General :: Run Windows Programs On Unix OS?

Mar 16, 2010

i am now running Slitaz 2.0 and i would like to know how to run windows applications on my system. My OS didnt come with this wine ive been hearing about so i dont know what do do.

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General :: Windows PowerShell Equivalent To Unix - `pwd`?

Jun 9, 2011

In follow-up to the cmd.exe question, what is the PowerShell equivalent to echo %cd%, or Linux/Unix pwd?

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General :: Get The MAC Address From Windows Xp And Remove It From A File On A Unix Box?

Mar 13, 2011

I am tring to get the MAC address from windows xp and remove it from a file on a unix box. This is what I have so far:

getmac | plink.exe -ssh -pw "my pw" -noagent -m commands.txt root@
cd /root
tr '-' ':' | tr -d '[:blank:]'

now this is what I get


All I need is the MAC. Everything after Device* is not needed.The file is /var/db/captiveportal_mac.db. The MAC address are listed like this.


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General :: Windows - View The Unix Permissions Of A File In A .zip Archive?

May 19, 2010

is there a way to view the Unix permissions for a file under Windows?

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General :: UNIX - Copy And Paste Between Different Bash Windows With Files Opend With VI?

Jun 15, 2011

Lets say I log in to bash, open a file in vi, then using alt-f2 I open a new terminal. After logging in I navigate to a second file and open that in vi. How can I CnP between these two files?

I found this from [URL]. I'm not familiar with this command shift-8-y-y. I follow the vimtutor and use virtual mode. I tried this sequence and was unsuccessful.

And, I read this about registers. I found a mention of using double_quote-p to 'put' or paste the register, but this does not work in a different file. The second file reported the register empty.

Alternatively, I read in the VIM docs, it is possible to open multiple files under split screens. This may be a course to a solution. The need I often encounter has me navigating in a different bash window to find a file, then wishing to copy between the two. Whereas, I imagine, a split VIM window useful for files in the same directory.

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General :: Can Run Some Of My Old Windows Programs

Oct 31, 2009

I'm running a triple boot, XP, Vista and Ubunta 9.10, I understand that some windows programs can be run on Linux and I need to know how. I don't just mean only Microsoft programs but third party programs as well.

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General :: Backing Up Windows 7 Programs?

Aug 24, 2010

I want to do a clean re-install of Windows 7 but there are files and installed programs which need to be backed up and restored. I tried using the Windows 7 backup utility to do a full backup to an external usb drive. The problem is that whenever the backup gets close to finishing, it always crashes. The system I am backing up has been compromised by viruses, which might be causing this. I already used several utilities to get rid of the viruses but some of the damage they did can not be undone. I tried doing the backup in safe mode but Windows 7 does not allow this. What other methods can I use to backup and restore important programs and files on Windows 7? Perhaps there is a way to do it from outside Windows 7, like say, using a Linux live cd? One of the main problems I see is restoring installed programs since those make use of the registry so simply copying the files probably won't work.

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General :: Run Windows Applications As Programs ?

Feb 16, 2011

What is the best way to run windows software on linux system? I have both Fedora 14 and CentOS 5.5 installed.

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General :: Is There A Windows Equivalent Of The Unix "strings" Command

Mar 25, 2010

strings in Unix and Linux extracts printable strings from a binary file. Is there a version of this for Windows? I couldn't find one.

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General :: Compile C Programs For Embedded On Windows?

Nov 1, 2010

I am using embedded linux (xlinux) and i need to compile the programs on desktop pc.i am currently using eclipse.can someone suggest me how I can configure, to make a project thats compile the programs for the embedded linix where I need to run them.

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General :: Change Windows Path To Unix Path?

Sep 14, 2009

I have a path c:windowsackup I need this string to be changed into /windows/back/up I used the command -bash-3.00$ echo windackup | sed 's/\//g' but the output is windbackup

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Ubuntu :: New Hyperaccelerated Alternative To Unix And Windows?

Jan 2, 2011

new hyperaccelerated alternative to unix and windows

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Networking :: Passwordless SFTP Between Unix Box And Windows?

