General :: Print Multiple Independent Pages In One Print Job?

Mar 23, 2010

How can I combine multiple single page prints into a single print job? For example, using Firefox on Linux one can print a web page such that each sheet of paper has four pages printed upon it. I would like to combine several separate web pages so that for example, web-page-a, web-page-b and web-page-c (each less than one print page long) are printed on a single sheet of paper.

I would like to do this without having to use some form of image editor to combine and manage manually created temporary files.

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Ubuntu :: Print An .odg File To Multiple Pages?

Jul 19, 2011

Are there any reliable ways to print libreoffice or openoffice drawings to multiple pages. I have two drawings I designed for 11" x 22" sheets, and I'd like to print one of them to 4x or at most 6x 8 1/2" x 11" sheets, without reduction.

So far, when I've tried this using "print to multiple sheets," the results have been erratic, and have basically wasted paper and ink with no usable results.

I can't even preview this.

I am using the old trick of creating a duplicate file, and creating for duplicate slides within it, making each slide one group, and using the alignment settings to make each slide match one corner of the original image. It works, but it is kinda clunky.

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Some Pdf Pages Don't Print?

Jun 14, 2010

i have an Brother HL-2040 and normaly all pages print fine. But i noticed that some pages from pdf file won't print.The driver says it failed.Can that be, that my driver has some problems? I tried others but they don't print anything.I have the current opensuse 11.2 version and the latest cups version.

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Ubuntu :: Can't Print Select Pages?

Feb 4, 2011

when i print a document and select only certain pages the printout still prints all thepages. this is very annoying, since i have to print everything from anther compusing ubuntu 10.04 with latest updates.

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Software :: Print A Png File Across 5 Pages

Dec 31, 2010

I have a PNG image file that is 568 5766 pixels (W x H).

I don't want it to shrink, trim or anything.

It is wide enough for 1 page but the height should fit on about 5 pages.

So how do I make it print on 5 pages?

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Ubuntu :: Unable To Print Selected Pages?

Feb 24, 2011

i am unable to print specific pages in Ubuntu. i connected my HP Desk jet F2120 printer to my Ubuntu machine and it installed correctly but now if i want to print only the certain pages from a word document or PDFs i am unable to print it. there is a option of pages in print menu which says : " example 1-3,7,11" i don't know what that means.

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Hardware :: Unable To Print Internet Or PDF Pages

Oct 24, 2010

I am able to print from Open Office just fine, but if I attempt to print a PDF or if I attempt to print directly from the internet, I get nothing!So instead I have to open the openoffice and copy the internet stuff to a page in there so it will print.Do any of you have an idea of what can be the cause.I am a linux noobie, so I may be the problem, however it is frustrating putting PDF's on flash drive and getting my son to bring his windoze laptop in so that I can print my PDF.

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Fedora X86/64bit :: Can't Print Test Pages Or From Any App Or From CLI With Lpr Command And Packagemanager

Sep 7, 2010

I loaded FED 13 and running kernel fc13, Now back from holiday, I'm trying without success to sort out a few problems. 1 can not print. the printer sets up OK epson R285, but can't print test pages or from any app, or from CLI with lpr command. Cups log shows this:-


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Fedora Servers :: CUPS - No Pages Found (Print Job Stopped)

Feb 26, 2011

I successfully installed cups on my fedorabox, I can manage it through the web interface on port 631. I added the hplip and installed a HP Deskjet printer. However, when I want to print a test page I get the following error: "no pages found". The print job is in a stopped state...

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Ubuntu :: Firefox Print Preview Does Not Create Additional Pages When Needed?

Feb 17, 2010

There is the option to select a "printable form", but the form is much larger than any paper the printer supportsIf I use "Print Preview" in Firefox, it creates only one page that contains the beginning of the form, and ignores the rest of the form.If I do the exact same thing on a Windows machine, Firefox creates as many pages as necessary when I click "Print Preview"I feel that this problem is not because of Firefox, but because of how "Print Preview" works on Ubuntu.How can I get the print preview to create additional pages to include the entire text when I click "Print Preview" ?

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Software :: CUPS - Print Jobs Shows Completed, But Page Doesn't Print?

Dec 6, 2008

I initially had a problem accessing the CUPS interface (see my other post) and got that resolved by adding the user "cupsys". Now, everything "looks" ok, and when I print a test page, it shows it as completed (in CUPS). However, the page never prints.
The printer is a Canon MP600 (using the canonmp600en.ppd file to configure it). Here's the output of my conf file.

