General :: Installing Slackware Disk 2?

Nov 29, 2010

I am completly new to Linux and managed to download slackware 13.1 iso and burn it to disk 1 and 2.I installed disk 1 and set the laptop up fine but it could not find disk 2. I can burn again but do i need to burn in a certain format or as an iso? also i do not know how to get linux to read a cd or mount it?

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General :: Installing Slackware On IDE Hard Rive Boot From Slackware DVD?

Jan 23, 2010

I try to install Slackware to my IDE hard drive and boot first from Slackware DVD. After I loaded huge.s kernel, and tried to partition the hard drive using fdisk by entering "fdisk /dev/hda", I found out that the partition size is max to 3 Gigs instead of 80 Gigs.

I think the kernel is looking at my boot disk, which is around 3 Gigs. How can I make so that it looks at my IDE drive instead at my boot drive? Is there any manual that shows me how to install Linux from scratch this means I want to wipe out all my hard disk and install Slackware Linux there?

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General :: Installing Ubuntu On A Dynamic Disk?

Sep 15, 2011

I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop that came with Windows 7 installed and a dynamic disk. I want to install Ubuntu but I have the following constraints:

I don't want to lose any data. I don't want to lose my current Windows installation. If I tried to make a system image it will be very large (about 40GB)

What are the available options?

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General :: Installing Form The Hard Disk

Nov 28, 2010

My current partition is:

I have Fedora 14 installed. I'm trying to install CentOS 5.5 from the hard disk. I copied the seven part iso to the /iso. I didn't create a directory in the /iso. I ran the md5sum on the seven parts and compared it with the md5sum that is provided on the website and they are all identical.

When I tried to install from the hard problem, the first thing is instead of sda1,2,3,5 I found the following options:

well, I selected /dev/hda2 and left the directory blank. The images can't be found. What am I doing wrong? And why is the difference between sda in the partition and hda in the installation?

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General :: Installing Knoppix On Hard Disk?

Sep 18, 2010

I want to install knoppix on my hard disk of my netbook, I did manage to boot knoppix from usb to a live session. But when I try to install it, it says my hard disk does not have a compatible partion table or something.

check this link:


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Fedora Installation :: Installing On New Disk But Killed Old Install Of Fc8 On Another Disk

Mar 15, 2009

I have xp/fc8 on an older ide drive and just installed a new sata 1T and planned to put fc10 on it but in the process I killed my fc8 installation. I told the installer that the other disks were off limits but it was somewhat confusing at the bootloader page. So, I suspect that I told it boot off the fc8 disk. If that is the case is there a way to restore the fc8 install by somehow rescuing the /boot partition on the fc8 disk?

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General :: No Free Disk Space While Installing Fedora 15 / Get That?

Aug 20, 2011

I am on a windows 7 system trying to install linux fedora 15.

I am using Fedora 15 live image which I burned onto a DVD and booted. According to instructions I've found in a tutorial I go into the system tools and choose install to harddrive. I have previously shrunk the windows system drive to free up approx 200 GB of unallocated space. I did this through the
control panel >> administrative tools >> computer management >> windows disk manager.

While I try to install fedora on the harddrive I run into two problems.
1. I can't install it because it says "no free space available to create partition". it doesn't matter if I choose the auto partition option or the custom partition option.

Choosing the custom partitioning option I don't know what partitions I need to create. Terminology such as LVM and PV are all new to me.

The second problem is that I am after some random time ( it occurs in different time intervals) forced to re-login as a live user which kills the installation program and forces me to re-start the installation process

Anyone have clues to solve these problems?

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General :: Installing OS - Invalid System Disk Error

May 25, 2010

I have a computer I recently uninstalled the operating system from and was wanting to use Linux Ubuntu. After burning the cd and trying to install it to the computer it gives me "Invalid System Disk, Replace then disk and press any key." I am unsure how to start this and I am not even sure if I have all the files, I need to install the Linux Ubuntu 10.04 operating system step by step.

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General :: No Hard Disk Drives When Installing Ubuntu

Dec 29, 2010

I'm not a stranger to Ubuntu Linux and I was using it for a couple of months with no problems until last week when I turned my computer on and it would go no further than the boot screen and it said 'Error- Insert System Disk'. So I inserted the system disk (Ubuntu Linux 10.something) and after waiting 10 minutes for it to load up it said 'Installation failed, desktop session will now be run and you can try installing again'. So I tried installing whilst on a desktop session and I eventually got to step 4 of 8 and it lets me go no further. This is what step 4 of 8 is:

And so I cant choose any disks or partitions and so it wont let me go any further. How do I create one? I'm currently running on desktop sessions and they take forever to load up and I cant watch videos or anything because there is no flash. By the way please try and explain to me really simply because I am quite dopey and I wont be able to understand posh complicated computer words.

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General :: Installing Program - Different Disk Space Requests

Feb 8, 2011

I am trying to load vmware server. When running it asks where to load the bin files. Default is /usr/bin. Cool with me, so I accept then get the error:
"There is insufficient disk space available in /usr/bin. Please make at least an additional 5924k available or choose another directory."

