General :: First Step Window Isn't Displaying Information?

Jun 8, 2010

I'm running Linux Fedora 12 here and I launched a script to create a profile and it launched successfully...

Now the problem is, after the creation of the profile its suppose to launch "first step" but now this windows appears blank and when i move the cursor around it picking the links..

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General :: Information Not Displaying Correctly On Gnome Desktop

Jun 19, 2010

I have installed both Fedora and Ubuntu with Gnome Desktops and it displays the information an inch to the left, this problem may have to do with the fact that the display comes up as unknown.

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General :: NAM Window Not Displaying In NS2

Oct 10, 2010

I am working on ns2 for my new project. I have successfully installed ns2 on fedora 8 but whenever I try to run in wireless example it does not display the scenario in nam window. It works with wired but not with wireless. It also create nam trace file but does not show anything. I also tried to run Marc Greis tutorial wireless ex but same problem continue.

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Programming :: Displaying The Information Using Awk?

Jan 14, 2010

i am using awk to display my information in a certain order.

Database :



My expected output is :


Title Price Author
Persia 42 John
France 50 Mabel


I tried using cut command but it also gives me the same problem. If i do not assign it to a variable, how am i able to format it to display it in the correct format?

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General :: Step To Step Approach To Platform Called Mean A Self Explanatory Article

Jun 6, 2011

i would want someone who would like to assist me as i start to use linux because i am naive to this platform. Also want a step to step approach to this platform called linux i mean a self explanatory article or tutorial

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OpenSUSE :: 11.4 KDE - Information Displaying On Screen

Jul 22, 2011

I am new to linux go easy please. I have about 200 machines with opensuse11.4 KDE on them, I would like certain information to stick to the background kinda like a widget type of thing that cannot be removed by a user (no admin rights) and it has to start on machine boot up and also these pcs are continually moving to different spots in our building but on the same network so idk if that changes anything with configuring the ip address.... the only things that need to be visible are as follows:

Host name
User name
IP address

So basically widgets are useless to me, unless somebody knows how to configure these the way I need them or maybe there is something better then widgets. I came here to get the right answer from all you geniuses out there instead of trying to hop around on google and whatnot. Let me know what my options are and how I can roll this out on 200 PC efficiently.

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General :: Step By Step To Reinstall Vsftpd On Ubuntu 10.0.4 (32bit)

May 21, 2011

i installed rtorrent using the script in the rtorrent forum it installed webmin and vsftpd.vsftpd shows connection refused tried everything open port 990 in iptable disable selinux but not working someone tell me step by step to reinstall vsftpd on ubuntu 10.0.4 (32bit)

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General :: Configure An Apache Server Step By Step?

Feb 7, 2010

i am using rhel5. can anybody tell how to configure an apache server step by step

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Networking :: Displaying Bandwidth Usage Information On Network

Apr 9, 2009

I have a network connection between 3 computers sharing the same net bandwidth with the same router (modem), I wanted to know how much every one of this network taking from the bandwidth, I want an easy program like switch-sniffer (see the pic) to scan the network and tell me how much every one taking from this network in real time.

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General :: How To Make A Desktop Step By Step

Mar 23, 2011

Now I am using fedora14 for a long time. I want to know how to make a Linux desktop. I just want to download a linux kernel source, then compile it, then add softwares step by step, Last I want to get a desktop linux with X11.

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General :: Step By Step Way To Install Driver?

Jul 13, 2010

i had problem on installing my nvidia gforce 8600m gt driver on fc12,now i have installed fc13,could any one show me a step by step way to install the driver?i don't want to confront with that black screen one more time,as i understand if we download the driver from the nvidia website there would be a relationship between the kernel version and the driver,if so what is it?how should we understand which driver is for which kernel?my kernel is,[with 2 gb ram]which way is better?to get driver via repos and yum or the nvidia website?

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Debian Configuration :: Ifconfig Wasn't Displaying The Same Information That Resides In /etc/network/interfaces File

Aug 14, 2011

i recently started sockets programming. In the process i began to look for relevant network information about my computer and realized that ifconfig wasn't displaying the same information that resides in my /etc/network/interfaces file. On the interfaces file my IP address is for interface eth0 but ifconfig displays I was under the impression that ifconfig got its information from the interfaces file but clearly doesn't. I tried re configuring the device with ifconfig and then disabling and re enabling the device with ifdown and ifup so that the device updated its information but it didn't.