# Show troubleshooting information in error_log.
LogLevel debug


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Ubuntu :: Printing Corrupted - Get Substituted / Print A Blank Space / Print A Box

Mar 23, 2011

Interesting problem: For the first time with Xubuntu 10.10 64bit, I am finding certain applications print corrupt. A varying amount of letters / numbers either get substituted/print a blank space/ print a box etc etc. This corruption seems to happen from a Pdf ( evince ) or Spreadheet ( Gnumeric ) Opening the same Pdf on another machine (ubuntu 10.10 32bit) prints perfectly. Opening the same .xls file on the original computer but using OOo Calc prints perfectly.

I guess I have ruled out any problems with the printer itself or the network JetDirect box. I have re-installed CUPS and evince and upgraded to the latest version of HPLIP but the problem appears unchanged.

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Ubuntu :: Cannot Print PDF Files - Print Preview Shows A Blank Page

Jun 5, 2011

I cannot print pdf files. I have tried using okular and xpdf. The documents display in the program, but print preview shows a blank page. The printer then sends out blank pages. I have tried printing on 2 different printers using usb cables. Using terminal to process the commands shows error:

xxx@xxx:~$ xpdf
***** MediaBox = ll:0,0 ur:611.976,791.968
***** CropBox = ll:0,0 ur:611.976,791.968
***** Rotate = 0
Segmentation fault

Converting to .ps also is blank.

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Ubuntu :: Canon Mp470 Printer - 10.10 - Able To Print Black And White But Unable To Print Photos

Dec 26, 2010

My wife has a canon MP470 printer and running ubuntu 10.10. I am able to print black and white, but unable to print photos. I got it to work using another driver, but not the 'correct' one for this printer. I have searched a bit and don't see anything about ubuntu 10.10, just older versions. Or should I just network her to my printer....?

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Software :: Firefox, Okular Don't Put Print Job On The Print Queue (silently)?

Feb 16, 2011

I'm running Kubuntu 10.10 with a Laserjet 5M printer. When I attempt to print a job from Firefox or from Okular, the job never gets onto the print queue. However, I can print test pages on the printer and also print from OpenOffice, so this seems to be app-dependent. I know the jobs aren't being queued because the job number doesn't increase (as shown by the jobs for the test pages). Both Firefox and Ocular give every indication that the print job has been processed correctly.

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Slackware :: CUPS Print Jobs Print 1st Page OK, But All Others Are Overwritten?

Feb 26, 2011

Not sure when CUPS started acting up. I have the latest 13.1 current software installed.The first page to print is always OK, but all succeeding pages are overwritten. The second page shows the first page on top of it, and the third shows the preceding pages on top of it - and so on. Has anyone else seen this problem?I guess the printer buffer is not getting flushed correctly. If my configurations were trashed in some way, I don't know where to look for a fix.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Connected Via Usb File Goes To Print Que But Will Not Print ?

Aug 14, 2010

Just installed drivers for Lexmark pro200 - S500 series. However although it is recognised by the system and has a tick by its name, And tells me it is connected via usb file goes to print que but will not print. Also tells me it is Printing - localhost! is this correct?.

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Ubuntu :: Print Multiple .doc Files?

Jun 12, 2010

I often have a need for printing multiple files. Therefore I found a Nautilus script that would allow me to do this. However often many of the files a Microsoft Office doc-files. Since I do not really want to convert every single file (as that would defeat the purpose of bundle printing) I tried to figure out how to print these, as the commands "lpr" og "cupsdoprint" cannot process these. I have found a printing command using the CLI part of OpenOffice, but I cannot get it to do multiple selected files.

The command is:

soffice -p "/path/of/file.doc"

How can I use this in a Nautilus Script so I can print multiple files?

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Ubuntu :: How To Print Multiple Photos On Sheet

Jan 10, 2011

I was wondering how you might go about printing multiple images on a single sheet of paper...I used to know how to do it in Windows but have never done it in Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu :: Printing - Print Job Shows The Printer Status As "idle" And The Print Queue Is Empty

Jul 15, 2011

Our one remaining problem seems to be printing. She has an HP OfficeJet 6500 USB printer. We have the computer conntected. Strangely, when I boot from the CD the printer shows up as installed even though I did nothing to install it. After having submitted a print job it shows the printer status as "idle" and the print queue is empty. I tried deleting that printer and re-installing. The installation went as one would expect. However the results are the same. I'm beginning to think that somehow the problem is related to the fact that we are operating from the live CD. getting this thing to print from the live CD.

