General :: Get Away From The # Prompt And To The $ Prompt?

Mar 19, 2010

I'm logging on my server via PuTTY but I'm getting the bash # prompt and I can't call the few commands I know i.e.: lynx

How do I get the more familiar $ prompt?

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Red Hat :: Command Line Prompt But Not The Correct Bash Prompt?

Feb 2, 2011

I'm running Red Hat Linux 5.4 on HP DL580 server with 16 processors and 64 GB of RAM. I'm connecting to the server remotely through SSH. after entering the password, it takes time to return the command line, if I click ctrl+c during this time, I'll have the command line prompt but not the correct bash prompt (I have to run bash to pass to my correct prompt).I tried to install Apache on the server, ./configure took 4 hours to finish instead of 1 or two minutes, Oracle installation same behavior. Server Disks are mirrored using RAID controller.

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General :: Pushing My PS1 Prompt Over Ssh?

Dec 11, 2010

I use a specific PS1 prompt that I like. I share a few logins with other other people on a few different servers. I was wondering if there was a way to specify in my local bash profile a remote prompt or any other way other then copy and pasting each time I remote in.

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General :: How To Access Prompt

Mar 20, 2011

I am using fedora on my home pc. Due to some reasons fedora is does not show my GUI interface. I want to access my shell prompt. how can I access my system at prompt so I may troubleshoot my system

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General :: Use Internet On Shall Prompt?

Mar 19, 2011

I am using cent os5 as a proxy server. Normally to use Internet we use Firefox web browser on GUI Interface. I want to know that is there any way to run Internet on terminal ?

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General :: YDL 6.1 On PS3 - Kboot Prompt

Mar 5, 2010

I am a newbie who has had a problem with a YDL 6.1 install that started out great and went astray and now I am at a complete loss.

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General :: Run A Prompt At Logout Or Shutdown?

Feb 20, 2010

Is there a way to run a prompt at logout or shutdown? I added the following code to .bash_logout, but apparently the �read� command doesn't work from there.

echo "Make a backup now? (y)"
read answer
if [ "$answer" != "y" ]
echo "Backup aborted."
I am using Ubuntu 9.10

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General :: Change Default Prompt

Dec 15, 2009

I am using Puppy Version 430.I want to change the default prompt from # to the current working directory followed by one space. I can do this by opening a console window and entering PS1="w " How do I force this to persist when I restart the computer.

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General :: How To Use Command Prompt To Open Them

Sep 6, 2010

After contracting malware on Vista i decided to switch over to Linux and chose to start of with Ubuntu because of the graphical interface. that being said, you have no doubt inferred that i have no coding experience. basically i was hoping to find some nice tutorials and sites for Ubuntu. Also, i did downloaded the suggested programs and patches but im still experiencing problems with Adobe,flash, and and opening .exe files. for the latter, when i click on .exe files it is equivalent of using explorer on windows so i was wondering how to use the command prompt to open them. supposedly linux is susceptible to malware so if you could please suggest a anti -malware program.

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General :: Login Prompt Does Not Load?

May 30, 2011

I dont have login prompt after loading OS , i only see mouse cursor, now i cant use my laptop.(i have the same problem in safe mode),

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General :: Coloring The Z Shell But Don't Color Prompt

Mar 7, 2010

Because I have to stare at my command prompt all the time on my computer, it should look at least half-decent, so I am trying to get it colored. The expected outcome is as seen on this site. I have the colors I want set in my .Xdefaults file, but they of course do not color my prompt.


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General :: Finding IP Address Using Command Prompt?

Apr 4, 2010

I'm looking for a way to get my IP address using the command prompt in Linux. I know when you type "ifconfig" you can get your local IP address (i.e., but I'm looking for my IP address that I get from my ISP. How can I get this from Linux without having to visit some website?

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General :: Formatting The BASH Command Prompt?

May 6, 2010

I would like to change the formatting on my BASH prompt from this:


to something like this:


The idea is that I would be able to type a reasonably long command on one line without it wrapping to the next line so quickly.

