General :: Use GUI That Supports Multimedia And Video Editing?

Apr 24, 2011

I have use windows for a long time and now I want to get linux .

I will like a easy to use frendly GUI that supports multimedia and video editing.

One that has alot of support and works well with other software and hardware.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Video Editing With KDEnlive?

Jun 30, 2011

My Camcorder produces 1080i 50fps. Via handbreak I converted the clips to 1080p 25 fps. (de-interlace) using h264 codec.

These converted clips work very well with Kdenlive. All effects are working and the render results(mp4 max bitrate) are equal to the original.

Openshot is less sophisticated and in my opinion less intuitive.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Better Video Editing Software

Dec 1, 2010

I've been transferring a bunch of VHS and old camcorder tapes to video files. I've noticed that some of these videos need color correction or sharpening, etc. Most of the linux video editing software out there is just for splicing videos together.Does Linux have any professional grade video editing software? Is there anyway for me to color correct some of these videos using Linux? I've been searching forums trying to find an answer. Anyone have an recommendations?If not, what are some good Windows based alternatives? I can always run an alternative in a Windows VM.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Software

Dec 10, 2010

what would everyone recommend for video editing?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Software (MP4)?

Jan 2, 2011

I'm seraching a video editor, that can play and edit/convert MP4 videos. I've already tried many of them, but they play it laggy and I bacome a terrible video. Perhaps I missed to download some codecs?

(ATI RADEON HD 4500, Ubuntu 32-bit)

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Getting Setup For Video Editing?

Jul 22, 2011

I like Ubuntu alot and I'm mostly dedicated to free software and I have a bit of a web show. I am thinking of doing a fresh install of Ubuntu and I was wondering what was the best way to get the most out of Ubuntu when it comes to video editing. Ubuntu always seems..... crappy when it comes to video editing, I've heard it's because of the watered down video codecs. But I have updated my ffmpeg and abunch of other stuff but most video editors are still very buggy when it comes to encoding.

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OpenSUSE Multimedia :: Video Editing Software Recommendation

May 14, 2011

I'm trying to do some very simple video editing but I'm having trouble finding a software solution that works for what I'm looking to do.I've got a bunch of movies that are split into two files (in order for both to fit on a CD-R, back when that was relevant). I'd like to just combine them into one file. Trouble is, the file-type is usually avi and I've had trouble finding an application that will read and properly import an avi file.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Software Recommendation

Mar 26, 2010

Something easy to use and preferably with idiot-proof instructions!It's mainly to improve light conditions (as my snake tank is quite dim) but anything that cna edit out certain sounds would be a bonus!

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing / Text And Reverse

Apr 9, 2010

I'm trying to reverse a clip in kdenlive and add text on top of the moving clip, but cannot figure out how to do it..anyone know how or a program that can?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing / Processing In Virtualbox?

May 9, 2010

Up until now I've kept Windows XP on my system because of a couple of programs that I need for video editing and processing. Just this past week I got a new computer with an AMD 2.8 GHz quadcore processor and I'm just wondering if with this machine I might be able to run XP in Virtualbox and not set aside an XP partition. With 4 GB of RAM, I should be able to give the Virtualbox adequate memory. Oh, yeah, I have a new 500 GB SATA hard drive, too.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Basic Video Editing On Ogg File ?

Jul 18, 2010

I was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of an easy to use soft package that can be use for basic video editing...and by basic I mean really basic - I have a video file (.ogg format) which is 11 mins long and I want to cut the last 3 minutes off.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Recommendation For Video Editing Software ?

Sep 28, 2010

I have several avi files, I would like to join them and add some transition when each piece change to another one, my question is: what software do you recommend me to use it?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing With A Slow Computer?

