General :: Unable To Install Xorg-dev?

Feb 14, 2010

I have installed ubuntu 9.10. on virtual workstation 6.I tried command apt-get install xorg-dev on terminal prompt. I got following error :

Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming.

The following packages have unmet dependencies:

xorg-dev: Depends: libdmx-dev but it is not installable
Depends: libfontenc-dev but it is not installable
Depends: libfs-dev but it is not installable
Depends: libice-dev but it is not installable


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General :: Install Xorg In Arch?

Jan 18, 2010

How to install Xorg in Arch Linux? I am writing this from the command-line Links browser.

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General :: Error - [root]# Yum Install Xorg-x11-server-Xvfb

Jun 3, 2011

I am using RHN system. Today, I were running Yum, some errors appeared as the below. Before, I had never such problems. I tried to search some solutions in Google, but can not find it.

[root]# Yum install xorg-x11-server-Xvfb
[root]# Yum list updates

There was an error communicating with RHN RHN support will be disabled Error communicating with server. The message was: Connection timed out

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OpenSUSE Install :: Precedence Of Xorg.conf Over Xorg.conf.d?

Jan 26, 2011

I've read the how-tos (thank you oldcpu!) and wikis about how xorg.conf take precedence over the section configuration files in etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/, if it exist. I also understand that the xorg.conf can be partial. If it is missing some sections, these will be taken from the corresponding xorg.conf.d section config file. Currently I'm using a xorg.conf generated by nvidia-settings in one of my home machines, due to a dual-monitor setup. After generating xorg.conf, the device sections are:

in xorg.conf:


Section "Device"
Identifier "Device0"
Driver "nvidia"


My question is if the Option "UseCompositeWrapper" "True" will be used or not. In other words, if a section exist in xorg.conf then it's correspondent in xorg.conf.d/ will be completely ignored *or* only the lines in xorg.conf.d/ that already exist in xorg.conf will be ignored?

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Slackware :: Unable To Restore Xorg Resolution?

Aug 30, 2010

When the power twitches, and X is displayed on the current tty. the display resolution is somehow lost. When the system is rebooted and X restarted, the resolution displayed (and the best offered) is 800x600.My resolution of choice is 1280x1024, and none of the configuration files appear to have been changed.The X resolution is unaffected if another tty was displayed at the time. (I am often working on two or three consoles as well as what X is using)In the past it has been sufficient to comb through the file system and delete all the temporary files and caches that seem to be associated with X. I have never been sure if this was actually any sort of solution to begin with, but in any case it no longer seems to work.

Slackware64 13.1
Gigabyte: ga-p31-s3g
Intel q8400 (quad Core2)
Matrox g450 32mB (PCI)

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Slackware :: Unable To Use XORG After Compiling 2.6.35 - No Protocol Specified

Aug 4, 2010

I am on my Debian system right now because of issues after compiling Linux 2.6.35, I followed Alien Bob's tutotorial, but obviously I missed something. I added 2.6.35 to my lilo.conf file, I tried to boot to it, but dhcp wasn't working, then I tried a startx and KDE would not load. No problem right, I will just boot my original Slackware Linux kernel.

I booted to the original, DHCP worked great but when I do a startx, I just get a black screen. Here is some of the terminal output.


No protocol specified
waiting for X server to begin accepting connections.
No protocol specified


It's hard to get some of the output because I am looking at the other screen and typing this.

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Debian Configuration :: Xorg : Unable To Open /dev/agpgart

Nov 17, 2010

I'm trying to get my Intel HM55 GMA HD graphics card to work in Debian Lenny.As the vanilla Xorg didn't have any support for it, I manually compiled the last stable Xorg source (1.7.1 - such a pain) and the Intel driver. But when I try to launch X, I get the following message :

(EE) GARTInit: Unable to open /dev/agpgart (No such file or directory)
(EE) intel(0) : /dev/agpgart is either not available, or no memory is available for allocation. Please enable agpgart.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Xorg.conf - Unable To Use The S-video

Mar 9, 2010

I have a Toshiba laptop with nvidia gforce 7300 graphic card and S-video output. The graphic card and S-video connection with samsung 16:9 CRT Tv in windows Xp working very well. But Linux for me is a little bit tricky.