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Ubuntu :: Use Multiple Cut Command To Print Output On A Line?

Apr 27, 2010

how to use multiple linux cut comman to display on same line ?

e.g ls -il | cut -f6 d:
ls - il cut -f9 -d:

The linux script output is


How to use cut to display on same line ?

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Ubuntu :: Use PrimoPDF For Windows To "print" Pages To A Pdf File

Jul 14, 2011

I use PrimoPDF for Windows to "print" pages to a pdf file.

Is there a good alternative available for Ubuntu?

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Debian :: Print Command ( Print A File ) In Debian Through Comand Prompt ?

May 5, 2009

I have a debian system installed on my pc . I have just saved a text file on my desktop . Please let me know how can i print the file through comand prompt ? I need to learn the printing the file thru comamnd line .

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Ubuntu :: Print A Full Page And Then Print A Blank Page

Feb 1, 2010

I am running 9.10. I have a HP Photosmart 7350 printer. I have it installed and printing. But the issue I am dealing with is that it will print a full page and then print a blank page..then a full page..then a blank page. Actually they aren't completely shows half of "2 of 6" or whatever page it is on. Like it cuts that in half and prints the 2nd half of "2 of 6" onto a separate new page.

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Ubuntu :: Load A PDF And Print It And Only Said "print To File"

Feb 28, 2010

Here we go, error 4,384,239,283 in Ubuntu I was trying to load a PDF and print it and only said "print to file" So I go to System >Administration>Printing, and it says "Starting Printing." at the bottom, and then goes away... Sigh, anyone knows whats going on?

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General :: How To Print From Console With LPR

Dec 30, 2010

cd ; lpr PDF/myfile.pdf
gives no printing at all.
However, I do it with evince using this printer, well configured, and EVINCE (x11) prints the pages.

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General :: Sending A Print Job

Jul 11, 2011

I cant seem to print a pdf that I downloaded from the Internet. Is it because of permission issues? When I email it to my friend to print, is she owner or group?

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General :: Distro For IBM R31 As Print Server?

Dec 15, 2010

I come here to seek your help in my quest to build a simple print server. You see, I have an old R31 Thinkpad and I want to hook up two Samsung printers to it. That is, I want to be able to share the aforementioned printers between Macs and PCs alike on my petty home network. I've had some success with Ubuntu server, but I find it to be a bit unstable and somewhat heavy. Could anyone recommend a distro or better yet a process by which I can set up this home server?

The IBM R31:
Processor:Intel Celeron 1.13 GHz
Cache Memory:256 KB - L2 cache - Advanced Transfer Cache
RAM: 128 MB - SDRAM - 133 MHz - PC133
Hard Drive: 20 GB


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General :: Hp 1050 Can't Print Or Scan?

Feb 24, 2011

I have just started using puppy linux 5.2 ( lucid) which has transformed my old PC . The only real problem encountered is that I cant get my HP 1050C to print or scan . Running the cups wizard gives me the option of the printer and I found a driver in the list. The table below shows the printer settings being used . Sending jobs or maintenance to the printer has no effect although the cups system says they are complete . Xsane does not see the scanner . The printer functions fine under windows . I am obviously missing something very basic

Description:HP Deskjet 1050 J410 series
Driver:HP DesignJet 1050C PS3 v3010.106 (color)
Connection:usb://HP/Deskjet%201050%20J410%20series?serial=CN0C133YFV05 HW
Defaults:job-sheets=none, none media=unknown

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General :: How To Print An Aliased Path

Jun 7, 2011

it is probably very basic but I'm new to linux and the shell "dev" is defined to take me to the newest version (some kind of an alias?), in this case to the directory v0.9 in fact if I go one directory up to /design/ libs/at77000 and I do "ll" I can see: dev -> v0.9/.I am using ocean scripts and for documentation it is important for me to print/show which version is been used in the to show the current version directory "v0.9" instead of "dev", i.e. I need to print this:Version Used: /design/libs/at77000/ v0.9/ the version is changing from time to time and that's why the path is defined as "/design/libs/at77000/dev/"

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