Lost Update Downloads Icon?

Mar 2, 2010

I have restored it and populated it with most of what I want. But cannot find the icon for downloading updates (downwards pointing arrow).

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