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General :: Install Dns Step By Step

Jul 15, 2010

how to install dns step by step

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Software :: Window Not Displaying Anything

Jun 8, 2010

I'm running Linux Fedora 12 here and I launched a script to create a profile and it launched successfully. Now the problem is, after the creation of the profile its suppose to launch "first step" but now this windows appears blank and when i move the cursor around it picking the links..

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Fedora :: GWC Icon Not Displaying In Window

Jul 8, 2010

I'm running Fedora 12 and have installed GWC(Gnome Wave Cleaner) from a tar.gz file. That was not without it's problems but lots of reading here and elsewhere taught me how to fix the so that it would install properly. I even figured out how to make it add a gwc.desktop file to automatically add it to the applications menu. The app runs and works great but the icon in the upper left corner of the window is some generic icon for the Window Menu not the GWC icon. How do I fix this? I also added a file gwc.keys to /usr/share/mime-info in the hope that doing a right click on a .wav file would show GWC as an option in the 'Open With' list. This is also not working.

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Slackware :: Preferences Window Not Displaying In Firefox 3.6?

Jan 28, 2010

I have Firefox 3.6 installed on slackware64-current and everything works correctly.However when I use Firefox 3.6 on slackware-current (32bit) and I do Edit -> Preferences, the window is opened but the content does not display. If I click the close button, Firefox terminates, but I can no longer get the focus onto another window and I have to restart X with Ctrl-Alt-backspace.(The same thing happens when I try to logout of LQ!). I have tried reinstalling Firefox 3.6 and jre to no avail. I have tried removing my ~/.mozilla/firefox to build a new profile. The same problem also occurs as root. I have reverted to Firefox 3.5.7 and all is OK.

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CentOS 5 Hardware :: X Window Not Displaying Correctly?

Feb 28, 2009

I am running Cent0S 5.2 and am trying to get the gui running from startx at the console. When it loads half the screen is scrambled and I can see parts of the desk top. it looks like a video driver issue. I ran system-config-display --reconfig --set-depth=16 --set-resolution=1024x768 and then tried system-config-display --reconfig --set-depth=16 --set-resolution=800x600. It came out a little better but still half scrambled.

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Software :: Firefox Window Isn't Displaying Properly And Crashes?

Jan 22, 2010

Everywhere but the actual webpage is transparent in the firefox window. I can't really see the main toolbar with file, edit, tools, etc. It crashes when I try to click add-ons in the tools drop down menu. It also makes my computer run slower and freeze up. Thinking it could be a bug from a recent update not sure because I think it started after tabking or another add-on was updating. I'm using firefox through wine right now. Using Ubuntu 9.10.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Step By Step Procedure About Installing Free Adobe Flex SDK?

Feb 13, 2011

step by step procedure of how to install Free Adobe Flex SDK in Ubuntu 10.04.

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Fedora Networking :: Couldn't Find Any Step-by-step Installation Guides For NM

Jan 23, 2010

My son's desktop has Fedora 12 and a wireless card. Everything worked for a long time until one fine day the network management just disappeared from both System/Preferences menu and the panel on top.I can run a Live CD with Fedora 12 on that machine and it immediately connects to our home wireless network. Booting from hard drive has no sign of NM. Trying to run 'yum install NetworkManager-gnome' does nothing because there is no connection. Running the same command as a LiveUser from CD does seem to install everything (but where to???), no errors reported, and still the is no network functionality upon reboot from the hard drive, even when plugging to LAN with a cable.It seems that I need NetworkManager in order to go online in order to install NetworkManager.I have other computers at home that work fine, I was able to download a couple of archives with NM, but I am new to Linux and have no idea what to do with those files.I could not find any step-by-step installation guides for NM, especially when the computer has no connection at all.

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Fedora Networking :: Step By Step Guide To Folder Sharing Inside LAN

Jun 26, 2011

Recent refugee from Ubuntu here. Fedora fan for one month.I have two computers that access the Internet through a router. They are assigned IPs dynamically by the router's DHCP. I need each computer to be able to "see" some shared folder on the other one, with RW permissions to that folder and its content.I want to use Nautilus to access those folders from each computer.

