General :: Latest Dumps Of RHEL-5?

Apr 13, 2010

If anybody is having latest dumps of RHEL-5

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General :: How To Install Latest Flash On RHEL 5.3 To Support Chromium Browser

Jun 9, 2011

I've installed chromium on Linux from a custom binary on the net. When I try to get to gmail or any other site that uses flash, chromium warns me that the version of flash that is shipped with the browser is stale and that I should be using the latest version and pointing to an adobe site.the adobe site gives me 3 options

1) yum
2) RPM
3) tar.gz
4) APT for ubuntu

since I'm on redhat, I can use either yum or RPM.Which one should I use and what is the command to install it so that chromium can use it.

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General :: New Install Dumps To Grub CLI?

Nov 11, 2010

I am trying to make a clean install of linux on three new 500G HDs. Because the last failure caused loss of my wife's pictures, I'm in the dog house. I know, I know. Back-up, back-up, back-up.I'm trying to set up a Raid 5 as partial insurance against disk failure (along with a frequent back up schedule). A friend suggested that I put 4-5 partitions in the raid array to aid in recovery if a disk fails (/boot, /, /var, /home, and swap). I know that swap doesn't get 'raided'. I've looked at 50+ tutorials on how to set up raid5 from a clean install and after installing the whole system. Nothing has helped or even addressed this issue so far.

Problem is that I have now tried installing 4 different flavors of linux (Ubuntu, Mint, and a couple of distros of Fedora) with the custom disk partitioning as mentioned above. I've tried installing grub on the MBR and the first partition (/boot). I've ensured that it pointed to the correct partition to find the kernel (/). I've tried everything that I can think of, and at every reboot, I get dumped to the grub CLI after bios post, regardless of distro. I cannot get the system to load the kernel.

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General :: Kernel Dumps To The Wrong /var/crash?

May 2, 2011

I'm running Scientific Linux 5.5 (equivalent to CentOS 5.5), and over the past two weeks, I have had a problem with my root partition filling up, preventing anyone from logging into the server.After searching for large files, and finding none, I was mystified when du told me that the root partition had only 660 MB of disk space used, whilst df showed it full. The problem was this: the /var/crash directory had been filled up by an 8GB crash file. Now, I'm a 'proper' sysadmin and make sure that /var has its own mount point, so the crash should not have touched the root partition at all. Except it did - instead of writing to /var/crash on /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol04 which is mounted as /var, it wrote the file to /dev/md0 directly, so when all the file systems were mounted, those files were hidden under the mounted /var.

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General :: Where To Find Rhce Dumps Of New Pattern

Aug 27, 2010

wher i wil find rhce dumps of new pattern.

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General :: Unable Kernel Crash Dumps In Debian?

May 8, 2011

I want to enable kernel crash dumps for my Debian 5.0.7 machine. The kernel version is 2.2.26 amd64.How can I configure this?

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General :: After Install / Reboot Dumps At Command Prompt With No Desktop

Jan 29, 2011

I am running Windows 7 on an HP laptop trying to create a dual boot with Ubunta 9.0.4(?). I left 300 gb in unpartioned space when I loaded Windows 7 to load linux in (new hard drive). I then partioned the 300gb thru Windows using Paragon Hard Disk Manager. After installing Ubunta, it dumps me at the command prompt. Graphics problem?

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General :: Does The Latest Ubuntu Download (.iso File) Contain Latest Fixes

Aug 5, 2011

If I go to the website and download the ISO file is it the exact same one that was released in April or will it contain the latest patches (e.g. security fixes, etc) that have been release since then? If it doesn't I suppose I'll have to download the entire ISO file, install the OS, and then have another couple hundred MB to download which is not what I'd prefer.

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General :: Cannot Ping From Host (RHEL 6) To RHEL 5 In (virtual)?

May 1, 2011

can not ping from host (RHEL 6) to RHEL 5 in (virtual)? I have stopped iptables on both machines. But still not able to ping from host machine to virtual.

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General :: Downloading RHEL 5.4 AS From RHEL Website?

Dec 23, 2009

I am trying to download RHEL 5.4 AS version for testing..But under [URL] There is no specific link for AS version or ES version..How can I detect which iso is for AS and which one for ES..? There are separate links for AS and ES version for RHEL 4.x version but why is it not available for RHEL 5.x versions?

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General :: Difference Between Rhel 5 And Rhel 6?

Feb 3, 2011

difference between rhel 5 and rhel 6 - basic difference.

