General :: Get Installalabe OS Image From .iso File?

Aug 2, 2011

I followed the steps provided in the below link which will help me to convert from ISO to image. [URL] After it finished the setup it launched the VNC viewer and stated showing the booted messages and in that I could login to the OS as well (but when I do ifconfig it was showing only though I had configured to virbr0). I copied the image from /var/lib/libvirt/images/ttylinux.img to Opennebula controller(Virtual machine tool kit).

I deployed using Opennebula , but I cloudnt not do SSH to that so I tried with VNC viewer by connecting the running VM , in the viewer shows that Booting from hard disk Boot failed : not a bootable disk No bootable device. How to copy the proper image ..? even I had tried clone the image thorugh virt-manager but same problem .

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Debian :: File Upload Using Firefox - Smaller Image File Is Previewed While Bigger Image File Is Not

Dec 16, 2015

I am trying to upload some pics on my Facebook account using Firefox. When I click on Facebook's file upload icon, Firefox bring up a 'File Upload' window. I noticed that smaller image file is previewed on the lower right hand corner, while bigger image file is not. Is there anyway I can change this behavior or maybe change what Firefox is using to browse my files?

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General :: Create Device File For Image File?

Sep 8, 2010

Everything in Linux is a file, right? And everything can be represented by a file? Is there some way I could create a block device file that represents (i.e., provides an interface to) this image file? If so, then I could use fdisk on the device file to split it into partitions, format the partitions, and then mount them as directories. I could create a file system within a file system, which would be fun.

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General :: How To View Image File

Jul 16, 2010

I am working on a linux cluster based on Scientific Linux 5. I have some images in .bmp format. How can i view them from the command line or without downloading to desktop? At present I am connecting from Win7 using Exceed.

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General :: Cron Job - Display A Jpg Image File?

Jul 25, 2009

I am a windows user and am trying to display a jpg image file on linux every x hours.In Windows, if I were to perform the same task, I would just give out the path to schtasks.exe and it would open the image in the default viewer,is the case same with linux as well? Do I just execute:

crontab now + 1 hour abc.jpg ? The linux is OpenSuse or Debian I guess.

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General :: Command To Use To Explore Iso Image File?

Nov 1, 2010

I have used to knoppix to grab an image off a pc to my external hard drive.I then used the command dd if=/sdc1/backup.iso of sda2 bs=4096 conv=notrunc,noerror to another pc I was cloning.This process failed and the hard drive was not seen after that even using fstab.Is there any way I can verify if the iso image i grabbed is good.What command can i use to explore this iso image?

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General :: How To Get Kernel Version From Image File?

Mar 25, 2011

I know that it is possible to get the kernel version from a running system using "uname" command.I have a kernel image file in linux/arch/arm/boot/uImage.Is it possible to get similar information from this image file? and how?

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General :: The Background Image Are Not Displayed In A Php File

Apr 26, 2011

I'm programming an web system using LAMP, currently I'm using Ubuntu 10.04, so, when I load the index page the background image is not displayed, it looks like a permission file issue - I guess-, so currently all images have this permissions:

and the permissions for the php files are:


what permissions should I set to display the background image?

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General :: Obtain The Raw Image From A Norton Ghost File?

May 19, 2010

I have a Norton Ghost .gho file, and basicly I want to extract the raw image out of this, for example to use with with tools like dd. (So using any symantec/windows tools is not an option). Is there any open source tool which can deal with these .gho files ?

(Note: the.gho file I'm using is a sector based one, and not a file-based one, which implies that things such as Ghost explorer won't work either (see this page)

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General :: Windows - Creating Compressed Iso Image File?

May 17, 2011

I want to create a compressed ISO image file and mount that file to one of the virtual drives and access the content (read-only) without worrying about manual decompression/extraction.For Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) OSes.

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General :: C - Mount NTFS Partition Image From File?

May 31, 2011

i need to mount at least for read access NTFS-based partition image on linux from a file. File is binary copy of a partition. Is there any libraries or resources for this?

