General :: Install On Multiple Desktops Parallely?

Jul 7, 2011

I have used various distro's but so far the interaction was always with standalone workstation, max few machines/servers.I was thinking of a scenario, where say - Linux has to be installed on 20 servers with similar packages and configuration, what would be the best solution to tackle such scenario....

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General :: Good Support To Multiple Desktops AND Multiple Monitors

Jun 4, 2010

I'm starting to have A LOT of opened windows in my machine. Sometimes within a project, I have e-mail/task management/personal e-mail/twitter, and a lot of different opened applications/terminals in my Linux workstation.Sometimes it would be interesting to have different workspaces to projects instead of this configuration I have nowadays that are classes of work (bad name, I know, but I think you got the idea).I'm starting to think about using two monitors: one with Corporate Management, Work and Personal. The second monitor is only the development state: each workspace here is about a project being worked on instead of groups of works like before. A workspace may be implementing different classes for example.

My question is: I just want to change to a second monitor using the mouse. I want to still be able to change workspaces in the same monitor using keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard shortcuts wouldn't change monitors, just worskpaces on the same monitor. All the tutorials I read (like this one) only tells how to use multiple monitors but doesn't answer my question about keyboard shortcuts.Does Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx or Debian 5.0.5 Lenny) support this envisioned setup (Different workspaces in a way that keyboard workspace switching only works in the current monitor) ? If so, how?I haven't tested this setup, that's why I'm asking. In this question the user says it works exactly how I want it to behave, can someone else confirm it?

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OpenSUSE Install :: Multiple Desktops Have Vanished?

Jan 29, 2011

using KDE 4.x on the latest version of suse.and for some reason my multiple desktop buttons have just disappeared

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General :: Launch Multiple Applications On Different Desktops Via A Script?

Jul 12, 2010

I am new to Linux (I get to learn it for work ) I was wondering how to launch multiple applications on different work spaces via a script. I have researched it and come up with most people using "Devil's Pie" I don't have this as an option. (work reasons) I was wondering what commands I could use in the script file to launch an app. on Said monitor on Said workstation.

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General :: Ubuntu Distributions - Put Multiple Virtual Desktops In Panel

Oct 22, 2010

I first tried latest version 10.10 desktop. very slow booting in a Centrino CPU laptop not booting at all in a N455 CPU netbook. Tried version 10.04 which seems to work better fast booting in Centrino CPU laptop. fast booting in N455 CPU netbook. From Centrino Laptop with Windows XP on HD, once loaded Ubuntu as persistent live program from a USB drive, tried to install the program on SD memory card in PC slot. Upon request, installation made onto that memory only, not on inside HD, hence formatting only that memory. Upon completion, after removing the external memories and booting again the PC it does not boot of its own any more. XP OS damaged. I have recovered the system with a Toshiba backup CD but the HD has been formatted and all data lost. How can this happen ? I'll never try anymore to permanently install Ubuntu. I'll use it as persistent live on an external memory. I only have an old PC laptop with 128 MB RAM for further installation testing but no Ubuntu release can boot there. By the way, Lubuntu 10.10 look more fast and safe although appears to have more limitations then Ubuntu 10.10.

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Ubuntu :: Apply Multiple Themes For Multiple Desktops?

Jan 12, 2011

I'm using Ubuntu 10. I want to apply different themes for desktops.. I want to apply windows 7 theme,ubuntu, mac os themes for my multiple desktops

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Ubuntu :: Add Multiple Desktops On The Taskbar?

Jul 20, 2010

Ubuntu Netbook remix so does any one know how to add multiple desktops on the taskbar?

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Ubuntu :: Multiple Unique Desktops?

Sep 30, 2010

hen I was still using hardy heron, I made a few posts trying to figure out if there was a way to really take advantage of the separate workspaces/desks.Has any progress been made in this direction? I want to do more than move firefox windows around. I want to dedicate a workspace to different projects or aspects of my life. I want to have different icons up in each one that relate to the project I'm working on and only that project

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OpenSUSE :: Can't Configure Taskbars For Multiple Desktops?

Apr 8, 2010

I am hoping I have a simple one to solve here! I've been looking around online, trying to find out how to configure multiple desktops to have their own taskbar.Most of my results suggest that I should be able to click on the menu, choose favorites, and go to Configure Desktop. In the new window, I should see a taskbar section on the left hand side?I am running OpenSUSE 11.2 on two machines and neither of them have this option. I just wanted to see if somebody knows where I can find the window to configure separate taskbars for each desktop?

