General :: Downgrade JRE's Version In Ubuntu?

May 13, 2010

currently I am having jre 1.6.0_20 i want to downgrade it to jre 1.6.0_17 ? how can I downgrade?I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

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General :: Downgrade Gcc-version To Compile Mex-files For Matlab - Permission Denied

Feb 22, 2010

I am trying to run matlab 7.7 (R2008b) on my ubuntu 9.10 distribution..the thing is that I am totally new with both matlab and linux and I get the following error message from matlab when I try to run an example mex-function:

>> mex yprime.c
/home/margareta/Desktop/matlab/bin/mex: 1572: gcc: Permission denied

Warning: You are using gcc version "". The earliest gcc version supported with mex is "4.0.0". The latest version tested for use with mex is "4.2.0". To download a different version of gcc, visit [URL] eval: 1: gcc: Permission denied mex: compile of ' "yprime.c"' failed. Error using ==> mex at 213 Unable to complete successfully.

I had gcc-4.4 as default on my pc, so after this error I downloaded an older version (gcc-4.1) and removed with rm the symbolic link in /usr/bin pointing to gcc-4.4 and created a new one pointing to gcc-4.1. Now when I type gcc -v in the terminal it says that gcc is in the packages gcc and pentium-builder, to do an apt-get install. I tried that but than it says that gcc-4.1 is already the newest version. It seems that I have multiple versions of gcc installed but neither the terminal nor matlab can find them.

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downgrade From Version 8.04 To 7.10?

Feb 4, 2010

I would like to know how to downgrade my ubuntu 8.04 to 7.10??

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Red Hat / Fedora :: How To Downgrade X Server Version

May 27, 2009

How to downgrade X server ver. 1.4.x to 1.1.x. I am facing problems with lot of dependencies.

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Slackware :: Possible To Downgrade Version Of Python To 2.5?

Oct 26, 2009

This may sound a bit of an awkward question, but I have this app, Salome-Platform, [URL], It requires Python 2.5 at most to be able to run. (Compiling it is way to complex.) Since the Python of Slackware is 2.6, can it be downgraded to 2.5...? If it can, how do I do it...?

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CentOS 5 :: How To Downgrade Kernel Version

Feb 2, 2010

Currently I am running but I would like to go back to 2.6.18. I would like to know how this can be done via command line?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downgrade To Firefox Older Version In 10.04?

May 8, 2010

I just upgraded to 10.04, and am quite happy with it so far, but it installed Firefox 3.6, which is a problem for me because I need to be able to use the Jssh plugin, which isn't available for 3.6 yet. All I need to do is downgrade Firefox to 3.5, but I seem to be having some issues, it seems that there is only the one version available to me in Synaptic. Is there another repository that I need to add to have access to an older version?

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Ubuntu :: Downgrade Gdm To Version 2.20 In Order Be Able To Change Gdm Themes Again?

May 16, 2010

I'm trying to downgrade gdm to version 2.20 in order be able to change gdm themes again, but following the instructions;

(1)sudo /ect/init.d/gdm stop
(2)sudo apt-get install gdm-2.20
(3)cd /ect/gdm
sudo sed 's|x11r6/||' gdm.conf >/tmp/gdm.conf
sudo mv /tmp/gdm.conf .
(5)sudo gdm

The output from the first command was "sudo: /ect/init.d/gdm: command not found" How can I downgrade, also is it because im running lucid, not karmic koala?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Downgrade Evolution ? 2.30 To Any Older And Stable Version?

May 27, 2010

evolution crash or shuts down by itself .version 2.28 and 2.30 has the same problem.

i was thinking maybe and older version will be better.

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Debian Configuration :: Downgrade The Kernel Patch Version?

Aug 31, 2011

When a real kernel version is upgraded, like say 2.6.32 to 2.6.38, the old kernel is left intact and is ready to be used in case of a problem with a new one, but when only a debian patch version is updated, like 2.6.32-30 to 2.6.32-35, the old kernel is replaced with a new one. More then this, aptitude shows that older version is not in repository either, so how do you supposed to revert back? Well, i did found -30 in apt cache when i got hit by a nasty regression in -35 yesterday, but what if i had cleaned apt cache?

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Ubuntu Installation :: Upgraded To 3.6.2pre - Downgrade To A Stable Version Firefox 3.5?