I read several articles, How to-s and have crashed many Xorg (and reinstall) OS. Here I have two xorg conf. The first one is the original one. Untouched. The second one is my "repaired" and this is my repaired Xorg.conf With the first one (xorg.conf), S-Video is not working. With the second (xorg2.conf) is working only TV ( I have desktop only on TV, but resolution is bad)

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Edit Either Fstab Or Xorg.conf

Feb 13, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 9.04 on an Acer Aspire laptop and have broken my display system while trying to use the restricted drivers for the nvidia graphics card.

Basically I downloaded and activated the restricted driver. I rebooted and now ubuntu freezes on startup.

I can get access to the command line but am unable to edit either fstab or xorg.conf because ubuntu has mounted the filesystem in read only mode.

I have read and tried all the options given in this posting [URL] but because I cant read or write any of the files I cant seem to affect any change to the system

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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Use 10.04 Xorg On Multiple Screens?

May 22, 2010

I have Nvidia Quadro NVS 440 with four 1280x1024 LCD monitors and Ive tried to upgrade Kubuntu from 9.10 to 10.04. Everything works well at 9.10. After upgrade, system is hanging and I cannot reach desktops in all monitors. Ive tried to reconfigure x server using Nvidia-settings control panel. This doesn�t work. So i tried to reinstall system from CD, because there should be something wrong with the upgrade, but the problem persist. Ive tried to reinstall with Ubuntu, but there is same problem.

My configuration of screens are: Screen 3 left of Screen 0, Screen 0, Screen 1 above Screen 0 and Screen 2 right of Screen 1, separate X screens and Xinerama enabled. Sometimes, if i reach upper edge of Screen 0, mouse will continue at the lower edge of screen 0. Screen 3 is not reachable and If I try to move mouse to it, system will hang and x server is automaticaly restarted. Ive tried to configure all screens with absolute positioning too, but this doesnt work either. My only option now is downgrade to 9.10 .

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General :: Unable To Install The USB_ModeSwitch - Unable To Connect Micromax 300G Modem In Debian

Jun 30, 2011

I couldn't connect my Micromax 300G modem in Debian Linux. From internet (in Windows Vista), I came across the information of USB_ModeSwitch and then I downloaded it. While going to install it, I came across the problem that TCL-interpreter is not available in Debian Linux. Then again I restarted my laptop in Windows Vista and connected my Micromax modem and from internet downloaded TCL8.5.10-src.tar.gz. But while going to install it, I came across the problem that " configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH " . Also as presently, I am unable to connect my modem therefore I am unable to issue the code:" apt-get update ".

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Modify Resolution Dapper Drake XORG?

Jan 19, 2010

I like to consider myself a fairly competent person, but i cannot change the resolution for the life of me. I'm trying to set my screen to 1368x768. I'm edited the xorg and played with xrandr (v1.1). The screen resolution GUI in dapper drake only gives me the basic res's and not the 1368 that i need. I cannot upgrade my ubuntu version (Dapper Drake) for unrelated reasons. please help below is a copy of my xorg.conf. no matter what i do, i get the same resolution in xrandr and the built in GUI screen resultion. here is my xorg.conf

# /etc/X11/xorg.conf (xorg X Window System server configuration file)
# This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using
# values from the debconf database.
# Edit this file with caution, and see the /etc/X11/xorg.conf manual page.


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Ubuntu :: Unable To Configure Wacom/bamboo Tablets And Xorg

Jan 31, 2011

A few weeks ago, I was configuring my wacom tablet with the Wacom Control Panel by QB89Dragon, and suddenly xorg crashed. I remember specifically that I was modifying the pressure curve of the pen when it crashed. The screen went black, but the computer stayed on. Since then, every time I start up ubuntu normally, it would show the splash screen, but would then drop me to a black screen. But if I boot up under recovery mode, failsafeX, and generate a new x configuration, and restart X, it will work fine until I restart.