Ok, so in my searches, most cases people actually do have a full disk. I have 30gb free. Another post somewhere stated it could be the file system used, so I tried different file systems. Now I am back on etx3. What's odd is when I blow away the OS and reload and try to install VMware again, I get a different number to be "freed" in the error. Choosing another directory only yeilds a different disk space request.

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General :: Arch Disk Check Keeps Spitting Out Strange Error's After Installing BT / Fix It?

May 10, 2010

I don't know were this goes so I'm just gonna put it here
Basically earlier today i figured i wanted to try out backtrack 4 but I could only have a maximum of 4 partitions on an hd at a time.
So i deleted my partition that contained my arch home directory (didn't really have any data on it and i figured i could just make a new one later) to create an extended partition to put backtrack on. Well all went well except now when I select arch instead of backtrack i get a disk check error.
This is the first part of the error, I can't exactly copy and paste it as its on my laptop. code...

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General :: Installing Slackware Over Ubuntu?

Jan 24, 2011

I have a laptop with broken ubuntu and windows 7. I want to replace ubuntu 10.10 with slackware 13.1. If I was to just install it over the top would the slackware bootloader (lilo?) Replace the ubuntu one(grub?). Because that would make my life easier.

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General :: Create An Image Of Slackware OS But Vmware Is Unable To Detect The Disk?

Mar 4, 2011

i am trying to create an image of Slackware OS but vmware is not able to detect the disk. it gives me below error, "Unable to detect disks or volumes on the source machine. Make sure that the source is a supported linux distribution." can some one tell me what do i need to do to create the image.

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General :: Specifying Destination Directory When Installing Slackware ?

Jan 25, 2010

I'm trying to install Slackware package into some specific locations, like for example, I want to put Linux base package into at / and put applications on /usr/local. However when I'm installing using "setup" program, I cannot find a part that let me to choose the installation destination.

At "setup install" option, it gives six different installation method like full, newbie, menu, expert, custom, and tag path. But none of them (I cannot find it) gives an option where to put the installation package to.

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General :: After Installing Slackware Swap For Ubuntu Corrupted

Dec 24, 2009

I wanted to dual-boot Ubuntu and slackware, and use one swap. Well, I had Ubuntu installed and used installed slackware, and the boot hangs when I try to boot into the latest kernel; it says it's waiting for a UUID = (some random characters. I tried to enter a recovery mode for the latest kernel, and I couldn't even log in as root or my log in.

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General :: Installing Skype And Flash Plugin On Slackware

Dec 14, 2010

I've downloaded the static .tar.bz2 file for Skype .


Same with Flash, my default browser is Konqueror. explain everything for dummies. I've also created a non-root user (kasu) and when I try logging in, I get the error message; There's no home directory and it can't be created.

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General :: Installing Slackware / LILO On Two Hard Drives?

Apr 15, 2010

I have one machine with two disks that I'd like to install Slackware on. I'd like to have the root folder and installed folders on hdb, and just have have hda as a disk I can use for storage (without any home directories, etc.). My problem is, I don't know how to make this boot, as I think LILO is installed on the primary drive, but the boot folder is located on hdb. I tried doing this before and was having problems booting, so I was just going to go through the whole process again, but don't really know the correct procedures.

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General :: Win7 User Installing Dual Boot Slackware 13?

May 29, 2010

I'm a pretty experienced Windows user, and have coded in x86 and win32 API for a while, so I know the system reasonably well. I've used windows since the days of Win95, and prior to that I had an Amiga - so I'm pretty rusty in unix-like operating systems. I have little C coding knowledge beyond reading it, though I can understand what the programmer is doing from reading the source. My only experience with installing linux was on a 486 laptop that failed spectacularly when the CDROM couldn't be detected and used, so I'm necessarily a little wary of doing this, but I've become quite exasperated with Windows lately.

I have decided to make my life interesting (if not easier at first) by dual-booting Linux with Win7. My current machine is a dual-core intel laptop with 2GB of RAM and an ATI X1250 mobile GPU, with a 120GB HDD. I have two partitions currently on this machine - both 60GB-ish. The main C: drive is Win7. I'm aware of the hidden partition that Windows installs. I have an external 1TB USB drive for my applications and data, so space shouldn't be a problem. There is no floppy drive (unsurprisingly) and I can boot from the internal DVD drive.

I have chosen the Slackware 13 distro because it seems to be well respected as a learning tool for unix-like operating systems. My main aim here is not to abandon Windows at first, but to learn a new OS. I'm aware that Slack may not be the most user-friendly distro, but will give me knowledge that I might not gain under other distros. If I'm making a mistake here, then let me know! I have plenty of free time to devote to this little project, and I'm not afraid to learn. I am however afraid to destroy my Win7 fall-back. If all else fails, I need to be able to go back to a working OS to jump on the net to find the answer to what went wrong.