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Ubuntu Multimedia :: Mouse Over With Multiple Desktops?

Aug 14, 2010

I am running Ubuntu 10.04, my video card is an ATI Radeon HD3200. When I hook up my tv to my laptop via an HDMI cable, I am having an issue in the multiple desktop configuration. The audio and video work great in both the cloned desktop mode, and the multiple desktop mode (the extended displays cuts my laptop image in half though). However, when I am using multi-desktop, if I mouse over (or drag a window) from display one to display two, I can not bring my mouse back into the first display (it doesn't matter which display is which, tv or laptop)

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Ubuntu :: Separate Windows For KDE Multiple Desktops?

Mar 2, 2011

Is it possible to make it so that when you switch the desktop allhe programs in the taskbar from the current desktop disappear like in Gnome

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Debian Configuration :: Multiple Virtual Servers Be Setup In 2 Desktops?

Jun 12, 2010

I now have 2 desktops running debian. I have virtual servers running in desktop 1, and I am hosting my photos using Gallery2. I have copied Gallery2 and the mysql over to desktop 2. I have entered port forward to desktop 1 using port 80 (using my router), and desktop 2 using port 1000. I can only access Gallery2 in desktop1. If I tried to access Gallery2 in desktop 2, I got re-directed to desktop1.


1. Are home routers capable of port forward to more than one computers in a home network behind the firewall of the router? It is Belkin N+ router.

2. Can multiple virtual servers be setup in 2 desktops?

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Software :: Put Multiple Virtual Desktops In Panel - Distributions Based In Debian

Jan 21, 2011

According to Distrowatch, the two most downloaded distributions are Mint and Ubuntu. I have put both on my computer. In Mint I can find no way to put multiple virtual desktops in my panel. In Ubuntu 10.10, when I go to synaptic package manager the settings tab with the repositories is dimmed out. I have enabled the sources list in administration but it is a less convenient way to add repositories. Despite what the linux community seems to think, I find that Simply Mepis and Pclinuxos are better for actual use.

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General :: How Do I Get Back To Chose Install All Desktops?

Sep 23, 2010

I think in DOS, too many variables, debian-506-amd64-netinst.iso boots to $ How to: With out a complete rescue as I now seem to have linux in NTFS partition; how do I get back to chose install all desktops? Time to put wife to bed I have been at this since 6:30am. I took half my drive, and formatted fs2. Went back to install to chose desktops seems I will blow away every thing if not careful. Or is the problem BCD is on linux partition 1?

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Software :: How To Copy Drive Using Dd And Tee Command Parallely?

Feb 10, 2010

i want to copy one harddisk to one or more harddsik simultaneously. i found from forum to use dd with tee copy all the files from the source sda to sdb,sdc,sdd. But it take the source file from sda and copied first on sdb then sdc then sdd on squential manner. After it copied the first file, it takes the second file to copy to all drives.But i want to copy the file parallely all the drive simultaneously. i come to know tee is the squential file copying utility. Any body know about the parallel copy to all drive simultaneously.

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OpenSUSE Install :: Toggle Between A Gnome And KDE Desktops?

Jun 7, 2011

Is there a way to toggle between a gnome and KDE desktops?

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General :: What Are Basic Differences Between Desktops?

Jun 4, 2010

I took the simple approach and installed the gnome desktop, but I have read about KDE and Xfce and am curious. There may be a lot more that I just haven't heard about yet too. So the question is: Without doing a reinstall and messing up the downloads and settings I have now, how do I try a new desktop like Xfce or Kde? Also, what are the basic differences between the desktops?

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General :: Running Different Desktops From Startx?

Oct 9, 2010

So, I am having difficulty understanding what I need to do or if this can be done at all..

I would like to boot into the command line for my Linux system but, still have access to the different environments as well (KDE, GNOME, Enlightenment, etc) but I don't know how to do that using startx. that seems to only start KDE.

Can you use startx in some way to optionally start another environment? If not, can it be set up to start that graphical umm.. like start chooser screen? I don't know all the terms but its the screen that comes up that you enter your username/password and you can select which environment you like.

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General :: Fedora Desktops / Different Wallpapers For Each?

Mar 28, 2011

Using Fedora 14, compiz.How do I set each of the Desktop screens, available from the viewport switcher.... with a different wallpaper? Searching keeps turning up multiple monitors and such -- but not multiple viewports/desktops. I know i did it before.

