General :: Track Spend Time On Computer?

Sep 4, 2010

Possible Duplicate: time tracking application on linux Every Linux time-tracking application I've seen assumes you're tracking time for projects, perhaps to create invoices later for your clients. This is not what I'm looking for. Rather, I just want some insight into how I spend my time on my computer. I'd like to waste less time on my computer, and spend my time on more productive tasks. The first step to improving anything is to measure it. But I can't be bothered or remember to click on some icon and switch "projects" every time I change from my terminal to browsing ....., or something like that. I want the time I spend on different applications tracked automatically.

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Slackware :: How To Limit The Time Someone Can Spend On An Account

Jun 28, 2011

I was wondering how to allow someone to use a user account for two hours a day. After this time, it will log them out, and not allow them to sign back in until the next day. How can I do this?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Expect To Spend To Build A Mythbuntu Computer From Scratch?

Jul 23, 2011

What is the minimum price I can expect to spend to build a Mythbuntu computer from scratch, and are there any good guides out there explaining how to do it?

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General :: Debian - Track When Determines Time Without NTP With Some Other Method?

Jun 14, 2011

When a Linux machine with NTP capabilities will start and it does not find the NTP server, how it will determine the time? A clue I have is that it uses some heuristic method but I don't need what does that mean. My main question is: How can I track such an event on a monitoring purpose?

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General :: How To Track Elapsed Real-time - Undefined Reference To `clock_gettime'

Jan 28, 2010

What is the best way to track elapsed real-time, for the most kinds of Linux systems?

clock_gettime() looks great, but I get this build error:

undefined reference to `clock_gettime'

..even though I have #include "time.h" Here is my uber-goal:

// Returns fractional seconds that have elapsed since Start_Ticks was set.
float elapsed_seconds( unsigned Start_Ticks )


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General :: Computer Time Difference At Windows / Make The Time The Same?

Apr 13, 2011

My computer has different time when booting to linux or Windows.How to make the time the same?My computer time is 10:57pm Apr 14 when booting to linux.My computer time is 2:57am Apr 14 when booting to Windows Vista Home Premimum SP2.Both OS are set to the same time zone (GMT-5. Eastern Time US & Canada).

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General :: How Computer Sets Time

Apr 26, 2010

I want to know how the computer sets time? When I turn off my computer or it is not connected to internet it shows me the correct time. When I login to my computer after so many days, it shows me the correct time though it was turned off for so many days. How is it possible?

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Ubuntu :: Messed Up Vital Files Could Go Back In Time And Restore Computer To A Selected Time

Nov 26, 2010

For like windows you can resore your os to a state of peace kind of. If you messed up your vital files you could go back in time and restore you computer to a selected time. I was wondering if you could do that for ubuntu

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General :: How To Synchronize Clock In Antix To Computer Time Zone

May 10, 2010

I just installed antix. It asked for time zones and I set all of that up but it is 3hrs off. My computer clock is correct, why can't I just set up antix to recognize my computer clock? Or why doesn't it just use that as a default?

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Ubuntu :: Way To Test 'health' Of Drive Before Spend Hours Rebuilding Filesystem?

Jan 17, 2010

I was unable to boot my computer because bad blocks in my drive 'appeared' over my current and most used partition, for 9.10. I discovered there were 101 bad blocks on the drive, so I called western digital and had them send me a new one. In the meantime, running fsck on the drive managed to sort out the bad blocks for the time being. The replacement drive arrived on Friday, and since then, I've been trying to clone my current drive to the replacement. Using Clonezilla, I kept getting the error "bad partition table on /dev/sdb". Alright, I tried a bit-by-bit transfer using dd, but for some reason, the transfer fails on the last partition, leaving the replacement drive unbootable. What do you think I should do? Does it sound likethet sent me another faulty drive, or am I just doing something stupid? I've copied my drive before, but ive never had these problems- i just popped in Clonezilla and away it went.