Dec 17, 2010

I want to do a stop-motion but I cannot find a program that has all the option I want and that is useable for me. I tried with Kdenlive that has all the option I want, but when I want to see the preview of my video, it lagged at every new image.Is there a format, a way to configure kdenlive or something else that would make it easier for my computer. Or even another program that do what I want but is less demanding then Kdenlive.All I want is to put picture one after the other, adjust the time they appear and add some text and sound.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Downloading & Editing Raw Video Footage

Jan 8, 2011

I frequent a website features live video streams. Afterwards, they also uploads the videos for playing online. When videos are played Flash files accumulate in /tmp which I save and edit.RECENT PROBLEM:

1) When I play the videos online, they never "start". I just get that typical circling arrow that general indicates the file is downloading to a buffer before playing. but even after 5 never starts. While this is happening, a file is accumulating in /tmp.

2) As a test, I tried editing the temp file that appears in /tmp using OpenShot. The file is very large (on the order of 800Mb). But in the editor, only a few seconds of video appear. The rest is a blank white screen. I examined the file in a hex editor and it all "looks" the same (I can't read the Hex of course...but nothing obvious appears like lots of 00 bytes).

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Suggestions For Video Editing Software

Sep 1, 2011

I've never done any video editing before and I had some ideas that I wanted to pursue. Being that I've never done it, I don't know what programs are out there.Does anyone have any suggestions of good editing software that is both high functioning and is fairly easy to learn and use?I'm currently running ubuntu 10.04.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Overlay/composite Editing With Kdenlive ?

Aug 12, 2010

I have followed a few guides on using video overlays to obtain a watermark. i am suppose to use the Bluescreen video effect along with the composite transition in kdenlive.

I run the following versions of software:
lucid lynx 10.04
FFMPEG compiled from svn
x264 compiled from git
Kdenlive 7.7.1
Kino 1.3.4
melt 0.5.6 from a PPA
Medibuntu repos

My video I want the watermark over is a kino captured file which is dv avi type 2 (open dml).I have done Bluescreen video effect along with the composite transition but the video clip which the video watermark plays on top of ends up getting darker. for the bluescreen color i have chosen red which is the closest red i could pick next to the spinning logo. the lighting changes on it and gives it an undesirable effect as far as how dark it it. i tried other colors but then the logo either disappears or the spinning logos black video background covers up my video. the reason for my "video" watermark is because it is a spinning logo (not a picture) which can be obtained in .mp4 format here:[url]

My goal is to put that on top of some xbox 360 modern warfare 2 gameplay. i haven't uploaded an example of how dark it makes the footage look yet but it does.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Application For Combining At Framelevel?

Oct 17, 2010

I want a video editing software for combining two videos at frame level. I mean, for eg: to show double action at a time in movie. We shoot two characters separately. And then we combine it

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Software That Will Flip The Image

Dec 4, 2010

My camera was mounted upside down on a drive today and I need to flip all frames in 3 clips...what software can I use to do this quickly and efficiently?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Software To Concatenate Mpg Files?

May 14, 2011

I searched a bit, but got overwhelmed by what I got.

I have a number of mpg files which I would like to concatenate to each other so I get one big file. I know how to do this with the cat command code...

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Software With Subtitles Capability?

Jul 3, 2011

Can anyone recommend open software that will allow me to edit videos and add subtitles? I have footage in one language and would like to have subtitles for people that are fluent in another language.popcorn for the people watching my videos

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Software To Re-sync Audio Correctly?

Aug 9, 2010

I have a couple of .avi clips in which the sound plays 2 seconds before the video, so I need a software that can re-sync the sound correctly with the video with affecting the video/audio quality, what program can I use? What is the name of this feature in video editing programs? I am using Ubuntu 10.04. I noted that the Multimedia & video forum have only threads about problems in playing videos & cards drivers problems.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Finding A Video Editing Software - Sony Vegas-esq

Aug 10, 2010

I have played around with Avidmux but its just not what I'm looking for, any video editing software similar to Sony Vegas would be awesome such as dragging clips on a timeline and such.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Losing Audio Sync When Editing Video In Openshot

Aug 31, 2010

my goal is to record video using a canon powershot camera, edit the avi file on my ubuntu 10.04 computer, then upload the rendered file to videos.

