Hardware :: Can Two Computers Access An External HD Via USB Simultaneously

May 19, 2011

I am interested in sharing an external drive between two computers. I do not want to disconnect the drive from one and then connect it on the other one - I want to share it.

Would this work with an external USB drive and a normal USB hub? Or is it something more complicated/impossible?

Also connecting the machines via network is not possible - it has to be USB, or I can connect it to one machine also via Ethernet but the second connection has to be USB.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Member Of All Groups Communicate Simultaneously With ALL Computers?

Aug 27, 2010

given my computer is in a network consisting of multiple subnetworks, i.e. there are groups of computers: {,, etc.}, {,, etc.},..., {,, etc.}. My computer is So I can communicate with, etc. To communicate with other people I have manually switch to the proper subnetwork and take a new ip, e.g. My question is: Is there any way to be member of all groups and communicate simultaneously with ALL computers? And if not, is there a way to find out (without manually changing the ip address) if computers of other subnetworks are online, so one does not have to change the ip and then look for other computers in the new subnetwork?

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OpenSUSE Network :: PPPoE - Cannot Access LAN And Internet Simultaneously

Feb 7, 2011

I need to implement at my sister this kind of connection: She is connected on Local area network that has about 50-80 pc's, but for internet access she must start an pppoe connection. For now when she wants to use lan she must put her local address (ps: they dont have dhcp), for pppoe she uses dhcp. Problem is that on that way she can't access lan and internet at the same time. She must disconnect from lan and then start pppoe connection and vice versa. I'm intrested if it is possible to have lan access at the same time as internet access. some kind of tunel through lan up to isp. I was googling little and so PPPoE tunneling. Is it that what I need here?

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General :: Multiple Nic Cards Rhel5 Cannot Be Access Simultaneously?

Dec 18, 2010

I installed 2 nic cards in my pentium 4 computer running rhel5 to be used as a proxy server and connect 2 computers in each network card for testing . The problem is I cannot ping or use the 2 cards simultaneously . One must be deactivated for the other to be ping . The Network configuration panel indicate both card status as active but i can only ping the first to be activated . I have already set onboot=yes to both cards but still the same result after restarting . The nic cards are onboard - Realtek RTL8139 and pci -3com 3c905b.

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Ubuntu :: Getting External Ip Of Other Computers On Network?

Aug 8, 2010

if there is a way to determine the external ip of other computers on a network. For example, if someone is sending malicious emails and you identify the ip that sent the email by looking at the original, is there a way from the terminal to figure out which computer on your network it was?

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Ubuntu Installation :: External Hard Disk Using On 2 Computers?

Jan 18, 2010

I've 2 computers (one at the job, one at home), different motherboard types but same chipset, having AM2 AMD CPUs but different clock speed. I don't have (I don't want to buy) internal hard disks for these computers.

I would like to buy one external USB HDD and install the latest Ubuntu. I will carry this HDD to my job and my home. Is it possible to use this HDD as boot HDD on both computer? Even they are not same just similar? Is this a problem for Ubuntu?

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Software :: External Hard Drive Won't Work With Other Computers

Jan 25, 2010

I've installed Linux to a portable hard drive with the assumption that I would be able to transfer that hard drive to my other computers and be able to boot into Linux from them. I know for a fact that these computers are capable of running the same linux installed on the portable HDD via LiveCD or LiveUSB flash drive.

However, when I try to start my portable hard drive on any computer other than the one I installed it on, it boots to a black screen and stays that way indefinitely.

So, I would like to know how to make my portable hard drive more versatile, and to automatically adapt to different computers during boot.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Apache Server Not Accesible From External Computers

Dec 8, 2010

A week ago I purchased an VPS. The first few days I was having trouble to set up an outgoing connection on the VPS. Eventually it turned out to be some misconfiguration of the server where the VPS is hosted on.Since then I have installed the apache server, but I'm still not able to access the apache server from an external computer. I already have contacted the provider, but they haven't replied yet. To speed things up I was hoping someone could check my configuration to be sure nothing is wrong with it.To be sure I posted all configuration and information that I think would be important. Please contact me if you need more information.

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General :: File Permissions Handled On External Media And Other Computers?

Jan 30, 2010

I was wondering, what if you had a flash drive formatted with an FS that has UNIX permissions. Then what if you copied some of your files onto it. And then put it into another computer that has a user account by the same name. WIll the user be able to access the files?What if you named your own user differently on the other computer, will you be able to get your files?

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General :: Machine Act As Both A Wireless Client And Access Point Simultaneously Using A Single Physical WLAN Interface?