I'm really leary about this drive, I have many important files for school and TONS of music. The school files, I can back up, and the music could be shuffled to another external drive, but I reallydo no want to go through all of the time and effort to move it to a new drive that may already be failing. Does anyone know what I should do? Is there some way to test the 'health' of the drive before I spend hours rebuilding my filesystem?

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General :: Hexdump Of First Track Of HDD?

Jun 29, 2011

How would i do a hexdump in Ubuntu for the first track of a HDD? I am looking for a winhex-esque output if that makes sense. The first track has 63 sectors, each 512 bytes long. I tried

dd if=/dev/sda bs=1 count=512 | hexdump -C

but that only gave me what appears to be the MBR, or first sector of the HDD.

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General :: Track DoS Attack With Apache?

Jul 21, 2011

Last day i have faced an attack on Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu).A user shoots 53 hits within 20 seconds from same IP and as a result db connections to MySQL increased.

a.) Is there any way in Apache to block these type of requests

b.) how can we trace when this type of attack happened to Apache.

Also I have noticed an entry in Apache error log during attack period

Error Log

[Wed Jul 20 20:28:49 2011] [debug] proxy_util.c(1806): proxy: grabbed scoreboard slot 0 in child 753 for worker http://localhost:8294/
[Wed Jul 20 20:28:49 2011] [debug] proxy_util.c(1825): proxy: worker http://localhost:8294/ already initialized


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General :: How To Track Samba Users

Mar 18, 2011

At my office we are having a samba sever, staff will access their respective folder from their Windows XP systems. I wish to track all user access activity like file creation, modification, deletion and etc. I tried smbstatus -v, from the output I am not able to guess what the user done. I am giving some of the results I get please help me or you can suggest best way to get access log.

Samba version 3.0.25b-0.el5.4
PID Username Group Machine
14721 govind govind tsl-019 (
4832 chandra chandra trivent-9b92c9c (
Service pid machine Connected at


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Installation :: Date / Time Not Set - Computer Won't Boot?

Feb 4, 2010

I've installed 2 different distros on this old dell laptop, install goes fine, i run everything...reboot a few times. perfect, but the next day, when i boot up, i get " date/time" not set, if i choose to ignore won't boot... is this a battery issue ? the battery wont hold a charge, so i only run it with power great, but when i turn this on tomorrow, I'll get that w=error messy.

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General :: Track The Command Fired On A Putty?

Jul 16, 2011

Is there any utility which will monitor all commands on SSH SHELL fired by any user who logs in using putty or any other client? If this record is saved somewhere,

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General :: Process_explorer-0.3-117.i386.rpm Won't Open / Track It Down?

Mar 15, 2011

I tried to install this RPM file and Yum says it's installed but when I type procexp in the shell it states that command not found. So how do I track the problem down?

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General :: How To Track Down What Causes 'segmentation Fault' If No Errors?

Mar 31, 2010

I have been trying for like 2wks to figure out why I keep getting seg faults in Viper WM from slackbuilds.I have it on 6 diff versions of slack, 12.2-current and also in debian and arch.In all of them VWM crashes with seg fault?!I really like it alot and need to figure out what the issue is?

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General :: Reauthoring DVD - Add / Change Audio Track

Feb 3, 2010

I received a DVD of my son playing hockey at the Verizon Center in DC. The accompanying audio only comes out of the right channel. I would like to modify it so the same audio comes out of both channels. I have already done some reauthoring (changed the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9). How to modify/edit an AVI to fix my audio issue. Here is a copy of the video on .....: [URL]

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General :: What Format Should Rip A CD Track In For A Windows User

Apr 4, 2010

I wanted to show a track from a CD to a friend who uses Windows. I tried to rip it in MP3 (LAME) format, because I couldn't remember whether Windows Media Player can read OGG or FLAC (whatever that is) format. Due to some kind of error (no explanation given other than "command failed"), my K3B would not rip in MP3. Which of the formats can Windows Media Player read? I know it can read WAV, but that's inconveniently large to send by e-mail or over an instant messenger.

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General :: Back Track 4 And Toshiba M645?