problem is that when i cut the video, the audio is no longer in sync with the video, it's off by about 1-2 seconds. this happens with both openshot and pitivi, so i suspect that it's caused by a bug with the codec. (files are avi with mjpeg codec). after searching launchpad, this is apparently a "known issue". that's great but for now i need a workaround.

i do have an old g4 powerbook with imovie hd v6 on it that i can use, but i'd prefer not to because:

1. the powerpc mac is much slower than my new dual core laptop
2. imovie compresses my videos too much so the rendered file is lower quality
3. i simply prefer openshot to imovie

i was thinking of preprocessing my avi files by converting them to another format with a non-buggy codec on linux. i downloaded ffmpeg, but not sure how to use it and what format to use. would mpeg2 be a safe one to use?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Video Editing Application For Combining At Frame Level?

Oct 17, 2010

I want a video editing software for combining two videos at frame level. I mean, for eg: to show double action at a time in movie. We shoot two characters separately. And then we combine it as a single video with dual role effect. Now, I think you understood my requirement. Plz anyone tell that type of application which suits my needs.

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Any Video Editing Program That Can Save To Uncompressed File Formats

Aug 4, 2011

I would like to ask if there is any video editing program that can save to uncompressed file formats.

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General :: Looking For Good Video Editing Software

Jan 19, 2010

When i first heard that the the effects for the movie Avatar was made with Linux i was shocked. i didn't even know that linux can do that.Anyway, i am wondering which is the best video editing software for linux? (free/paid) What did they use to make avatar..? Can a serious video editing be really done on a linux machine?

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Debian :: How To Check If Video Card Supports KMS

Oct 3, 2015

How do you check if a computer's video card will support Kernel Mode Switching BEFORE OS installation?

In this example I have an Acer Aspire AST180-UA381B.

Manufacture website says my video card is: Integrated nVidia MCP61

[URL] ....

Nouveau code list says: NV4C (MCP61) GeForce 6150LE / nForce 400/405, GeForce 6150SE Quadro NVS 210s / nForce 430

[URL] ....

I want to know:

1. How to tell if my graphics card will support KMS before I install the OS?

2. If it does not support KMS which kernel options should be passed to get it to work properly with the nouveau driver?

3. Ultimately I am looking for a tool that should be included in the installation screen that will:

a. identify your hardware: list the hardware detected on the screen
b. highlight with color code any hardware listed that is not supported or poorly supported: in this case graphics drivers
c. perform a quick benchmark test of your hardware: In this case I want the benchmark to tell me what capabilities my graphics card has.
d. automatically recommend and set the best kernel parameters for a successful boot: if the graphics card needs nomodeset or modeset=0 or whatever I want it to do it for me.

Also I started a personal blog about this issue which I intend to compose into guide to assist others with this question. [URL] ....

My goal is to create a boot disc that will automate proper installation of graphics or other hardware for a system BEFORE installation. I would like to see this feature included in the Debian installation screen.

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Ubuntu :: Video Editing Software?

Apr 22, 2011

Can someone recommend a very user friendly video editing software? I don't even know where to begin to look for this. I"m not that savvy w/ video at all and need something very simplistic. I just want to upload a video I took on my point and shoot camera to my computer [which i can do] and then add a music track to it and have it fit or at least fade out. And then I want to upload it to the internet [flickr and/or facebook, .....] Movie maker in Windows does that so easily that a five year old can figure it out. I need it that easy.

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Applications :: Looking For Web / Video Editing Apps?

Oct 6, 2010

I was wondering if any one new the linux version of these apps, i will be running ubuntu prolly 10.10

adobe premiere/final cut pro hd
adobe aftereffects

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Fedora :: Simple Video Editing Software For 12?

Jan 2, 2010

I am in need of a video editor that will work in Fedora 12, I just need to do some simple trimming and then add an mp3 to the video.Avidemux has already failed me on this simple task.

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