General :: Two IP Addresses Could Never Be Assigned To Any Host Computer?

Nov 16, 2010

Could you tell me what two IP addresses could never be assigned to any host computer?

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General :: Display Status Of Assigned & Free Ip Addresses In A DHCP Range?

Jul 24, 2010

how to display status of assigned & free ip addresses in a DHCP range assuming that i am working on a DHCP server ?

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Ubuntu Networking :: IPv6 Addresses Cannot Be Assigned

Sep 18, 2010

I'm trying to assign like 80 IPv6 addresses on eth0 for virtual webhosting, but after 55 addresses I get the following error:# ip addr add 2a01:9f8:a171:1651::4b:a8af dev eth0 RTNETLINK answers: File exists.What's the problem? I don't understand that error message at all. Is the number of IPv6 addresses per device somehow limited?Ubuntu 10.4.1 server, 64 bit.

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Networking :: Ping Global Inet6 Addresses Assigned Between Two Systems?

Mar 13, 2010

Do any one knows how to ping global inet6 addresses assigned between two systems. I assigned inet6 address through "ip addr add 2001::4 dev eth0" and similarly 2001::5 in another machine and tried to ping 2001::5 from 2001::4, but it is showing,

sait87@static-host:~$ ping6 2001::5
connect: Network is unreachable

Do any one knows solution for this problem.

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General :: Maximum Number Of IPs That Can Be Assigned To A Given Computer?

Jan 11, 2011

I really need to know this for a linux server, but since it also applies to client OSes, I figured the question should be posed here instead of server fault.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Assigned Computer A's Static Ip To Computer C Without Changing Dhcp Setting?

Aug 18, 2010

I set up a dhcp server in the lan and assigned static ips to two computers, computer A and B, according to their mac address. Everything was running fine. But when I turned off computer A, connected computer C to the network, and assigned computer A's static ip to computer C without changing dhcp setting. Computer C was able to access the internet. When I turned on computer A, dhcp couldn't assign an ip address to it, and computer C showed an error message of ip conflict and failed to use internet. I wonder if dhcp server is able to prevent other computer from using the same static ip that is already assigned to a computer according to its mac address.

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Debian Configuration :: VirtualBox: Host-only Networking: Static IP Guest Addresses?

Jun 6, 2011

Debian Testing host, Winduhs XP guest. Winduhs is not allowed to directly access The Internets, and I am not setting up bridging as that makes it possible for the guest to mount layer 2 attacks on the LAN. I need for the guest to tunnel through the host without being able to see anything on the host, so it can then get access to The Internets, while being protected by iptables (Shorewall).

Used to be with VMware I had host-only set and the guest in a different class c ( from the host ( I turned on ipforwarding, set Shorewall rules, and it all worked. Now I have everything set with VirtualBox, and it does not work. Guest can ping its interface but not host. Host can ping vboxnet0. Host is supposed to masquerade guest's through to the default out at, but it's not. I think a clue is in routing, but I don't know what's wrong.


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General :: How Create Softlink In Client (host) Computer

Sep 19, 2010

i want to know, how create softlink in client (host) computer.

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Networking :: Can Ssh From A Computer But Not Into It - No Route To Host

Apr 11, 2010

I have 3 computers on a local home network. Computer 1 is not receiving incoming anything from other computers on the network, and I don't know why. The regular internet works fine.

Computer 1 can ping and ssh into either 2 or 3. 2 can ping and ssh into 3 and vice versa. But nothing can ping OR ssh into 1. Trying to do so says "no route to host".

All computers are running Ubuntu Karmic.

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Red Hat :: Can't Connect Remotely From XP(host Computer)?

Feb 15, 2010

RedhatEL5(as guest) in Vmware ace, installed Samba, when:

#links http://localhost:901 ENTER
It works
but not with
#links ENTER
hence can't connect remotely from XP(host Computer).

Restarted accordingly, xinetd, with IPtables stop, #/etc/xinetd.d/swat file(disable = no) etc. How to fix this?

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Ubuntu Networking :: Can't Ssh Into Computer - Says No Route To Host

Apr 11, 2010

I have 3 computers on a local home network. Computer 1 is not receiving incoming anything from other computers on the network, and I don't know why. The regular internet works fine. Computer 1 can ping and ssh into either 2 or 3. 2 can ping and ssh into 3 and vice versa. But nothing can ping OR ssh into 1. Trying to do so says "no route to host". All computers are running Ubuntu Karmic. I don't even know where to start figuring out what's causing this, but it's probably something simple. I'm using the IPs I found listed in my wireless router's web-based control panel.