Mar 29, 2010

I have to establish password SFTP between one Unix box and Windows in which certain files will be pushed from unix to windows server. Our client is insisting on using TurboFTP on Windows for ssh daemon to run. There are two components in TurboFTO- client and server.

1. I need help if I need to install both. As far as my knowledge with this software is considered, I dont think TurboFTP client to be running as the server componoent will itself run sshd.

2. Also, when I try to add server in TurboFTP server console, it provides me two options - local and remote server types. Local uses 3830 port by default and uses ip If I use Remote server type which uses 3839 and I dont know what ip address to provide. I need help whether I shud go ahead with local server or remote server.

My doubt is if I consider local server type then whether my Unix box will be able to recognize if thie windows machine (which is also naving network specific ip address) has sshd running because windows has local server type enabled which uses

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Programming :: Batch File To Run Unix Commands From Windows?

Nov 22, 2010

I need to write a windows batch file to run unix commands by logging onto a telnet unix server. For example , I might want the batch file to log onto the unix sever, run the ls command, collect the output in a file and ftp it back to my windows desktop

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Programming :: Getting Error In Ftp From Windows To Unix Box - Permission Denied

Mar 18, 2009

I have a written a java code to ftp a file from the windows box to unix box. It keeps giving me the following error : " PORT 204,63,56,5,16,78: 550 Permission denied." I am able to ftp manually from windows to unix.

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Ubuntu :: Samba: Switching From Unix To Windows File Sharing?

Sep 9, 2010

I'm using [URL] to help set up my server for windows file sharing. I accedently pressed unix file sharing and now i can switch it to windows file would be fine to uninstall the Unix file sharing and replace it with the windows counterpart.I have Ubuntu desktop 10.04 (because i keep getting an error with the kernel with the server editions)

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Ubuntu :: Will Windows Programs Work On Ext3 In Windows

Aug 22, 2010

can windows7 programs properly work on ext3 filesystem in windows (if i use ext2ifs)?

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Programming :: Write A Batch File For Windows That Starts Cygwin Tool And Runs Unix Scripts?

Nov 17, 2008

I need to write a batch file for windows that automatically starts the cygwin tool in windows and executes the unix scripts.Previously we had these scripts in unix server.Now we need to migrate them to Windows server.For this reason we are using cygwin tool that allows the scripts to be executed on Windows server.We had written a batch file that starts the cygwin tool,but we were not able to execute the unix scripts.How can we write a batch file such that it executes all the unix scripts in cygwin.

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Programming :: Trying To Convert Mass Of Textfiles From "Windows" To Unix Encoding?

Nov 6, 2010

What I am trying to do is to convert a mass of files from standard Windows text encoding to UNIX encoding(462 .txt files). After a bit of searching, I found this bit of code, changed the necessary parts, put in "Sleep" so I could see the output and ran it:

Code: #!/bin/bash


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Ubuntu :: How To Run Windows Programs

Apr 21, 2011

i just recently downloaded ubuntu on my computer and i like it a lot because i enjoy programming but i cant figure out how to run windows programs on it. for my college im doing programming in matlab and i have it on my computer but i cant get it to work. i have downloaded wine but maybe a windows emulator will make it work?

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Fedora Networking :: Mapping Windows Users On Unix Users

Sep 29, 2010

Samba up and running on my pc. pc runs FC12 with kde. A laptop has win vista. The pc can access the shares on the laptop but the laptop has authentication issues to access the pc. Note that windows doesnt enforce authentication forincoming network connections.Using the system-config-samba util i tried to map a windows user to the unix user "feduser". The laptop (named LAPPY) has a user (lapuser) which has on windows no password.What should I tell samba config what the windows username should be? lapuser or LAPPYlapuser doesnt work because when accessing the pc via the laptop, the authentication fails. The only auth that is successful is when choosing the same winusername as the unix username.

Secondary, id like to setup the laptop so that the user doesnt have to provide a name and password, or at least not more then once in the lifetime of the laptop. Note that you cant provide an empty password to system-config-samba. How is that possible?