Jun 23, 2010

If I have only 1 physical WLAN interface, is there some hackery that can be done so that it can be a client of an existing access point and at the same time also act as an access point for other clients? I have an existing 802.11g ADSL router, and I'm going to be building an HTPC which will have 802.11n. My laptop also has 802.11n, but at the moment it only connects at 54Mbps because thats what the AP supports. I'd like to be able to have the HTPC be a client of my ADSL router, but have my laptop be a client of the HTPC, so copying files to it will be faster.

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Debian :: Two Computers Suddenly Cannot Access Depositories

Mar 9, 2010

I have two computers, running Debian Lenny 5.0.3, suddenly they cannot access the Debian depositories and even when typed debian.org, the site does not come up! I used another hard disk with a different distro and one of the computers, and it did access the debian site. Any reason for this?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Access Samba Sharing Between 3 Computers?

Mar 31, 2010

my main computer hostname is home, and the others are ubuntu and eduardo.In home, I try to configure samba, downloading it with "sudo apt-get install samba" and then downloading at the synaptic manager the samba-common-bin thing.I shared my folders as ROOT in home and I cannot access from ubuntu and eduardo.Then I googled and I found this site: Quote:URL]Well... I follow all steps and I can't access these files.What I need to do to share files between these computers???

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Ubuntu Networking :: LAN Surfer To Access Windows Computers?

Apr 22, 2010

but Im thinkng of completely switiching to Ubuntu,But all of my friends are on Windows...We have a LAN of abt 100-150 .. Is there is any GUI software thru which I can see all the files which are being shared on the network by Windows PCs,I know abt Samba ...but that is only computer specific & also that is reverse way...& doing from command will be tiresome task for all PCs.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Access Facebook Or Netflix From Computers

Feb 27, 2011

The problem started happening a few days ago. Only my linux computers are affected. Yup, that's right. My roommates running windows have zero problems.

What's the problem? Suddenly, I cannot access 2 websites: namely facebook and netflix. I just get a "waiting for facebook.com" status from my browser, and it waits there patiently until the browser finally gives up. I haven't found any other sites that give me this issue. Gmail, ....., flickr, etc all work fine.

This happens using both firefox and chrome browsers. I've tried using Ubuntu 10.10 (on my desktop) and Peppermint (distro based on ubuntu, runs on my laptop). Both machines access the internet via wifi. Both have the same problem! o_O

Both machines are up-to-date. I've rebooted many times. I've tried booting an old kernel. I haven't installed any new software lately. I've tried disabling all plugins for the browsers. I've tried power-cycling our internet modem. I've tried changing my DNS settings to use Google's Public DNS service. Nothing helps.

Actually, one small piece of information: If I put my browser in incognito mode, I can get to the "sign-in" page for both facebook and netflix. But upon putting in my credentials, I still cannot reach my custom user home page for either site.

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Software :: Download Emails To Access From Different Computers Offline?

Feb 15, 2010

I need to download emails via IMAP in thunderbird. However, I want the downloaded emails to be accessible from other computers offline. How can I download so that the downloaded copy is readable by thunderbird copies on any computer?

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Ubuntu Servers :: Access Restricted To Select Computers Not Users

Apr 21, 2011

I want to configure a remote internet facing server as git server. I would like to restrict access to the server to a few systems (access is restricted to select computers, not users). I first thought of using ssh key, but the key can be copied to another system hence that alone is not sufficient. I am having a dynamic IP, so simple IP based firewall blocking is also not possible. I was thinking about the possibility of using both SSH Key and IP based access. Is it possible to update the firewall rule whenever my ip gets changed?

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Networking :: Isolate Untrusted Computers While Retain Access From Specific PCs

Sep 24, 2010

At school, the shop I work in has machines that run windows xp and cannot be updated to the latest SP (consider these machines "B"). This means that they are quarantined whenever connected to the network. There are also workstations that we would like to be able to connect to "B" for the sole purpose of dropping a file into a directory. These machines we will call "A" and are considered trusted.

I have No control of the school's network. I have a spare PC with two NICs as well as a 5 port switch. My thought was to use the spare PC as a gateway/router/VPN and setup an isolated "network b" consisting of all the untrusted systems. Disallow all traffic other than the VPN connection. Connect via vpn from the 4ish trusted workstations "A" to Network B. I could use mac filtering (I think) to accomplish this and disallow any computer not specifically authorized, thereby isolating the untrusted computers completely.

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General :: Find Out What Computers Are Connected To An Access Point/router Using Terminal?

Feb 10, 2011

I would like to determine what computers are currently connected to my access point/router via the command line in Linux.