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Ubuntu :: Computer Will Not Boot After Changing Host Name

Mar 16, 2011

I'm very new to Ubuntu and installed it (10.10) just a few days ago on a laptop I got for my girlfriend. The problem is that she wanted me to change the username and computer name that I have set up when installing, which I tried to do. I followed the instructions on this link to change the computer name/hostname: [URL]. Obviously I did something terribly wrong, because after trying to restart my computer I couldn't boot it. It freezes immediately after the BIOS screen - just displays a blinking dash in the top left corner. The same thing happens when i try to boot from a CD (I tried both Ubuntu and Windows 7 CD's. Resetting BIOS to default also did nothing.

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General :: Determine How Much Quota Is Assigned To A User?

Nov 13, 2009

We have quota system in home directory and there is binary aquota.user file.

How do i determine how much quota is assigned to a user?

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General :: Get Assigned Ip From Server It Does Not Get Ip Instead Random Ip Is Provided?

Apr 26, 2010

when i assign ip manually to a machine it gets ping by server and it also itself pings server but when i chose to use client machine as dhcp , so that it can directly get assigned ip from server, it does not get ip, instead random ip is provided which is out of range specified at server side in /etc/dhcpd.conf file.

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General :: Two DHCP IP Assigned To A Single Machine?

Apr 16, 2010

I just installed Fedora 13 on my ESX box.I have Fedora 13 Machine which was early having 1 network adapter.I added a new Interface type: e1000 to this VM.Now,My ifconfig says:


[root@fedora-13 ~]# ifconfig
eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:50:56:BA:00:15
inet6 addr: fe80::250:56ff:feba:15/64 Scope:Link

All i was trying to provide IP to eth0 and eth1 through it possible to provide two IP address to eth0 and eth1 both through DHCP.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Tcp Port Webmin Is Set From A Terminal On The Host Computer?

Feb 26, 2010

I'm having trouble with Webmin. I got it up and running. However, I was changing the 'listen on port' to something other than port# 10000. I made sure ufw was open to the tcp requests on my new webmin port only. UDP has been disabled. I type in my browser my ip address with the new port, and I get 'problem loading page' now. How can I see the tcp port webmin is set from a terminal on the host computer? Do I goto a webmin folder and change a .conf file?

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Ubuntu :: Vinagre Requires Host Computer To Authenticate Keyring?

Oct 23, 2010

When trying to connect to another Ubuntu machine running remote desktop using vinagre, I get a black screen on the client machine. Annoyed, I went upstairs to check the host machine, and it is waiting for me to authenticate my keyring. Why would the host need to authenticate for me to access it remotely?

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General :: Ifconfig Alias Address Assigned By DHCP

Aug 13, 2010

I would like to create several aliases to eth0, but have the addresses assigned by DHCP instead of being set to static IP's. Is this even possible? All the examples I've seen assign a static IP using the command:
ifconfig eth0:0 up

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General :: Control The Segment Selector Assigned To A Section?

May 30, 2010

I see from dumping executables that seg selector 0x10 is assigned to my stack segment and to my data segments (.bss .data COMMON). The code is using 0x08. My question - how can I control this? I've looked at all the command line options and don't see it. I have a different program that uses 0x10 for code and 0x18 for data. I note that the second program has i386 in the architecture field in the linker script, whereas the first one referenced has i686. Is this what causes the difference? I understand that this architecture field triggers something regarding a library named BFD - is this where I should look? If so, where do I find it? I am runnig fedora. Is there a way to control the association of sections in the linker script with segment registers? I can set up segments in the gdt and can asign them to segment registers. I can - when writing in assembler - assign code to a section. I can relate a segment in the gdt with a register.But I dont see how to tell the section which segment register it is associated with Finally I see that the gcc compiler decides - based on how I initialize a variable - whether to put it into bss or data or COMMON. Do I have any control over this?

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General :: View User Admins Assigned In Group

Nov 29, 2010

Once you add a user(s) to be an administrator on the group you've created using gpasswd command (for example, i've added joe (username) as administrator for payroll (groupname) group using gpasswd); is there any way for me to view the list of users that I've assigned as administrators for a particular group? if so, what is the command line that i need to run?