I've tried looking for an xorg.conf, but since I'm running 10.04, I guess it doesn't use an xorg.conf anymore. I tried uninstalling the program I used to configure it, but no go. I tried generating a new configuration with the tablet unplugged, with the tablet plugged in, even with a different tablet. And, since nothing is ever that simple when I do something wrong, nothing so far has worked.

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Ubuntu :: Stuck On Command Line / No Gui / Unable To Start Xorg?

Apr 2, 2011

Last night my system rebooted and dropped screen resolution to 800*600. I was unable to change that from no where. I tried to install nvidia driver and now no gui, only command line. Starting xorg by using 'startx' fails. How I can get back to normal with normal resolution?At the moment I am logged in via live cd. Let me know if any log files needed (if I can locate those).

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Debian Configuration :: Unable To Uninstall Xserver-xorg-video-nvidia

Apr 1, 2014

I am running Debian 7.0 Wheezy amd64...I installed Debian's nvidia driver earlier but I was having a few issues with OpenGL. So I removed those drivers using "apt-get remove nvidia*" and installed proprietry NVIDIA's driver from their website.Now the issue is, my apt-get/synaptic does not work anymore because it is trying to remove xserver-xorg-video-nvidia and failing to do so.

Code: Select allThe following packages will be REMOVED:

0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 4 not upgraded.1 not fully installed or removed.After this operation, 17.8 MB disk space will be freed.Do you want to continue [Y/n]? Y

(Reading database ... 194280 files and directories currently installed.)Removing xserver-xorg-video-nvidia dpkg: error processing xserver-xorg-video-nvidia (--remove): subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 128.Errors were encountered while processing:  xserver-xorg-video-nvidia.E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)I have tried apt-get install -f to no avail.

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Debian :: Unable To Find Source Package For Xserver-xorg-video-ati

Jan 18, 2011

I'm trying to get the source package xserver-xorg-video-ati. My sources.list looks like this:


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Ubuntu Installation :: Unable To Open X Config File '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' For Writing?

Apr 21, 2010

When trying to conigure via nvidia-setting using root (sudo) and then saving to config file I get the ' Unable to open X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' for writing.' in a message box - below is what i get on terminal:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/screen-resolution-extra/", line 75, in <module>
operation_status = main(options)
File "/usr/share/screen-resolution-extra/", line 51, in main


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Ubuntu Multimedia :: ERROR: Unable To Open '/usr/lib/xorg/modules/' For Reading

Nov 23, 2010

I'm trying to update the drivers to (GeForce GT 220) but ran into several problems. I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.04. when running sudo sh /var/log/nvidia-installer.log gives the following errors:

-> Uninstallation of existing driver: NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver for
Linux-x86 (260.19.21) is complete.
-> Searching for conflicting X files:
ERROR: Unable to open '/usr/lib/xorg/modules/' for reading (No such file or directory)


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OpenSUSE :: Xorg.0.log The The Xorg ATI Driver Is Failing ALL Options?

Jun 18, 2011

I found in my xorg.0.log the the xorg ATI driver is failing ALL options.

(WW) warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented, (??) unknown.
[ 8.942] (WW) The directory "/usr/share/fonts/TTF/" does not exist.
[ 8.942] (WW) The directory "/usr/share/fonts/OTF/" does not exist.
[ 8.942] (WW) The directory "/usr/share/fonts/TTF/" does not exist.


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Red Hat :: How To Install Xorg - Cannot Use Up2date / Yum Or CDs

Jan 17, 2010

I haven't the cds, and this server doesn't have access to the internet, I tried to look around the internet for packages for this red hat version but they haven't the full packages with all the dependencies. Is there any site that I can get the packages?

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Seem To Get Xorg-macros 1.6.0 To Install?

Feb 18, 2010

I am trying to use the 'autoconf' command and I keep getting an error message saying I need to have xorg-macros 1.3 or later. I have downloaded both 1.4 and 1.6.0 and tried to install them. Apparently all to no avail, because when I run the autoconf script it comes back as saying I only have 1.2.2 installed. Where do I start looking to figure out what I am screwing up?When I run the configure script in the util-macros-1.6.0 it seems to run right. Then I run make and it says "nothing to do for 'all'". Then I run 'make install' and it seems to run that but apparently it isn't getting installed.