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General :: How To Read NTFS Image File In Windows

Sep 26, 2010

I just created a NTFS image file using the following steps:

After this i want to access the contents of this image file in windows. How to do that ?

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General :: Boot From Disk Image File From Windows?

Mar 24, 2010

Is it possible to boot from a disk image file(containing linux) file that resides inside windows and add a bootloader entry for booting from the disk image.?

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General :: Change Image Of An Executable File From Commandline.

Feb 15, 2011

I want to change the icon image of the executable files from command line.

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General :: Filesystems - Convert A Disk Image Into A Sparse File?

Jul 31, 2010

I have a bunch of disk images, made with ddrescue, on an EXT partition, and I want to reduce their size without losing data, while still being mountable. How can I fill the empty space in the image's filesystem with zeros, and then convert the file into a sparse file so this empty space is not actually stored on disk?

For example:

> du -s --si --apparent-size Jimage.image
120G Jimage.image
> du -s --si Jimage.image
121G Jimage.image

This actually only has 50G of real data on it, though, so the second measurement should be much smaller.

This supposedly will fill empty space with zeros: cat /dev/zero > zero.file rm zero.file But if sparse files are handled transparently, it might actually create a sparse file without writing anything to the virtual disk, ironically preventing me from turning the virtual disk image into a sparse file itself. :) Does it? Note: For some reason, sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=./zero.file works when cat does not on a mounted disk image.

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General :: Program To Convert Audio File Of Fax Transmission To Image?

Dec 2, 2010

I have a number of uncompressed audio files recorded off of an analog (POTS) telephone line of fax transmissions. Is there a Linux utility or library I could use to convert these files into images of the fax they contain? I'm not looking to send/receive a fax via a modem, but just to "replay" the communications tones and parse out the fax message.I'm guessing this may not be possible due to duplex issues and not knowing which end of the conversation is sending what,but thought I'd ask to see if anyone knew of something.

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General :: Installation - Create An Image File Of A Running System?

Dec 9, 2010

As I understand it creating an image of a Linux system makes an exact copy of the OS and any user files/configurations/programs etc. What i would love to do is create an image of my work PC and install it at home on my desktop. Can someone briefly explain the process of creating and installing images of Linux systems?

Home OS - windows Want - An image file that can be executed in a virtual machine(VMPlayer or VirtualBox) or booted directly on my home PC.

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General :: Iso Image - Install Matlab From Iso File Without Root Permission?

Apr 17, 2011

I have an ISO file of MATLAB and I want to extract it to be able to run the installer. I'm not the admin of the computer and there is no 7-zip or file-roller. It has isoinfo but I don't how to use it to extract the whole ISO file and apparently I cannot mount the ISO too. way to extract the iso file?

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General :: Locate Superblocks In An Unmounted Disk Image File?

Feb 7, 2010

I know there are many threads about recovering damaged superblocks. I've spent 3 evenings reading them and trying what they suggest. Invariably the commands do nothing except to report bad or missing superblocks. I've removed the physical disk from the machine and am working with a dd image file (/mnt/image). I can mount what used to be hdc1 and read its files with no problem. I'm trying to recover partions hdc6 and hdc7.$ mmls /mnt/image -b

DOS Partition Table
Offset Sector: 0
Units are in 512-byte sectors


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General :: Possible Too Use DD Command To Make Image File Of Blackberry 8330?

Feb 26, 2010

i was wondering if it is possible too use the DD command to make an image file of my blackberry 8330?i need it of the onboard memory and not the external memory card.

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General :: Image Editing (have To Increase A File Size To Just 1 Kb) In Ubuntu

Jul 25, 2011

i have to upload a signature image(in jpeg format) to fill a recruitment form which says file-size must be of between 10-20 kb......i have scanned image which is of 9.5 kb.....tried to edit in shotwell photo manager....tried some random things in Adjust and crop menu but my little changes didn't work, it always shortened the file i don't know anything about Image editing can someone tell me how can i increase the file size (>=10kb) i also tried gnome-screenshot to take the screenshot of the image, but it also saved the new image smaller than 10kb....