Nov 14, 2010

I got offered a position with an IT firm that requires me to do system penetration testing I heard Back Track was the way to go. I was reading and came across some forums stating that BT4 has issues with wireless network adapters in laptops.The network adapter is a:

Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMax 6250 (WiMax + 802.11a/g/n)

I'm not worried about the Wi-Max, just picking up Wi-Fi.

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General :: Hide First Track When Authoring Audio CD?

Mar 4, 2010

What is the purpose of hiding the first track when authoring audio-cd?

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General :: How To Track Kernel Releases And Changelog

Jun 17, 2010

I want to track 2.6.33 kernel releases. I can see that has couple of releases like rc1, rc2,rc3, git<>. Kernel 2.6.33. got released early Feb this year.
So How many releases of kernel 2.6.33 were there? I checked at but couldn't find the complete information.

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OpenSUSE Network :: Use Time On The Computer For More Productive Things?

Sep 28, 2010

I was using openSUSE, then went to Mint. Before I had to tinker with all sorts of settings, and things to get wireless internet to work. Ubuntu just detected what drivers I needed & its simply got my wireless to work all on its' own.

Is 11.3 similar? I want to move back to openSUSE, but I don't want to tinker with this. I want to use my time on the computer for more productive things.

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Ubuntu :: Roaming Profiles - Login More Than One Computer At The Same Time?

Jul 7, 2010

I've been thinking about setting up roaming profiles so that I can access my profile and settings from any computer in the house that has ubuntu booting on it. One thing that concerns me is, what happens if I log in using my profile from more than one computer at the same time? A couple examples:

1. I'm working on something on one pc, and go downstairs. A little while later I fire up a laptop down there and want to browse the web. What would happen?

2. I am logged in to my desktop, but let it go to standby. I later log on to a different pc on the network and load the same profile that was logged in (but in standby). What happens to the state of the profile when the desktop wakes up again?

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Ubuntu :: Setting Computer To Shutdown At Defined Time

Sep 27, 2010

Is in Ubuntu option, that can shutdown computer after time or at defined time? I think: I have turned on my computer and I will need to automatically shutdown computer after 4 hours or at 21.00 pm. Is there option, if computer can automatically turn on at defined time?

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Ubuntu :: Each Time Start The Computer - Have To Check The Disk

May 19, 2011

When I start the computer I receive the message that the drive that contains the /home partition has an error. If I press "F" the screen says that the drive is no ready, that I can wait, cancel or manually recovery. If I wait, in about 1 minute, the system starts normally. If I press "M" to repair manually, then I press fsck to repair the disk and apparently repairs the disk. But everytime I start (power on) the computer, Ubuntu always checks the disk and gives a dialog where I can: press F to attempt to fix the errors, I to ignore, S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery

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Hardware :: BIOS Getting Reset Every Time Start Computer?

Sep 4, 2010

When I start my computer sometimes I get an error that my floppy drive isn't working and the boot process is halted. So I disabled the floppy disk seek. But Once in a while (sometimes almost every time I start) the BIOS settings are reset and I have to disable floppy disk seek and reorder boot device list again. I have checked the battery and it's fine. What else can be the problem?

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General :: Ubuntu: Track Application History In Gtkwm / Gdm?

Mar 3, 2010

Is there some way I can track all applications that were opened by a user during a gnome session in ubuntu?Do gdm/gtkwm keep a history of all applications that were opened in some log file?

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General :: Measure Or Track The Progress Of A Command On A GNU Distro?

May 18, 2010

If I run

cp file1 file2

I'd like to be able to track it's progress. Is there a command I can use for this?

rsync --progress

has this, but is there something generic, usable for "any" command?

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General :: Track File Opening Attempts From A Process?

Aug 23, 2011

I am running an Ubuntu(10.04) box and I am attempting to understand an error in a program.I don't have access to the source of this program, but I know it isn't working properly because it cannot find a particular file. I was wondering if it would be possible to monitor what file are accessed(more specifically denied access) by a process. My first idea was to breakpoint on fopen, but I didn't have any success.

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