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General :: Home Server - Configure Fedora 15 To Allow Access Via Port 80 From Other Computers

Aug 6, 2011

I am trying to make my home server accessible to the whole web. I have installed Nginx on my Fedora 15 64-bit Linux machine, and it works with localhost but it doesn't work online or allow other computers on the network to access it via the IP address. It keeps coming back with: Could not connect

I have port forwarding. I have even tried different ports but they all seem to be blocked. What could be wrong? I have a netgear router.

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Debian :: Computers On Network Cannot Access Internet Via Squid Cache / Reolve This?

Jun 16, 2009

I have installed debian to run Squid cache as a caching proxy.
Ive been bashing away now for 2 days and i have managed to install squid (i first tried manually, but that did not work so i used synaptic software packager to install it (from Administration menu)
That went well, thereafter i installed webamin to work with squid in a GUI

I have managed to start squid and added my range of IP addresses to the ACL list
I have added the proxy restriction too.

Now, i tried to test it.
I opened Iceweasel Web browser (on the same machine) and setit to use the Proxy server: localhost and port:3128
That works fine.

But when i try to change the proxy setting to my machines ip (where squid is installed) :
Proxy server: and port:3128
That does not work.
Am i missing something, please help
I then tried to set another windows PC on the network to:
Proxy server: and port:3128
That also does not work.

I also edited the conf file to http_access allow all, but i do not know if i have doen it correctly, but maybe there is another problem?

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Networking :: Building System Router - Can't Access Computers On Other Side Of Network / Fix It?

May 20, 2009

I have built a linux router with a pc having two network cards. I am running ubuntu 8.10.

I have enabled forwarding on the router. One network ( connected to eth0 and another ( is connected to eth1.

The interfaces have addresses and

On any side side of the network, I can ping both interfaces on the router.

However when I ping a machine on the other side of the network, I get 100% packet loss.

I have not touched iptables on the router or any machines.

What I am doing wrong?

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Software :: Access Computer A's Shares As Well As The Third Computer, The Aforementioned Computers Cannot Access Computer B

May 28, 2011

I have three computers in my network, but two will be mentioned. Computer A is a Linux Mint 9/Windows 7 dual-boot, and I have just installed Mandriva Free 2010.2, which I will call Computer B.

Now my main problem is that Computer B, while it can see and access Computer A's shares as well as the third computer, the aforementioned computers cannot access Computer B. The message was: "Unable to mount location/Failed to mount Windows share." Now, the SMB protocol was used because of the third computer and Computer A have Windows OSs installed in them.

What I originally wanted was that I can share Computer B's NTFS partition, namely Documents and Downloads, to the other computers. And I can't do that, because of the error message.

What I can do, however, is use Computer B to view shares from the other two computers (Computer A, as an example). By my experiences in Linux Mint, I understand that I'd have to mount my Windows partitions in order to share them. I don't even know if my NTFS drive in Computer B is mounted, though that is what was described.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Provide Internet Access To Multiple Computers Using Only A Hub And 1 Ethernet Port

Mar 18, 2010

Ever need to provide access to multiple PC's and did not have a router only a hub. Maybe this isn't original thinking, but then again maybe you didn't think of doing it this way (which i am sure there are many ways to do it) So I have 2 Ubuntu Servers, 1 Windows Box and a Hub - All 3 with internet access off of single ip and single Ethernet port.

While searching for a backup method today I came across Clonezilla. I was wondering if this was the right thing for me and since I needed to backup my roommates PC for a reformat and install of Windows I decided I would give it a try, but only if it would work. I didn't want the hassle of going into the main part of the house and finding out what cord was what as there is a cable modem connected into a switch (4 static IP's with internet) and one port of the switch hooked to a router) Anyways, didn't work he was on the router I was on the switch)

But this got me thinking. When I setup my server to do this, during one of the setup scripts it said it was setting up Internet access for client machines and that it was assigning them IP addresses threw a DHCP server that it had installed.

So, I dug up the hub connected the internet cable to hub up link and Server 1 on port 1 Server 2 on port 2 and Windows on port 3 The main server gets the internet provided IP address and routes it to the hub via a virtual interface. Server 2 is configured for DHCP and the windows box, It was set to get info automatically but it didn't fill the DNS info so I had to manually do that (just a heads up) I decided to use OpenDNS Servers ( & but im sure putting in the gateway IP address would have worked too.