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General :: Find Out Maximum Size Of A Image Disk File Created By Kvm-img?

May 22, 2011

I created a VM disk image with kvm-img, but I forget what was the max size of that disk image when I created it. Currently, its size is 6.2G, I want to install some large packages in that VM, so I want to make sure the disk image can expand to an adequate size.

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General :: Best Script To Have Rsync Make Image File Of Hard Drive

May 9, 2011

I have never used rsync before, only DD. But from what I have been reading, rsync is better becasue it will basically mirror your hard drive, thus being able to run the cloned software from the new hard drive. My problem is I do not know what is the best commands or even the basic commands to use in rsync. I am trying to make an image from a external hard drive to a usb drive. That way my chances of messing up he original software is not as risky becasue I'll just restore the image onto another hard drive. Does anyone know the best script to have rsync make an image file of a hard drive and place it on a usb drive and then restore it?

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Ubuntu :: "Can't Load Image From File '/usr/share/firefox/icons/mozicon128.png': File Does Not Exist."

Apr 12, 2010

Tried running simdock from software center...uninstalled because I was getting this error after trying to run ap "Can't load image from file '/usr/share/firefox/icons/mozicon128.png': file does not exist."

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Ubuntu :: How To OCR From An Image File

May 4, 2010

I have an image file which has a text captured on it:


How could I get a plain text file from this? Does Ubuntu have a software for that?

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Ubuntu :: Print To Image File Instead Of .ps?

Jul 13, 2010

Is it possible to print a page to an image file (gif, jpeg, etc.) instead of a .ps? Not looking to take a screenshot, rather print an entire page.

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Ubuntu :: Rip My Psx Game To An Image File?

Aug 9, 2010

I am trying to rip my psx game to an image file so that i can convert it to play on my psp. i have installed Gtk Popstation and that seems to be working no problem. but i read on another forum that to rip my psx game i need to go to terminal and do the following. code...

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Ubuntu :: DVD Image File Size Only 46.1 MB?!

May 30, 2011

After screwing up an update to Ubuntu 11.04 I decided to do a clean install. I tried downloading the AMD64 DVD image of 11.04 but I have found that some of the files cannot be downloaded and appear to have bad file size. In several mirrors and repositories I found the image size to be only 46.1 MB! (Yes, thats "Mega"-bytes, not Giga-bytes. I ftp'd to the repositories/mirror sites and confirmed this.) Yet in many of the HTTP pages it shows as 4.0 GB.I can't believe that the true size is 46.1 MB as the i386 DVD image is over 3 GB. 4.0 GB sound right, but doesn't match the actual file size. So, how long until it gets updated?

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Ubuntu :: Can't Mount Image File?

Jun 10, 2011

I've got an image file that I made with DDrescue.I installed Sleuth Kit and when I type: mmls /mnt/drive/file .it says "cannot determine partition type".I imaged a different drive and tried to use the same command line and got the same results.I'm not familiar with working with image files too much,.I would like to mount the NTFS partition within the image file.

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Fedora :: Mounting Point Of A DVD Image File In A VM?

Dec 8, 2009

I installed Fedora 12 in a virtual environment using VMware workstation, I am learning a Linux book. 1. The book ask me to change my directory to Fedora 12 DVD's RPM file directory under terminal. It assumes the mounting point for the disk image would be e.g. '/media/dvd/packages/', but if I type in 'cd /media/dvd/packages/' it obviously won't find the directory. So how do I navigate to the directory using CD command, but I guess put it more accurately I will need to find out what is the mounting point of the Fedora 12 DVD image in my VM.

2. I have another question with my root password, I cannot login as root when the VM first boot up, at the login screen where you are asked about your account name and password screen, So I have to use my normal user account (made up by my first name and last name) when I installed Fedora. But I know exactly what my root password is. The weird thing is I can still access to the root account in the desktops windows environment no problem. e.g. if I go to the top bar 'system-administration-authentication' program, it will let me in after I typed in my root password. In other words, I have access to all the admin tools in the desktop environment.

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