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General :: Upgrade From RHEL 3 To RHEL 5.x?

Nov 18, 2009

i have old RHEL 3 system which has kernel 2.4 installed into it. I wasnt to upgrade it to RHEL 5.x so i downloaded a kernel 2.6 package but was not able to compile it.

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Hardware :: Configuring A Printer To Dumps The Job On Server?

Aug 9, 2009

I just made a printer with help of system-config-printer and make the printer default.I assigned some print jobs to the printer. But my station on server1 doesn't dump jobs on the server1 which can be checked by the link Code:http://server1/printers/stationx How to make this happen ??

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Server :: Kdump Doesn't Result In Dumps?

Feb 14, 2010

I have a dumb question but the google can't seem to answer it. When (if?) my host locks up (RHEL 5.4) I generally don't get anything in /var/crash . kdump is configured correctly and works (if tested using ` echo "c" > /proc/sysrq-trigger` as per Red Hat's KBase article) but in the real world, when the system locks up nothing ever ends up there.

So, on to the dump ( ) question - I have to crash it using Ctrl + SysRq in order to get anything out of this, right. If the box is comatose and doesn't respond at all to the point of being power cycled, it's all gone isn't it? Volatile memory being what it is and all; or is there some sort of magic / voodoo in place that makes it survive the reboot. And no, my Dell PowerEdge 1950 doesn't have battery backed RAM, so i'm quite sure that unless i can kill it through sysrq ...

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Slackware :: Firefox 3.6.12 Just Installed - Dumps On Start

Nov 11, 2010

following the instructions on firefox's web site i installed firefox 3.6.12 in /home/jed/firefox. when i start it from KDE, it shows a startup feedback icon for a few seconds and a firefox button on the task bar for a few seconds, hen it dumps. when i try to start it from a terminal window, nothing happens, it just hangs. i let it sit like that for 20min before hitting ^C. i'm running slack 13.0. working version of firefox is 3.0.17, which fortunately i can point my KDE menu back to and get it to work.

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Fedora :: SKYPE Dumps Video Call After 6 Seconds?

Jul 13, 2010

Have NO video camera. Trying to receive SKYPE video using Fedora 11 & SKYPE Beta Version [latest version].When I receive a video call the image appears and then freezes and dumps the call after about six seconds.I have tried the 'env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ /usr/bin/skype' launch, but it makes no difference in the bug.I have NOT heard that a camera is required to receive video.Is there a fix for this?nal information: Here is the error message I get when the call dumps and crashes SKYPE.

[thsk@galley ~]$ env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ /usr/bin/skype
shm_open() failed: No such file or directory
Assertion 'b' failed at pulsecore/memblock.c:439, function pa_memblock_acquire(). Aborting.


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Server :: Debian Lenny - Enable Apache Core Dumps?

Jan 29, 2011

My Apache web server (respectively a child process) is crashing several times a day. I wanted to find the exact reason and activated the core dumps but even though the crashing-issues continue, the core dumps were never created. I have found several howto's which basically point to the same steps:

- set "ulimit -c unlimited"

- add "CoreDumpDirectory" directive into apache2.conf (Debian's httpd.conf)

Another info I've found is that /proc/sys/fs/suid_dumpable shouldn't be 0 - so on one howto it said to echo 2 into it, on another one to echo 1 to /proc/sys/fs/suid_dumpable - didn't work with neither of them.

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Debian Configuration :: Latest Wine Repo - Where To Get The Latest Unstable Automatically

Nov 29, 2010

The latest in experimental is 1.1... the stable by upstream is 1.2 and the latest unstable is 1.3. So is there a repository where I can get the latest unstable automatically?

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OpenSUSE Hardware :: Check What Latest Installed Drivers Are And How To Install The Latest?

Jun 27, 2010

how to check what my latest installed drivers are and how to install the latest? If I search for Nvidia in YaST then noting comes up. I beleive the latest drivers from Nvidia are

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Fedora :: Memory Dumps - Segfault At 00000008 Eip 084ed6a5 Esp 003340d0 Error 4

Apr 2, 2010

I am using Fedora 7 for making a server. I have installed Kaspersky mail gateway solution on that. but the solution is not working. I found an error in the message log file that is Mar 30 20:29:28 srfed kernel: mailgwd[2452]: segfault at 00000008 eip 084ed6a5 esp 003340d0 error 4 It means that the process for mail gateway dropped for some reason. I need to see the memory dumps and save them for future use.