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General :: How To Minimize Bash Shell Prompt

Oct 26, 2010

Currently the terminal prompt looks like this:[karlis@karlis-desktop current_folder]$How can I minimize the prompt, so that it only shows $ or # without extra info in square brackets?I checked the preferences for the default Gnome-Terminal and Terminator - there are no settings for this. It is pretty hard to use terminal when working in directories with long names.

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General :: Change Bash Prompt On Ubuntu?

Feb 2, 2011

I have one account on an Ubuntu server with the correct PS1 variable and I want to make one of my other accounts on the same server have the same PS1 variable, so that my prompt on this new account (when I ssh into the machine) is the same as the original account.

Is there a way that I can pass this PS1 variable between accounts so the prompt is the same?

I have tried printing it out, copying the output, and then reassigning it to PS1 on the new account, but it just doesn't work.

Here is what is printed when I type echo $PS1:

[e]0;u@h: wa]${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}[�33[01;32m]u@h[�33[00m]:[�33[01;34m]w[�33[00m]$

I want to assign that prompt (shown above) to my new account.

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General :: Bash Prompt Loses Characters?

Apr 17, 2011

After writing a new prompt for Bash, I noticed that one character of my commands were being lost when it wrapped to the new line. Here is an image of the example (I typed 1234567890 over and over):

Here is my $PS1

[[e[0;90m]d [e[0m]] [[e[0;90m]$(/bin/ls -1 | /usr/bin/wc -l | /bin/sed 's: ::g') files, $(/usr/bin/du -sh | cut -f1)[e[0m]
[[e[0;36m]#[e[0m]] [e[0;95m]u[e[0;90m]@[e[1;92m]h[e[0m]: [e[1;34m]w [e[1;30m]$[e[0m] "

What have I done wrong?

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General :: Sudo Su Runs Without Password Prompt?

May 25, 2011

So here's the problem. We've got the /etc/sudoers file set up so that users can run commands from /bin like "cat" or "mkdir" without entering a password. The problem is that the "su" command is also in /bin, so if they enter "sudo su", it gives them root access without a password. Here's the /etc/sudoers file:

Defaults targetpw
%users ALL=(ALL) ALL
root ALL=(ALL) ALL
support ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /sbin/, /bin/, /opt/, /etc/init.d/, /elo/
support ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/mysql

Is there a way I can deny /bin/su while still allowing the rest of the /bin commands?

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General :: Export Is Not Working On Command Prompt?

Aug 26, 2010

The command export is working inside a shell script, but when I type it at the command prompt / terminal it doesn't work. "export: The command not found" error is displayed instead.

I tried this:



export abc
echo "Exit status of export abc: $?"


I tried it before on my RHEL system and it was working. I have checked


echo $PATH

which is okay. What could be the problem?

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General :: Init.d Process Does Not Return To Prompt?

Jul 9, 2010

I have a script in /etc/rc.d/init.d named foo. I want to start/stop/restart my process as follows:$ foo start But I do not see the [OK] message once it starts. There is no shell prompt returned either. It seems that my own process is the problem. The executable that foo calls is built from this sample code:

int main()
do {
printf("Hello world
} while (1);

Do I have to return some kind of signal handle for this to work?

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General :: Variable Length Console Prompt?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a question about the prompt. it is very easy to tune it for it to be colored and display path where you are etc. But my problem is that when the path is too long I would prefer the code line to be on the folowing line...

11:00 me@host a/short/path > ls -ltr ./stuff
11:00 me@host a/very/very/very/long/path
> ls -ltr ./stuff

and to be honnest as I am very new in LINUX I don't know how to do this...

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General :: Bash Prompt Doesn't Change From $ To # For Su

Jan 25, 2011

I'm trying to change the bash prompt and based on the man pages $ should show a $ which changes to a # for a SU. However, this doesn't happen on my machine, it's $ for both user and SU.The line in .bashrc is:export PS1="u@h:w$"

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General :: Boots To Grub Prompt Instead Of Kubuntu?