So my question, as per the subject title, is: What do I need to know before I do this? I have no idea what I'm doing with regard disk partitioning beyond Partition Magic - which I don't actually possess anymore. I can use the Windows disk management app. I have no idea how to manage a boot sector. So are there any gotchas that I need to bear in mind? I've already read this thread: [URL]. Which I must admit looks very complicated! I have a fair bit of time before my Slackware 13 DVD-ISO image downloads (20KB/Sec) so have some time to gather information.

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Hardware :: Master Hard Disk Error After Installing Ubuntu 8.10 / Hard Disk Died

Apr 8, 2009

after installing Ubuntu on one WD 500 GB hard disk and after making mistake and pasting wrong code into Terminal:my OTHER WD 500 GB hard disk that was also in the system (I guess it was "hd1") - died.The problem must be, I guess, I typed wrong code: "hd1,1" instead of "hd0,0".)500 GB (NTFS) of data was on that other (non-Ubuntu) hard disk, and now I can not access it anymore. While booting, system gives "Hard Disk Error" warning and stops.One again: I installed Ubuntu od one hard disk and at the end of instalation I pasted wrong code for GRUB, giving address of another hard disk. Now that other hard disk has error and will not work

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General :: Installing TYPOlight In Slackware Virtual Machine - Get The Database Parameters?

May 18, 2010

I m busy installing TYPOlight in slackware virtual machine, Im stuck I do not know where to get the database parameters from, I have configured phpMyadmin on the virtual box with mysql enabled so i guess i have to get the database parameters from there, how do I get the database parameters. Which mysql file stores the parameters.

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Slackware :: Installing NVIDIA 256.53 Driver In Slackware 13.1 - Unable To Get It Moved

Oct 9, 2010

I started a thread asking for advice in the hardware forum. I didn't want to post a duplicate thread, but I was unable to get it moved here, so I'm kindly asking you slackers to help me install the aforementioned driver.

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Slackware :: Installing New Software On Slackware 13 X64 / Especially Python

Mar 26, 2010

I'm now up and running on slackware 13 x64. I have noticed that the version of Python installed was 2.6.2 but there were a lot of bug fixes between this and 2.6.5. What is the best way to get 2.6.5 running on my machine. Do I have to install from source or is anybody aware of any packages that have been released?

Again, I'm not too familiar with package management systems on Slackware as I have always installed from source but this became a bit of a bind recently as updating software to newer versions involved a lot of hard work. Can anybody give me an ideas on the packaging systems available, the best ones to use, and where I can find information about the packages related to the package managers?

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Slackware :: Installing 13.1 Over Windows XP - Run Slackware And Slackware Only

Dec 19, 2010

I have been given the task to install slackware 13.1 over windows. I have downloaded and copied slackware 13.1 on to a disk, and rebooted the computer, but i am not getting what all the tutorials have shown. I have been looking for tutorials that specifically instruct me as to how to install slackware 13.1 on to a windows xp. I am not trying to dual run I just simply want to run slackware and slackware only.

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Slackware :: Installing A VM Slackware On RHEL5.5?

Oct 11, 2010

When i install slackware12 on xen,no matter in http or ftp,there is always a error as follows.

[root@lx xen]# virt-install --prompt
What is the name of your virtual machine? slk
How much RAM should be allocated (in megabytes)? 1024
What would you like to use as the disk (file path)? /xen/slk
How large would you like the disk (/xen/slk) to be (in gigabytes)? 10
What is the install URL?


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Slackware :: Installing Alsa On Slackware?

May 11, 2010

How should I go about installing alsa and making it start on boot?

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Slackware :: Installing Flash In Slackware 13?

Jan 23, 2010

I'm trying to install the latest version of Flash in Slackware 13 on a 32 bit machine. Adobe seems to have rpm and deb installers, but there's no TXZ. Normally, tar.gz wouldn't be a problem, but the package they have there only contains a shared library. No installation script, no readme, no nothing. Further, the SlackBuild is for an outdated version, and the installation doesn't work.

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Slackware :: Installing Msttcorefonts In Slackware-13?

Feb 18, 2010

I have a problem with the cyrillic and writing in Bulgarian in text files (In the Pidgin I have not problem). I saw that if I install the windows fonts this will resolve the problem, but I can't find slackware package and even source package.

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Slackware :: Installing Slackware 13.1 X86_64?

Oct 2, 2010

I have just been forced into upgrading my mother board and cpu so now own a x86 cpu and was thinking i would give the x86_64 Slackware a try. I realize that i need to do a reinstall but can i save my /home partition? Will that save my settings or am i asking for problems? I assume i can just drop all of my config files into the new install as well.

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Slackware :: Installing Slackware On Sheevaplug?

Apr 4, 2011

has anyone installed slackware on a sheevaplug?

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Slackware :: Installing Slackware Using Virtio?

Mar 22, 2010

It seems there's no support for the KVM virtio modules in the Slackware install kernel.

May I suggest that these be added to the next version of Slackware?

Or am I perhaps missing something?

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