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General :: Radio & TV Web Site Can't Start On IE With Proxy Assigned

Jul 10, 2009

I install Redhat9 and run proxy(squid) on this server. I test with a PC with IE put it proxy ip address any other web site is working fine but not for radio&TV channel online, i found many radio and TV online web site can not start to play after click the link.Please anybody help to advice what should i check on squid?

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General :: Transfer Large Number Of Files Host To Host

Oct 20, 2010

I have two servers, one has an empty / and the other has a subdirectory with a large number (4 gig) with many, many files. I need a way to transfer the files en masse from the server with the large number of files to the one that is essentially blank.I don't have space on the used host to simply gzip all the files. I've googled this and see that there may be some combination of tar and/or gzip that will let me do this with some sort of redirection.

I really need and example line of how this can be accomplished. If my explanation seems rather sparse, I can supply more details.

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General :: Executing The Default Application Assigned To A File Type?

Dec 10, 2010

Using gnome terminal (Ubuntu 10.10), is there a way to execute the default application associated to a file type, only by typing its name, as it is possible with Windows ?

For example, say I create a mime type associated to every file with the pattern *.abc. Lets say I associate this file type to application 'my_app'.

If I have file '' in current folder, what I want is that when I enter only '' at the prompt, it executes 'my_app' feeding it with '' as first argument. (assuming of course 'my_app' is in the path)

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General :: Evolution 2.28.3 Message Filters Not Filtering To Assigned Folders?

May 27, 2010

I have created custom rules following: edit > message filters > incoming filter > (custom filter), none work. Also, by right clicking a message and, create rule from message > filter based by subject, sender, and recipients. Accepting all default (auto populated) conditons. None of the filters work at all? Seems this is a popular problem that has not found a solution except to use Thunderbird. not including ThunderbirdWhen I select a message that is supposed to be filtered to a specific folder and go to Message > Apply Filters. message goes to the assigned folder, but I want it to skip the inbox all together.

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General :: Mouse Button Numbers Assigned In Mint / Ubuntu?

Nov 25, 2010

I just bought a new mouse - just a cheapie usb wheel mouse but it has an extra 'thumb' button which I thought I might as well set up to do something useful. I used 'xev' to determine the numbers that the OS had assigned to the buttons, and I found it wasn't quite what I was expecting:

left = 1
wheel-as-button = 2
right = 3
wheel-up = 4
wheel-down = 5
thumb = 8

I thought the right button would be '2' and the 'wheel-as-button' would be 3 - that's just how I've always seen them referred to in explanations, and I thought it was standardised. Not a big deal - the context menus still pop up when I click the right button so it all works ok. (And I just discovered the wheel-as-button does a 'paste' operation when it's clicked. Weird - I've never noticed that before...) But the thing that I find particularly odd: why is the thumb button assigned as '8'. What happened to '6' and '7'? Does the operating system assign these numbers, or are they built into the hardware in the mouse itself? Again, no big deal, I know I can remap the buttons if I need to, but I was just curious as to how this all works and google didn't help.

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General :: Inquiry:recognize The Assigned Device For Attached Usb Memory?

Dec 21, 2009

I have attached usb memory to my Linux server and I want to add it to my /etc/fstab .Can you please let me know how can I recognize it from my"/dev/?" list ?

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General :: Ssh: Connect To Host Port 22: No Route To Host

Mar 9, 2011

I'm trying to ssh from my laptop to my desktop (both fedora 14) over a local network. I can ping my desktop and get responses, but if I ssh to it, I receive

ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host

I can ssh from the desktop to itself.

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General :: Get The Ip Address Of Host Using Of Host And Nslookup Command?

Oct 20, 2010

HOW TO GET THE IP ADDRESS OF HOST IN LINUX WITH USING OF HOST AND NSLOOKUP COMMAND and after getting the ip address how to assign it in the variable

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General :: Attribute Is Assigned To Executable Programs That Are Not Carefully Designed"?

May 18, 2011

Does linux kernel 2.6 support suid & guid?. I just read somewhere that "latest linux kernels does not support suid & guid as it can pose a security risk if the setuid attribute is assigned to executable programs that are not carefully designed". I need a confirmation about what I say is correct or if not please correct me.

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General :: What Do Host.allow And Host.deny Do Exactly?

Aug 5, 2009

What do host.allow and host.deny do exactly? what are they??

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