General :: Patching File Ssh2.c Hunk #1 FAILED At 477 - 1 Out Of 1 Hunk FAILED - Saving Rejects To File Ssh2.c.rej

Feb 11, 2010

I was installing PECL extension. i have downloaded the setup. then whatever process is mension in this link i have done that. PHP: Installation - Manual. when i m doing patch <patchfile i m getting this patching file ssh2.c Hunk #1 FAILED at 477. 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file ssh2.c.rej

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Ubuntu :: Trying To Patch 10.10 I686 - 1 Out Of 1 Hunk FAILED -- Saving Rejects To File Linux-2.6/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt.rej

Nov 16, 2010

I saw this forum post and I want to try it out so I went here and copied and pasted the following text into a file called test.patch.

Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt | 2
drivers/tty/tty_io.c | 1
include/linux/sched.h | 19 ++++
init/Kconfig | 12 +++
kernel/fork.c | 5 +
kernel/sched.c | 25 ++++--
kernel/sched_autogroup.c | 140 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file linux-2.6/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt.rej I'm not so good with patching so I am sure it is probably something easy.

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Fedora :: Install Diablo 1 Through Wine On 64-bit 12 - 'Hunk #1 Failed'

Jan 5, 2010

I am running 64-bit Fedora 12, and am trying to install Diablo 1 through Wine. I installed wine from Yum, installed Diablo fine, but when I try to run it I get this message: wine: '/home/obriem5/.wine' is a 32-bit prefix, it cannot be used with wow64 Wine. On a side note, I tried installing Diablo using the guide given here, but received errors when trying to use the patch. (i.e, instead of seeing 'Hunk #1 succeeded', etc, I see 'Hunk #1 failed', etc.)

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Ubuntu :: Adding Patch To Wine: Hunk #1 FAILED At 94

Jul 7, 2010

So I'm trying to get Worms Armageddon working on linux via wine and following the instructions here. Downloaded source of Wine 1.1.39 from sourceforge, and using this patch. I try to patch by running this command:

patch -p0 < ../worms.patch
But I get this error in return:

patching file b/dlls/wined3d/swapchain_gdi.c
Hunk #1 FAILED at 94.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file b/dlls/wined3d/swapchain_gdi.c.rej
patching file b/server/window.c
Hunk #1 FAILED at 2310.

1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file b/server/window.c.rej I'm not to familiar with this patching and compiling from source business.

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CentOS 5 :: LIBSSH2 Not Making An File

Jul 25, 2010

Alright so, I ran everything, and when I go to compile my libssh2 using: phpize && ./configure -with-ssh2 && make

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General :: How To Install Package

May 9, 2011

how to install package. my went missing i think. i already google and search for it and try to install, and they fail at certain part.

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Server :: Install Symantec Endpoint - Error: Unpacking Of Archive Failed On File - Cpio: Mkdir Failed - No Such File Or Directory

Nov 23, 2010

i am trying to install symantec endpoint on a linux server by this command rpm -ivh sav-1.0.3-8.i386.rpm but it gives me the following error error: unpacking of archive failed on file /opt/Symantec/bin/navdefutil;4ceb8d6b: cpio: mkdir failed - No such file or directory

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Programming :: Patch Command: Hunk #1 Succeeded At 25 With Fuzz 1

Oct 21, 2010

I am beginning to start to work with compiling and I get some confusing output adding patches to sourcecode (xosview-1.8.3). (The patch is for suppressing warnings while running the make command : deprecated conversion from * char to ** char ) Xosview compiles without the patch. The patch itself contains 17 files to add mostly const char instead of char. It is one single file containing also files in one subdirectory.
While running `patch < PATCHFILE.patch I had to copy'n'paste the filenames of the subdirectory to the terminal to keep it going. To get it going without much manual input I split it up for the two directories. I got the original patch and both splitted patches succeeding but with confusing output like :

patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line Hunk #2 succeeded at 78 with fuzz 1.

or just

patching file nfsmeter.h patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line # I splitted the original patch to every 17 files and this kind of output I get now at almost every patchfile. I downloaded patch source from debian
and running `pfind` (Puppy-linux speciality .sh) for search text in files showed off patch.c

if (verbosity != SILENT)
say ("Hunk #%d FAILED at %s.
", hunk,
format_linenum (numbuf, newwhere));
} else {
if (verbosity == VERBOSE

As you can see the patch is working but what would I have to add to the patch? I added more newlines , added all lines to close a "{" if the patched line was inside ( also added "}" ), adjusted the path at the diff -uraNd /PATH/ -line, even deleted the diff line.

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Slackware :: Installing The Ssh2 On 13.0?

Jun 27, 2010

i have a freebsd server configured with ssh2 and a slackware client and another freebsd client on the freebsd client i use the ssh2 command to connect to the server and it's ok on slackware i can't use simply ssh and i can't find the correct slackbuild with ssh2 and sshkeygen2

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CentOS 5 :: Installing The Ssh2 Php Extention?