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Fedora :: ABRT Not Connecting To Bugzilla Nor The Remote Servers To Analyse Core Dumps

Jun 14, 2011

Has anyone noticed ABRT not being able to connect to Bugzilla or the remote Core Dump analysis server? Since my upgrade during the beta phase of F15 I have been unable to file bug reports from ABRT's traces, nor has it offered me the option to file bugs to bugzilla. What it does, however, is offer me to analyse the Core Dump and backtrace of the crash using either the remote server or locally with GDB. Needless to say I'm clueless in GDB, and it requires a LOT of debug symbols found in the corresponding debug packages. But trying to use the remote analysis server always results in a message of the server being busy and to try again later. IIRC the last time I was able to file a bug through ABRT was in 13, has anyone been able to do so in 15?

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Server :: Edit The Default RHEL CD To Have It Automatically Install RHEL Based Off Of A Kickstart File

Mar 2, 2011

is possible to edited the default RHEL CD to have it automatically install RHEL based off of a kickstart file that I will store locally on the CD. My plan would be to put a cd in a server and have the OS automatically being installed.

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Server :: Configuration Difference Between RHEL 3 To RHEL 5 For Webserver Installations?

Feb 1, 2011

We are planning to migrate our LINUX server from RHEL 3to RHEL 5. What are the configuration difference between RHEL 3 to RHEL 5 for webserver installations?

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Software :: Unable To Boot To RHEL 4 32bit After Installing RHEL 64bit - Error 13: Invalid Or Unsupported Executable Format

Apr 27, 2009

I have 4 partitions in my system, out of which two(sda1, sda2) have windows on them. I have installed RHEL 4 32 - bit on sda3 and after that , installed installed RHEL 64-bit on to a partition sda 5. Now i am unable to boot into RHEL 32-bit. The error i am getting is Error 13: Invalid or unsupported executable format.

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Software :: Uninstall RHEL 3 And Install RHEL 9 Without Affecting XP?

Jul 13, 2009

I have RHEL 3 and Win XP Installed in my P.C?I want to uninstall RHEL 3 and install RHEL 9 without affecting can i do this and also where can i download free RHEL 9 version or any other latest linux distribution for free?

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CentOS 5 :: Pirut/yum: RHEL 5.1 - Maintain An Unregistered RHEL Box?

Feb 16, 2010

A client has sent me an RHEL 5.1 box for me to do some work on, but it's not registered with Red Hat. This is causing me problems, because it's a minimal installation, and I need some more dev software.My immediate reaction was to install various bits (emacs, and so on) from my Centos 5(.0) DVD.The base RHEL system only had one (disabled) repo entry,so I added a yum DVD repo entry in yum.conf.d.

This looked good to start with, but it doesn't work. Something in RHEL's pirut/yum/rpm/whatever is getting confused, and can't work out what is/isn't installed.

Question - how do you maintain an unregistered RHEL box? Has RH done something to make life difficult? Is my problem simply that I'm using a Centos 5.0 DVD, instead of Centos 5.1? Am I stuck with downloading lots of rpms from the net and doing everything manually? I really don't want to do that.

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Server :: Major Differences Between Rhel 5.2 And Rhel 5.4?

Dec 14, 2010

what are the major differences between rhel 5.2 and rhel 5.4

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Red Hat :: Duplicating A RHEL 5.1 32bit Server On RHEL 5.4 64 Bit

Dec 9, 2009

I have a database server running RHEL 5.1 32 bit that suffered some catastrophic failures about 6 months ago. We were able to patch it back together and keep it running, but now the manufacturing site it supports is going to shut down for two weeks and I would like to replace it permenantly. Does anyone have any guidance for that sort of thing? I'd like to have the new server up and running before hand, basically changing the hostname/ip and restoring the databases only on conversion day. I've done this in the past with HP UX - Red Hat conversions, but this is my first red hat to red hat move. Any advice or shortcuts?I forgot to add the other wrinkle. The new server will be running 64bit linux.

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Red Hat :: Install Dmidecode And Procinfo In RHEL 4 / RHEL 3?

Feb 6, 2009

I have RHEL 4, RHEL 3, i need install dmidecode RPM packet and procinfo packet... exist this packets for this linux versions?

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General :: KDE 3.5 XX In Ubuntu Latest ?

Mar 15, 2010

If there is a way to install kde 3.5 or 3.3 in ubuntu or any other distro from their repositories.. sudo apt-get install kde installs kde4.xx in ubuntu. system slows.

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