Strange but not really on issue imho:the samba - KDE control module(kcmshall4) (and the smb.conf) shows 2 shares: the homedirs and the data dir the samba server configurator (system-config-samba) shows only the datadir.

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Ubuntu Servers :: Mapping UNIX Groups To Windows Groups?

Oct 12, 2010

I am currently trying to set up a Samba domain server. In the Samba-HOWTO-Collection I found an
example file.(Point In the explanations of the example below, the author says I need to map UNIX Groups to NT Groups. He writes a shell-script of how one could do it, but when I copy it and then execute it, I get the error:

Bad option: rid=512
Bad option: rid=513
Bad option: rid=514

The other groups do get mapped, just the Domain Admins, Domain Users and Domain Guests dont. This is the shell from the HOWTO:

#### Shell-Skript f ̈r sp ̈tere Verwendung aufbewahren
net groupmap modify ntgroup="Domain Admins" unixgroup=ntadmins rid=512
net groupmap modify ntgroup="Domain Users" unixgroup=users rid=513
net groupmap modify ntgroup="Domain Guests" unixgroup=nobody rid=514


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Fedora Networking :: Can Access Unix Machine From Another Unix Machine?

Feb 23, 2009

i have been using samba to gain access into windows computer through my pc which has fedora 8 ..can i access the unix machine from another unix machine? is yes then what is the procedures ?

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Fedora :: Programs Equivalence For Windows?

Jun 13, 2010

Is there a list somewhere that shows what programs for Fedora are the equivalence for Windows? I know that OpenOffice is the equivalence for Office but what else.

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Ubuntu :: Reinstalling Windows To Run Certain Programs

Feb 11, 2010

I have to reinstall windows on to my disk to run certain programs and I know I really have to uninstall ubuntu. Is there a way I can backup my whole ubuntu o/s or will it be easier for me to download a whole new disk from Net.

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Ubuntu :: Tell Me More Language Programs In Windows ?

Jun 9, 2010

I used to work on Tell me more language programs in windows . but now i can't setup them even after using wine . i'm really need to run these programs . can i ? or i have to go back to windows ?

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Ubuntu :: Running Programs From Windows?

Jul 3, 2010

I have a dual boot system, Windows 7 and a WUBI installed Ubuntu 10.04, both are 64 bit. Can I use Wine to run a program installed on the Windows partition? If so is there anything special I need to do? My Ubuntu partition is really small and I:d like to keep it that way.

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Ubuntu :: Run Windows Programs On Netbook 10.0?

Apr 19, 2011

Is there an easier way to run windows programs on Ununtu netbook 10.0?

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Programming :: Programs Run Faster Than Windows?

Jul 25, 2010

I know this may be just me being a little bias on OS's but... I quite honestly believe that "some" programs run faster on linux than on windows.

Open Office for example, It runs amazingly fast on my linux distro but runs horribly (laggy) on my Vista machine.

Firefox also appears to run faster on my linux machine than on my Vista machine.

There are several more examples but I could go on and on with this.

My point is, do programs run faster on linux than on windows? Or is it just me that is in denial?

I am not sure if comparing linux to Vista is a good comparison in terms of program speed or not...

Also it should be noted that the Vista machine "hardware" is "several" times faster than my linux machine's "hardware".

I am not trying to start a flame war or anything like that, I am just trying to make sure I haven't totally lost my mind.

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Debian :: Programs Open With (Blacked Out) Windows?

Aug 10, 2015

Long story short, been using Debian for 2+ years. Recently did a Clean install of Jessie (which worked fine). I wanted to test out Ubuntu 14.04 so I distro hopped for a couple weeks. Now I'm back on Debian Jessie (did a clean install again).

Problem is: Everything works fine, but after the computer runs for a while (like 2+ hours) any new program windows that I open are completely blacked out. Just like opening a big square black tile. They are unusable until I restart the computer, then everything works fine again for another 2+ hours.

I've never had this problem before, not even with my previous clean installation of Jessie. This time I installed it in the same way that I did the last time.

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