Oct 27, 2009

how i would go about installing the ssh2 php extention?

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Debian :: SSH2 Constant Collide Error

Jul 19, 2015

Install SSH2, but he constantly collide error. It is that [pecl install -f ssh2] but unfortunately writes error and can not be installed. Now it is up to the SSH2 provides but unfortunately cancel running.

Here is the php info : [URL] .....

System : Debian 8.1 Jessie

Debian 7.8 : The installation fails without error but that is not enough fresh modules.

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Security :: SSH2 No Password Login With Passphase Key?

Sep 30, 2010

I was just wondering about logging in to my remote server via SSHv2.

But I want to set a passphase key but not make the server ask for it when logging in, would this at all be possible?

I am well aware I may leave it blank but doesnt this pose a security threat possibly?

I have heard somewhere that you can get Linux Centos 4.8 to do this

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Ubuntu Servers :: Installing The SSH2 Into PHP - Need Php-pear Which Wants To Install Php-cli

Mar 23, 2010

I want to install[URL] extension into PHP, but it seems like it's only installed by pear, and for pear I need php-pear which wants to install php-cli. I already have php-cgi with fcgi and Apache2 worker MPM.

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General :: Moved File Partitions - File System Check Failed On Fedora, Windows Will Not Boot

Dec 16, 2009

my partitioning layout was as follows

Vista Recovery
Windows 7
-->Fedora 12 (ext4)

so, I shrunk my recovery in Windows 7 successfully, and booted into my Fedora 12 live cd to run Gparted, and move the partitions so that the free space could go towards fedora, I did such, and then I couldn't expand the partition to my dismay. Next, I woke up this morning, tried to boot to fedora to run SSH, grub loaded, but when I tried to boot fedora, I got the "File system check failed" error, and when I tried 7, it just went to a blank screen with a single "_" in the top left-hand corner.

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Ubuntu / Apple :: Failed To Create File '/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.AC7YXV': No Such File Or Directory

Jun 22, 2011

I have iMac 2.4GHz with rEFIT installed. I installed Unity on one of the partition. Kernel is still I am getting error message when I run the command
sudo gedit /etc/x11/xorg.conf

The error message is

(gedit:2139): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: Failed to create file '/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.AC7YXV': No such file or directory

(gedit:2139): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: No such file or directory

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: The Exact Error Message Is: "Failed To Extract ZIP Archive" Or "Failed To Load File"?

Apr 13, 2011

I think I'm ready to install Linux openSUSE physical on my Laptop. NO VMware Workstation anymore...But before I can do that I must be sure that Linux works on my System.--- SYSTEM ---

System: TOSHIBA Satellite A300D-13A (PSAK4E-01F00VGR)
CPU: 2x AMD Turion´┐Ż 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-64
--- NETWORK ---


OK, should be enough for the first, ask if I forgot some Hardware...Because I can't find any driver, and I'm not sure. I'm a LINUX NOOOOOOOOOB!!I really want to install Linux openSUSE, I'm MICROSOFT/WINDOWS HATER since 1 month now!! PS: Wine can't start my favorite Programs like Project64 a N64 Emulator. It fails to start a game! I think the graphic plugin crashes... | The exact error message is: "Failed to extract ZIP Archive" or "Failed to load file".

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General :: Getting Error While Patching The File Using Patch Command

Mar 8, 2010

When follow the below step for patching the file diff file1 file2 > patchfile.patch patch -p0 file1 < patchfile.patch but I got the following error after that Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected! Assume -R? [n] I dont know what happen here Kernel version is:

patch version is:

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General :: File Recovery From A Failed Operating System?

Oct 27, 2010

The configuration default in Gnome power manager has changed and now I can't access anything but, the log in menu. I made a post about it but, no reply. Now I ask anyone if there is a way I can retrieve my files or fix the power manager config files.I tried to reinstal ubunto but, it only alow me to installed on another partition and booth on either one. I don't think that will work. I tried to use ubunto on a stick but, it does not accept me signing in with the same password (too short). I would apreciate any suggestions to get my files back. Compiuter is a laptop HP MINI 210-1054TU software ubunto 10.4 latest

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General :: Vim: Jumping From File C1 To File C2 Without Saving C1 First

Jul 31, 2011

Kernel, slackware 12.0
Vim 7.1

I do 'vim c1 c2' and I begin copying parts of c2 to c1 (yank, put). Now, each time I go back to c2, I must save c1 first. But it happens that I'm not sure I want to save it. Is there a way to go back and forth between c1 and c2, making changes to one of them, without having to write to disk before switching? Notice the changes must be kept.

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Debian :: Failed To Install File

Mar 8, 2016

I downloaded a package from Debian's website with using wireless since I use a Macbook and currently I can only connect through wireless to get internet working. URLs....

When I try to open this with package install it gives me the following error:

Failed to install file..A unspecified transaction error has occurred. More information is available in the detailed report.