Mar 7, 2010

I have recently upgraded to Firefox 3.6.2pre, I would like to downgrade to a stable version Firefox 3.5.?

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Slackware :: Kernel Version Downgrade: Rebuild Any Other Packages From Sources?

Mar 23, 2011

I have installed and configured Slackware 13.1 and it works perfectly. Now I'm going (actually forced) to downgrade kernel version down to 2.6.32. Is there any caveats? Do I need rebuild any other packages from sources?

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General :: Downgrade 10.10 To 10.04 Without Reinstalling OS?

Nov 30, 2010

Is there any way to downgrade 10.10 to 10.04 without reinstalling linux?

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General :: Downgrade And Remove Rpms In The Same Command?

Mar 22, 2011

I have a problem where in order to satisfy RPM dependencies, I need to remove packages and downgrade them in the same command. Imagine the following situation Before

A v2.0 depends on B,C
B v2.0 depends on C > 1.0
C v1.1


A v1.0 depends on C
C v 1.0

If I issue a

$ rpm -Uvh --oldpackage Av1.0.rpm Cv1.0.rpm

it will fail with "B depends on C > 1.0" If I issue a

$ rpm -e B

it will fail with "A requires B" so I appear to be in a catch-22. The obvious solution is to use a "--nodeps" and remove B before doing the downgrade, but I am creating these commands programmatically so I was hoping to use dependency resolution as a sanity check against an incorrect script. Is there any way to perform this downgrade without breaking the RPM dependency sanity checks by force?

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General :: Downgrade/alternate Install Gcc-3.0.1 In Fedora 10?

Feb 12, 2010

I am trying to install ns-allinone-2.26 & nrlsensorsim. But it gets failed. When i explorer the problem, i found that only gcc problem in fedora 10. So i tried installing gcc-3.0.1.tar.gz but it gets failed during "make". So please guide me to overcome this problem. give me steps either to downgrade or to install alternate gcc version (gcc-3.0.1 or gcc-everything-2.95.tar.gz)

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General :: Which LXDE Version Has The Newest Version Of Firefox And Open Office

Sep 17, 2010

Which LXDE version of Linux has the newest version of Firefox and Open Office included?

I am looking for an iso file, and I am trying to run this off of a live CD for now. So I want a light version of Linux, probably LXDE, or if not, then probably XFCE. But I need a new version of Firefox and OpenOffice included.

Because, I tried burning the customizable NimbleX @ . Pretty good, except it uses Firefox 2, and Open Office 2.3, which are outdated.

And I tried Mint XFCE, which might have been pretty good too, but it had some issue of blanking and requiring relogin after I opened hotmail frequently (user id: mint, password: blank).

The web browser and the word processing program are the most important and essential applications to me.

So are there any Linux versions in LXDE on LiveCD that include newer versions of Firefox (or at least another good browser) and Open Office (oo seems better than abi)? (Again, if no LXDE, perhaps XFCE?)

I just want to download a good version in an iso file, and burn it to a CD and get to work. Like I said the web browser and the word processing program are all important.

So really, what iso/LiveCD versions are the fastest for running on an older system, and yet have the newest browser and word processor included?

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General :: ERROR: Source Object Has EABI Version 0 But Target Turbine Has EABI Version 4

Apr 2, 2010

When I compile my application, I received following error: ERROR: Source object has EABI version 0, but target turbine has EABI version 4. So I need a libxml2 file with ARM EABI version 4. Can I find one from the internet? or does anyone know how to create one?

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Ubuntu :: How To Downgrade To 8.04

Jan 5, 2010

I recently installed updates for my laptop (its very old) and upgraded it form Ubuntu 8.04 to 9.10. This has caused a major decrease in permormance and I was wondering if there is any way of removing these upgrades.

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Ubuntu :: Any Way To Downgrade To 9.04

Feb 5, 2010

I am having problems with 9.10 (first and foremost it won't boot properly, opens in low graphics mode only) and wishing I'd stuck with 9.04! Only find threads that didn't get answered or closed threads (including one about 'partial upgrades', which I did after booting in low graphics mode the first time. I am new to, or at least pretty green about Ubuntu and pretty much always install any updates offered - don't shoot me) Anyhow, I am hoping to avoid a full re-installation, but is there any way of going back, downgrading to 9.04?

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Ubuntu :: Downgrade From 10.04 64 Bit To 32 Bit?