Feb 9, 2010

I recently installed Kubuntu with the windows installer wubi. Everything has gone fine until today. When i turn on the pc i normally have a prompt to go to windows or kubuntu. I choose Kubuntu and it loads it up. But now it goes to a grub prompt and i have no idea how to fix this or get into Kubuntu.

Things i did before the last reboot that may have caused this.

I edited my swappiness to help speed things up at the advice of many websites.

Example: url

I changed it from 60 to 10. I did this by adding the line "vm.swappiness=10" to the end of sysctl.conf

I noticed that there was a # or something at the beginning of every line in sysctl.conf and i did NOT add it to my line. This is my guess as to why i am having problems.

The other thing i did was some bug updates. Something was popping up down by the clock area and it was asking me to do some bug updates of some sort. I said yes.

Any idea on how i can fix this? As of now i cannot get into kubuntu at all. It just gives me a grub command prompt.

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General :: Cannot Access Sda1 Through Command Prompt

Apr 7, 2011

I am trying to access another partition on my drive through the command prompt. I have tried to access it through the /dev directory but when I input "cd ./sda1" or "cd /sda1" it says no such file or directory.

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General :: Changing The Font Size At Cmd Prompt?

Sep 13, 2010

i have changed my monitor from crt to lcd and find the fonts to be a little out of focus,

so far i have achieved native resolution of 1280x1024 in gnome which is great! i have configured grub by adding the vga=xxx appropraite for native resolution of my monitor which is great !.........but herein lay the problem, everything is so small and stuck up in the left corner , so small that i cant read it very well.

how do i increase the font sizes at cmd prompt without changing the resolution ? dare i say windows i would increase the DPI , how do i achieve this in centos ?

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General :: Command Prompt Missing In Terminal

Jul 15, 2010

Something unfortunate just happened. I was editing the bash file from my terminal and changed a source. After this I was no longer able to input commands for interpreting in the terminal.

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General :: Change My Default Shell Prompt?

Jul 8, 2010

I have looked almost everywhere for how to change my default shell prompt. When I open my bash shell, the prompt is [fedora-dev@Fedora-Dev Documents]$. I would like it to open at fedora-dev@Fedora-Dev]$.

Can someone tell me where to change this at. I have looked in .bashrc, etc/profile, and environmental variables.

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General :: Dynebolic Showing Only Command Prompt?

Mar 18, 2010

I am trying to install Dynebolic 2.5.2 on my system.I copied the dyne/ folder into root of my partition(ie /) and updated grub as follows:

title Dyne
root (hd0,0)
kernel /dyne/2618ckld.krn root=/dev/ram0 rw load_ramdisk=1 max_loop=64 vga=788
initrd /dyne/initrd.gz

But on rebooting into dyne ,I get a command prompt .A part of what i saw is given below:

root:[!] you can safely reboot now or wait to enter a maintenance shell.
VOLATILE MODE : : opening a shell in ramdisk.
you are entering a maintenance sector whatever that means


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General :: Executing A Program From Command Prompt?

May 27, 2011

I'm trying to run an application from the command prompt. I've set the path in .bashrc. My executable file and all other files needed by it are saved in the same directory as the path. When I enter the executable name to run it, I get an error message saying that the command is not found.

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General :: Get Bash Prompt Right After Logging Into A Server?

Feb 28, 2011

Everytime I log into the linux server at my workplace (I use putty), I don't get the bash prompt right away. I need to execute the command 'bash' to get it. Anyway to make this automatic? e.g.


host:1> bash

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General :: How To Pass Argument From Command Prompt?

Jan 5, 2011

when I am running the script below,it performs on whatever logfile u type ,i.e, ./scriptname logfilename.But how do I convert it into a function and then call it from another script.I mean how do I prompt the user to enter a logname and then capture the name in the function and when calling this function from another script how do I pass the parameter.

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