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Programming :: File Close Failed?

Mar 8, 2011

I am creating xml file by

File f1 = new ("Data.xml");
Then writing into it by using


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General :: Patch In .sh File - Error "patching: Command Not Found"

Mar 1, 2011

I have a script: `cd $FILEPATH && patch -i $TMPFILEA2$FILETMPPATH` Variable $FILESPATH is = /tmp/ardiff.AvUUGfOKa2/a/hello/ and Variable $TMPFILEA2$FILETMPPATH is = /tmp/ardiff.AvUUGfOKa2/b/hello/hello.c.patch. I don't know, why is it no working from script file, it write me message to terminal: ./ line 242: patching: command not found.

But I have no PATCHING command there!!!! The paradox is, when I want to patch it from terminal (I write it to terminal by keyboard, it works).

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Ubuntu Servers :: Installing File Sharing Using EBox - Failed To Enable: "root Command /usr/share//ebox-samba/ebox-samba-enable Failed"

Sep 27, 2010

Installing file sharing using eBox and get the following error:


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Debian :: CUPS Failed To Print File In 7.8

Nov 10, 2015

I have installed cups(1.5.3) in my Beagleboard black based custom hardware running on Debian 7.8 using 'apt-get install' command. I am trying to print to HP deskjet 1112 usb printer from system line but nothing is getting printed and the output of 'lpstat -t' shows the error : "/usr/lib/cups/filter/hpcups failed "

The error_log output is :

I [10/Nov/2015:09:44:51 +0000] Saving job.cache...
I [10/Nov/2015:09:44:52 +0000] Listening to [v1.::1]:631 (IPv6)
I [10/Nov/2015:09:44:52 +0000] Listening to (IPv4)
I [10/Nov/2015:09:44:52 +0000] Listening to /var/run/cups/cups.sock (Domain)


Please find the response from CUPS administrators below:

As far as I see this has nothing to do with CUPS.As far as I see the first error message comes from Ghostscript: "Unable to open the initial device, quitting" (this is in Ghostscript's file).Therefore Ghostscript does not produce any output which lets then the filter from HP's HPLIP driver software error out with "cupsRasterOpen failed" and finally the HP backend errors out with "ERROR: null print job".Neither Ghostscript nor HP's HPLIP driver software belong to CUPS so that the issue does not belong to CUPS (according to my analysis).

I guess that somehow the "Ghostscript command line" is not correct or does not work as it should.Usually this is alos no bug in Ghostscript but "some where else" where the Ghostscript command line with all its parameters is created.

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Debian :: File System Check Failed?

Feb 10, 2011

My system from and after that at startup as it was doing a file system check I got this:

Checking file systems ... fsck 1.41.3 (12-Oct-2008)
/dev/sda1: clean, 30/124496 files 34735/248976 blocks
/dev/hda1 contains a file system with errors, check forced.


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Ubuntu :: Mount Of File System Failed

Jan 3, 2010

I installed Ubuntu a few days ago and its been working fine untill I got home today and It wont boot. It comes up with the boot manager to select what OS I want to load but when I select ubuntu it says "Mount of filesystem failed." ,"A maintenance shell will now be started". Then it just goes to command line with "root@user:"Any ideas why It won't boot properly? It also says control-d will terminate this shell and try again, but to no avail it just returns the same error.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Failed To Fetch File?

Aug 12, 2011

When I recently attempted to install Wine onto my computer from the Software Center, after the download bar had filled completely, I received the following error.

Failed to fetch 404 Not Found [IP: 80]

Am running Ubuntu 10.10 w/ most current updates.

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General :: Failed To Execute Child Process "realplay" (No Such File , Directory) / What To Do?

Sep 16, 2009

What can I do about this?
Failed to execute child process "realplay" (No such file or directory)

using gdome Ubuntu, realplayer is in my Home folder (RealPlayer11GOLD)

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Fedora :: Setfilecon /dev/autofs Failed: No Such File Or Directory

May 5, 2010

on F12 ( autofs/udev generates the following messages at every boot:


May 5 00:28:30 foo udevd-work[679]: setfilecon /dev/autofs failed: No such file or directory
May 5 00:28:30 foo udevd-work[679]: chmod(/dev/autofs, 020660) failed: No such file or directory
May 5 00:28:55 foo automount[1131]: failed to mount /media/.hal-mtab

The configuration is fairly simple:


/media file:/etc/ -browse --timeout=10


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Ubuntu :: Cant Boot To (Mount Of File System Failed)?

Jan 23, 2010

i have installed ubuntu in my laptop,heres wat i didformat the drive and set 80g for /, 237gig for /home and 3gig for swapi have successfully installed it, i immediately look for updates and installed it.the update was successful, i restarted it then i installed nvidia driver.. and other applications i need like netbeans, mysql, cheese, sun jre and jdk..after those installations i have restarted my laptop but it wont boot my ubuntu and displays this message

Mount of File System Failed.
A maintenance shell will now be started.


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