Jul 24, 2010

I have used the 64 bit version of Ubuntu 10.04 for a while and am satisfied with it. The problem is when I watch video (Bloomberg) and listen to radio at the same time, it uses up a lot of memory (My PC has 3 GB of Ram). It degrades the performance of the PC. I also read that the only reason to use a 64 bit version is when a PC has 4 GB of Ram. Therefore, I wonder if it is possible to downgrade my current 64 bit version of Ubuntu 10.04 to a 32 bit version.

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Ubuntu :: Downgrade Rpm-4.7.2 To Rpm-4.0.4 ?

Sep 23, 2010

I want to downgrade rpm-4.7.2 to rpm-4.0.4
how should i do?

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Ubuntu :: Downgrade From 11.04 To 10.10?

Feb 27, 2011

Last night I upgraded to Natty 11.04 and did not like it. I downgraded to 10.10.
I'm having a problem booting to a stable kernel. 11.04 uses 2.6.38. When I downgraded to 10.10, 2.6.38 was still at the top of Grub's list. When I boot there is a big black screen with a login and password. I was able to get to Ubuntu by holding down the shift key when rebooting and booted to 2.6.35-25-generic. I would rather not have to do this every time I turn on my computer. I went to Synaptic to delete 2.6.38, and did not see the version listed. I've read a lot (but I'm not a programmer). There isn't anything obvious (from this pea brain's perspective) to fix my problem.

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Ubuntu :: Way To Downgrade Kernel

Mar 7, 2010

It looks like the latest kernel update has borked the sound on my Macbook Pro 5 4. Is it possible to downgrade to the previous version (which i believe is -19) where my sound worked? If so, how do I go about this?

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Ubuntu :: 10.04 (No GUI) Downgrade / Restore To 9.10?

May 1, 2010

Aafter installing 10.04 loads of problems have arised accumulating to no GUI. I doubt this is possible unlike windows. I haven't made any backups but could i restore it to 9.10 or copy my home dir to an external drive in text only (cant use live cd, its encrypted) and reinstall?

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Ubuntu :: How To Downgrade Theme From 10.04 To 9.10

May 8, 2010

How do I downgrade the 10.04 theme to 9.10 or 9.04 human? I Find the newer theme interesting but its too dark on my eyes and it does not seem as crisp as it was with 9.10 on my LCD screen.

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Ubuntu :: How To Downgrade To Vesa

May 26, 2010

and i have an Intel graphic chipset

lspci -nn | grep VGA
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE


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Ubuntu :: Downgrade Back To KDE 3?

Jun 17, 2010

I have currently the LATEST version of Kubuntu 10.04 and I just DO NOT LIKE kde 4.. There are things I liked better in 3 than I did 4. I hate the desktop containers I hate when you turn them off and put your icons on the desktop they pop back to where they were before I just found it to have more JUNKWARE than I wanted. I just want simple KDE 3 back.

I had KUBUNTU 8.10 and thinking I was getting KDE 3 it gave me KDE 4.0.0 ( the one where the taskbar was black )

Is there a way to find to get I guess 8.04 to get KDE 3.5 back?

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Ubuntu Servers :: How To Do PHP Downgrade (5.3 -> 5.2)

Jul 3, 2010

I am running 5.3 and there are some issues with it. I want to downgrade to 5.2. I have a TON of PHP handlers I do not want to loose.

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Ubuntu :: How To Downgrade System

Aug 29, 2010

How do you downgrade Xubuntu?

I want to use an older verison of Xubuntu?

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Ubuntu :: Downgrade GDM To 2.20 In 10.04 Lucid?

Sep 9, 2010

The result After following these instructions you'll get:

-GDM 2.20, with all the features(themes, feature complete, configurable...)

-No Plymouth, or any graphical boot (haven't found a way to run old gdm along with Plymouth)

These instructions are based on this post [URL] but they won't work on Lucid 10.04 Download GDM 2.20 on this link. Remove gdm and install the downloaded package.


sudo apt-get remove gdm
sudo dpkg -i gdm*.deb
sudo mv /etc/init/gdm.conf /etc/init/gdm.bak

Run these commands (related to a bug in this package):


cd /usr
sudo mkdir X11R6
cd X11R6
sudo ln -s /usr/bin bin

Disable the graphical boot (reason: Plymouth loads X, and old gdm can't connect, fixes are welcome)

-Edit /etc/default/grub and change








sudo update-grub2

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