Tried NFS, Samba, gnome-user-share to no avail.

Willing to kill Fedora's firewall forever in order to ease folder sharing.Can some kind and knowledgeable person try a step by step setup guide for this? As an 8-year Linux user I am not afraid of command line interfaces.

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Ubuntu :: Step-by-step Installation Including Registering Environment Variable?

Jul 18, 2010

I'm an absolute beginner trying to sue Linux. I just installed Ubuntu Linux Netbook Remix 10.04 LTS and everything's fine. I just wanted to have Java in my Ubuntu. I downloaded JDK from Sun website. There are 2 files


I searched the web for instructions on how to install but I just get confused. Can anyone provide me with step-by-step installation including registering environment variable ?

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Networking :: Document - Website For Creating MRTG With CentOS 5.5 Step By Step?

Apr 4, 2011

Are there any document or website for creating MRTG with CentOS 5.5 step by step?

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Server :: Step By Step Procedure For Adding A PLUGIN In Cacti?

Sep 7, 2010

mention an example step by step procedure for adding a PLUGIN in Cacti. And also mention what does a PLUGIN serve in Cacti ? I am a newbie to cacti please consider my silly questions.

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Ubuntu Networking :: Cannot Find One Comprehensive Step-by-step?

Sep 4, 2010

I have read a bajillion tutorials and have gotten nowhere. This is my first Linux box, and it has been nothing but headaches. i'm pretty handy around computers, I took a Unix class, and I used Dos as a kid, but i'm just having so much trouble with this.I just want to remotely control my Ubuntu box from my windows laptop over my home network. That's it. I cannot find one comprehensive step-by-step tutorial that will show me how to do this. Everything I find assumes I know at least something about linux, and I don't.

I have Putty, realvnc and tightvnc viewer installed on my laptop.I have open-ssh and vx11 somethingorotherinstalled on the Ubuntu box. I have also allowed remote connections on Ubuntu from system>preferences. I am getting very frustrated and would really appreciate someone giving me some help. So far I HAVE been able to remotely control the box through one method. Through the GUI on ubuntu I went to: System>Preferences>network connections

and set the server to static IP, then I was able to use real VNC viewer from my windows machine to connect to the IP I set ( but I couldn't get there through servername.local or whatever it said. The problem witht his solution is that the Ubuntu box then couldn't connect to the internet (which I need it to do.) someone please please please direct me to the information I need for this simple task. I just need to remotely control the desktop, the reason I wanted to use vnc through ssh so that I can leave the ubuntu box headless. Using just VNC I was having problems when the box was rebooted (had to log in before I could remotely control it... something about a security key ring?)

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Ubuntu :: Step By Step Process Of Installing Octave?

Feb 18, 2011

can anyone explain me step by step process of installing octave on ubuntu 10.04?

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Red Hat / Fedora :: Step By Step For Setting Up Virtualization In Rhel?

Jun 28, 2010

For a testing purpose iin our environment we need to setup a Linux based virtual machines.For that i come to know there is a option in RHEL using xen or kvm.can anyone provide me the detailed step by step for setting up virtualization in rhel?Also i have few doubts like, is redhat subscription needed for achieve this?also there is a possible to do vmotion thing which is in vmware,can we do that with rhel virtualization without rhel subscription.

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Server :: Step By Step Configuration For Enabling SNMP

Sep 29, 2010

I am using redhat linux enterprises edition 5. Please some help to enable SNMP on linux box.Please tell me step by step configuration for enabling SNMP.

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Software :: Step By Step Document For DNS & Sendmail Configuration?

Mar 15, 2010

step by step document for DNS & Sendmail configuration

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Fedora :: Step By Step For Setting Up Multiseat Of F14?

Nov 22, 2010

Currently, I am setting up multi seat system with Fedora 14 but after hours of searching, i'm still running into some issues. I have managed to edit and get the xorg.conf file working although im still having problems.

I want to set up the multi seat so that 1 server with 2 graphics hards connects to two monitors and have their own sessions. I have got the xsessions working although you can move the mouse across 1 screen to the other. Is there any resources as to step by step for setting up multiseat of fedora 14? Are there any main issues regarding custom.conf?

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