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General :: Enabling More Than Two Desktops On Backtrack4 R2

Dec 4, 2010

When I try to set my number of desktops to "4" on the KDE control module, it reverts back to having only two. I downloaded and installed the current ATI driver ( and everything works as it should with compiz, except for desktop cube, because I only have two desktops. I never had a problem while running Ubuntu, just with backtrack 4 r2. By the way, I have it installed and not running on a virtual box.

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General :: Ubuntu - Make A Program Available On All Desktops?

Aug 3, 2010

In Ubuntu 10.04 running Gnome I can right click on any window and it gives me an option to show that window on all desktops, so even if I switch to a different virtual desktop, that window will always show.Is there a command in terminal that can do this?

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General :: Shared / Home Separate Desktops?

Apr 20, 2010

I have a laptop running two versions of openSUSE, 11.2 & 11.3M5. I'm using a shared /home partition for both.I would like to have different desktop settings for each version but haven't been able to figure out how to do that. Primarily different wallpaper or background color.I know I could use different users on each version, but then I wouldn't have access to all the sub-folders from the other user.

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General :: XDMCP Slow - Looking For Alternative Remote Desktops

Mar 16, 2010

I've been used to using RDP on Windows to remote to machines, and I've got an asus eee 701 which I want to use to do some *nix programming on. While the eee is a lovely little machine the screen and keyboard are a little small to use for lots of programming. I've tried using Xming (the free version) to remote login into the eee from my desktop using XDMCP (or even using a ssh session as a straight X11 server and no desktop on the eee) the whole thing seems seriously slow over wifi the initial desktop takes at least 5 seconds to paint (might even be 10 seconds I haven't actually timed it). So my real question is what do other folks use for remote control with a GUI for their *nix boxes? I am finding it hard to believe the performance is so bad over a wifi network (It makes the Mac IIs I used to use a college in 1988 seem fast) or is this just a problem with Xming and using say the Cygwin X11 server would be better.

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General :: Give Names To Virtual Desktops In Xmonad?

Mar 22, 2010

I would like the name of a virtual desktop to be displayed when I switch to that desktop.

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General :: Lost My 4 Default Desktops / Workspaces - Return It?

Aug 19, 2010

Am new to KDE and have deleted 3 of my 4 desktops and cant figure out how to return the default. It seems like I'm gonna need a Bash command

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General :: Install Multiple Packages Using Yum?

Dec 15, 2010

I need to install almost 10 packages using yum. i know the package names. Is there any way to install them in one single command ?

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General :: Win7 - Multiple OS Install Order?

Jan 20, 2011

I am currently running Windows 7. I want to install the latest ubuntu (which I know I can just install right on top of &) but I also want to install FreeBSD and either Windows Server 2003 (maybe 2008 if i can get my hands on it). What would be the best way to go about installing these 3 OSes next to W7? I was also thinking about just upgrading my hard drive to a 2TB internal anyways, so waiting to get that is also an option, then installing everything in the "best" order. I also want to try installing Mac sometime too once I upgrade hardware.

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General :: Install Applications For Multiple Users?

Nov 27, 2010

I'm quite new to Linux and wanted ask how I can install applications to any Linux distribution such as Debian or Red Hat so that multiple users can access and run that application. Should I be root to install applications to directories like /var, /opt

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General :: Possible To Install More Than One Distro On Multiple Boot PC

Mar 28, 2011

If I can install more than one distro on my Multiple boot pc. I already have, Mandriva, Win xp, and Win 7 on. But you know how it is, you want to try out all the linux systems if that is possible. I guess using a live cd would allow me to do it. I do not want to bugger up the systems I already have on.

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General :: Is It Legal To Open A Small Business To Setup (Ubuntu) Desktops / Create Websites

Oct 8, 2009

Since Ubuntu and other Linux Distros are free to download and distribute. Would it be illegal for me to have a Small Business of my own that would charge individuals/small-businesses to Install and Setup Linux desktops. I wasn't sure how that GPL license worked. I figured I would be charging individuals for setting up Linux Desktops on their machines or small business/offices and training/teaching them on the various applications they could install on their own.

Also, would it be illegal to create websites using Apache, Tomcat and other Open Source tools and then sell those sites. I figured many people are turned off by learning or installing something other than Windows desktops on their pcs, just because it is different. If this cannot be done under the GPL license, then could someone tell me how I could go about starting my own small business to legally Setup/Install Linux distributions.

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