Here is the output of ./configure;make;make install
linux-y52a:/home/alton/Download/util-macros-1.6.0 # ./configure;make;make install
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c


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Slackware :: Steps Xorg Install New

Jan 21, 2010

I am new to Slackware/Linux and completed the install (Slackware 13 64-bit x86_64).Everything is running correctly.During the install I was asked if I wanted to install X-Windows and I declined.Now I want to install it.I downloaded xorg-server-1.6.3-x86_64-1.txz and installed it using slackpkg.It seemed to me to install very quickly. I see it in the list of installed packages now.What are the steps install a fresh X-Windows on Slackware if I did not pick it during install?

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CentOS 5 :: How To Install Xorg Server 1.7.1

Aug 11, 2010

I have downloaded the package into its own directory /etc/X11 with:
wget [URL]
How do I run that "make" command while the "makefile" in the directory is called How do I install this Xorg-Server-1.7.1? Apparently you need this to run Gnome desktop

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Fedora Installation :: How To Install Xorg And Fluxbox

Nov 20, 2010

I plan to do a minimal install and then install xorg and fluxbox. I'm not familiar with the way fedora names it's packages. what packages I need to install to get a working xorg. This is just a regular install on a home system with no special needs.

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OpenSUSE :: Install Xorg-x11-linXv-32bit On 11.3 X64?

Aug 16, 2010

Skype says it needs (Which is satisfied by xorg-x11-linXv which is installed according to YAST). Can I install the 32bit libs without damaging my system?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Update From X11:Xorg Breaks X?

Mar 2, 2009

I just got a set of updates from Xorg11 (Index of /repositories/X11:/XOrg/openSUSE_11.1/i586) repository and now, my X doesn't come up. During update, zypper complained about xorg-x11-libxcb and it didn't get updated. On further investigation I noticed that is missing in the new package (version 7.4-4.2. The one currently installed in 7.4-1.24).

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OpenSUSE Install :: KDE / Xorg Don't Start After Update

Aug 15, 2011

this evening I updated my 11.4 via KpackageKit then logged out when I did Xorg died and I was dumped on the text console.

Looking in the logs I see

-- /var/log/messages
Aug 15 17:59:49 linux-vg3v acpid: 1 client rule loaded
Aug 15 17:59:49 linux-vg3v kernel: [22090.925299] NVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 275.21, but


Unfortunately I didn't check the update list too closely. The above seems to indicate that an Xorg component was updated but the kernel module wasn't.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Can't Use Xorg.conf To Configure X And Everything Is Autodetected By HAL

Jan 18, 2010

Anyone experience with multiseat configuration in combination with openSUSE 11.2. Looking for a howto since we don't use xorg.conf to configure X and everything is autodetected by HAL.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Xorg Don't Work After Kernel Update?

Jan 18, 2010

After upgrading kernel, system (AMD 780G)refuses to start in graphic mode. Computer services running fine, but there's nothing or some trash on screen when X started. And no way how to get out except restarting or shutting down from remote computer.

Reinstalling, unistalling ATI driver doesn't help. Also manipulations with xorg.conf (install, safe etc previous file versions)doesn't help.

Sax2 detects videocard correctly, but result is same regardless which resolution@Hz is specified.

In logfiles I just can find this

Jan 19 04:12:55 www kdm_config[4226]: Multiple occurrences of key 'UseTheme' in section [X-*-Greeter] of /usr/share/kde4/config/kdm/kdmrc
Jan 19 04:12:55 www kdm[4225]: X server died during startup
Jan 19 04:12:55 www kdm[4225]: X server for display :0 cannot be started, session disabled

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OpenSUSE Install :: Change /etc/X11/xorg.conf From NVidia To Nv To Get A X To Run In Xen?

Aug 29, 2011

I have the nVidia driver on my desktop kernel set-up but have to change /etc/X11/xorg.conf from nVidia to nv to get a X to run in Xen. Whilst this works, is there a way to tell Xen at boot time to use nv rather than nVidia so I don't have to edit xorg.conf each time?

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