So, by now if you need this I am sure you are excited and want to get to it. Like i said there are probably other ways of doing it, ways that don't involve you installing clonezilla and DRBL, maybe even just DRBL is needed, maybe one of them installed whats needed as a dependency- all I know is it works, if you know - elaborate so people know, but hey- this way not only do you have internet access on all PC's you can deploy custom images to them as well.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Remote Desktop Connections - Access Files On The Other Computers In My House

May 22, 2010

Alright so i just wanted to try and get remote desktop connections running so i can access files on the other computers in my house. For my first try i went after my laptop. I'm using rdesktop.

First couple times i tried i typed in


After about 15 seconds it would pop back with


I realized that my laptop's firewall was blocking the packets, so i created a custom rule that allows all TCP packets on port 3389. So i fired up rdesktop again. Now it pops back with:


But instantaneously, not after 15 seconds (not sure if thats significant or not.) I checked my firewall's log and it allowed the tcp packets.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Connecting Two Computers On LAN \ Both Computers Are Connected To A Switch With Cables?

Jan 31, 2011

im trying to connect two computers on lan.One computer has: VMWare Workstation and has Opensuse 11.3 mounted in it.The other computer has: VMWare Player and has Opensuse 11.3 mounted in it.Both computers are connected to a switch with cables.I have followed this guide in both computers:Depanati singuri calculatorul!: Opensuse 11.3 - configure local networkin order to setup a network.In one computer, if i go to: Computer---Network---Network folder, i only see one machine. When in fact i could see both of them right

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Fedora :: Access To External HDD?

Aug 25, 2009

Recently I've formated my PC. I've installed Fedora 11 in my new HDD. Through a doxky station I've connected my old HDD (with Fedora 11 too) but I can't gain access. Through "palimpsest disk utility" I can see my HDD:


750 GB Generic External
750 GB / GiB / 750,156,374,016 bytes
Master Boot Record
Connected via USB at 480.0 Mbit/s


If I click on "750 GB LVM2 Physical Volume" I can read the attribute type of partition as Linux LVM (0x8e). Unfortunately I can gain access inside to recover my old documents and backups.

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Ubuntu :: Get Access To An External USB Drive?

Apr 8, 2011

I have an external USB drive with one ext4 partition on it. When I plug it in it's mounted and a file manager window pops up. However, I am not able to create files/folders unless I'm root. I have to open Nautilus as root to put files on it. How do I set it so that I as a user can add files/folders to the drive having them end up with the same owner/permissions I have as a user? It's to cumbersome having to sudo every move with regards to the USB drive.

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Hardware :: Cannot Access External Drive ?

Mar 17, 2010

I had an external harddrive connected via USB to my laptop, and I was copying all the data over to another drive so that I could format this one. About 1/3 of the way through copying, the power went off and the drive obviously shut off (laptop kept running since it's on battery).

Now when I try reconnecting the drive and mounting it, I get the error "mount: Stale NFS file handle". Same error on 3 different linux machines. I have read as much as I can on this issue and done the following to try to recover the drive/data. fsck multiple times, with different options, but exits every time with an "aborted" message after cycling through over 1000 inode errors. Then, tried recovering superblock from all backup locations on the drive. This didn't help either. I backed up up the drive with dd command so I have an image file just in case.

Any functions to do with partitioning refuse to work too. I am stumped here as I need to recover this data somehow and I haven't a clue as to what/why this happened. How I can recover the contents of this drive? And the drive is/was ext2.

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Networking :: Access External Media On Ftp?

Sep 2, 2010

I am trying to access an external hard drive mounted on /media/disk_label/ over FTP anonymously. The thing is it does not work as intended.

I tried fiddling with se-linux, manually mounting the media, playing around with file permissions and stuff .. but nothing sufficed.

Things work fine when I set anon_root to a directory on the local hdd but and also with the default /var/ftp but as soon as I set anon_root=/media/disk_label/ftp ..

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Fedora Networking :: Can't Access Shared External HDD?

May 29, 2010

I have a Belkin router with an external HDD attached to it through the USB port on the router. Every time I try to access it, I get a popup asking for the username, domain name, and password. I have no idea how to gain access to it in Fedora. I can access it fine with windows XP and 7, but get the login screen when using Fedora. I can access my shared files on the xp machine just fine with fedora, but not the external on the router. Do I need to do some extra configuring with samba to get it to work? What is my domain password anyway, I don't ever remember setting one up? Is there a way to find out and just plug it in when the login screen pops up? I am clueless, I tried searching, but everything I come up with involves vpn, which I am not using. If it helps, I sometimes get a similar login screen in windows as well, usually when I first log into either my xp machine or my 7. Its not every time I log in, but it does occasionally happen, I have no idea why. Networking is just not my forte. What I do to get around it is go into a file browser and type in the network location (\ Drive). Once I have done this I can can access the drive by clicking on the map I created in 'My Computer'.

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